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Languages: Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Evolutive Apps S.L.

- Updated for iOS 7.
- New functions and brushes added.
- Many new features will come shortly!

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Quickly draw sketches and show the artist within you with @Draw. @Draw is one of the finest and easiest to use drawing Apps that you can find. You will be amazed of how easy it is to do great drawings and edit photos with it.

Furthermore, with @Draw you will be able to publish, store and share your drawings, even with the complete step-by-step process on how you did your little piece of art. Choose among all the different colors and brushes and let the inspiration flow.

You will love it!

@Draw includes:
- An easy to use but powerful drawing App using your fingers.
- Various brush types, with many configuration options, including- size, opacity, etc…
- The possibility to import photos from your Photos Album and edit them.
- A very cool color picker with almost an infinite color set to choose from, a pipette to pick colors directly from an image or drawing and a list of recently used colors.
- Drawings can be stored, sent to the Camera Roll, sent by email and published to Twitter and Facebook.
- The possibility to undo and redo all the actions and traces.
- A soft eraser.
- A great file manager with an auto save system to organize, copy and share your drawings.
- A rotatable interface to adapt to all situations.
- A shaking control to go back to the main screen or hide the menus.
- A design thought to memorize and adapt to your preferences.
- The possibility to upgrade to a Pro, ad free version of the App with an In-App Purchase.
- It is available in various languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.


Contact: mobile@evolutive.co
Website: http://evolutive.co/en/

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Thdnna

    I love this app! I've been looking for an app that allowed me to draw on my iPad and I've finally found it! Other apps I've tried are too "cartoony". With this one, you can create just about any work of art. What I especially love about it is that you can shade which is a feature I could never find on any other app . Now I don't have to carry around a sketch pad and pencils, all I need is my iPad! Great app!!!

  • Awesome game

    by OlehKrysynskyi

  • Love this

    by Jamell1

    I am happy to give this program 5 stars. It's easy to use, has beautiful colors and I have gotten some great images for my iPad art. Thanks for creating this.

  • Love it

    by Jwbow

    Love the app it is awesome.

  • Great!

    by LissaIsWinning

    One if the better art apps I've tried!

  • App

    by Haruhikazuyama

    Really love it!!! It's great! Arigatou!!?

  • So cool

    by Cool'io

    I like this app. I is so fun and entertaining! But crashes a lot, still get this app! :)

  • great app

    by olympics music

    Sometimes closes unexpectedly and a little work is lost, but it saves files automatically just in case that happens so you don't lose too much in a drawing that you're making. Simple and easy to figure out. Great app!

  • I can't paint

    by David_Pink

    It's fun though

  • The AWSOME app

    by Bigjoker10

    This is AWSOME I love it I love drawing and I can draw anywhere I want I love this

  • Love this app


    I love this app it's great but I wish that there can be stickers or stamps but I love this app

  • Hidden Artist Within

    by Magnus.bw

    This app really surpassed what I expected. I was looking for an app to allow me and my kids to do some basic drawings. What I got was an app that gave me a great deal of control over the drawing and allowed me to draw really exceptional pictures. I am not an artist. However, I have produced drawings that exceeded anything I thought was possible, at least by me. I think the key is that the app allows great control over line thickness and opacity. This really gives the user total control over drawings. I highly recommend this app and you can't beat the price.

  • Very good

    by JaimeRaposo

    It helps me a lot

  • The best app

    by DJ Nyancat

    I love this app. It gives you a variety of colors and shades and multiple types of brushes available for your needs. I recommend this app to be bought. I hope you like it. -Anonymous person

  • Good

    by 7E.T.

    Good app but needs work

  • How it stinks

    by Willywanka20046

    1.It freezes after. 2.$18/$28/$

  • Good to go

    by Lolalevine

    So far this app is great a how to save Tutorial would b awesome I have Multiple duplicates of the same auto save file but I really love it I use it for my story boards thx great job

  • Excelente para jugar con mi bebé de 1 año y medio

    by Dr. Jalvbl

    Recomiendo 100% esta aplicación. Muy fácil de usar y justo lo que buscaba para enseñar a mi hijo a dibujar y pintar. A+.

  • Great! (not the woman-pop up).

    by Tagwart

    Great set of tools for computer drawing and painting. This is the least stingy 'Draw' app that I have found. It does persist on asking you to upgrade to get rid of ads though. Other than that slight annoyance, I would have rated it 5 stars.

  • Nice app but needs some work

    by Me a.k.a. Me

    I do like this app, and it's great for begging drawers! I like that its simple and easy to use but my only complaint is that there is no zoom in and out button. It is sometimes very hard to get the mark exactly where you want it. So if you could fix that it would be great!

  • Amateur

    by mattlqx

    Wants you to upgrade to paid immediately. Forces iPad brightness to max. Poorly done app.

  • Crashed in 15sec.

    by JunkyCarlos

    Great for a few seconds then crashed. After deleting software, iPad screen went black, had to reset. Junk, waste of time.

  • The Ads Work

    by zagula

    But nothing else. Save your time and pick a different app.

  • Crashes

    by Sue806

    I can't even get started using this app. I'll click on the paintbrush, make a couple of lines and then it freezes. It looks like fun; if they can fix the crashing problem, I'll try it again.

  • Dumb

    by Goodverygoodverygoodhi

    Every time i open it all the brightness goes up why?

  • Crashes a lot the star has a negative in front of it

    by Noshadows

    Have not completed anything yet, it crashes every time I get close. When is a bug fix coming out to fix this problem if u fix the problem all give a better rating. You got a star cuz I had to give something just put a neg in front of the star K Wilson

  • Annoying

    by Abby1840

    Changes brightness super annoying

  • Needs fixing

    by Quinypooh

    Couldn't even click on the tools without the app crashing

  • Need to fix stuff

    by Kulrick326

    Ok it is just ordinary and fine and 2 its the most battery wasting app but ill just change that in a custom app setting.and 3 Its has a little amount of memory to store.Just uh. I dont feel like even writing a review.I give it a D+


    by Waz 34

    this app is no different than any other app exept one thing..... IT CHANGES YOUR BRIGHTNESS TO 80% AS SOON AS U OPAN IT UP!!!! IT'S SO ANOYING!!!! I like it when the brightness is all the way down

  • Frustrated!


    Ok so get this.... I paid the $1.99 and guess what ....... Everything was pretty much the same! No cool features added! WHY!?

  • Didn't work

    by Rawr

    I can't draw. It lets me upload photos and erase but for some reason it won't let me use the pencil or paintbrush. I don't know if I just don't know how to use it but it sucked.

  • Great app!

    by Skip6756

    This app is capable of matching any color you want! I'm very impressed and satisfied! Keep up the good work!

  • Good app

    by Bcollier66

    Decent app. Needs more features but is very easy to use

  • Would be perfect

    by 7172737474767

    It would be five stars all the way if you could zoom in. If you could this would be the best drawing app in existance

  • Love it!

    by PGSA16

    Love this app. It's like drawing it by hand just easier and ends up perfect. Only one thing, they need to add the adjusted cropping tool, zooming and a scroll bar so that we can have more space to draw. That would be awesome!!! Great app!

  • not so good

    by flor3333

    is really not cool theres way to much adds hate it

  • Better than I ever thought possible

    by Erica184

    Honestly I don't know how more people haven't written reviews on this. I tried a few other drawing programs and non even compare. It sounds like I'm getting paid to endorse this ap... Sadly I'm not, it's just legit good.

  • @Draw

    by Jessca45

    It has everything I was looking for in a drawing app and I might be tempted to buy the Pro version if they can fix the crashing problem.

  • It's good :)

    by Pjgv

  • H

    by Kcirezurc

    Very good

  • Love it!

    by Corthorse

    Since I'm a pretty good when it's comes to drawing I just got even better by being able to draw on my iPod!!!!!!! So download it cause its great!!!!!

  • :)

    by lovelady8


  • Couldn't use

    by Asdfqwerty1234

    I am sensitive to light and I can't use this app because it automatically turns your brightness way way up. Can't turn it down either, just goes back up whenever I start the app. What were the developers thinking???

  • Draw

    by IT WORKS !!!

    Cool app!

  • Draw

    by Ikamosh

    This is the most awesome app I make art on I make pictures And I can show the true artist I am

  • Zoom?

    by Plwhchs

    I love it except that you can't zoom in, I can draw better if I zoom

  • Loves to draw

    by Terminatorgrl

    Me and my girls a three year old and an almost two year old love drawing with this app, thank you

  • Stupid auto blinding brightness

    by Kdogg3403

    This app turning the phone brightness all the way up just when you open it is idiotic. It should be a choice, not something forced upon you when you just open it. I don't care what capabilities this has, the brightness is offensive!!! DELETED!!!!

  • Great, easy drawing app

    by Bathroom Flow Addict

    The paid version only eliminates ads though

  • Fun. Creative

    by CarBar77

    Nice app.

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