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TapeACall lets you record your iPhones incoming and outgoing phone calls.

This Lite version will record your entire call, but you can only listen to the first 60 seconds of the recording. If you upgrade to PRO you can listen to the entire call.

TapeACall, a #1 business app in The United States, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden!


√ Record your incoming calls
√ Record your outgoing calls
√ No limit on how long you can record a call for
√ No limit on how many recordings you make
√ No monthly, yearly or maintenance fees!
√ Transfer recordings to your new devices
√ Easily download recordings to your computer
√ Upload your recordings to Dropbox!
√ Upload your recordings to Evernote!
√ Upload your recordings to Google Drive!
√ Email recordings to yourself in MP3 format
√ Share recordings via SMS, Facebook & Twitter
√ Label recordings so you can easily find them
√ Recordings available as soon as you hang up
√ Play recordings in the background
√ Access to call recording laws
√ Beautiful easy to use interface
√ Push notifications take you to the recording
√ Designed for iOS6 with iPhone 5 support
√ Customer service with real humans
√ Developers that care about their customers
√ New features added all the time
√ Powered by TelAPI

NOTE: TapeACall requires your carrier supports 3-way calling. SimpleTalk and H2o Wireless do NOT offer this in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this app record calls?

Take a look at our screenshots for step by step instructions.

When you're on a call and you want to record it, open TapeACall and press the record button. We will put your call on hold and dial our recording line. As soon as our line answers tap the merge button on your screen to create a 3 way call between your other caller and our recording line.

If you want to record an outgoing call, just press the record button. The app will dial our recording line and will begin recording as soon as our line answers. Once that happens, tap the add call button on your screen, call the person you want to record, then press the merge button when they answer.


Can I download recordings to my computer?

Yes, and we've made it extremely easy to do this. From inside the app you can attach the recording to an email and send it to yourself as an MP3, or you can click the share button and find a short URL that you can type into your computer's browser.


How many recordings can I make?

As many as you want! We don't have a limit on the number of recordings you can make.


How long can a recording be?

As long as you want! We don't have a limit on how long your recording can be. You can record for hours if you want.


Are there any additional fees?

We do NOT charge you any additional fees. Please keep in mind that 3-way calling will use your airtime minutes. Carriers outside of the US may charge for long distance calls, so be sure to check if TapeACall is long distance for you! If it is, you may be able to get around this by adding TapeACall's access number as one of your "Fav" numbers so you can call it without additional airtime usage or carriers fees. If we don't have an access number that is considered local by your carrier, please contact us and we'll try to get one for you!

Customer Reviews

  • Great ap

    by Amberuska

    Simple to use, exactly what you want.

  • Love this, just 1 wish to make it better.

    by Kainani

    This program is awesome!!! Helps me so much in my business. I just wish I could name the conversations so I don't have to remember when the call was to know what's in it.

  • Great

    by Ksbiochem

    This is a great app, it works excellent and it does everything they say it does, which is refreshing for a change! Granted it costs more than your typical app, but I think it's worth it if you need to record calls.

  • Awesome!

    by SSTBubbles

    Excellent app which tapes an entire phone conversation very clearly and without the annoying beeps/tones every few seconds. There is only one tone at the beginning. Being able to e-mail file or link for downloading taped call is very convenient. Worth the price of the app.

  • Good to know that

    by btcsilver

    Nice app. It does what it means.

  • Reliable

    by Da Bol

    Great App!!

  • Best recording

    by Masskah

    I had tried manny once but I got the best excellent in the whole world thx a million By the way tell ur friends an family

  • Record a call

    by JayZeeDee

    I can record outgoing calls with this app but not incoming.

  • Good but expensive

    by Eli Glass

    I needed this for a school project. It works really well, but it is expensive and takes a while to get started

  • Love it

    by Алицук

    Downloaded and tried. Quality is excellent. Got offer for a pro for cheap. Can dump files to drop box. I have to have this because of companies like At&t. One warning is that if your app is on play mode it does not seem to switch to record automatically. Maybe i m just not used to it. Overall Great app.

  • Good App.

    by LouisJCameron

    Good app that let's you record your phone calls. I downloaded the lite version and waited a couple hours before purchasing the full version, I'm glad I did because I got a notification that the full version was discounted.

  • Works Perfectly!

    by User123suk it

    Just what I wanted!:)

  • This app is AMAZING

    by Jakob.ringberg

    I love the app so much

  • Best app ever

    by Notch71538

    I use it for 3 people talks It is really coll

  • Worked until I upgraded

    by Shane Joseph

    It worked great until I updated to the pro version. Now whenever I merge calls, I can't hear anyone on the other line.

  • very good!

    by Brad2878

    Great app, love it!!

  • Practice first before you need this app

    by 000B

    So far, it has been hit or miss when I try to record calls. I stress that It may be something I am doing wrong, although it seems rather simple. I have not given up on this app yet since I paid a lot for it. For 10.00 it should be a lot more user friendly and reliable.

  • Feedback

    by DustRam

    It appears as though it will work for me, but I'm irritated by constant reminders to send feedback so I'm sending this to get the "feedback" nazis off my back.

  • Excellent so far!

    by Mike Randolph

    I've used quite a number of call recorders, and this is by far the easiest to use and most reliable. Great job!

  • Great app

    by HassanDaraei

    Love it.

  • Crash and not easy

    by Forjettison

    The app crashes and having to have 3 way call is not useful.

  • Worst Support Service in the Appstore

    by marcesar

    Support call service is a total disaster. Since last November I am awaiting for my activation passcode (Pro Version) without any results. Tapeacall neither send the promised SMS (as the app states) nor reply my emails. Potential users: KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SCAM...!!!. They are going to bite 10 bucks from your pocket...!!!


    by Marlycharlie

    This App holds your recorded conversation hostage until you upgrade to pro. Plus I recorded a call I can never have again. I can't just call them again and say "can you repeat that?" You need to reevaluate what your marketing clientele might need this app for. Why would anyone need this app??? Hmm, maybe they're in some sort of trouble with money, a wrongful death, job loss, scam, why else would anyone NEED to record a conversation!!! I'm not gonna pay to get my conversation. I have paid for a lot as it is. Not to mention stress. and I was looking for this app to HELP me. Wow! Epic fail!

  • Text Messages

    by mdsmithbsc

    Would love to use this app, but activation requires a text message. I don't receive text messages, and there is no alternative. Please add an alternative to text activation.

  • Good for outgoing

    by Shane Toronto

    This app is good for outgoing calls. But for incoming you need a smoother way to do it.

  • Works great

    by MusicLover68

    When you are a domestic violence "victim" and the judge permits you to tape the offender's calls, it's a life saver. No more "he said / she said." The only problem I have with it is that it's a little cumbersome when you are under pressure or duress.

  • Fees on cell bill

    by SmoShaEgg

    Maybe it's written somewhere in the fine print and maybe it's not. But I used TapeACall a lot of my conference calls and I went over on my cell bill to the tune of $135.00 because there is the minutes that you talk on the phone of course and then there are the equal amount of minutes that TapeACall uses. After I taped a call today I ended the call and now six times today I've received 6 new message alerts that I've done 84 minute call so does this mean I have 6 .... 84 minute calls that's going to be on my cell bill?

  • Awesome!

    by Yam4ya

    Great app! Works well, does what it says, easy to use.. All around awesome.

  • Awesome app

    by Cookie363

    Great app. I use it to tape phone calls with my coach. However if you accidentally delete the tape you are in trouble. Otherwise great app. Would definitely recommend.

  • very easy to use

    by godoit

    Great combination easy to use user-friendly works very well

  • Great App

    by Gibsonotey

    Perfect and easy to use.

  • Nice

    by Ahvabh

    I like it

  • TapeACall

    by VioletSims

    Awesome app that works

  • Excellent! Use it all the time!

    by straitshoot

    I use this program to record over the phone seminars. Best app! Real professional results

  • Pleasant Surprise!

    by Brittney LaSha

    I didn't expect this app to offer all that it did. It is surprisingly great -- great design, it functions well, great features!

  • In app love

    by Mr.Nichols

    This app is exactly what I was looking for...Only issue I have with it is the advertisement of the trap call app plz remove it's annoying.other then that great job.

  • Great

    by Davvvid630

    Four stars for being easy to use, great playback butttt sometimes when I want to use it it gives a busy tone so idk but overall very great ap love it

  • Awsome

    by Chilypepperr

    Great app

  • did not like this

    by Mark in Costa Rica

    You have to remember to push several buttons to use. Demo very limited...you have to buy it to really use it.

  • Perfect

    by JAH1106

    A very simple app to record calls. It has basic features which part of the beauty of it. Don't look any farther. This is a little gem.

  • HappyHappyHappy

    by Shaedee16

    The only problem is that it records Everything before the call is answered!! Love it❤❤

  • Jjeebb

    by Bogiebogs

    I am using the app to record calls for dissertation research. It is very convenient and extremely easy to use. The fact that I can download the conversation from the web for future use anytime makes it invaluable for research purposes. The flat fee means a student with limited financial means doesn't have to "watch the clock" during a call as the minutes add up.

  • Good product Helps understand intricate details

    by Contented3

    Delivers as advertised and appears dependable. One thing I would like is to have a feature like some others where you can set it up as a default position to automatically email each recording to you. Though it doesn't offer that feature, it does offer the ability to email the recording to you as well as play it back but you have to go back to the original program & tap on that and then you can listen to recordings. What is nice about that is that you can listen to the recordings immediately right from your iPhone rather than having to wait for it to show up several minutes later in your email. So I like that feature. Another concern I had after reading at least one review about this was that when you merge the calls to begin recording you might have a 5 to 20 second wait. In my limited experience, that has not been the case. When I begin a call I start with taping the call first. Then I hit the plus button to add a call and dial that number. As I wait for the other party to pick up, I keep my eye on the merge calls indicator, and when it lights up, I immediately press it. That minimizes the time when I can fully hear them once the merge takes place. So in my experience the gap is maybe 2 seconds, but is usually less than five seconds in the time between when the person answers the phone and when we can each hear each other. One other important feature is that you can tape a call surreptitiously without having any announcement that the call is being recorded. There are so many times when I am getting detailed information from people in different professions such as medical, legal, financial, car service, plumbers, etc., where they are Providing information so quickly that it is hard for me to retain all the important details. Sometimes they assume that I understand more than I really do. But when I'm able to listen to the playback, sometimes it is just like getting individualized instruction from a teacher to explain things to help you understand. Having the ability to play back in such situations is critical for me to be able to operate and understand Very complicated information that is not within my own field of expertise.

  • Nice app.

    by Nu2tenn

    This app is fairly easy to use. Call quality is vet good. Would give it 5 stars if merging of calls would be quicker. I've occasionally missed part of the conversation waiting for the "merge" to become available. Overall however, a good app that can recommend. One caveat though. You should make sure you are familiar with the laws in your state / country regarding recording of calls. Laws vary from state to state. Become familiar with your state's laws or you could end up with some headaches you didn't count on.

  • Priceless!

    by The babe in Christ

    I am in the middle of a Timeshare Scam. I've already tested it out--it works great! I've already taped one conversation with one of the scam artist for the FBI's investigation. This app is priceless to me and possibly you one day! I'm hoping to uncover these Timeshare scam artist so it doesn't happen to anyone else!

  • Stupid

    by Dilisio

    This app has you type your phone number

  • Great App

    by Salesman68

    Very good app. Use this to record calls and lets me review call later if I missed any details. Highly recommend.

  • Such clear recording!

    by Googleismylife

    Currently using this app to record phone interviews. It's amazing and easy.

  • Nul

    by Sriwa Sofien


  • I love it!! It's excellent !!

    by truepimp9900

    I love this app so much the call quality is excellent and everything is great the only thing is it lacks about 10 to 20 seconds so make sure you start the app early so you can record the whole call other than that I love this app you should buy it

  • Love it

    by Gwynn 44

    Really like the app. Must learn how to use it. Wish it would record all calls automatically

  • Tape Acall Una de las mejores aplicaciones

    by Harry Hernandez

    5 Estrellas 5 Star * * * * *

  • Unable to test it on lite before purchase

    by SGT Photo-junkie

    I downloaded the lite version to test before shelling out for the pro version. The lite is supposed to playback 60 seconds worth. All mine plays back is 'call is on hold, please wait'. So i cant verify the app before buying and so won't buy. Interface looks good and clean though.

  • Bad!

    by Glady E.

    Had a very important call to record and it failed. Really upset. It worked the first few times but that one time it didn't.

  • Horrible


    holds your recording hostage unless you upgrade!!!

  • Millionairess

    by BigL64

    I absolutely love this app. It's been a life saver, in that it allows me to be able to go back and listen to important business calls. Awesome!!!

  • Jk


    I would like to see clearer audio quality. But overall good.

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