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Seller: Epic Enterprises LLC

Fixed some iOS7 compatibility issues

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With SpoofCard you can apply awesome and unique effects to your phone calls! Change your voice and add some fun background sounds to your conversation!

The best app for April Fools' Day!

- Also works with iPod Touch and iPad! -

Fool the person your calling into thinking you're…

- A man when you're really a women
- A woman when you're really a man
- Stuck in traffic
- At a night club
- Gambling in a casino
- Surrounded by a crowd of people
- Having bad cell reception

Customer Reviews

  • WOW!

    by ccraig00

    All I can say is I am amazed this app actually not only WORKS, but says exactly what it is going to do. I have never even written an app review, but took the time out of my busy day to, because this app is not only a time saver-but no glitches & simply brilliant!

  • I love it

    by Ms.olige:)

    It's the best prank in the world


    by Cookygi

    Get revenge on your friends and family


    by jan_sot

    Fun to prank people

  • Great app

    by Thebeach52

    Best spoof app!! No bugs at all.

  • Love it

    by Fuxwitya247

    Great app, tons of fun.

  • Best app ever

    by Ghostrider75456

    Suggestions are to have realistic voices to change as well as a way to call with a man/woman voice and have the other background sounds as well !

  • Great App!

    by Bryan2283

    Works really well! Excellent Excellent Excellent!!!

  • Perfect

    by Karr 67

    Pure excellence. 'Nough said.

  • Awesome!

    by Steve8141

    Hours of fun!! :)

  • Cool




    by Morm82

    App works great! No crashes or bugs! Having a blast messing with my friends! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

  • HELP

    by DJMillett

    It's just A bunch of hazard sound

  • Great app

    by Quikstyl3

    App works exactly the way it should. Thank you!

  • It works!

    by JWC6601

    This is a pretty legit app, the only slightly negative thing about it is that you have to pay for minuets like a regular phone service... Awesome app though!

  • Love itttt

    by Angelitoo Oliva

    I love itttt

  • Sir mix

    by Thomas Mix

    This app is awesome.

  • So Awesome

    by Swagboigjjhff

    I have this sister whose boyfriend constantly pisses me off. He tries to buy me stuff like we're all family. I really wanted to get those two to break up for a long time. I had no idea how until my friend told me about SpoofCard. I downloaded it and tried it and I thought "Wow this is awesome!!" Anyways, back to the story. I used SpoofCard to mess with them and since my sister is very paranoid, I faked that the guy was cheating. After that, I called him and said that SHE was cheating. They ended up breaking up and their apartment was sold, so was their cars. I liked the result of this so much that I started using SpoofCard to break up other people I didn't like. I spent $60 on SpoofCard and I don't regret any penny. So I really want to say thank you and good work to all the developers of this beautiful app.

  • Great app

    by SteveKaster829292

    Well worth the credits you have to buy! Ace your friends

  • Great APP

    by RBT888

    I like using it to keep my phone number unknown. Making important calls without showing your real number.

  • Stopped working

    by Erics1230

    Does not work anymore. The number spoof is gone after I bought credits

  • Doesn't change caller ID

    by Nopetoobad

    I guess this used to be cool, handy, useful. Now it charges you at least $10 to change your voice or get some background noise....BFD Stupid, pointless, waste of money, doesn't do anything of the things you see advertised in their website except change voice and give you background noise. Would love to have my money back but pretty sure that's not going to happen so don't waste yours.

  • Didn't work..

    by FartingHyena

    Kept giving me a password to enter, which didn't work, yet the credits were being used.

  • Scam bs

    by BIGSUZZ

    Bought $20 worth of credits. Used 3 of the 60 credits, remembering that I had 57 credits left. Opened the app today, ALL my credits were gone. Want my money back. Complete bs.

  • A let down

    by CMartin450

    It doesn't have all of the options it advertises or used to have. And it's more expensive than a prank app should be. Waste of time and money. Someone will make a similar one for a better cost.

  • Fun

    by Bbh6909

    This app is fun. And entertaining

  • Best app OF ALL TIME

    by Markloves

    Hands down my fav app of all time. If you are owed money, or wanna piss someone off, or countless other uses then use this app.

  • Broken

    by Bickerne23

    Wont let you buy credits so un usable

  • Diabolical

    by CreepyCaller14

    The title of this review says it all. I have been searching and searching for an app that can do what this app does, and no other app matches the superior quality, features, and overall insanity. For that reason I conclude that whether you're seeking revenge or synthesizing a prank, this is app has virtually everything you could hope for. Five stars.


    by tseapp

    All i can say is C O W A B U N G A !!!!!!!!

  • Best app bar none

    by Athuntington

    Most use this app for fun, I actually use it for work. I call businesses from my customer's phone number and find info that is only available if I call from their number. It's fantastic! I don't know how it works but I'm sure glad that it does.

  • #1 prank app

    by Jelling cobra

    Outstanding app. Awesome for pranking your friends. I love it!!!

  • What Happened?


    U use to b able to go straight to voicemail and possibly a few other things that are not an option anymore. Why is this? The majority of my calls come back busy cuz the app isnt working. The straight to voicemail feature was good except 1/2 the time they ended up answering the phone.

  • Lovin it.

    by RayBec

    Had SpoofCard before it was a app years ago. Now this makes it much easier to prank friends.

  • Changed the app!!!!

    by Dude 2468

    This is not the same app!!!! What happened?!!! I can't change the caller ID anymore!!!! Defeats the entire purpose of the app!!!! I hate it now!!! I want my money back!!!

  • Beware the fake reviews

    by WestSeattleNerd

    I bought 20 dollars worth of credits when this app actually used to spoof numbers. Now, that functionality was removed long ago, yet the 5 star ratings continue to pour in. FAKE SCAM FAKE SCAM

  • Love it

    by Leegoal

    Love it, to much fun

  • So much fun

    by JFullerton44

    I have never enjoyed an app so much

  • SpoofApp

    by Dilligaf247

    Sooo much fun, I can't believe how much fun this thing is. It was worth the download.....

  • Great

    by LuckyLou27

    I love it!

  • Crazzy

    by Tariel mikeladze

    This app can do some crazy stuff love it

  • My favorite investigating tool

    by guamjon

    Great tool for flushing out the prank callers.With a little bit of reverse psychology combined this app can go a long way. But I would like to see more new features come out sometime, such as spoof texting

  • Great app

    by scott fosk

    Really works

  • Money

    by Kk444kkk444

    Excellent app

  • Have to pay

    by Slicedpickles1234

    You have to pay for minutes.

  • Simply awesome works everytime

    by Bknyguido

    Great app!!! Good job guys .. Only thing ihave against it the mins go to quick and are expensive...

  • Lovin it

    by Bellabellababy44

    Best best bestest better betterest it's just wonderful

  • So far so good. Works perfect

    by Belzibutton

    Works perfect every time.

  • This is awesome

    by Bigg homiee

    It's so much fun great work

  • Fun..

    by Funnyhahaha

    Fun if I can get it to work. Thought I had to buy credits and did but it still didnt work

  • Anonymous

    by Speedy:-)

    Works great but can't figure out how to see a call or text log.

  • C

    by Shapemp


  • A RIOT

    by fernie202

    This app is so much fun at parties, with friends and with family, too! It's a total surprise to the recipient every time. This app never gets old and credits seem to last forever!

  • Why did they uninstalled features!

    by Adwdvhkkfdrgvxsdfvuxy

    I have been loving this app for more than a year now and have seriously invest a good amount of money in this app cause it was just great but when I wanted to use it and unknowingly all the features are gone like if I haved never updated why did this happend it's nothing like they have it in the website anymore why is it all gone now

  • Best app ever

    by Lcymltn

    This is the best app ever made !! Luv luv luv!!


    by Big Daddy 9901

    Absolutly Amazing App. Very glad this was ever made!!! So much fun!

  • Awesome app!!

    by MaceeJ

    Love it!!

  • Best app available!

    by sawa1993

    This app is too much fun! The only app that doesn't get old!

  • Spoofin is great

    by Black7872

    Works wonderful , simple and fast to use .. Gets idiots every time ..

  • :)

    by Frankynoodle


  • Die laughing! Get revenge, reconnect, endless possibilities!!!

    by SteadicamHandsfreeTransporter

    This IS THE ULTIMATE IPHONE APP!!! I have used it for months, I've reconnected with lovers, gotten revenge n Pranked haters, and setup insane encounters between random strangers, you'd think this much fun should be illegal but the Supreme Court allows it if used for pranks only because of the needs of victims of domestic violence and the like. Buy! Enjoy! Thank me later my thirsty friends.

  • Great App!

    by Ammar Bhaisaheb

    Its one of the best call spoofing app available

  • Non-Stop fun!!!

    by Evabear

    This app is too much fun! It's great to mess with people!

  • Add The Features

    by Guest93

    Add the texting spoof.

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