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Play the PGA Tour with new improvements including support for iOS 7!

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EXPERIENCE THE PGA TOUR LIKE A PRO! Now earn more rewards by completing challenges across other EA SPORTS Games with Cross Play. Enjoy the 5-star experience of the most popular golf game on the App Store.

“The definitive golf game for…iPhone.” (Modojo)

“The most realistic golf game for your…iPhone.” (Touch Reviews)

Soak in the feeling of standing on the world’s finest fairways. Meanwhile, smoother and more precise touch control let you attack the greens and sink that clutch birdie putt in winning style.

Play as, or alongside, Tiger Woods and other PGA TOUR greats. Create your own male or female golfer, too!

Play in solo, head-to-head, or PGA TOUR modes – and also casually hone your skills in the TIGER CHALLENGE, featuring over 20 mini-games. Master the challenges to unlock special prizes and share Game Center Achievements with your friends!

Tee off from the Championship tees of 8 stellar courses, including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass, Hazeltine, Doral, Greenbrier, TPC Boston – plus the fan favorite, the PREDATOR.

Start a Skills Challenge on your iPhone and complete it across other EA SPORTS golf games, including Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 for your iPad, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® Online, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR® Golf Challenge for Facebook – and even Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13 on PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360. The more platforms you use to complete a challenge, the bigger the reward you receive!

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Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Sankester27

    Awesome game

  • Best golf app!!!

    by Piotrekb

    Played almost all the golf apps out there. This is by far the most enjoyable one.


    by Dhduf

    I love it! Im a 4 1/2 star player but multiplayer never seems to work! Bug maybe? Please fix!

  • It's good

    by Cushytushy


  • Cool

    by Edurn

    Good game

  • I feel like a wimp.

    by Lewie215

    I swear I play better golf than my avatar. I feel like I could drive, chip, and putt much better than what the meet earring says I can.

  • Handed ness

    by Austin Ennis

    Why can you not make your golfer left handed I am left handed and I want my golfer to be left handed. This is a great game but I want to be left handed not right

  • Awesome

    by AMM:)

    It's a great game. Controls are easy. It's a little slow in my 4 but other than that it's awesome.

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour

    by Matt Kazmer

    The Only Game App That I Have On My Phone Best Tiger Woods Game For The IPhone Ever

  • Could be great

    by Noa432

    Lots of bugs, 1, the computer players get stuck often and stroke out on a hole. 2, this game still crashes often, also freezes. 3, buggy trees and other in game objects. (Sometimes the courses have trees, other times not. 4, buggy out of bounds areas. 5, when you max out your player there is no reason to play really.....-70 in 4 round tournaments? 6, tiger challenges are a joke. I mean that in both ways, too easy and too hard... Over all this game could be epic, but lack of updates and content combined with the buggy play makes it a ,,,,nope game,,,,

  • Best golf game!

    by Mtpfireseeker

    Almost as good as my PS3, but on my phone. Awesome!

  • Putting

    by Eightball nine ball player

    Need to work on the putting dishes don't work right could you please please please make some changes for the Putz thanks PS I wish you would fix the golf swing the pipes when you're 5 feet 3 feet away and missed but that is not right you need to work donis game you wasting time and money please please work this bug out there's got to be a fix thanks that's all one more PS you need to get the crowd to react as the ball goes by the whole not after he gets past the whole going need to get the announcers to say ball went past the whole are not close enough to the whole I think that's all thanks later PS if you Minewood Nike got home just a little bit better would be nice hard to some because when you're putting the ball goes over the holy don't even attempt to stop thanks

  • Good Game, But it Freezes

    by Bjkeeper97

    This game is very fun. The graphics are good, the gameplay is smooth, and the controls are easy to use. However, from time to time, it freezes on the green.

  • Game

    by jjshjreufjh

    Great app

  • Love it

    by Verscotches

    Great game makes me want to get to the course every time I play it!

  • Golf

    by Davidwarden81

    Awesome game

  • Love it

    by Krzekjn

    Great game!!!

  • H

    by WhiteTiger10

    Good game

  • Needs new courses

    by Cooter2536

    Bored with the game Needs new challenges

  • Fun

    by Nick8145

    This game is really fun and has great graphics!

  • When it's 20 degrees... This is your best friend

    by Tuiop47336

    Great game!!!!!!

  • Great game

    by Abays523

    Took some time to get the hang of but after awhile I got it and its a great game

  • Awesome

    by Really not cool

    I love this game

  • PGA tour 12

    by Cano409

    Great game! This game is the best golf game i played

  • Great game

    by pgb04001

    So much fun!

  • by

    great game!

  • Needs update badly

    by Nonickname1266447

    1/25/14: Obviously EA has abandoned the game as we must now abandon EA... Please update the game and stop all the crashes!! Update.... EA.... You really need to work on stability and produce games that done crash as often as yours do!

  • Great App!

    by Super Jesse

    Just like playing the console version of Woods '10

  • Awesome sauce!!

    by Burkeules

    Love playing this game!

  • Hi

    by Redsoxnate

    Hi my name is guy

  • Heck yeah

    by Classpass

    I dig it it's just like playstation

  • Almost a really great game.

    by Z9smillw

    Awesome gameplay and graphics. Only drawback is it crashes occasionally.

  • Kinda boring

    by Beamin4

    Boring but ok

  • Awesome

    by ram1502

    Awesome game. Love it!

  • Great game!!!!!!

    by Bill7383

    I love this game!!

  • Fun

    by Duecker2

    Just like the big consoles. Fun game. Bombin it down the fairways

  • Needs more characters

    by Akira6000

    I wanted to play with tiger or mickelson Besides that is pretty cool

  • Excellent game

    by Adam Huish

    Fun game, multiplayer frustrating because it crashes frequently. Other than that, very fun.

  • Fun

    by Jsyisricru


  • Good game

    by Ddude37

    Pretty good

  • Awesome

    by jrose23

    Awesome game

  • Good but not great

    by Matt526

    I like the game. I'm not crazy about the club selection. You get close to the green but just inches off and you can't use your putter. Well you can but you get no read like you would in real life.

  • Good game

    by Mtrl81

    For the amount paid expected better functionality But fun to pass time

  • Awesome game

    by oldfan22

    Lots of fun

  • Tiger Woods Golf

    by Jakey Wayne

    Well done EA Sports. Graphics are good and play is very entertaining. Also very challenging, even for the purist.

  • Great game!!!!!!!

    by Rrrettfttt

    Good game but it does crash to much!!!!

  • BillyGunz

    by BillyGunzz

    Great game! I shot a 60 at St Andrews first time playing and I don't have my distance maxed out yet only about 3/4

  • Mr. Par

    by Coachrv

    Fun way to pass the time until I can get out for real.

  • Very chalanging

    by Cpt G 05

    One of the best apps in the store

  • Ieeeee

    by Payne6t8

    I like it

  • Awesome game

    by Ferdinand-1000

    Love this game! Very addicting!

  • Was great

    by Joeyerby

    Everything I use to like about it is now gone. Not worth the money.

  • Eh...

    by AF-chief

    Good graphics, solid game play. I'd like to be able to save my progress to the cloud. Once you figure this game out, shooting a 55 is way too easy.

  • Don't buy in-app purchases

    by Lanzurrah1

    They will charge your iTunes account and not credit your in game profile. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON IN GAME PURCHASES. No EA support for issue as well.

  • QBell

    by Q. Bell

    Wonderful game I enjoy this game a lot

  • Great game

    by rvandahm

    Love it

  • Golf

    by KIDBDH

    I love this game.

  • Awesome golf game!

    by Darrell Miller

    I've played a few, but this is the one I always use as a gauge. It's the best.

  • Great Golf Game

    by Spencer Hong

    It's EA Games period. It's simple no need to have to wait to play more like other sports games. Plain and simple, it's a sports game for golf.

  • Great

    by Jab2519

    A blast

  • Tiger Woods

    by Flashdaman

    Great game!

  • Awesome!

    by azmusicman1

    Best sports app!

  • Cool app

    by Thundertmf

    I like it it's intuitive gameplay lots of fun

  • Awesome game!!

    by Mallard slayer

    This game is sickkkkkkkkk!!!!!

  • Best golf ever

    by Jeff20132

    Can't stop

  • Good shot

    by B-CHIL

    Right on the money

  • proshop

    by Stafursky66

    does anyone know why i can not purchase new stuff for my golfer, or how i can get to the proshop

  • Awesome

    by Bishop 07

    Great game , graphics . Almost as if you were there

  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour12

    by J-rock hard


  • Great

    by Lp 1 36

    This game is a ok

  • Don't Waste Your Money

    by Drw31

    Game crashes and most of the time won't evan load, Don't waste your time or money, get EA support is impossible, gone me my money back.

  • Fun, Addicting, and Consuming!

    by ChuckRudat

    I just can't put it down! This game is awesome, and well worth the money.

  • One of the best

    by Nib22500


  • Great!

    by grkyiasou33


  • Golf cx

    by abel rr

    The stuff u need to buy is too expensive thats the only thing i didn't like about the game

  • Great

    by Mac Shepherd


  • Sweet

    by Joey Lego

    This is a good game for my iPod.

  • Perfect

    by Cory.collier

    This game couldn't get any better!

  • Good game

    by Mheat911


  • Amazing game

    by Shihan ben

    I love the game

  • Tiger on mobile

    by cuni34

    Good not awesome but good

  • Worth every penny

    by Mcmahoda

    Excellent game

  • Fun and addicting

    by Ben Futral

    Great game. A little slow to load but very fun to play.

  • Tiger

    by JayBoney

    Great game!!

  • Tiger woods 2012

    by Jdubbz97

    Best golf game for a hand held device ever. Def worth the buck. I own a few tiger woods games for Xbox and this app is almost identical. Lots of fun!

  • My Go To Game

    by Jb45Flat

    Love this game

  • Good golf game

    by Zonkthegame

    Lots of fun when u take a dump

  • Tw fun

    by finisher65

    Hrs of fun if you like gulf Keep up the good work EA

  • Excellent!

    by JRahn1979

    Great , fun app!

  • Like it

    by Bcu5740

    So far so good. No crashes like I read about in some of the other reviews. Great graphics realistic sounds all I need now a hole in one.

  • PGA tour well-done

    by Worst Movie1234

    Fun game. Smooth on iphone 5c. Captures golf very well for a mobile device. Would recommend it for all.

  • Great Game

    by Btmblue

    Excellent golf game for iOS. Features easy gameplay, quick loads & auto saves. It's an easy way to kill time.

  • Great game

    by Nike tr

    Best golf game I've ever played

  • Fun game

    by Kyhooya1

    For $0.99. Can't beat it. Very fun game and some what challenging at the start once you get the hang of it it is easy but very fun!!

  • I love to golf.

    by Marshall5203

    I have always loved golfing games. Tiger woods is always the best!

  • This game is crapppp

    by Fcukingitunes

    Wasted 99 cent lol

  • Super

    by Bigslice08

    Great game!

  • Good

    by LAslas2354

    I think it is closer of a 4.5 than 5. It works great. But it did close on me for no reason. The grass graphics look ok but your golfer looks way better than past tiger wood games like for the iPod touch. The only game I ever play on my phone or iPod. No other game like it. If you like golf and sports.

  • Tw golf 12

    by Bruce389

    Pretty good game

  • Great

    by USMC9195

    Great app

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