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EXPERIENCE THE PGA TOUR LIKE A PRO! Now earn more rewards by completing challenges across other EA SPORTS Games with Cross Play. Enjoy the 5-star experience of the most popular golf game on the App Store.

“The definitive golf game for…iPad.” (Modojo)

“The most realistic golf game for your…iPad.” (Touch Reviews)

Soak in the glory of standing on the world’s finest fairways with iPad’s large Multi-Touch display. Plus the iPad’s intuitive Swing Meter lets you attack the greens and sink that clutch birdie putt in winning style.

Play as, or alongside, Tiger Woods and other PGA TOUR greats. Create your own male or female golfer, too!

Play in solo, head-to-head, or PGA TOUR modes – and also casually hone your skills in the TIGER CHALLENGE, featuring over 20 mini-games. Master the challenges to unlock special prizes and share Game Center Achievements with your friends!

Tee off from the Championship tees of 8 stellar courses, including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass, Hazeltine, Doral, Greenbrier, TPC Boston – plus the fan favorite, the PREDATOR.

Start a Skills Challenge on your iPad and complete it across other EA SPORTS golf games, including Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 for your iPhone, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® Online, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR® Golf Challenge for Facebook – and even Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13 on PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360. The more platforms you use to complete a challenge, the bigger the reward you receive!

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Customer Reviews

  • Great game!!

    by Timbolinc

    I love the game but I've paid enough for the game.

  • Tiger Woods

    by DesAutel

    Great game

  • Fun, but putting make no sense.

    by Ryan Sharp

    Really enjoy the game, and it is very fun. But for whatever reason I cannot understand the putting. You get the Caddy help and it tells you how to put the hole. But the wind speeds make no sense. sometimes you barely go over and the ball shoot over the hole, and you do the exact same thing the next time it doesn't make it to the hole.

  • Awesome!

    by Aim straight

    One of the best games I have played.

  • Best game ever

    by Allin1roofing

    This is one of the best golf games I have ever played I travel a lot and I play on the plain and it is a blast!!!!!!

  • Great & Fun App

    by Bohyde

    Great Product and golfing fun....

  • Superb Game!!


    Lots of fun...

  • Great Game

    by Bearkat107

    Playing to get ready for Pebble Beach trip

  • Tiger Woods

    by vu81

    Great game very realistic

  • Nice

    by RJAC5658

    Enjoying the game very much. Upgrades a little to costly.

  • Good, but far from great!

    by Drlastinger

    Having played the Playstation version I guess I am spoiled. I find the graphics unimpressive on the iPad version. Nevertheless, I don't regret my $5 purchase price.

  • It's OK, But...

    by Sven3rd

    I would LOVE to find a game I could BUY that would allow me to play without having to constantly buy something to do moe than just screw around. Pay to play a course, get decent clubs, improve accuracy, etc.

  • Fun to play

    by Cchicoo

    It's a fun game to play. Both my daughter and I enjoy it.

  • Where is TW 2014???

    by ultimix

    I've mastered the '12 woods game. Where is 2014? I've won more than 2M. It's a good game but needs updates. By the way, the Predator is ridiculously difficult.

  • Updates?

    by Tater1323

    Great game... Love it.. Wish there were some updates.. Different clothes , courses , ect..

  • Review

    by eddie salazar

    It could be better get stuck holt in challenge

  • Good game!!!

    by Red stagnated

    Great game the graphics could be a little better but as far as game play goes its the best in the App Store for golf

  • iPad air no issues

    by Michael Simon

    No issues with iPad air, works fine, graphics could be better.

  • Fun

    by Cholosolo

    I don't play many games, but I really like this golf game. It's easy to play and the 3 levels of difficulty keep it interesting.

  • Perfect-love it.

    by Steve424

    Great game. I wouldn't change a thing. It makes the train ride to Manhattan fly by.

  • by Andre0599

    This used to be a great game and the best golf game in the App Store. Now I can't play it for more that 2 minutes without it crashing. This has been happening since iOS 7. I don't blame the iOS because I have no issues with any other games.

  • Wow

    by Kdog1752

    It's a shame I can't get my five dollars back from this trainwreck. The Atari-esque graphics are a nice touch. Very nostalgic. The one star rating I gave is an over statement. Don't waste your time.

  • Junk!!!!!

    by Wokta

    Don't waste your hard earned money on this game!!! It's horrible, skips around, jumps all over r the place and is nothing like the PC version at all. Save your money for a root canal!!!

  • Tiger PGA 12

    by Fuzzy feller

    I closed the game because all the pro putts end up within 1/2 inch of the hole! Also when I re- Opened the game for a SECOND try, I didn't get The ENTIRE UP DATES I HAND PREVIOUSLY PAID GOOD MONEY FOR!!!!! Come on tiger I Know you need money to go to Sochi; but this Nickel and diming is REALLY SAD!!!!!!!

  • Best golf game period

    by Kimmyac

    Better even than the console versions. No problems whatsoever (using IOS 6).

  • Great Fun

    by Bomber8484

    Just a whole lot of fun

  • Great Game App

    by Don't ever stop investigating!

    No problems as of yet.

  • Fun

    by Chymes

    Fun game. Scored my best round of 48 on 18 holes!

  • Needs more options

    by strain

    Needs more courses

  • Nice

    by Juan Carlos Beltran

    Lot of fun Well done

  • Tiger woods

    by Bigdaddygfunk


  • Major Kudos!!!

    by Des0624

    Such an awesome game, very realistic. Really can't take my nose out the game, constantly playing it.

  • Quick fun

    by Hockeydad52

    Fun and reasonably fast-paced. Not a tough game to master but it has plenty of options to keep your interest. Runs very smooth on my iPad.

  • Awesome golf game

    by dmannc16

    The Tiger Woods games on consoles like the Xbox are very fun to play and this IOS application game gives a similar and very enjoyable experience. Highly recommend!!!

  • Crashes IPAD air-LOW Memory

    by Gpsnavigator

    I bought the new IPAD Air when it first came out and noticed it would reboot and crash and with the apple logo on a daily basis. I made an appt with the apple store and got a replacement under the warranty terms. The problems persisted after the replacement. I called apple support and spoke with a senior advisor. He instructed me to go into settings, general, about, diagnostics and check for low memory. Sure enough, the ipad crashed each time when it it encountered low memory. So, I generally suspected this game was the cause. I stopped running the game for a few days and all was fine. The problem resurfaced the moment I started the game again. I repeated this scenario several times throughout the next few weeks and can confirm the game is causing low memory usage.

  • Go Tiger

    by S7evinkelevo

    Fun x 18!

  • SUPER!

    by dlbsmoke

    The best golf game app! Works perfectly for me!

  • Entertaining for the avid golfer

    by GJKap

    Love it.

  • Very fun

    by Tejay500

    I've played Tiger Woods on other platforms and I picked this up for a couple bucks on sale with no regrets. No pop ups or any ads for me.

  • Love this game!!!

    by Ken LePage


  • Very Entertaining

    by badgerbud

    Nice graphics for iPad Air. Fun to play. Well worth the 99 cents I paid for it.

  • Tiger Woods Golf

    by Kenneth Long

    I'm usually not one for games and I just started watching golf when Tiger started playing, I can honestly say I am now a big fan of golf and this is a great way to experience golf without actually going to a golf course.

  • Great app

    by Kulppy

    I've mastered every version of TW on Xbox and didn't think an iPad app could compare. I was wrong, great game. Big problems are OB while ball is in the air heading toward fair play, crashes for no reason, and the inability to complete the stated 32 tiger challenges. My golfer is fully upgraded, haven't lost an event since I started, played the whole golf ball of tiger challenges, beaten tiger in all of the trophy challenges and still only have 29/32. Frustrating. It's an old app, please fix. Also, add some challenges, took me less than a week to completely finish the game other than PGA tour which is no challenge as I. End each event at least -50.

  • Tee for Fun

    by Cosears

    This is a great game, I can sit in my chair and play it for hours. The graphics are great, and challenging. Nice to have a game that is portable with this kind of quality! Get it don't be stupid!

  • Great game !!!

    by Dave in wb

    Well worth the price ! And well worth the practice it takes to master the game! Excellent !!

  • Best Golf Game on iPad

    by Steve-O-Lu

    Pretty and fun. Love that you can just kill a little time by playing a random 3 holes of your favorite course.

  • It's a hole in one

    by Lushnice

    Nice game. Glad I purchased it. Haven't seen the ads mentioned on the other reviews. Hoping not to see those on a paid app. Would like to have more game challenges though. Tiger challenge, PGA etc... Need more than this.

  • Needs updated!!!

    by quadfather1

    iPad app needs to have the same update as the iPhone app!!! Lately, the game keeps crashing during play....very frustrating!!! PLEASE UPDATE!!!

  • Awesome worth buying

    by Ditchdr1

    Awesome game!!!!!!!

  • Origin support is flaky

    by DZ511

    Can't do anything with multiplayer support via origin. Crashes every time I try to use "Cross Play". Also, please have multiplayer via bluetooth. I keep losing connection when playing via the same wifi network.

  • Great game and great price

    by Groupergoings

    I have enjoyed this game so far I bought it for 99¢ .... The only odd thing that I noticed is The commentation is off sometimes.... For example if I'm in the fairway .... The commentator says something about me being in the bunker.... Other than that little quirk it's great :-)

  • fjtruluv

    by Fjtruluv


  • Still Great

    by veevans01

    I enjoyed this game on my Blackberry a few years ago. Still fantastic on the iPad.

  • Great Game....Needs updates

    by Markedu9309

    Got IPAD Air for Christmas and installed immediately. Tough getting started but how about an updated version or Edition 13. I am game....are you.

  • Sweet

    by 2phatMatt

    Great app! I have had no problems with the app yet!

  • Fair skies

    by SJL61

    It's a pretty good game but erratic. Maybe it's me but the ball never holds the same line. As I said it's probably me. The scenery could be upgraded. It kinda shows it's age. Download and enjoy.

  • Great Game!

    by BMH68

    This game is addictive. Easy to learn. Had it for a day and love it!

  • Tiger woods golf

    by Tavvee1973

    Love the game

  • Rainey Days

    by Bama1216

    If its raining outside, its always Sunny in, playing Golf either way. I like the extra comments on how to improve my game. Although I shot 79, I am going to have fun getting it to even....if only I could do it that well outside......Thanks for a great game

  • Nice

    by music152music

    Very nice I like it keep up the good work.

  • Good game

    by Tametra Smith

    Very addictive game. Good overall

  • Awesome

    by laughingcrow

    Best thing ever!

  • Awesome

    by Viewer4444

    Really fun game, I like it but it takes some practice.

  • Tiger Woods

    by wedjim

    Great game, lots of fun and easy to grasp in the learning phase for a Video game!

  • Great stuff

    by Whaldorf

    Excellent work on this game. Very fun to play and challenging at the same time. Nice simple interface too.

  • EAS Tiger

    by TerryR240

    Very similar to Wii version - really enjoy it.

  • Crashing

    by Cajungunshop

    The game keeps crashing. Ipad mini retina and iphone 5s. Force closes after most shots. Also, very annoyingly force closes after long puts. Please fix the constant crashing.

  • The bomb says"this is the bomb-baby!"

    by The BOMB

    Oh yeah! Just what you would expect from tiger woods game.

  • Great Game

    by Cetti19

    Great game, I have it for my iPhone and now my iPad.

  • Cool game

    by 平果10月1

    Cool game, but a little pay to win if you don't want to spend hours on this game.

  • Good game!

    by Flhchief

    Great game with wonderful visuals of great golf courses.

  • Enjoy the App

    by Jim-n-Susan

    This is a fun game to play. It is easy to learn and play. This is a great application.

  • Excellent game for iPad

    by Theengineer28

    Really fun, challenging and excellent graphics.a little less Nance would be better!

  • Could be 5 stars

    by FREEenesUK2K

    Would be 5 stars but the ball flight could be much better

  • Review

    by Markld168

    This is a great challenging game!

  • Great golf game

    by mwa89

    Great game. Easy to learn but perhaps too easy to master. After only a few rounds, I can birdy almost every hole. Still, the Tiger challenges and game play make this a good purchase.

  • Fun time waster

    by Klobber Flobber

    EA always does a nice job.

  • So far so good.

    by JAB928

    New to game and pretty good so far.

  • love it

    by mekeithwhoyou

    great game.

  • FUN!!!

    by tohedge

    Great game!!!!

  • Good game

    by WandaJune

    All in all, a pretty good golf game. The graphics are nice and it is not a hard game to play well. My biggest complaint is that it keeps knocking me off the game. At least 3 times per round. What's up with that? Also, it would be nice to have a practice area to hone your skills before you hit the links. I would also like to see some additional course packs you could purchase to expand the golf universe. Perhaps Kiawah Ocean course and Augusta! Also Bay Hill would be nice. I would think you could sell additional courses for a buck or two each.

  • Simply Amazing!

    by Jeff b rae

    I got my new Air for Christmas, and then game made it the the best gift ever. My 72 year old grandfather was able to play with ease. Simple yet elegant. Thanks for such a great app!!

  • Greatest Ever

    by Teddygraham103

    This is the greatest golf game I have ever down loaded to my iPad.


    by theRDK


  • Awesome game

    by dnf3rd

    This is an awesome game that I enjoy playing a lot. It is fun and challenging. I highly recommend this game - and I rarely publicly review games. Love it! Hoping/waiting for the 2014 version to come out.

  • Great game!

    by Jsfjsfynsfth

    Great game for phone or Ipad

  • Tiger woods golf

    by Joebob123123

    Great app so far. Enjoy playing

  • Should be better

    by jeg1015

    Graphics are just mediocre. There are a few major problems with the game that should be addressed in an update: (1) announcers are a total joke. They say things that don't make sense (e.g. implying you are just short on your putt when you blow it by the hole). Jim Nance only says to "be aggressive" and I'm sick of hearing it! Hitting out of the rough is completely unrealistic. Unless all rough is US Open height, I think a player could hit it 1 club less than their normal distance. Also why is it that nobody can fly it 150 - 180 yards and land it on the green and hold it? Hello! These are pro golfers here - they do it all the time. Please update the game with some of these easy fixes.

  • Like playing on the console

    by Hitman850

    Great transition to the ipad!

  • Enjoy

    by Ccampbell107

    Especially like playing with someone else when on vacation

  • Awesome

    by Z Hite


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