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It's time to complete the Family Tree from babbling Babies to seasoned Seniors! Live life to the fullest every step of the way!

• All Grown Up – By popular demand, age your Teens into Adults by completing the "Adulthood" quest at Level 19 and higher

• Meet the Grandparents – Grab your woolly cardigan and welcome Senior Sims into the family by completing the "Seniors" quest at Level 21 and higher

• Needle and Thread – Master the art of patch working with the all-new Quilting hobby and spoil the grandkids with an adorable handmade Teddy bear – available at Level 23 and higher from February 5

• Relax in Retirement – Make some new feathered friends and take up the new Bird Feeding Hobby to unlock your very own Pet Bird – available at Level 25 and higher from February 19

• Bingo Hall – Mosey on over with your friends for a round of lucky numbers and win the big Simoleon jackpot

• Do-It-Yourself – Renovate brand new house templates into your dream estate

• Cash In Your Pension – Live in style with all new décor for your grand old Sim

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LIVE FREE! PLAY FREE! From the creators of The Sims™ 3 series of best-selling iPhone games, comes a Sims experience that you can play for FREE on iPhone and iPad!


5 STARS ...The Sims FreePlay is everything you could ever want a freemium Sims game to be.” (Gamezebo)

“10/10 …one of the most addictive and highly polished games available and there’s no excuse for anyone to not download it; especially since it is free to play (the clue’s in the title).” (God is a Geek)
“...plenty of hours of fun... at an excellent, non-existent, price.” (148Apps)

• Design dream homes complete with swimming pools and multiple stories
• Let your Sims get married, make babies, and then watch them grow from Toddler to Senior!
• Visit your real friends’ Sim Towns! Complete goals, form new relationships and compare your friends’ interior design skills against yours!
• Care for pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake
• Give your Sims careers and earn Simoleons to improve their situations
• Complete goals for Lifestyle Points, then spend them on hip items
• Live with your Sims in real-time

…and most of all, play for FREE!

Will your Sims be friends – or enemies? Form relationships with a slap, a high-five (or some Woohoo!). Make your town bustle with pet stores, car dealerships and supermarkets. Expand your city as you get more Sims.

Be free, Sims! Be free! The opportunities are limitless!
- Play on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch 3 (3rd generation) or iPod touch (4th generation).
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Customer Reviews

  • Great! but... it needs more to it

    by Ky456

    It's great but it needs more like more work places, pets like exotic and farms/farm animals, bigger map, and most importantly cheaper stuff!

  • Ideas for the next update

    by Mia's tenor sax

    Ideas 1. Lower the prices for items 2. Make it easier to get simelons and life style points. 3. Can the quests have more time??

  • Sims

    by Aqualeners

    I really like the sims but I think they should have a farm with farm animals as pets like pigs, and sheep and other farm animals plz

  • Pleaseeeeeeeeee update

    by I'm awsome and 9 years old

    Why do we have to garden onions for 7 hours and sleep for half a day I want my sim to get pegent. But for real they need to update and why we can only have two babies and I want them to get married and why do I have to pay 4.99

  • More Ideas

    by Sula rose fanfic

    Here are a few ideas: 1. More clothes and hairstyles 2. Line up actions- I wish that you could line up the actions, like have them take a shower, then got to the bathroom. 3. It goes along in the beginning faster.

  • Bug??

    by Jayfway23

    Does it take long for best friend bar to go up or its it a bug

  • Sims is da bomb

    by jennabsn

    Idk what else to say but it's a great game

  • Awesome

    by Fluffy bit

    I made children




  • App idea's

    by Lamia212

    I think we should have hospital's and have real birth instead of the l.p. bot babies. You could make the birth pixely and have a baby bump. I think we should have our teenagers and preteens get picked up by the school bus. We should be able to see inside if the school. And have a parent teacher conference and they should have backpacks. I think we should have a police officer career they should have a jail. So if your teenagers pass curfew they would spend time in jail. Can we have more options to talk and socialize? Oh can we have Teenagers get pregnant the pregnancy should be by woohooing. They should have more place to woohoo and go. You should be able to have more than 4 sims in your household.Toddlers should go to daycare and have the daycare career and babysitter. Have a real wedding birthday party and ya so thanks for listening

  • Having some problems

    by Aviddreamer-

    A couple months ago, the app would close out when I would have my sims search for ghosts. It would let them search but would crash when I would click to see which ghost they caught. Now, I haven't done it in a while but my current weekly quest is asking for my sims to search for ghosts between 6am and 12pm and its allowing me to search and click without crashing but it won't let me see which ghost the sim has caught and won't let the quest continue. I don't have money to pay for LP to bypass the quest nor do I think I should pay for it when the app is faulty.

  • LOVE IT!!!! but....

    by PuppyblueG

    i love this app its really fun exept you took out some of my favorite clothes like the dresses and some of the punk-ish clothes but other than that I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Awesome and Addicting!

    by Lauren&Geoffrey

    I EARNED 4LP BY VIEWING VIDEOS AND LIKING ON FACEBOOK AND I'VE YET TO RECEIVE THEM! This game is great! I always download games, keep them for a while, get bored, and delete. I don't see that happening with this game though. I've already had it for about 5 months and I never stop playing! This is what I'd like to see in future updates: - Adults die. - More sims in one house. - More kids per family. - Easier to attain LP. - Long hair! - Better clothes and shoes. - ACTION QUEUE!!!! (Be able to select multiple actions for each sim. Like the PC version.) Thanks for a great game!!!

  • Fun...BUT....

    by Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhughhh

    It keeps crashing and it's getting very annoying...please fix it

  • Great

    by Tinkerbell228

    Great game!!!! I have a problem 01 of my Sims she goes and takes a shower and she gets out her clothes don't go back on!...

  • Some ideas

    by Magic hores

    1.make it more like the sims 2 and 3 2.make it have mermaid stuff like mermaid outfits and be a mermaid 3. When your sims get old they could die 4. They can be pregnant 5. New hair for the teens and preteens and new clohes

  • This game ROCKS❗️❗️



  • New update please

    by Vaetahlovee_

    NEW UPDATE?!? 1)to make the game more realistic teens should be able to get pregnant 2)I need more clothing options 3)to adopt a teen shouldn't cost real money at least 5 life points 4)teens should be able to have their own home 5)you should be able to let the kids age into adults. JUST TO MAKE IT MORE FUN

  • Get bored on first levels

    by Soboredwiththis

    I like this game but they have mega boring tasks for you to do in the early levels and I get so bored I get off the game so please make the first levels (1-10 I guess) more interesting otherwise if you change it I'll give 5 stars. Also make a more easier way for you to get money and simoleons because when the tasks say to buy things I run out of money and gardening took 24 hours and I wanted to keep playing. Please add interesting first tasks and a easier way for you to earn simoleons. ( working takes to long to do.)

  • Diving hobby

    by Bug205

    My diving hobby seems to not be going up at all, and I want to be able to get my people up to 6/6. Please fix!

  • Glitch

    by Sskittykat

    I was playing the marriage quest when I was given the eternity ring to propose. I clicked 'Propose marriage' and the game glitched! My sim never proposed, and now they want me to pay for the ring -_- Plus, this game has gone downhill recently with all the updates...

  • Fix freezing

    by BBBBBBSssfr

    Game is fun when I can play it. Constantly freezes and loses any progress. Please fix this. Very frustrating!

  • Same sex

    by Aj97721

    I really like this game, it really helps me pass time and actually I like playing on the computer more, but sometimes I'm not with my computer so I had to get this on my phone, and I love it! But.. I have a problem with it. Why can't other sims (same sex) get married to each other? I thought this was supposed to be a role play thing? Meaning I can be or do or marry whoever I want? I think you guys should take this into consideration please, and I'll think about changing my review.

  • Update please

    by Daniiiidarko91

    For the last few days I have had to redo things over and over again because for whatever reason it doesn't save. So when I open it up again I will have to recollect things or redo entire quests.


    by Singerstar1214


  • Really Mad!!!!

    by Macey__11__

    I am seriously mad! I'm mad because the app won't let me put the magazines down and read the thing for the baby for the quest!! I'm really mad fix this before I run out of time for the baby quest. I only have 2 days left you better fix this before I quit playing. Other wise it's a good app. But please fix this NOW!


    by Furious Simoleons Buyer

    I bought a handful of simoleons (the currency for the sims) 24 hours ago for $4.99 USD and I Have NOT received it yet. The money WAS CHARGED TO MY ACCOUNT AND NOTHING IS IN THE GAME!!!! ADRESS THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND GIVE ME THE SIMOLEONS OR MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS OUTRAGOUS! >:(

  • Money issues

    by kdavis0806

    I think that you should get more coins when you do missions like when you have to buy a coffee maker I have to wait a couple of days to do it and it makes me mad

  • I payed $15 and did not get any thing

    by Harry.frank

    I payed $15 and did not get any thing

  • Fix

    by Blak41

    It's a great game but it keeps crashing... Fix it

  • LOve Game , Keeps freezing !!!

    by LoveNeefa


  • Cool app but...

    by Amor-Iona

    This is honestly a nice app, but there ares some things that should be different. Why is everything so expensive? Also, why does it have to run on real time? I understand some of the real time aspect but then I get bored and I'd have to go find something else to do in the mean time. Why isn't there anymore options for clothes yet? All my sims are starting to look alike and the house options are slim and expensive. Everything just takes long to do! What's up with this personality thing not being fixed yet? Zzz... Is how this game is making me feel. The computer version will always be better!

  • Fix glitches

    by TDean1123

    I'm tired of finishing quest them the next morning I have to do them all over again and again please fix them I've spent a lot of money on my lifestyle points and then have to start over and then all my sims health restart as well and get worse please fix before I delete this app

  • Addicting!!

    by LoLo Fa Sho

    Always playing this game

  • Where's my Baby???

    by Ale ("

    So I was playing and everything was going great till I went to the map and a glitch happened were all my sims stopped what they were doing and my baby sim disappeared, so disappointed especially since I worked my butt off to get the baby with all the quest and doing things on time.

  • Undo birthdays

    by Ryuk33333333333

    The game is good but there should be a way to undo birthdays because you could accidentally push it and ruin everything

  • Good game

    by macCOD

    Super fun

  • What.. Why.. I don't.. Ugh.

    by Momo927777

    Congratulations. I dropped another star. The sad thing is, I like the additions when there are updates. I love having teens and old people and I even like the idea behind Mystery Island. What I HATE is how every single update you take stuff away or make things more expensive! Stop doing that! Return all of the adult clothes you took away with the teen update, and move the price to add a Sim back down to like 7 LP like it used to be. As far as Mystery Island and the Sim Town Sign, is that a joke? Do you know how long it takes to earn all of that stuff? For Mystery island, it is so. Incredibly. Pointless. To award a pick axe every other action, but hardly ever award gold bars. I have well over 200 pick axes and 4 gold bars. It might as well ONLY require gold bars, because the other two items are inconsequential. It is like that with all 4 Mystery Island monuments. The Sim Town Sign is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. In the course of three weeks, I have one of each of hone items needed to upgrade to level 3. Wth?!?! There are plenty of other things that are way way way too expensive and you NEED to fix them. So many more people would keep playing this game and recommend it to their friends if you would fix some of the stupid prices! 1000000 to add a second floor?!?! 5 LP for a birthday cake?!?! 50000 for a staircase (and that's the crappy one)?!?! Pets are also ridiculously expensive. FIX THIS STUFF. You have some loyal fans who are seriously addicted to this game like me, and it's time you paid some respect to the people who got you where you are.

  • What the heck?!

    by Meiscoolkittylol121314


  • Poor support n bad

    by Tai1102

    When I started it was great but then the game started giving me problems when it kept telling me I didn't build the bridge to the mysterious island when I did and kept saying I didn't do this and that. 2nd time I retried it and still has issues like I couldn't feed the baby or clean and whatnot...bye sims

  • Amazing!

    by Kasy21

    This is a fun and entertaining game!! The only thing is that i agree about the birthday cake it shouldnt cost lifepoints! And the acts shouldnt take so long! Its like hours it should me mins! Other than that i love it!

  • Make the game easier!!!!

    by Kittypie0925

    First stop making special items limited because their are certain things that take hours.Second life time points should be much easier to get since somethings take like twenty-four hours.Third stop making things so expensive.

  • Freezes constantly.

    by Boobula Moo

    The and freezes so much it's nearly impossible to play :/


    by Toadly awasome dude

    I like the game it's fun!

  • Minor Changes

    by holly0099

    hobbies... 1. I wish hobbies could make more money because he fashion design was where I made most of my money, so please bring that back! 2. Please please PLEASE make cooking a job or hobby PLEASE 3. Could you make string lights a decoration or lighting or something? 4. The babies do nothing and they need things like stollers and carriers. I would love to be able to take them out of the house. Even better be able to carry them on your hip and that goes with toddlers.

  • Love Sims!

    by Evilregal49

    I absolutely love this game! Except for the fact that the female seniors sound like a guy practically... Can you change it a little bit to where they sound less odd?

  • Great!

    by AnimexPerfection

    I love this game! I play it very often. I have a few suggestions though... 1. A million simoleons to build a second floor ... Really? I think you should lower the cost. 2. Babies should be able to do something else besides sitting in their crib 24/7 3. More modern clothing options please. 4. Female sims should be able to get pregnant. Besides that, Great game!!! ;)

  • Stuck on a goal

    by Super ffffffffuunny!!!

    I've got stuck on the love is in the air goal for a really long time because I lost the ring and it's too expensive to buy another and it doesn't let me buy other types of rings I've tried everything to get life style points please make less expensive but overall a great game!

  • Great game.

    by Sid1025942

    This game is addicting and extremely creative and fun. I love it,

  • Update

    by HoneyBuns2000

    Tasks. Tasks. Tasks. They are so irratatinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! I just wanna shoot myself. They take all of your money and they drag the game out way too long.

  • Lifestyle points?

    by Flamingofreak123

    I watch about 9 vids already and not a single lifestyle point I got. ;( and I need lifestyle points badly.

  • Crashing

    by ccccccccccf

    I loved this game until the new update. Then it started crashing out, and if I was baking a cake or gardening I lost those life points and my progress. Part of my Seniors quest has disappeared! Please fix this!

  • seriously!!!

    by piLyangsweet

    So you do quest to unlock things then you have to keep on either spending lp points or doing the same thing. Case in point the sign. It says to earn it you complete the road to fame quest, but when you complete it you have to do the same quest over and over to get the sign. Why? Why do this to people that are fans and avid sim players? It shows no love for the people that put you where you are at right now. What is shows is that you are concerned with a monetary value versus creating a game that made people change their view of games. Give back to your fans. I love your games but you have made this a game just like any other, all about the money!

  • Crashes

    by RandomPurson457995

    This game continuously crashes! When I try to do an action, in the middle it freezes then exits out! It does this almost every time! Please fix it!

  • I love this game!!

    by ttemery

    I feel in love with playing the sims in 2009!! So glad to have it portable now!! I would like to suggest a few things though!! I think the pregnancy idea is great, I've seen that suggested on a few occasions. I also would like there to be a daycare center or if teenagers could take babysitting jobs. It would be cool if the babies can be taken to the park or for a walk around the block, i don't really like how the babies are always in the crib. A restaurant and casino would be nice too. I'm excited about the adulthood and seniors upgrades! I just got my first couple of seniors and my first teenager turned adult. Great game overall!!

  • Would give it lower but can't

    by Q15236

    You will be bored in a matter of minutes it's between this and flappy bird for worst games

  • Rip off

    by A person who writes

    Every time I watch a video for lifestyle points I never get them. Makes me so unhappy

  • Very addicting

    by Jodabbee

    The sims freeplay is very addicting. But there is one thing they could change. They need to change the size of the game it is taking up 818mb of my storage on my phone.

  • Eh..

    by Aisha Jones

    I changed my little girls hair & on her little pic it shows it, but not in person (if that makes sense) & also I added a infant to one of the houses & then the baby just disappeared after I killed the app. Very disappointed!!

  • :(

    by Lauren heard

    I love the app the app but it took 6 lifestyle point from me when I was just sitting there and I dident push speed up or any thing and it owed me 3 and gave me none

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    by Mikimax02

    I LOVE this game so much!!!!! I'm really good at if and I can play it for HOURS!!!!! I DEARLY recommend you getting this game!!!!! But, I really want the sims company take make The Sims 3 Pets for mobile devices......I have it on Xbox 360 without horses, but I would REALLY LOVE if Electronic Arts made a Sims 3 Pets for mobile devices with horses!!!!

  • by Victoria Flanagan loves shoes

    Cute clothes and hairstyles for teens and preteens. Online dating for teens make teen date places. Please read ASAP!!!!!

  • Ummmmmmm


    It won't even download

  • Where's my stuff

    by 2233moemoe

    I just watched two videos that should of gave me two yellow sim jem thingie but i didn't get one, fix it because those things to me are like a million bucks

  • Love it!!!

    by Toriqrs

    I play it a lot, I just wish the 2d floor was less. 1,000,000 is a lot!!!!! Anyways I love this games, it's #1!!!:)

  • READ THIS!!!!!!!!

    by Bayleerose99

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!! Please take these suggestions into consideration for your next update!!! -female sims can get pregnant, have symptoms like vomiting, dizzy, and HAVE THE BABY/TWINS/TRIPLETS at the hospital!! (In the next update) -have four kids per household -have the parents try for a baby under the covers. Baby music will play if the female successfully makes a baby. -have the baby get out of the cradle instead of staying there 24/7. -hospital where female sims can have their babies, preteen and teen sims can break there legs & arms, and sickness, etc. -waterpark -birthday cakes are not 5 LP's (maybe two LP's?) -second floor is not 1,000,000 dollars (way too much also, maybe 50,000) -And finally, please do these updates!!!!! thousands of people want these updates. My rating will keep going down every week. The thing I mostly want is a hospital and so does everyone else!!!!!!! Please make this happen! I am praying that you read this and all the other amazing comments with updates!!! Thank you for your time, Please make these updates, :)

  • Awesome game

    by Great author!

    It is an awesome game but could you maybe make it so sims were actually pregnant instead of having to buy the baby, and also could you make it so LP can be earned more frequently or the price of birthday cakes go down because it takes me forever to earn enough money for one so some of my sims have been toddlers, babies, or preteens for months because the birthday cakes are so expensive.Also, if you log on after 10:30 at night, everything you set about 30 minutes ago is undone. You should also make it so teens can woohoo and accidentally get pregnant. Also, for the seniors quest my future self disappeared and I can't complete the quest.

  • So glitchy

    by Droopy64

    This game used to be the bomb diggity, but after a while it starts glitching, and it just freezes up and exits you out of the game. So if you don't start doing something like 30 secs after the game exits you out the game dosent save it and you're just sitting there being all mad and stuff.

  • Uuugghh

    by Cobra lizard 123412

    I really luv this game but sometimes it's boring because I have to wait a very long time to build one thing and I have to get an update because it keeps on telling me to update but I can't I have been waiting for a long time to update but it hasn't happened I haven't leveled up in 4 weeks and I'm only level 7 so it's really frustrating

  • Love but

    by Chrome Wolfheart

    I use to love playing this game but for now some reason after the second time i open the app all my sims start a constant moment of getting nauseated, I have deleted and redownload the app plenty of times but nothing works

  • Awesome but...

    by HuntInTheNight

    The game is awesome and I started playing a while ago but I wish we could choose the relationship between the sims. For example, I would like to make some of them aunts and uncles without having to delete all my sims and make them be born and age to get that status because it would take very long and it would cost a lot of LPs. Also more activities with the babies because they're pretty boring. New clothes for the babies and the toddles would be nice, but not preset outfits I would like to be able to choose the shirt, the pants, etc. Hairstyles are very needed and I would love to be able to customize each of the sims faces because a lot of them are starting to look alike.

  • PLZ

    by Ger385

    you should put like:The sims 3 time like plz plz plz plz :( plz and make the stuff cheap!!!!!!

  • Crashing

    by Nicka123

    I would love this game, except I can only play for a minute at a time, maybe less, because the game always crashes. There have been some updates since the problem started, but none of them have addressed this issue. Please fix it so we can enjoy the game!

  • More realistic

    by 5693bribri

    Can we get a beach and some challenges for the summer? Life guards maybe?

  • Ok...

    by I

    It's too expensive to buy a baby/crib and it takes too long!!!!! Make it like the real sims. The other sim games you make are crap. If you made this more like the REAL sims I would pay a lot for it.

  • Hate this app!

    by MyBigBuns

    I played this app for several days & I deleted it! The quests are ridiculous. U r supposed to buy items u already gave. Other apps recognize if u already purchased the required items. The final straw was wen I had a new goal to complete & got sick couldn't play for about 15 hrs & got the message, o u lost ur reward but u can still complete ur goal!! Come on give people a break. No problem I deleted the game & don't miss it at all!

  • Crashes

    by Hobiruke

    It crashes quite a bit, and that makes me lose the time Sims put in for an activity.

  • Too many Glitches

    by nikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    I love this game, I play all the time. It's super frustrating though that it crashes all the time. I've lost ~100,000+ simoleons and ~15 life points. I'm working hard in it, but the game glitches and crashes and I lose hours of work. Don't get it, it's not worth it.

  • Terrible

    by bluhammok

    Ignore the idiots giving high ratings and suggesting "great ideas" for this game. The makers keep adding things to the game but not fixing the frequent crashing problem. They told us to delete and reinstall the game, and I have, and it still crashes. The coffeemaker still takes 20 seconds when it's supposed to take 10. Every time it crashes, the jobs the sims were doing get deleted, so you can't finish your quests in time. If the job took money or lps, they're gone. Wait until these people actually fix the game rather than adding on more stuff to crash it.

  • More ideas

    by Lextippi

    I have some more ideas, here they are. .Have a zoo were we can see wolves, lions and other wild animals. .If you want to, you can tame a wolf, tiger or a wild in a forest( of corse add the forest, wolves and tigers) so you can have a pet wolf or tiger. That would be a good update to be more realistic because face it dogs are tamed wolves and cats are tamed tigers or other kinds of cat. Please do this update and all the other ones I posted. Also if your gonna put a death update, I don't want my dogs and puppies to die.

  • Having baby issues!

    by Silly_Belly_Seli

    Why did my Sim's baby end up leaving the crib and appear in the neighbors house in mid air at their table? Please help me. This must be a glitch. I spent LP and would be upset if it was a waste. Thank you.

  • Sims freeplay!!!

    by Hlffcbyf

    The update was so awesome!!! You need to make a child ( it goes from a toddler to a pre teen you need something in between that.) you should add horses and be able to ride them. You need to add long hair for girls. You should add different types of cats and dogs! More clothes, shoes, and outfits. I hope these things will be in the next update!! You need to add more bigger spaces for houses maybe add another island!!you need to be able to have more than two kids I mean it is no fun only hanging one or two kids I think you should make the max. # 4 or5

  • Crashed :/

    by Sweetpea1590

    I do love this game but it keeps crashing on me. I can't stand it especially when I'm in the middle of doing a task. It starts it all over! Such a pain when my task takes 13 hours to complete. I wish it didn't take so long to complete some actions. Overall I do enjoy the game. Hopefully there's a new update soon to fix the bugs!!

  • Lololol

    by RVF is the best :):):)

    Love it buy it

  • Crush

    by _emptyminds_

    Your app alway crush when i play more than 5 min in the game. It fun but i need you get that fix

  • Please fix.

    by Trisha7x

    I get kicked off the game sometimes and when I get back on to the game, all my sims aren't doing what I had them doing. Sometimes I lose LP points when that happens. I really love this game but when I have this problem is when I want to delete it.

  • Awsome

    by Cool guy 2846;392619:729:628:7

    This game is awsome

  • Not up to standards

    by AVikLarsen

    I like the game, and I've spent a lot of time building homes, families, careers, etc. once the update was done, my game crashes consistently! Almost every 5 minutes it shuts down. So it's a bit unfortunate and I hope the issue gets resolved so I can continue. I've even reset the game a few times, and I still have a problem.

  • Sims freeplay

    by Slimtrimprice

    I had 9 lifestyle points and started to bake a cake the froze it and off wen I went back on the game mother was no longer baking the birthday cake but my 5 lifestyle points were as well how do I get them back? So unfair I bought those I would like my 5 back and please fix the gams to where it stop freezing up and cutting off

  • Are you serious?

    by Svierhile

    I can't even review the game because it has literally taken a half hour to download just a quarter of the way, I am connected to wifi so there is no reason it should be taking so long! Absolutely ridiculous

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Really Doe124284

    I really like this game but it keeps crashing and I'm having to start all my tasks over and some of them take hours or even days to do. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP !!!!

  • :)

    by Smiley_Nessa

    This game is good if only you could move the skateboard ramp and it needs a library

  • Love it but other ideas

    by Lextippi

    I love this game but I have some things that you could put in the updates. . Have a baby/pet sitter or have a daycare and pound/kennel .Have a butler and a maid but make them be more money. .Make some stuff cheaper and get more of the money or lp. .Make a jail and police station so neighbours can take things and get arrested. You can also have sims from you place steal too. .Stop having timed quest or make then longer, I have school you know. .If pets can't die, put that in, but you don't have to do this, it's up to you. .Have a gym to get healthy and nursery to have a baby. .Make people get fat and skinny, I also think pets should have those bars too, you know the food dirty sleep ex. bars. That's all I have for now. I know it's a lot so take your time, but do the pet ones first and money ones first.

  • Add me!

    by Spectacularloom


  • The Sims Are Lazy!

    by Leon Vong

    The game is good but you should. Ake it if so the Bars get too low they will automatically do the action as. Needed. SIMS ARE SO LAZYYYY!

  • Moving


    If you get in a relationship with someone from another town it should let them move in with you

  • Great game

    by Jordan

    I love this game so much! This game is addicting. I can never stop playing.

  • Sims lover / imvu lover

    by Forever Trill

    I love this game , but needs more thing just like the computer version.i would play this game non stop if this game was made just like the sims 3 on computers ✋

  • Sims 4eva <3

    by Krishasp101

    Really addicting and fun butt takes so long to complete one action and takes up too much data. Otherwise it's awesome!!! :p

  • Crash

    by Trevor Kunkel

    My game was great till I reached lvl 5 than it started to crash every time my sims talk yo each other or get inspired plz fix the crashing

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