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Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

Get your LIFE going even faster! We’ve heard your feedback and sped up the load time. As always, thanks for playing the Game of Life!

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LIFE’S A PARTY ON iPad™! Get family and friends together for PARTY PLAY – ONLY WITH iPad – and make it a game night! Enjoy the all-time favorite board game in a whole new way with enhanced HD-quality graphics, plus new interactive and custom features. Live THE GAME OF LIFE to the fullest on iPad!

• Party Play with up to 6 players
• Customize classic characters
• Track your LIFE events with THE GAME OF LIFE Journal
• Zoom out to see the whole board on the bigger iPad screen
• Enjoy the brighter, bolder visual quality you only get with iPad

Get up to 6 players around the iPad game board in the ALL-NEW PARTY PLAY mode. Play the game you know and love with friends and family in a cool new way! You can also Pass ‘N Play with up to 6 players, and even go solo. Live it up!

Delightfully detailed interactive touches and amazing HD-quality graphics make LIFE more fun! Move the boat on the water. Chill out by making footprints in the snow. Or just ring the doorbell! Use enhanced visual controls to zoom out and see the whole game board. Get a different perspective of LIFE!

Make LIFE your own! Customize your character by entering a name of your choice. Win the game, and then check out THE GAME OF LIFE Journal to see the story of your amazing journey through LIFE – it’s an ALL-NEW feature only for iPad!

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing game

    by Jayesh Patel

    This is an awesome game. I recommend it to all of u. It is just like the great board game, just better. It is worth the money.

  • More like the wii version

    by Raunchy1053433

    I wish they would make it like the wii party game ( on the wii ) it would be more fun like that .

  • FUN!! It doesn't crash what are you guys saying!!!!

    by Mckenna tacoz

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME!! A little short but fun!!!

  • Great game for kids & adults

    by imar13

    My kids (6 & 3) love this game! My husband and I play as well! Easy to follow & play right away. We airplay onto our tv with appleTV so everyone can see & play along. Never had any of the issue of previous reviewers. Worth the $$

  • great game worth $1.00

    by K talk

    this game is so fun for family night it never crashed 1 time

  • Keeps crashing

    by Erik Boyd

    I love this app but it has been crashing lately. Is an update coming soon?

  • Life

    by Katherine Valdez

    I play on my iPad 2 all the time or well at least when I have time to kill haha I wish they had better avatars but other than that its life haha 10x better than the board game so I think it's worth the buy.

  • It worth it (buy it)

    by Likeaboss121212

    I really liked this game but it should get better graphics and it will be cööl if you got more characters and car and different jobs and things you get

  • Such Fun, Much Life

    by Much Life

    Wow. In all honesty this is one of my favorite games. I wish I had the option for enhanced play like the one on my computer, but it's fun nonetheless! Haven't had any bugs or crashes so far. I would definitely recommend this game!

  • Fun and addicting

    by lovekittens098.meow

    It is fun and addicting, but this app crashes a lot every time and now. It's not fun anymore with a crashed app :(

  • Want my money back!!!


    It crashes but its a ok game...

  • AwEsOmE!!!!

    by My favorite game!!

    EA does it again with their awesome graphics! Another hit out of the ballpark! People complaining of crashes are most likely from fault of their own. Check Internet connectivity and speed, and be sure to have plenty of storage space for downloads. These games with the realistic backgrounds,

  • Excellent game

    by jsjajan

    I love this game. It it easier than the board game lots of fun. You can play by yourself, unlike the board game. Enjoy.

  • awesome

    by Like the word

    It never crashes and always works.The game is worth the 99 cents and 5 stars

  • Works but need to help other ppl

    by You3750

    Ok helping your problems to the ppl that have it crash u need to turn off your I device then turn it back on and it won't crash

  • Great game

    by Joelferd

    My babysitter and Me and my brothers play it all the time


    by Crate-nine

    This is a great time waster and you can play on your own and with friends my kid loves it he plays it all the time and I personally think it keeps him quiet most of the time I would never regret getting the app it's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would recommend more car colors and people over all this is a great app love it if you are trying to decide if to get it do and listen to me it's a great app worth every penny I spent!!!!!!! This is a great app if there was a choice of 10000000 stars I would give it that rating. Ncjncekjnkejnkjnvkjnckjnvkjnekjvneljvnskjnskjnskjnfkjnvdkjnksjnvkjnsfvkjndsvkjnsvkjnsdkvjskjvnsdjvnsdkjvnskjdnvksjdnvjksfnvksjnvkjsfnvlsdjnglsdjvnsldjng,sjdnvlsdjnksdjnvskdjnvdksjksjvfkjsbvkjfkjfbvskjfnbksjfnbksjfnbksjfnbksjfbksjnfbskfjbvskfjbvskjfbvskfjskfjnvfkjsbsvfbjksbfvjkksfjkjbsvfbjksfvjksvfkjbsfvbkjvsfbjkvsfjbkfsvkbjkjbsfvkjsfvkjjksvffkjsvbjkfsvjbkvsfbjkkjbfvshkbsfvkbhkhbhbkhkbbhkhbkbhkhkbbhkhbkhbkhbkbkhbkhhkbhkbhkbkbhbhkhbkkhbbhkbhkbhkhkbkbhhkbbhkhbkhbkhkbkbhbkhkbhkbhhbkbhkhkbbhkbhkkhbkhbbhkbkhkhbhbkbhkbhkhbkhkbbhkhkbhbkbkhbhkbhkbhbhkbhkbkhkhbkhbkhbkhbkjkjfnkdjnvkjenfvksjfngksjfngksjfnvkjsfbvkjbsfkgjbsfkjgbskjgbsfkjvgbjskfjbskjfbvksjfbvskfhbvskbvksjfbvkjsbfvkjsbvkjsbdvkshbdvkhbsvdkhbsdvkhsbksdhbvkshbvkshdbvkhsbdvskdhbvsdkhvbsdkhvbsdvkhbdvkhbvkbhvvbkvshbvvvvvvvvhkbdvkshbdvskhdbsdkvhbsdkvhbsdkvhbsdvkhbkshbdvhsbdkhbsdvkhbsdvkhbsdkhvbsdkvhbsdkvhbsdkhvbsdkhbvadkhvbsdkhbskhbdvksbvvskbskbvskbvbvkshkbsskbhvhkbsvbskhvkbshvdnfncncnfnfnfnhfhhdhdjhrfkbdisbdvksdbvyisbdydboindiubbuutfibuuygrerrwzwzxdtvgbhihbhbjcfcfghvgvhghgvhvgjgvjgvjvjhbjhbjhbjhbjhbjhjhbjhbjhbjhbjhjhbkhbkhbkhbkhbbbfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhdbdgfuguyifjdbsgsgdufjfnnfkjbdvbihbiusviubsdviubwihvbwihvbwdihbvwidhvbwdivbsdhvbsdihbvfeihbveirbveihbvierhbvishfbvisdbviuvbwiudnvkwjdvakjdvakjnvasufhoeaufhieuhfiuwebhibwbhivhbidvwhibvwdhibwdvbhivdwbhiwdvbihwdhbivwdbihwvdbhivfwhbivfwbhiwvbihvrbihrwvbhivwrbuivwbihiubrwbivwrihbvwibhhbirwvbhrvwbvhrwjrhfhfurnehdjfjenfjjdhbhjbhvugvbgghhdhdnrhdufndhihytfret

  • Good

    by Critic909

    It's fairly good but sometimes it crashes, I think if they fixed this one problem that the game would be 4 stars not 3.

  • Fun and Addictive on iPad mini

    by BeerBob23

    This game is so fun for the iPad mini. I love the life journal at the end and I like the fact that you can change your players name. Their is 6 cars to choose from! That is two more than the kindle version and their is way more characters to choose from!

  • Crashes!

    by MusicBree234

    I was so excited to play this, only for it to continually crash everytime I click the app! Not happy at all...

  • Crashing is always a fun feature!!

    by Idk102

    This is why ea is the worst company in the world hopefully they go bankrupt soon!!

  • Glitch

    by Caroline6663

    I really wanna play this game but once I open it it turns black and goes to my home screen can u please fix this or can I get a refund?

  • Crashes

    by Katenae

    I used to love this game, but now it crashes every time I try to open it.

  • Crashes every time!!!!!!!

    by Minecraft ugg

    This game crashes every time please fix this I'm tired of this game doing that plz send in the next update aka it's called bug fixes!!!!

  • Crashes... Every time!

    by Jake0608

    I loved this game and just recently updated it, now I can't play because every time I open the app it crashes. Fix this Update: still not fixed and I'm getting frustrated

  • Crashes

    by melliebelle

    Keeps crashing. Not happy!! Needs to be fixed soon

  • Crash

    by Gxfgeth

    Can't play. Every time I open it. It crashes. Please fix it

  • Crashes... Every time!

    by Jake0608

    I loved this game and just recently updated it, now I can't play because every time I open the app it crashes. Fix this

  • Constant Crashing!

    by ghost*green

    This is one of my all time favorite games, but it's constant crashing makes it impossible to play. Please fix!!

  • Keeps crashing

    by Dacon1508

    Can't really review because the app keeps crashing before it gets to main menu.

  • Does not work

    by 629sam7

    Purchased game and it has not worked once. Tried new update and it still does not work. Does anyone know how to get money back?

  • Loved it when it worked...

    by AyCee88

    I enjoyed playing this game with friends and family, but now it crashes every time I open it. Got excited seeing an update, but nope. Still crashes immediately after opening. I really wish it'd work again :(

  • Too much bugs

    by &953&"!;58

    I want to play this app but,too much bugs send my money back or fix it

  • Game is unusable

    by BlackFoxAlpha

    The app icon on this app is grayed out and just says "waiting..." below it. I have hard and soft-reset my iPad at least five times already. The icon is impossible to delete in this state. The only way to access the game is by finding it in the App Store and clicking open where it normally says buy. When I do open it this way, the loading screen jerks painfully for a few minutes (last time I timed it it took 4 minutes to get past the loading screen). When the loading screen finishes seizing, the game just crashes. All I want is to remove this terrible piece of software from my iPad. Right now it is just infuriatingly eating up memory. Please fix this.

  • Constant Crashing!

    by ghost*green

    This is one of my all time favorite games, but it's constant crashing makes it impossible to play. Please fix!!

  • No life

    by HD185

    I have yet to be able to get into this game. Don't waste your time. If they soon don't get an update I will delete it

  • Why Bother?

    by (- ~) spin the wheel if you stop at the same Spots All the time!

  • Crashes!!!!!!

    by OM MO

    Right when i go on it it crashes fix it

  • Crashes

    by BTStansbury888

    Crashes every time I open it.

  • Fam fun

    by modiddy24

    Zero problems and a great way to have fun inside on cold snowy days with the kiddo!

  • Fun game

    by Bugg & tubalub

    Lindsay & Matt played this game and it was fun stackin our cheddar to the sky! Of course being the older brother I won! Toodaloo!

  • Great app

    by Jualnick

    Fun for everyone in the family! Works great.

  • Fix now

    by acherdya

    Just wasted five dollars on this game, my Daughter wants to play and cannot, fix now or send my money back!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Nhensley2

    So much fun!! My kids and I love this game! Well worth the money!

  • Bad

    by Elvacat

    Do NOT get this app it crashes instantly and you can't even play I just got iTunes money and I wasted it on this app don't waste your money on this app!!

  • Update ASAP

    by Drawme:D

    I have to rate it a 1 because immediately after I downloaded it, it crashed

  • ugh

    by emily

    three words: fix the game

  • Fun game, but crashes a lot

    by Gnarldan05

    The game is great fun, but it does crash frequently - usually once or twice a game. It does at least save when it crashes so you can continue. If they get rid of the crashing, it would be a solid 4+ stars.

  • Awesome possum

    by Cool,awesome,fun

    For someone who does not have life it helps

  • Crashes

    by Its_kiki01

    Crashes every time is open the app

  • The computer cheats...

    by alirobertsxo

    First of all, let me just say that the app runs great on my iPad2! I have never had a problem with it crashing or anything like that. But during the actual gameplay, I think the computer cheats. Almost every single time I play, no matter what I do, I lose my job on every "lose your job" space!!! This NEVER happens when I play the pass n play with my husband! I have played with him about 20 times and played against the computer at least 40-50 times.. It is getting really frustrating. Especially if I do the night school option and take a pay raise or take a new job.. I will land on the lose your job space on my next turn! It is almost impossible for me to win against the computer.

  • Happy

    by Kartzke

    I'm so exited/happy that you guys made an online game of life. Thankyou!!

  • Great

    by Guy123572649264926

    I love this game, I play all the time, it is so much easier than playing the actual board game.

  • This app stinks

    by Guam1013

    I just bought this app and as soon as it starts to load, it crashes. Do not buy this app; it is a waste of your money. Not worth .99.

  • Its fun bt needs more twist n turns

    by Ruzzler 12

    Its alryt! Nt too shabby.perhaps jz need more twist n turns in d game.perhaps the update will add new feat

  • Crashes

    by Natalidogs

    It crashes every time I open it me and my sister want to play the game

  • Won't start!

    by Mr.Reese's11

    The game won't even start! It opens and then two seconds later it crashes!

  • Crashes

    by JamieLynnette

    It's been a month and I still can't open it because it crashes. Hurry up and fix it.

  • Great for price

    by $occerboy

    Never crashes on ipad 2 and worth the money , good job ea

  • Wahhh Wahhabi

    by bac1089

    I love the game of life. It's my wife's favorite. Loads of fun. It's odd though how the game decided that my wife should be a grandparent after having no children.

  • No Wifi Play...

    by Nola76

    For the money, it should have a wifi play mode...

  • Awesome

    by Halleycarnicle

    Great game I would enjoy one of your glitches to stop my friend had 5 kids but one of them disappeared cuz there was no room otherwise awesome game could u maybe plzz make more awesome characters

  • Shuts Down constantly!

    by GrannyRy

    This app needs a major update to eliminate bugs. It is unplayable as downloaded. Not worth the $$ until fixed.


    by HiMyNameIsJen


  • Keeps crashing during the first loading screen!!

    by Eric Chamorro

    The game starts up and crashes at the very first loading screen!

  • Thumbs up

    by Lulu1013pr

    The game is perfect! Is easy enough for kids to join and play. Works very smooth most of the time.. The only thing I would change is the speed of the game. When playing with friends its too slow


    by Nickiitumami

    CRASHES ALL THE TIME IM SICK OF IT! Cant believe I wasted my money on this!!!!! .I.

  • Don't

    by Chrisnikol

    Boring AF don't buy this. Don't even think about it, just don't

  • Good but some problems

    by Mbarr2

    Overall I really enjoy the game but I've been noticing that the counting sometimes adds an extra space. I once moved 11 spaces which shouldn't be possible. Also sometimes some of my money disappears. Often the $10000 I start with goes away when I go to college and I noticed a total of $45000 missing throughout the most recent game I played.

  • No!

    by Best ever 2

    It won't let me play it goes to home the second I turn the app on. The only reason I have this rate 3 stars is because I like the game in general but they have to update it first before I up my rate score. Don't buy it till they updated the app so you can play.

  • Reference

    by Hello Random Person

    I love the game, it is just that I wish that you could go to a place to see which job you have. Whenever I play on pass n play, I can never remember which of my people has which job.

  • Crashes

    by Parkerybop

    Every time I open it it crashes and it's really annoying! Please fix it I want to play it! It's fun but it keeps crashing

  • Best game I have on my iPad

    by taputman

    This game works smooth.i wish you would add new is a good app to calm you down after a bad calms me down and that is a good thing!!!!!

  • Fun

    by Chelseyellen


  • Update please

    by KellieRules623

    Speed up app opening New jobs that have higher salaries More spaces So please update the app soon.

  • Crashes

    by Pen15inyourmoth

    Crashes every time i open it

  • Awesome

    by Willie_the_pup-_-

    Great app love playing it! It does not crash!

  • Perfect

    by ?/?dave?/?

    Love this game. Works perfect on iPad mini. No problems


    by 1Dlovehhhhhh555


  • Fun!!!

    by Kr475

    This game is fun and reminds me of the actual game that I played when I was a kid.

  • Very fun!!!

    by Fdsaghjll

    Game is great! It's fun, and I have no problems on my iPad mini. It's a great way to pass time. :)


    by riley3131

    Crashes every time I open it! Please fix!!

  • If you have iPad mini get this app

    by Ellietacobelly

    Get this app

  • Great fun

    by Rec3454

    Love the game better than the original board game.

  • Needs device to device play

    by jccbwhite

    I bought this game with the intention of playing multiplayer between two or more iPads, pretty disappointing!

  • Crashes

    by Katieeeeeeeeeeë

    I just paid for this game and it doesn't even work. Please fix the crashing

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