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We’ve made some behind-the scenes enhancements to improve overall gameplay.

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WHERE WILL YOUR CHOICES TAKE YOU? The possibilities are endless in THE GAME OF LIFE! What does your future hold? Enjoy a new spin on the classic board game that’s now enhanced for iPhone 5!


“ It’s colorful, smooth, and just like the original.” (148 Apps)

Navigate your animated tokens through a stunning 3D environment of winding roads and lush landscapes!

Enjoy the ease and fluidity of innovative touchscreen controls as you set out on your adventure.

Listen to and control music from iTunes® while you play.

Pass ‘N Play with up to 6 friends.

Settle down and get married or stay single and indulge in lavish luxuries and risky investments! Put your own spin on the game as you customize classic characters.

Track your life events with THE GAME OF LIFE journal.

Gain tiles worth big bucks when you land on Life Spaces and collect Share The Wealth Cards for your shot at becoming a millionaire!

Spin the wheel of fate and take a drive along the twisting roads of life on your iPhone!

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Customer Reviews

  • Pretty Good.....

    by Star1133998877

    Overall it is a good app. I don't know why but I want to be able to name the babies when the update comes out.

  • Great game!!!

    by Mariamalikny66

    I enjoyed this game a lot a lot. Relaxing and it's like reading a story. Please make some updates so this game can be even better. Strongly suggest people to download this game, it's worth the money.

  • I love but...


    I wish you would please add more space in the car, and being able to play with other players on other devices.

  • Hi

    by Bri bri43214

    It's awesome I love life it's a good game to play on the go

  • Awesome sauce

    by Awesome guy3000

    I love this app so much It rocks

  • Awesome!!

    by Browniesovercupcakes

    Great game. Totally worth those 99 cents. Only thing is that it takes a long time to finish a game. Otherwise it's awesome!!:)

  • Great!!!

    by Nickname#2893

    This is an overall great app, I only wish that with future updates of this app they give you a choice between a few types of boards, playing on the same board can kind of gets boring.

  • Need multiplayer

    by Jennifer5 :)

    If multiplayer were added I would pay for this

  • LOVE

    by KaylaBug25

    This game is tots magoats

  • by Chrissyizbakyo

    I love this game all we need is multiplayer

  • Crash

    by Ashlee(:

    The game started smoothly and everything was fine, but when I would spin and the car would get to its spot, the game crashes. It does this even when I close out the app and open it again. There needs to be an update to fix crashes. Other than that, the new additions are very cool.

  • IDK

    by SWAG! Dummy

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Queen bee what up NOT!!!!! Swagggg I haven't even played dis game yet but I love u who's ever reading this will ya marry me

  • Name.

    by Tavairra!!!(:

    I love the game, but my name is 8 letters long. & I can only put 7 letters. So it's like Tavairr. When my name is Tavairra.

  • Boss

    by ScrimpyPig

    Best game ever

  • Fun but

    by C msn

    It's a great game but it would be the best if it had online multiplayer. Defiantly be a 5 star then

  • Love it


    This is the best game I paid for. There are so many different players to choose from and it's just so much fun

  • Fun

    by meilclhe :)

    It is a really good game but when I spin a three it keeps on moving me four spaces

  • Add wifi games!

    by JokerzTunez

    Great game i love it!! But it would be wayy better if you can play through wifi so i can play with other friends on their device!

  • Life

    by mkmoody

    I love all the new characters, cars, and the fact that you can change the names but every time I play against the computer, I ALWAYS loose my job and if the computer goes to college it ALWAYS gets the Doctor. I feel like the game cheats a bit. I have played this game probably one hundred times and lost my job every time but once. That's not a coincidence. Other than those two problems the game is very fun.

  • Help?

    by Steven115

    Can't download? I have the newest iPhone but when I go to download it says you already purchased this so it will be downloaded at no additional charge which is correct but then it doesn't download

  • ):

    by Kayla._:D

    Not that fantastic. I kind of want a refund

  • Cool idea but still archaic game

    by SenorMatt

    Great, life on my phone. Works just like the actual board game except you can't get married to the sex of your choice, instead it's chosen for you. Also why do you have to get married? Can't you just elect for a better career and receive a life tile for being single? Honestly, I would not recommend this game because they made the app following the archaic rules from 50 years ago. If we're going to modernize the board game to an app could we at least modernize the rules too?

  • Awfully unfair

    by BlueEyedBrittany

    Played the game three times in a row and not only did I lose my career every single time but no matter which new career I picked, I got a mechanic..every single time.

  • Boring

    by Arichardskn

    This game is boring

  • Crap

    by TheRealGinger

    Absolutely a waste of money. You can never win. And you always roll low. Never get a good career or a lot of money. It's rigged, you can't win.

  • Refund!!!

    by Weirdo of the world

    I just don't like it. I want my money back.

  • Couldn't spin wheel?

    by D34TH R1S3S

    The game would not let me spin the wheel I tried for ten minutes but it still wouldn't let me game was a lot better without update

  • Bad

    by peAPPLEpr

    It always takes the same paths and i end up doing the same as the last game i played like losing my job losing and getting sued

  • Okay Game

    by Wahhhhh! My name is Grace!

    I love this game. But I noticed that one of the players became a grandparent, but they never had children. It didn't make sense. Otherwise it is very fun, but sometimes it is confusing.

  • Crashes

    by KristeNicoleWww

    I love the game, but whenever I try to close it my phone freezes and it takes about ten minutes before my phone turns completely off and on again.

  • Love it❤

    by Twiggy 800

    It's awesome I play it with my friends and family it's so worth the money

  • Good

    by Kt77777777777779

    Good app but I Baugh it on my phone and it won't go onto my ipad

  • 5 stars

    by Rosie_red

    This game is awesome! I love it. It is so fun anywhere, and everywhere you go. This app was DEFINITELY worth paying for!

  • Love it!!

    by Tufvtgj

    This is app is totally worth it! It's a really fun game and wayyyy better than the board game! I would buy it if you can afford it

  • Online Game please

    by Mona 73

    Please make this an online network game!!!!

  • No Online Multiplayer.

    by Amberx182

    This game has been out since August 13, 2009 and STILL has NO wifi multiplayer nor blu-tooth multiplayer option. The developers who created this game are lazy and are only in it for the money. I would not recommend this game to anyone. Only being able to verse the computer gets old very quick.

  • Update!

    by AudiR8107

    I wish we could play wi-fi multiplayer!

  • Life

    by Apling96

    It's ok kinda boring

  • Fun But

    by KatWildtimbers

    When playing a solo I have only beat the computer once. I can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in the lead, but the computer has 9 life tiles, I have 2, and suddenly it wins? Every time? Not cool.

  • Socialist propaganda

    by dloup

    This used to be a fun game until you added the "Share the Wealth" Socialists propaganda cards. I'll stick with the original board game - you can't screw that up.

  • Stupid!!!!

    by Suralo

    This game is waste of money!! Im telling u dont buy it! I love the real game of life, so i bought it, big mistake!!!

  • Good fun

    by RMC2223

    Fun with the random changes in life as the board game.

  • Fun

    by imChalky

    Very fun; worth the dollar. I would give 5 stars and even pay more for multiplayer online functionality or even different boards. Overall great app.

  • Add gay marriage

    by superzombiehunter13

    This game is fun and all, but it shouldn't have men marry women and women marrying men, at least not all the time. Let gays be known in this game!

  • Okay..

    by Shazammmmm99

    There should be a way to stay single of you want, more career choices, choosing of the children's gender, and more life changing events.

  • Love it!

    by Rachy0326:)

    Love this game, it is fun to play with friends, it is fun to play on trips it is worth the 99 cents!

  • Love it

    by Brookcutey123

    I really like it, but you should put in more things involving life.

  • Love it!

    by Roo102186

    Nuff said

  • The best game ever

    by Flavia69

    It is really like you're playing the real board game and it is better

  • Faces

    by Puffy36

    I love this game! Only this is I would like to be able to customize the faces of the people in the car. Like the husband/wife and the kids. But other than that love it!

  • Good so far!

    by Bunny house

    Some improvements that could be made are: -Adding multiplayer - making marriage a choice. ex you land on the space and choose to be married or stay single -When you land on a twin space you could get a twin of each gender possibly because in real life not all twins are the same gender or identical -Adding more careers such as a journalist, author, artist, editor, business owner,etc - Instead of only having the option of a cartoon character you should also have the option of being able to take a picture of yourself to set as your character. - adding a triplet space and more room available in the car for more children or grandchildren. - being able to save your life journal to Instagram as a video. - making more travel spaces to other countries such as European countries. I really love this game it is fun. But I believe these suggestions could make it better.

  • Must buy!!!!!!

    by Ziva1001

    I love this game u can play with 6 players or less and if u don't have anybody to play with u can play solo with coumptur people must have

  • Brilliant

    by rkcoaster7

    The app is stylistically phenomenal, and everything is fluid and seamless.

  • Good but could be even better

    by Oddrey1022

    Ever since I can remember I have loved this game. This app is a good way to (sort of) relive those old memories of sitting around the table or computer playing this. I do miss some of the characteristics of the classic board game though. For example if a player is the cop and another player rolls a 10, they have to pay the player who is the cop a fine. Also, it would be nice if you could pay off your loans throughout the game and purchase car and house insurance like in the classic board game that help you if you land on "tornado tilts house" space for example. Maybe you could just add that as an option and keep the other. It would be nice if there was a game speed option as well. Sometimes it's difficult to get through a game


    by April Lewis

    This game is awesome I love it so much. I play all day... well not all day but whenever it has to charge I play it on the charger. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  • Keeps freezing

    by Pamyb

    This is a fun game but it keeps freezing with the latest version.

  • The best

    by Ya man. Fav app

    It's just like the board version. It's the best I play it all the time. It's worth you one dollar

  • Fun

    by Jwhit16

    Fun game

  • Nice game :)

    by Douchematic

    How can I be a grandparent if the game never gave me children? Haha. Good game though! :)

  • Terrible

    by Dflll

    The app crashes when i play solo

  • Great

    by NJ Girl review.

    Just like the board game. I play with my 7 year old sister and she loves it. Good graphics. And very ADDICTING !! If you don't already have it, BUY IT!

  • Unfair

    by Ana Eva

    I always loose to my player 1! I just lost to her 7kids to 2!

  • Awesome

    by Awesomeness987

    Its a really fun game to play in the car.totally worth paying 99.cents lol:)

  • The best game ever

    by Sky 7654

    I love this game I like how you get babies and you get married if you get this game you will love it .

  • It's much better

    by Qwertymck49

    I love how you can edit the name, but I think you should be able to name your children and I can't understand in this day and age why there is no gay marriage in this game. I think that needs to change.

  • Great

    by anna_marie_medi

    This app is great but I'd like to be able to choose the children's gender especially for the twin ones! Id like to see an update soon.

  • (:

    by zoemooreee

    Defiantly worth the money. Great game and way to kill time

  • Fun, but...

    by Jtl0908

    Lots of fun, but keeps crashing.

  • Love it!

    by ComexOnxTy

    Love this game.

  • Ridged

    by Tcusuperfrog

    Every game I lose my career

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