SCRABBLE for iPad Games App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

We‘ve removed the “automatic tile recall” feature, per your feedback. We have also made some behind-the-scenes fixes and improvements for a better, smoother experience.

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1700 Ratings
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CONNECT WITH FRIENDS. PLAY WITH WORDS. Get a game of SCRABBLE going with just about anyone! America's Favorite Word Game is now faster and better than ever. Plus, now you can play SCRABBLE in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese.

• Now challenge friends via Origin or Facebook
• Find an instant opponent with a single touch
• Play solo against the computer
• Is it Family Game Night? With Pass ‘n Play mode, you can play together on the same device
• Get numerous games going at once

Now optimized for your iPad screen. View every detail with new and improved HD-quality graphics made to maximize the Retina display.

Show off your skills with the brand-new Super Chat feature, complete with emoticons, time stamps, auto-correct, spell check, and more. We’ve also added the ability to log in through Origin! You can connect to Origin or Facebook to challenge friends and share your best scores.

Become a SCRABBLE master with the exclusive “Teacher” feature – see what your best word could have been after every turn.

Now zoom in on your board in either Portrait or Landscape mode. Keep the chat or the dictionary open while you play your game. Place tiles on the board when it’s not even your turn. Take a look at your opponent’s last score – right on the board. Start up a random game (without waiting for a friend). Toggle between active matches with the swipe of a finger. And best of all, play AD-FREE!

Use the in-game word list, built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary, or the exclusive Best Word feature to see your highest-scoring choices.

Ready for the first and last word in word games? Don’t accept imitations. Just say, “LET’S PLAY SCRABBLE!”

Customer Reviews

  • Scrabble

    by Fripp271

    You do not allow numerous words from the Webster Dictionary. In many instances it appears to be in the arena of political correctness. One example is the word "negro", this is a valid term still used in many documents and news print. Many of your words cannot be found in Webster's. Other than these comments you have the better program, but could use some finessing.

  • Scrabble

    by Soose1a

    Great! And good for vocabulary expansion!

  • locks up way too much

    by LadyAFan2008

    I play Scrabble everyday, but it has been locking up on me alot playing between one game after the other. Please fix.

  • Scrabble iPad

    by Paula Arredondo

    I love reading and words. This updated version offers more options and even comes with a teacher ! Carrying it with me where ever I have to be waiting is excellent as I get bored easily. Highly user friendly for all ages.

  • Local network?

    by A1996a

    What happened to local network play on the mini? Soooooo slow otherwise.

  • Auto login failures are a pain, but I love to play

    by RjAppleUsr

    I am a true Scrabble addict, but this latest version is driving me crazy as the Auto login feature never works on either my iPhone or iPod and I typically have to re-login manually a couple of times each day which is a pain. I tried reaching out to Customer Service a couple of times, but no response so I am hoping they will see this post and correct in the next release.

  • Hate

    by Anniewad

    Don't like the updates...but would have to get accustom

  • The RIGHT Words

    by Hycomet1

    At the start of each game, at the top of the menu choices, there is a tab that says 'Scrabble Word Lists' or something like that. This is where you make your dictionary selection. I mistakenly believed that the Scrabble player was limited to the dictionary indicated by the icon In the upper right corner of the board. The default on my game indicated a British flag on the dictionary. Undoubtedly, they have some strange words compared to what we are used to. I finally found the 'scrabble word list' tab that allows the user to choose between multiple dictionaries, including 2 with American flag icons. I believe that is the Feature that has escaped so many users notice that have complained about strange words. Now that I've changed dictionaries this game is truly excellent!!

  • Great game

    by Bropaul1137

    Great game.

  • Scrabble

    by MarkJ27

    Enjoying the iPad version, especially the portability.

  • Need Dictionary Choices

    by Barbandbob

    Game is great but obscure words not found in one's country or regional dictionary(ies) make the game less pleasurable than it could be. How hard would it be to include a choice of dictionaries?

  • Stimulating

    by Waheedah

    Great exercise in mental gymnastics!

  • Love to play

    by 92900hab

    Great for "down time"

  • Occasional crashes and lock-ups

    by RonAnderson

    Recovery requires turning iPad off and on again. It does remember the status. Also, please get rid of the "ballooning" letter tiles. Annoying, unnecessary, and they make it more difficult to position the letter tile where you want to put it.

  • Annie

    by Using my brain constantly

    Great game. Only drawback is I'd like a few hints rather than use the machines brain.

  • Scrabble

    by Questing for Illumination

    All in all Scrabble is always fun. The insipid music causes me to zero out my volume. It would be terrific if I could choose music from my iTunes to play. There is no built in dictionary, so I am constantly diving out of the game to consult one of my dictionary apps. If you play the computer, it comes up with some REALLY bizarre and obscure words (Really? An extinct bird that only ever lived in Hawaii?!!), that are so rare that my dictionaries often don't have them. I have to go online to search them out. I am learning tons of words that I will be hard pressed to ever find a context for in daily conversation. All that said -- Scrabble is a lot of fun. I like having the app with me wherever I go, and I have spent many an evening lost in word searching. It could be improved but you will love it.

  • Scrabble

    by Bonesy bones

    This is the best game ever!

  • Letter count

    by Justly John

    The game used to show you tile count. When you get to the end of the game you should be able to see how many tiles remain. The smooth feel of the wooden tiles will never be duplicated though. And there should be a page for the rules.

  • Great game

    by BWynn7

    I love the game!

  • Best Game, tough Signon

    by Old Davey

    What a wonderful intellectual workout Scrabble is. Excellent game, complete with a Teacher that nicely nudges me almost every play! But the EA Origin section sign-on is poor. Very small fonts, frequent log-outs, and most annoying is its poor usability. But the player section of the game is stellar. Enjoy!

  • Fix the app!

    by Sulibran

    Scrabble informs me that there is a connectivity problem and that decreased functionality may result. I am not having any network probs with any other app. Scrabble does not work. Please fix whatever it is that prevents it from working!

  • Terrible update

    by You Busy?

    When I first bought this for my first gen iPad could play my Facebook friends. Could also play games I started on the computer. Now can't login to Facebook or retrieve games I'm playing. Do not recommend updating if your old version is working.

  • Nook challenge

    by Michael Grupp-Verbon

    For some time, my sister and I played Scrabble on our Nook devices across the miles and really enjoyed it, The App no longer works on the Nook. When inquiring, we were offered NO SUPPORT of any kind. We were told it was not designed to work on the Nook device. If this is the case, why were we able to purchase it on the Nook in the first place? No refund was offered, either.

  • Boo! Give me a choice between old and new!

    by LuLuCoo

    The one single, solitary thing we like: when using the dictionary now, when we go to just edit off a letter or something simple, the word we typed doesn't disappear as it did on the last version. That's it. 1) Hate how you can't "zoom in" via taps anymore. 2) Hate that the tiles are smaller in size. 3) Wish you would place the "Recall" button somewhere else other than RIGHT BESIDE the "Play" button. It is sooo frustrating when you mean to recall tiles but accidently hit the play button and end up playing a word you really did not intend to. I know the old version had this too and I didn't like it then, either. 4) Hate that I cannot use the Teacher and Best Word when and if I feel like it mid-game. I liked the challenge of playing independently, but enabling the Teacher before hitting "Play" to see if they agreed I made the best move. Then I could disable it my next play, etc. Same basic premise w/Best Word. Can't I have the old one back? Can't I have a choice?

  • Scrabble

    by Can't play just pay

    I can't get the game to stay on. Whenever I push the scrabble icon it comes up and then disappears. I've tried rebooting it with no luck.I tried tech help that was also useless.there isn't a phone number or a person to tell my problems too.I love the game I hate the fact that I can't use it This stinks when companies don't stand behind their products.

  • Scrabble

    by Hycomet1

    As noted by others, the words used by the EA version of Scrabble are not to be found in any conventional dictionaries that are commonly available. EA should overhaul the word sources to reflect a more traditional, understandable set of words. The official Scrabble dictionary would seem to be the obvious and appropriate choice. Words used by the teacher feature could not be found in no less than 4 different dictionaries! This is a serious flaw that needs to be corrected.

  • Primitive Scrabble App

    by Ejzoly

    It's convenient to hand a lightweight iPad back and forth, but the Scrabble App hardly compares to the desktop version. Cons - Many features and options are missing or lightweight. Dictionary has no definitions. No hints for best words are available. Other users note problems such as accidental plays due to brushing the screen, etc. Would like to disable irritating sound effects so we don't have to zero out volume - would like to can listen to music of our own while playing. Pros - It is interesting to learn new words from Teacher.

  • Great fun

    by Hal in Georgia

    The game for people who don't like video games.

  • Scrabble

    by Tahohed

    I am a avid scrabble player, and love it. But more than once, I have inadvertently played a word tat I did not want, because I pushed the wrong button. Yesterday, I was placing a bingo, but my palm swiped the play button before I placed the final tile...and the word played, losing me over 50 points. Every other move must be confirmed....why can't scrabble prompt with a "confirm" move, like Words with Friends? Kind of a pain, but at least it confirms that that is the play you want.

  • No problems in the game itself...

    by Achilles Peleides

    ...because they've kept it Scrabble. If you like Scrabble and the Scrabble experience with your friends online, then this is your game. All of my problems are in the bugs that are in the app. Often it doesn't notify me on my turn (notifications turned ON), often if I switch to a second game after moving the screen will be frozen so no buttons or tiles work, previous versions have had issues with crashing, and one version recalled all letters at failed words (they've fixed that). Getting past the numerous bugs, it's good; it's Scrabble.

  • Good and fun

    by Steve 88

    Sometimes a bit slow, but fun.

  • Super Annoying

    by Plesiosaurus

    Come on, Scrabble. You’re a great game. But your app is the most annoying thing ever. We don’t need dorky music. We don’t need a 10-minute introduction that’s impossible to skip. We don’t need a million dumb options. We just want a clean, easy-to-use version of a great game. You had one good idea: a tile rack app for the iPhone that pairs with the iPad. And you got rid of it! HASBRO, I don’t know whether EA is messing this up, or you’re making them add way more options and explanatory text than necessary. But you guys gotta simplify, or someone is going to make a new Scrabulous and put you out of business.

  • Scrabble review

    by Cocomoe1

    Love the game though I cannot understand half the words the computer uses as real words, including 2 consonant letter words and many which are un recognizable...

  • Awesome game

    by david meine

    Very enjoyable

  • Chat

    by Garlinjake

    LOVE this game but you need to add a notification when someone sends us a message on the chat feature. Other than that....perfection!

  • Scrabble

    by BJ1949

    Great game! Keeps me on top of my game - always learning! Lots of great help support within the game. Easy to use!

  • sometimes freezes

    by VictoriaSchmictoria

    My BlackBerry version works perfectly, but my Ipad Air version sometimes freezes on me so that i can't do anything but shut it down. Thankfully it comes back where I had left off. I like that it offers one the score prior to having to enter a play, tho. My BB version doesn't do that. When playing against the computer, though, this version always makes YOU the starter, when i hate being the first to go. It also doesn't show the computer's left over tiles when the game ends. It's also much more expensive than my BB version. I like playing with the 'teacher' on sometimes, another feature this version has. It teaches me new Scrabble words. All in all, it's worth the $

  • Scrabble

    by J,B.

    I just updated my Scrabble game. Bad mistake. I do NOT like this new version. I miss best word. How can I get the old version back? I loved it before and played it a lot! Hope I can get used to it. And hate the teacher. Thank goodness you don't have to use it.

  • still a fav!!!

    by Zigbun

    this game never gets old......loved it as a kid, playing on a board --- and still love it on my iPad!

  • Time out!

    by Northport1078

    I hate that the game times out and does not auto time in!

  • Works fine

    by Clumpaw

    I have the PAID version and it works fine. And I love no ads. I play multiple games with multiple friends and we all enjoy it!

  • Sam

    by DDH&S

    Very content with how the app works.

  • Quit sending spam notifications

    by Mike in Lyons, IL

    Only send a notification when I have a move to make.

  • Not happy

    by Hitechbb

    Upgraded & paid for no ads version. Now we get no notification when opponent has played. Tried to contact support thru "chat" but rep was no helped. Reverted to ad version but still no notification! Must be a bug but I don't know how to report it.

  • Used to love....but

    by Jenkf

    Paid for this app awhile ago and loved that I could play Scrabble against only computer. I am not on Facebook & don't want to be. Play Word Feud with my friends. That's how I want to play scrabble online. This game was only to challenge self on own game. Now that is gone. Even though paid big bucks for this app am seriously thinking about deleting. Not anyone's business how old I am to play scrabble. Come on, really? Unless I accept new terms game won't let me play. I refuse to accept terms listed. I do not wish to play this game online. Bought to play myself. Only reason I originally bought this game. Soon to be deleted. Too bad I paid for it. Would not recommend to anyone to spend bucks on this. Hope the developers change this or I will delete app.

  • Greatly improved

    by Artichoke 25

    The new dictionary is easier to use and I like being able to play solo with the computer. The dictionary just keeps getting better. It's handy to be able to edit the word without having to erase and re type it. I hope at some point to be able to get the definition of words that an opponent has played or that the teacher or best word functions have suggested as they are often words that I've never heard of.

  • Scrabble

    by Gram-11889

    Hate this new version. Especially the teacher! Played my first and last game.

  • Scrabble

    by Maromero Maromero

    Endless hours of rewarding and fun challenge Thanks

  • Time Option

    by Acklander45

    Is there a time option that players can agree to at the start of a game? I.e, either play your tiles or forfeit within an agreed upon time limit. When playing against random players, too often an opponent just sits for hours (days) waiting for the other person to quit.

  • Love this game

    by Cammy may

    Would give more than five stars if they had them

  • Crashes

    by Lee99lee

    I have one of the early iPad's. It seems like some updates are causing problems. Very annoying.

  • Scrabble

    by Boodlum

    A delightful and educational app! More fun than a barrel of simians!

  • Adictive

    by Teetym

    I have been playing with my sister and my niece for about a year now and we have the best time! They both live in different parts of the country and it helps keep us connected. The IM makes it easy to say Hi anytime! Great game a keeps the mind sharp. I have learned so many new words and challenged myself to play smarter!

  • Scrabble

    by Sandra Tucker

    Lots of fun, but it's discouraging when the computer plays so many words I've never heard of.

  • Why do I have to tell you my AGE?

    by Bellelj

    I bought this app years ago and loved playing it. Now I went back in and suddenly it won't allow me to play anymore unless I type in my age and agree to some new policy! What is going on here?!? I used to recommend this app to friends and my ESL students to help them practice new English words. Not anymore! Can anyone explain why the company needs to suddenly know how old I am before I am allowed to keep playing what I bought years ago???

  • Great for long drives!

    by Keeganhughes

    Lots of fun!

  • Pretty darn good!

    by Datanerve

    It is what it says it is.

  • Scrabble for iPad

    by Sylvia Snoot

    You removed the teacher once and now you've put it back in. WHY?? All it does is slow the game down and is unpleasant to play. I use the old version on my old iPad. Please remove "the teacher"; don't need it. I'm sorry I accepted the update!!

  • OK, but new problems.

    by Apple dev.

    I've been playing the Scrabble board game for over 50 years. I think this is a good implementation. I have to amend my original review and reduce it to three stars. The UI is good but, the push notifications seem to no longer be functional. The only way while playing it is possible to see an opponents turn is to keep the game front most and have the chat view displayed. Whatever they've done to this most recent release as well as other previous releases has degraded the playing experience considerably.

  • Great fun!

    by Bo2Rock

    Lot's of fun and a great word learning tool. One great add-on would be a button that would give the definition of any word spelled correctly prior to playing the word.

  • Great when it works

    by PollyR

    App crashes constantly now. Cannot even touch board without a crash.

  • Latest Update Crashes

    by Ally_MN

    Latest update crashes upon every attempt

  • App crashes

    by GinnyG68

    App constantly freezes and crashes

  • Igor1180

    by Frayed nerve

    Always a great game that is now even better as an iPad app!

  • Definitions

    by Acratta

    I miss being able to get the definitions, like before, on our regular computer. I have an IPad now. Also, the number of games waiting, never match up with opening icon. Love the game.

  • Scrabble HD

    by Danny50oX

    Fun game!

  • Good clean fun

    by Al Carbonara

    Developers: Please move the "Recall" button away from the "Play" button.

  • Tile rack multiplayer

    by Happyloman

    What happened to the multiplayer mode with the tile rack app

  • Can't log in without giving personal info

    by BP414

    Please make the number of tiles remaining available at all times to all players.

  • Fun

    by KB'smusic

    Hours of fun! If you love Scrabble, you'll love this app.

  • Not as good as previous version

    by Grgman

    I don't like the format. It was a good game before , The board and tiles are smaller, best word icon gone. I dislike the teacher showing you better words . How do I downgrade ?

  • Font too small

    by Sba37

    Font legible before the last update. Please return to large font size in the dictionary window - THANKYOU !

  • A lot of weird words

    by 19677989

    I thought I was good at words until this game. They use words I have never heard of but, I figure this is a way to expand my vocabulary. I still love to play against the computer best

  • Get the Mac version......

    by lagunabob

    If you're interested in Scrabble and own a Mac computer, get that version of the game and you'll be much happier. Levels for all abilities and the keyboard can be used to place tiles on the board. These people could learn a thing or two from the Mac version. Update... It's rather obvious that the folks at EA are slackers when it comes to Scrabble for iPad. One can only continue to hope that a massive update to this classic will come someday. Why can't you people get it together and provide move levels of play like the OSX version? There is no middle ground between normal & hard levels. Either I beat it all the time in normal, or I win maybe 1 in 25 or more tries. This is so lame. Buck up people. I'm down grading to 2 stars....... -------------------------------------Update------------------------------------------ Scrabble is without a doubt my favorite word game, so I must ask "again", as many have before me.....Please give us more levels of difficulty. I play Scrabble on my Mac, and there are may levels. What's the problem? Magnification is a pain in the you-know-what. A little hint for when you get an update you don't like. First, don't delete your out-going version until you know you're okay with the new one. Trash the up date, turn off your WiFi or 3G, and put the old version back in your Apps folder and re-install it. Sometimes there is a time frame or window of opportunity for this, so do it ASAP. As I said earlier, at least make the magnification an option. This update leaves me disappointed. What's with the magnification of the tiles? I found it annoying on the iPhone version, and now the iPad version. Let users choose this as an option. Please. Thank you in advance. I've been playing Scrabble on my Macs for years and haven't seen this. When playing Scrabble HD on the iPad in hard level, the CPU has never had to exchange any tiles as it usually gets a draw that allows big words continuously, while I get horrible tiles. Seems a bit odd to me. Anyone else see this? I think there should be a wider range of challenge levels, like the Mac version. Come on EA. Update 2014 Well, I feel there has been some improvement here, but now I have a question for the developers. Why the play score on the tiles when it's also on the board to the left? The score covers a portion of the letter making it difficult to read. Perhaps one location for the score would suffice. Thanks.

  • Scrabble

    by Bobbiedg

    I really enjoy playing this game. I don't like the reminder to play the game if my friends aren't playing "fast enough". It is annoying and when it happens, it leaves the number 1 over the app. I tried playing with people who started playing and I didn't do anything to make them appear. After. 9 days of inactivity , I got rid of them. appear and after 9 days of their inactivity, I got rid of them.

  • App locking up while updating

    by Terri316g

    Help! I can't play. App locks up while updating.

  • Great official Scrabble game

    by Roberto Meissner

    This app has made me very happy. Online play for Scrabble is priceless !

  • Awful!

    by CaliPhoneFan

    Latest update is terrible. No more Bluetooth, which means one can't play with a companion where there is no wifi. BRING BACK BLUETOOTH!! Also new screen is too busy and important elements (dictionary) hard to see. I can't find the counter for tiles remaining.

  • Scrabble

    by Tbirdeast

    Like real game!

  • Scrabble

    by Joeseatac

    What have y'all done? Really? Every time I want to take a turn I have to log in to Origins? What a pain!!!!! Bring back the old scrabble. This is NO fun!!!!

  • Scrabble reviews

    by Mountainbo

    I agree with all the folks who have made complaints. Especially about the dictionary you are using. I play scrabble internationally and many of the words allowed here would never be allowed, I.e. ko, zo, ny. Very confusing.

  • Where is the American Dictionary!

    by des92912

    Good game, however, there are words the computer uses that are not in our American dictionaries. I would love to have the American version of this game. I am selecting English as my dictionary shows an American flag. Though when I play the game, it shows a British dictionary and uses words that are not familiar to me...please update your dictionary...

  • Scrabble

    by Bob Weiss

    Score in upper right area does not post to player 1 until after CPU has played. The computer used the word Alaska. How is that not a proper noun? It is only that in the dictionary and even writing it here, it was automatically capitalized. I object! Not sure why you updated it. The old version was better, especially for using the dictionary. Now, instead of being able to change letters and backspace after submitting a word, you have to start all over. Too cumbersome and time consuming. I agree. What's with the license agreement other than to give permission to invade my privacy. Also, get rid of the auto caps.. Proper nouns aren't allow anyway. Wish you'd go back a few versions. Liked it better then.

  • Letters freeze

    by GrannaSue6

    Letters freeze. Have to power off & restart. Very frustrating. Whom can I contact to fix it?

  • Enjoying This Game!

    by BeckysMimi

    This game is relaxing and fun. I'm playing against the computer at the intermediate level which is challenging enough for me. It's nice to have no time limit and the music is enjoyable, but not distracting. Hours of fun for me during my PM down time!


    by kindg

    when playing scrabble against the computer, I was instructed to use the official scrabble dictionary.. BUT many time the COMPUTER uses words NOT IN THE dictionary which makes playing the game very UNFAIR.. something should definitly be done so this does not happen.. it spoils the joy of plaing the game!!

  • New Scrabble Appearance

    by World QPeace

    This is awful. I want the old version back. Tiles appear fuzzy and I do not need all of the comments.

  • Best game ever.

    by Albert708

    Love playing with while I am traveling. I would love to not have to use Facebook and play over a WiFi or Bluetooth net work.

  • Really Enjoy The Game!

    by bvrlypauge

    I love to play this and it helps me keep sharp for my family's big Scrabble get togethers! I would like the option to play only against myself, so I can use all the tiles and concentrate on vocabulary and not score. Anyone else want to suggest this too -to get the Developers attention?! Thanks for making this game available!

  • Guests?

    by Hkinnyc

    I love scrabble for iPad, and you guys always keep good updates coming. Who are these guests I keep being paired with? I really like the old way, where it paired you with people only from the network you're using. I don't like not being able to see their stats. But that's just me.

  • Failure to Listen to Customers!

    by Gordy3401

    The feature that allowed the use bluetooth with multiple players should flat out be returned. In addition, the option to simply play against 1 computer should be returned as well. Even though that option is seemingly available, when you select the "play against 1 computer option" - you actually play against 3 computers. This means that tiles are depleted at a much faster rate, and your opportunities for play are more limited. Finally, returning to the option of allowing me to just play the game without competing against anyone should also be considered. Change is generally good; it is understood that products and services evolve. But when your customer base is telling you that your they are unhappy about the change direction, most companies would listen and appropriately respond. I used to play Scrabble quite frequently, but now I rarely do.

  • Excellent

    by Versor

    Does it come in French, Spanish, Italian?

  • Great scrabble game

    by Simba4runner

    I love this game. It is great I can play my friends or play against the machine. I also like the fact it teaches me better words.

  • Much better than WWF

    by Tucsondiver

    I've had this app since I bought my first iPad and it's improved quite a bit. I'm so happy it started offering a chance to play with specific people rather than random opponents. It's much easier to use than WWF, with its long lag times for choosing and placing letters, and frequent crashes. I really like the responsiveness of the letters, the way it shows you each word's potential score before you play it (no more trying to do math in my head!), and a dictionary for trying out new words between plays. My main criticism is that it doesn't always notify me in a timely manner when my opponent has played. She's having the same issues. Meanwhile, I can also play against the computer, though I wish it had more levels of difficulty.

  • Scrabble

    by DeckDunedin

    Love the game- have played over 1,000 times. Any complaint is minor when compared to my enjoyment of it.

  • Good and could be better

    by Dude M

    This is a fun game and does not crash. I am not sure the computer follows the rules when making words itself, but it is a good two-player game.

  • Latest version is broken on iPad

    by Giraldus

    Version 3.6.1 is broken (running on iPad mini - first generation - running iOS 7.0.4 build 11B554a); it dies systematically a few seconds after launched; did try to uninstall and reinstall, running right after boot (no other application running), same thing. Don’t bother buying this app until they bother fixing it; if you have an earlier version which might be working, make sure not to upgrade...

  • Scrabble 3.6.0

    by Tfmayhew

    Great game. It provides hours of fun as well as challenge for me. I really enjoy the features for teacher and best word.

  • Needs bug fix

    by Lymekaps

    This game freezes frequently, pls fix!

  • Great fun

    by Meemo46

    This game is awesome and perfect for me, I love playing against the computer, helps keep my mind active

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