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Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

**2.0.2 Changes**
• Fixed issue where players could not purchase VIP after a failed purchase.
• Fixed crash when restoring Cloud Data and then playing Real-Time Multiplayer.

Real Racing 3 takes competition to the next level this holiday season with the introduction of Real-Time Multiplayer! Launching alongside this highly requested feature is a new generation of flagship Supercars from McLaren and Lamborghini.

• New Mode – hit the asphalt with up to four friends or rivals in Real-Time Multiplayer via Game Center
• New Cars – the Lamborghini Veneno and McLaren P1™ join the high profile roster of 79 fully licensed vehicles
• New Vertex event series - race the new Supercars in a deep Career Series featuring epic Cup races
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**#1 Top Free App in over 90 countries**

Real Racing 3 is an award-winning franchise that sets a new standard for mobile racing games – it really must be experienced to be believed.

Mobile Excellence Awards - WINNER: Best Mobile Game 2013
Game Connect Asia Pacific - WINNER: Game of The Year 2013, Technical Excellence, Excellence in Art
Meffy Awards – FINALIST: Best Mobile Game 2013

Real Racing 3 features a continuously expanding roster of officially licensed tracks, a 22-car grid, and over 70 meticulously detailed cars from makers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. Plus Real-Time Multiplayer, Social Leaderboards, Time Trials, Ghost Challenges, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer™ (TSM) technology, allowing you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere.

**This is a resource-intensive game featuring extremely high quality visuals. Please make sure you have at least 1.5GB of free space on your device.**

“Feels a full generation ahead of the competition” (IGN, 9.1/10, Editors’ Choice)
“A stunning visual masterpiece on mobile” (Touch Arcade)
“Sets the new standard on mobile for racing games” (Pocket Gamer, 9/10, Gold Award)

Drive Real Racing’s largest roster of cars yet – don’t miss our new manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti, and Audi. Take the wheel of over 70 intensely detailed vehicles and test your skills on an authentic 22-car race grid – the most epic racing experience on any handheld.

Burn rubber on a full lineup of 12 real tracks in multiple configurations from top locations around the world, including the latest arrivals Circuit de Catalunya and Dubai Autodrome, plus Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone, Hockenheimring, and many more.

Real Racing 3 brings innovative multiplayer modes for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Get bumper to bumper with friends and rivals in global Real-Time Multiplayer, powered by Game Center™. When your friends and rivals aren’t online, drop into any race to challenge AI-controlled versions of your friends in Time-Shifted Multiplayer™. If you want to hone your skills to perfection, take on Time Trial Ghost Challenges, allowing you to learn from the very best.

Compete in over 1500 events, including Cup races, Eliminations, Endurance challenges, and Drag Races. Choose from a diverse range of upgrades to maximize your car’s performance. View the action from a variety of camera angles, tweak the HUD and fine-tune the controls to your personal preference.

Powered by the remarkable Mint™ 3 Engine, Real Racing 3 features detailed car damage, fully functioning rear view mirrors, and dynamic reflections for truly HD racing. Enjoy a rich, next-gen game with the most advanced cross-platform social and competitive racing community ever. Real Racing 3 delivers it all and pushes the boundaries with every update.

Welcome to the definitive racing experience for everyone, everywhere.
- You must have an Internet connection to play, so please make sure your device is connected.
- Everything in Real Racing is attainable for free; however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Ohmahgawsh

    by Drewbeeee

    This is awesome!!!!!!

  • Where is my loyalty bonus?

    by Skruf Xtra Stark

    Graphics are the best, the handling of the cars is better than any other iOS game. What annoys me the most is that all cars need to be unlocked before you can buy them. Making money in this game doesn't happen very fast, all the bonuses you get are nothing compared to Forza Motorsport. All I want is the Bugatti, which will take another 2 months of playing, after having played this game since its release. Where's my loyalty bonus?

  • 我下存档了

    by APOOOED

    我是挂B 但不做挂B 这游戏怎么玩?

  • Lil TUNEZE

    by Tuneze

    Need night can't update rr3

  • It's really fun to play but has some problems

    by JTR16

    I love playing this game, but there are two huge flaws with it. One is, there's no modulation, it's either braking hard or flat out gas. The second is the game gives priority to the line of the AI cars. They'll shove you out of the way much more easily than you can move them. It's not true to call it 'real,' but it is fun

  • Best game ever

    by Eman6969

    I swear this is like the best racing game ever I got it off stem and I love it who ever made this game is a beast mode game maker

  • Learn Skill or Pay Money

    by Crews+

    I have been playing this game, almost daily, for ten months. I made a decision to NOT spend money on the game and see how well I could do. I am level 136, have earned over R$24 million and over 2100 in "Gold." I have completed 66% of the game, and have over 1000 gold trophies. I have friends who have bought their way into new cars and new series, and while they outclass me in speed and power, rarely can they beat me in a race. Such players typically find it dull and frustrating after a month or two, because they have not learned how to race their cars competitively on any given track -- which is the point of the game. Besides learning the tracks and the behaviors of various cars, I also spend my R$s wisely -- buying cars and upgrades which help my career, where my career is at the time. I use spread sheets and note cards to keep up with what cars are needed, and what upgrades will produce the best returns. I wait for sales while "farming" cup events which return the most R$s. Want to get the most out of this game? Play it, rather than throw money at it. I can see tossing $10.00 into the game now and then (and might, before I am done), but only if you are already enjoying playing it for what it is.

  • Bien juego

    by carydito

    Es un juego de otro nivel ustedes son los mejores. Y sólo un poco incómodo por cada carrera no te dan mucho crédito

  • Réal

    by Great game clear vision

    Pure Awsomeness

  • Awesome racing game

    by WaltinhoNYC

    The better your driving skills get, the more you can appreciate the awesomeness of this game... If the support hadn't made me wait two weeks for a cloud issue, I would had given the game not 5 but 10 stars. I love the game very much.


    by Jazzrizo

    IVE GOT OVER 700million dollars 500million gold

  • Customization

    by Jknappracing20

    Hey Ea I like Real Racing but can you add an option to customize your cars. It would be a better experience for other people

  • Fix the touch problems!

    by DJRaffyTaffy

    I play this game using the steering wheel and manual gas and brake pedals . Steering wheel is on the left, pedals right. This game still has this problem, and I've been playing this for awhile now, I'll be driving and the gas will cut off, or worse, I'll be in the middle of a turn and the steering wheel cuts off! Come one are you serious!!?? Out of all the updates you can't fix this simple problem? Until then maybe you'll get a 5 star from me once you fix this update. Oh and it would be cool if we could change the wheels, and or add some sort of customization, aero kits or carbon fiber body parts, lighten the weight. The game gets very dull the more you progress through it. Add some new maps and even night or different times of the day maps. Again it gets very dull.

  • Great

    by Jason Gan0101

    i hope it can reduce in-app purchase

  • I've got an idea!

    by Mr.maniscool

    They should add a Bugatti Super Sport in this game. It is the fastest car in the world.

  • Fun Game

    by 10:05

    The campaign is fun but the online needs a lot of improving.

  • Used to be a 5 star

    by Michael Khoun

    Used to work very smooth and flawlessly on my iPhone 4S. Was able to play without graphics lagging. Now, since the most recent update, the game is unplayable. When I start accelerating at high speeds the graphics lag! This game is now only playable on the iphone 5 and up

  • Really developers?

    by Lemonade man

    Why do the AI simply drive their line no matter where I am? They will just push wide into me if I am on the outside. They also cut me off every time I try to pass. Please make the artificial intelligence actually intelligent.

  • Need to not have limit on devices!

    by Johnkinge

    I love this game. The only thing I do hate is I have purchases and my levels are up at 60%. I purchase a new iPhone and iPad when ever I can. But when I want to load my saved game to my new devices. It says, failure to load. Says all my devices are used up. Now why put a limit in devices. You mean I actually have to start from scratch and repurchase my cars every time I upgrade my new iPhone and iPad? Please fix this problem and make devices limitless as I do want to load my saved cloud game and try to finish racing where I left off! Update ASAP please!!!

  • Race

    by Jim217


  • Not real at all; insane payments

    by Why does this nickname have to be unique, anyway?

    This game, as far as I can tell, is nothing like real racing. The physics are all wrong. Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive cars should behave (and sound) very differently when going round corners, but they don't. There's no oversteer, no opposite lock, no drifting. When your tires lose perfect traction with the tarmac in this game you can only do one thing, and that's skid slightly. The other problem is the payment model. The game awards "gold" in TINY amounts: three or five when you level up, and amounts usually in the teens and twenties as you progress through series. But the amounts of gold you are expected to pay for some cars and advanced upgrades are ENORMOUS. I did a little simple math and found that to complete some series and win the award of around 30 gold or less, I'd have to spend well over 100 gold to upgrade a car just for the privilege of competing in the final events. I did a little more complicated math: I'm currently at level 240 and have 266 gold, after at least a year of playing (daily, for most of that time). In order to purchase the last few cars that can only be bought with gold (currently 2 Ferraris and a Lambo), I need 892 gold (that's assuming a 20% discount on the cars). To earn that much gold through leveling, I need to gain another 263 levels. That is, I'd need to pass level 500. Just to purchase the cars. I'm not even considering gold-only upgrades. Or I could pay $100 for 1000 gold. This is worse than gambling. With gambling, there's at least a remote possibility of winning real-world money. I'm done with this game.

  • Update

    by Gerbster02

    Since the last update as soon as it start loading a race it crashes.

  • It's UNREALISTIC Racing

    by Goat400

    Welcome to a world of graphics, where physics are poor for the player, and beautiful for the CHEATING AI. Nothing is possible without using money. And in many cases, it's REAL money.

  • It's UNREALISTIC Racing

    by Goat400

    Welcome to a world of graphics, where physics are poor for the player, and beautiful for the CHEATING AI. Nothing is possible without using money. And in many cases, it's REAL money.

  • Not worth money

    by Trying2likeIt

    It is simple. Eventually you will have to pay real money to have a hope to continue. The gameplay is such that it doesn't want me to spend real money to continue. For gameplay issues just read all the reviews that aren't written by EA's marketing team.

  • Good game; hate the pay format

    by Dasherpr

    I would pay $30-$50 tomorrow for this game if it was available as a paid app, because I appreciate the realism of the actual real tracks used. I have run on Laguna Seca in real life and can tell you their rendition is perfect. So I would like an app that allows me to run laps on any track at any time with any car, but this one is not it. The pay format is SO ANNOYING, I just stopped using it. Come on, make a paid version,instead of this crap.

  • Hate it

    by The awesome mess

    To me, personally I hate it because it takes so much space to download. It literally had 1.0 gigabytes to load but it still took more

  • Not that Many cars you can ride

    by lunam41

    When you want to buy a specific car it won't let you you have to unlock them


    by KillahFromOregon

    After about 40% completion, a player who generally places in first will have to PAY REAL MONEY in order to keep up with the pace of unlocked cars/new races! The wait times are enough, but a good player has no chance of completing the game without spending a ridiculous amount of money, I.e. $400-500 REAL dollars. Why is this OK Electronic Arts?! YOU ARE DESTROYING YOUR NAME. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS GAME. DO NOT. DO NOT!!

  • Servicing STINKS!!!!!

    by Svcing stks

    When it comes to the point where you have to service your car, it could take almost 3 hours. The graphics are great but I want NO SERVICING

  • Used to be awesome

    by Gunloverapp

    After the latest update the app lags and crashes constantly.

  • Great Game Marred by Greed

    by Mike Nagel

    Although I'm reiterating what's already been said many times, I feel compelled to add my own two cents. Mainly, my own two cents are staying in my pocket and not going to EA for forcing players to shell A LOT of money to complete this game. I'll stick with Real Racing 2.

  • VIP???

    by DJ h99

    I still haven't gotten all the other cars I had back from an update a while back, but I ran across another problem. I bought VIP treatment for my camaro ZL1 and it acts just like I never bought it. I tried buying again and it said it had already been purchased. Please fix or give me my $1.99 back.

  • I'm Now Broke Because Becouse Of This Game.

    by Canadien1968

    This game had everything goiung for it, but corprate greed as usual ruined it..Now I am going to lash out at Fire Monkeys and EA Sports. They outa be ashamed of themselves for putting out a game like this, knowing full well that you have to pay ALOT of $$ to get the cars you need to compete against the other competitors. Even when you do pay $$ to purchase the cars, yuou still have to wait hours and some times a whole day before you can use the car you bought.. But wait, you can get the car instntaly if you purchase the Gold. In some cases modifiying the car will cost about 60 Gold. I admit, I did purchase the gold packs and the RS$$ and now I am brroke.. I am not even half way thru the racing series and already have spent over $300. That is crap. Not to mention that when you have to srvice a car you have to wait hours before playing the game again.. Of course you can pay for more Gold right, and that is what Fire Monkeys and EA Sports wants you to do.. Well screw them and there corpte greed.. I will make it my mission to let everyone know how decieiving they are promoting this game... I will admit, the game itself is spectacular, but it will cost you well over $1000 for in app purchases.. That is just plain wrong. Another big Complint is thae fact that the player ALWAYS starts in last place.. By the time you try and catch up to win the rcase, it is over..How the hell is that fair??.. I have reported Fire Monkeys and EA Sports to the Better Business Bureu for decetion and guaging peoples wallets to play there game.. I \know this will do nothing to stop the greed from the devloper and EA sports, but I will make it my mission to let the world now of there deception.. I do not recomend this game to no one at all.. You wull pay thru the nose just to play a small portion of the game.. Buyer beware, Fire Monkeys and EA sports are out ot get your money..

  • Fantastic racing game

    by JCFreek

    Beautiful graphics. Smooth gameplay on my iPhone 5. Haven't spent a dime. The people paying must be the spoiled 'entitled' generation that refuse to wait for anything. Great job!

  • Ruined

    by Christian99990

    Y'all need to change it back to where u didn't have to unlock the cars and y'all need to get some Toyotas and some SUVs and trucks Sent from my iPod

  • Hard to progress without spending cash

    by Outofbounds

    Same tracks over and over in each division. Hard to progress after awhile. They obviously want more money but come on. Fun racing but gets a bit too much to progress. I would like them to create an off road racing game as we'll.

  • I want to get it

    by Hebroo

    It won't let me get it event when I have enough GB

  • Can't race. Constantly crashes!!!!

    by Twist712

    The game crashes as soon as I try to start a race. Been like this for a few weeks. A fix would be nice. If not I will just delete because other parts of this game are pathetic.

  • Rr3 expert

    by Nickboygonwild

    I am really good at rr3 I have so many events beat on gold I already have about 90% of the cars unlocked

  • Paywall.

    by CuckooForCocoaPuffs

    As usual, paywall that's impossible to get through without $$$. For a game like this, I wouldn't mind paying up to $20 for a full version of the game that would actually give you gold at a fair pace and unlock cars.

  • Pay to not be annoyed

    by mnbiologist73

    Starts slow but pretty soon you're waiting hours to upgrade your car, repair your car, get a new car, race a challenge track ... unless you pay. And pay. And pay. Skip it. Buy a good game.

  • EA is really the most evil game company in the world

    by Epic Hot Cheese

    First they ruined battlefield and simcity. Now they ruined one of the best game on the mobile market. They are so greedy and want all your money. Vote with your wallet! Do not buy anything from EA!

  • ¡NO!

    by ElJovenaso

    Was about to download then 75% through started reading the reviews and immediately quit. What a let down this game reads to be. That the previous version is superior in comparison. That nothing was fixed from previous complaints. Only graphics and crap improved. Oh well. #hipsters

  • Addictive

    by Marcus Anderville

    I'm just getting to the Pro section, but I love this game so far. Much more fun than I was anticipating. The reward system is satisfying and often enough to play much of the game without purchases. I bought an accelerated starter pack for $5, which was a good deal and well worth it. So far I feel the game is very well done and not overpriced.

  • Glitch

    by DingalingalingDingalinglinglin

    There is a big in the game that makes it keep comming off when it starts up or when you clock on a race category. This is on iPod 4th Generation. Other than that the game is amazing. Just fix that.

  • Really great game

    by shahrrzad

    I love this game thanks EA

  • Great game, Great graphics

    by Futureimagineer3

    Love it, but as a jaguar owner, I'd love to see some jags in the game.

  • Don't get this game

    by Reywas290

    At first, this game seems very cool, you have a neat little intro race, stunning graphics, and the promise of about 80 cars to unlock. But eventually you get to see what the game is REALLY like, and it ain't pretty. Your cars can't take most turns without sliding all over the place, every series becomes impossible to beat about a third of the way through, the AI ignore your presence and try to go straight through you, to paint a car you have to spend extra-rare currency, and everything that involves upgrading or even receiving a car that you've already bought takes forever, not to mention the time it takes to simply service a car to make sure it runs properly. There's more as well, but I don't have time to type out the other flaws. Like I mentioned above, the AI in this game are simply retarded. They act as if you aren't even there, meaning they will do all of the following and more: push you off the side of the road to stay in their racing lane, turn perpendicular to your car and severely slow you both down, stop directly in front of you and damage your engine, slam into the back of your car and occasionally make you lose control, and sometimes spin you out. What's really irritating about all this is that the AI don't do this to each other, only the player. That said, the AI are not your worst enemy; your own car is. Player controlled cars will spin out at the slightest provocation or sometimes for absolutely no reason at all. Seriously, I was going perfectly straight at 54 MPH, and my car randomly decided that it would be a good idea to dive off the track to the left. No matter how hard you try, at some point during a race, your car WILL go off the track. There isn't a single good song in the game, and even though sound effects is max and music is half by default, the songs still drown out your car. The 1600+ events in the game would seem fun in any other game, but in this one, it's just painful to think about playing that long. I'm going back to Asphalt 8.

  • Great Game

    by Chibola369

    This is one of the best games I've played so far but it crashes too much (Please Fix It)

  • Please let me buy this game

    by r8h

    I have close to 100 hours in this game, and while it is certainly not perfect (crashy ai I am looking at you) it is really a great mobile racing experience. The further I progress the more frustrating the paywall becomes. I want to give this developer money for the hours of entertainment provided, however, just can't fully understand the value proposition. I would gladly pay 20 dollars for the real version of this game. 20 dollars for a single fully upgraded car used through a series and then pushed again into the paywall does not equate to a fun experience. I will continue to play this game, continue to want to give this developer money, and ultimately continue to not understand the economics of the pay structure.

  • Time

    by Autumn Rodriguez

    When I have to service the car, the time dose not change.... And I can't continue to play.... Please fix!!!

  • Crashes

    by TySt1ck

    The game is constantly crashing. Can't even play two races

  • Awesome

    by Crazy ap

    ReAlly cool

  • This “Free” Game will cost you over $1000 if you want to compete.

    by Ruler of Beavis

    I’ve played RR3 for about 6 months now. Early on, the game play moved along as you got R$ and Gold that would allow you to purchase and upgrade cars; however, when you get to the middle levels, you quickly realize that unless you start to shell out some Real Cash, your only hope of progressing is to repeat a race over and over again. I managed to get all the way to the Agera R without having to purchase Gold or R$ as I would once a day, do the 100% bonus to get R$ and slowly upgrade cars to the point where I could get the completion bonuses and get Gold. I am done with RR3 as I found in order to have a chance at getting 100 Gold in the time trials, all I had to do is upgrade my cars to 100%. Well, that takes Gold… once you finished the completion bonuses that don’t require you to spend more Gold on a car than you get in a completion bonus, your stuck. Plenty of cheaters just max out there cars and I would imagine that a few people somehow don’t feel cheated when they have to shell out $100 a car and another $100 to upgrade it. This is a game after all…. and when your done, you don’t have anything to show for it. I guess most games are that way; however, the experience doesn’t have to cost you $1000.

  • Problems

    by Yo Faddy

    App crashes on some of the cup races. Otherwise it is a good game.

  • Too expensive!!

    by AAA tech

    Kids with apple IDs could easily spend $100s. The game is designed to annoy the player into spending real cash to avoid wait times and to be competitive.

  • Amazing

    by Marikaveru

    Best racing game ever ! The best ! Wow!


    by Yolo_Kid187

    I thinks it's a great game but I feel like it needs more cars like it has toyota like add the supra or the new ft-1 concept but I want more cars the would be great

  • Lots of cars, that you can never use

    by BigHock777

    They recently added awesome new cars, but since they cost millions of credits/gold you can never afford them without spending hundreds of dollars of REAL MONEY to get them. Pretty lame if you ask me. The game is set up for you to never progress. Race a car more than 10 miles and then you have to "service" it, which can take hours depending on the car. Just a waste of a possibly good game. Very disappointed in the greed of the developers.

  • Awesome

    by CJbaby145

    Must download

  • Incredibly irritating

    by Flapping ton

    This game annoys me with in app purchases pooping up in my face while I'm playing and I can't close them out, I end up having to restart the game.

  • C

    by Rfugffh


  • An suggestion for this great game

    by Leungjin

    Please add support Logitech Powershell Controller

  • Great game if money is no object

    by Lew Buckley

    The graphics, car physics, and racing are wonderful. However, the game is set up so that you can only go about halfway through the game on the cars and upgrades you can buy with the amount of Gold Coins that you can actually win. From there on, the amount of Gold you need far exceeds the amount that is available to win. After that point, you have to spend your own very real dollars to buy additional Gold. I'm a decent racer, but I've spent nearly $100 and I still have 15 (of about 35) series that I don't have enough wins unlock. My cars are maxed out unless I pony up an additional $50-100 more—and that's just a guess; it could be even more. If you don't care about completing series or completing the game, you can do a lot of fun racing without spending money. But if completing races without spending quite a lot of your own money matters to you, then this isn't the game for you.

  • Problems

    by Cgriffin1935

    I can not get in to certain races! It is very aggregating and it is almost impossible to earn any gold!

  • This game is awesome!!!

    by SuperJD305

    This is a very cool game! Very good, and nice cars and graphics too. However, I think there should be formula 1 vehicles. Please make it in an update?!?!!

  • Online game is not so good

    by tFreeman

    Similar to another reviewer my car was passed by another car as though mine was standing still. I also raced another car & crossed the finish line before they did only to come in second. How is that possible? It is also crashing a whole lot of late. 2/2/14 Almost unusable with the frequency of the crashes.

  • Real Demolition Derby!

    by SiverMachine

    Entertaining, but mis-named. The AI puts an emphasis on staying ahead by force rather than skill, so the best way to win races (the ones with more than a few opposing cars, that is) is to learn how to give a good sideways shove at the rear quarter to put an opponent out of my misery. Graphics are pretty, physics is so-so, and the game is designed to separate users from their money a little bit at a time if they want to get ahead. Gold, gold, gold! The most crucial game elements require gold, which you can win a little bit at a time...but any significant purchase will require real $$ to buy the gold. -1 star for encouraging irresponsible 'real money' management, -2 stars for encouraging road rage as the best way to win.

  • Worst game I've ever played.

    by MRCjon14

    This game was fun for about 10%. Once you get to around 50% completion this games just blows, cars get too advanced forcing you to purchase in app gold. Then this game has literally the worst multiplayer in the world. Its lags, cars randomly brake even down straight aways, and then cars jump from areas in the track. By far the worst game ive ever played.

  • App crashes

    by Sammyabcd

    I can't even open the app anymore. It crashes every time. Used to love it. Please fix ASAP.

  • App won't run

    by Regan 76

    This is a WORTHLESS APP!!!!!! It crashes so much I can't even finish one race! I've never had so many problems with one program! It worked great until about one week ago, now it is useless. Deleting app today.

  • Awsome app Aston martain

    by Pppppppppp5

    For a next update you should add cars for Aston Martian. Great game

  • Crashes

    by Pbm1

    This game crashes every time after a race or in the main menu

  • Good for a while

    by SJ1106

    The in app ways to earn game gold (watching ads and social media posts) keep crashing the game so unless your willing to spend $100 or so in REAL money for game gold, you can't unlock/upgrade the premium cars, so it was fun fun for a week or two. The graphics and game play are top notch though.

  • Great game but it crashes every few minutes

    by Xeitexen

    The crashing begin suddenly after last update

  • Please

    by Zernicek


  • Real

    by Jcrugsr

    Love the game when I have time but these sponsor pop up for coin is killing my interest cause it keeps closing the application. is there a fix to it? Or do I give the game a lower rate? I not going to throw away a new IPad or buy another ipad just because the game or graphics gets better and the application crashes. I think a lower rating will solve my frustration. This application keeps kicking me out after it loads an event several times before I get to play a race. Think need to lower the ranking of this game.

  • Disaster

    by AppLubber

    It took approximately 50 taps to start a race! I was exhausted before I even got on the track! Sheesh.

  • So NOT fun after awhile...

    by Lil biddle

    After you reach a certain level-it's all over unless you spend real money to speed things up, upgrade, buy a better car, whatever. DON'T spend real money, it will NOT help you progress in the long run unless you KEEP spending real money. And if you do spend real money, you will realize it doesn't help and you feel really, really, REALLY STUPID for letting the makers of this game take you...

  • Good game

    by 1000!!!

    It's a good game but honestly I just wanted to review 1000

  • Mario

    by MaRiTrIuS

    El mejor juego de todos

  • Its really blows

    by MRCjon14

    This game was fun for about 10%. Once you get to around 50% completion this games just blows, cars get too advanced forcing you to purchase in app data like gold to upgrade. Everything about it now is worthless.

  • Off-road update please?

    by The chubby cupcake

    Ok, I love this game it just needs a few tweaks to make it better. 1. Add the nurburgring as a track 2. Add off-road racing, like rallying, Baja racing, and all kinds of racing like that


    by Yolo.:)

    This app really bad app. If you want it to be the best app ever fix the crash issues and make it more really. If you do then I would really recommend this app to my friends

  • Regular man

    by d s

    Ripoff of forza.the game is way to addicting.

  • Make it so people can't pit maneuver you

    by Tay48750

    The npcs will hit you from the back. Stupid as hell.

  • You ruined it!

    by mitchell mccathron

    The game when released, was fun and competitive. Now after many upgrades, you done nothing to improve it! Only made it worse. The multiplayer option while it sounds fun, is just plain stupid. And the AI is very awful. Let alone that none and I mean none of these cars can drift even a little! I stopped playing when you started selling cars for gold only! Sorry don't bother with this one!

  • Please update

    by [==NO THANKS==]

    Please fix this . I would rate 5 stars if you update the game. Every time I get on it crashes ether at the beginning of the game or race.

  • Real racing

    by Londunerbomgkh

    I think that this game is the best racing game in the App Store all the other apps you can't drift and there is hardly any cars on other apps

  • Unplayable

    by B00K0F

    The game runs so slow now that I can't even control my car. It ran smooth as silk about a year ago but it seems like all of these updates bogged it down.

  • Stop Crashing!!!!!

    by EM-PERO-R

    I like this game a lot and enjoy it in my spare time. Lately, however, it started lagging and crashing a lot on my iPhone 4S, and I mean a lot. Cannot even finish two events without being kicked out. Also there needs to be an easier way to collect gold. Still a very enjoyable game.

  • Keeps crasing!!

    by Kati00

    Keeps crashing in race menu on iPod touch 4th generation

  • Almost great

    by Cullen011

    I want real racing 4 to be like real racing 2 where you can buy what ever car you like and race it in any event you want. I don't like the car classes either. But love the graphics

  • It's fun

    by Dudebrohammanguy

    Not real racing, but very fun and time consuming.

  • Real Racing 3

    by rc9111

    I like the game a lot and play it every other day. It would be nice though if players could start in the middle sometimes at the start.

  • Aleobots99

    by Miguel bastardo Díaz

    is the worst game and seen these playing and suddenly goes, besides these in the game and you want to get into another app when you want to put back the game is reloaded

  • Amazing

    by GregOfArabia

    Simply too addictive!

  • Real Racing 3

    by Taco Tommy

    This is a quite technically sound game with responsive controls and play that is most enjoyable for the real racing enthusiast. You did well on the mobile platform, EA.

  • This game is horrible!!!

    by Vip3r20

    Where to start. This is no where near anything like real racing. The AI will purposely try to kill you as you pass them. Everyone online cheats. The physics are terrible. But I mean how real can a game be if you an hit a wall at 200+ and only cause minimal damage to your car. Like really? And IMO the worst part about the game by far is how the cars brake. It's nearly impossible to drive any of the cars correctly because you can't downshift and brake at the same time. So you have to start braking a LONG way before you even get to the turn. But of course the AI doesn't have to. This game is pretty but it really just can't compare to a console game. Well obviously. And wherever you do, DO NOT spend money on this game DO NOT. You could spend a thousand dollars on this game and still not be able to buy every car with all the upgrades for each car. This game was designed to make you want to spend money to win. I mean just repairing your vehicle after a race could take 45 mins. Win or lose the race. And to bypass that you'd have to buy gold. A single upgrade takes hours to install. Unless you have gold. This is poor excuse for game. There I'm done ranting.

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