Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

UPDATE NOW FOR MORE CARS AND NEW EVENTS! Think you can handle even more trouble? Boost your car collection and your wanted level with some brand new rides that will help you move up the Most Wanted list.

• Start some trouble in 2 brand-new cars – the Marussia B2 and the Pagani Zonda R
• Test-drive your new wheels in 2 new Hot Rides Events
• Race NFS Edition cars like the Hummer H1 Alpha, the Pagani Huayra, and more! Each vehicle is only available for ONE week, so get ‘em fast or be left in their dust
• Collect as many new rides as you can to unlock brand-new milestones

We’ve also made some under-the-hood modifications to keep your game finely tuned and smoother than ever. Let us know if you like this update and we’ll keep you racing in high gear!

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APP STORE BEST OF 2012! Thanks to all our fans for making Most Wanted one of the year’s biggest hits.

"The street racer that iOS devices have been waiting for" (PocketGamer, 9/10 Gold Award)

“It pushes the mobile platform to its utmost limits and doesn’t even break a sweat” (Capsule Computers)

Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and outdrive your friends – in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted?

Note: Due to its revved-up graphics and gameplay, you’ll need 1.8GB of free space on your device in order to install this game.

Evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile.

Log into Origin to check the Wanted List and find out who is the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends. Then, challenge your friends and prove your racing skills in nonstop competition.

• Choose and customize over 40 unique cars
• Race the way you want! By popular demand you can now touch or tilt to steer
• Use Mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style
• Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage
• Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars

Your rivals will do everything they can to stop you from getting to the top – but in this world, there can only be one Most Wanted.

Customer Reviews

  • Reply to Niboshao

    by Richard Nixonl

    Tell them what the problem is so they can fix it, idiot.

  • Great!

    by P. B. And Jake

    Best car racing game ever. Please add Ferraris' though

  • Multiplayer

    by Diamond tree

    It's a fun game but add online multiplayer and the Ferrari Enzo

  • good but

    by the nfs playa

    its fun and all but wen u crash its way to easy and you should put a update were u can cruise

  • Awesome game

    by ElreyOsiris

    Really fun game, great graphics! It crashes once an a while though. Right in the middle of a race or before. Very annoying so please fix. Also many races are HARD! have to buy the mod's allot. run out of money, that's where they benefit, for you to buy with real money.

  • Most wanted

    by King of -drifting

    This game is awesome! Very challenging with great graphics. I beat the game!

  • Weird crashing

    by Asdasdasdasdasdasddssaqsawe

    I have had the game for a long time and I play it a fair amount I'm trying to get silver on everything that I have bronze on and a lot of them are for sports cars I tried to play these races as the fastest car I have the NSF edition Porsche panamera and when it was loading the game crashed now if I play any race with any car the game crashes please help me

  • Good! Buttttttttttt............…………

    by The nickname was taken.

    Hey EA, it's a great game but the game is lousy in some ways. 1. The cops are always after only you 2. Other cars are too weak. I scrape a cop/racer, slide their side for 3 seconds and they are dead. 3. The AI's are so unfair. In lots of races, the AI's go too fast. They never wreck you or crash into anything. It's like they've befriended the cops. And that's so not fair. 4. The cops aren't their. In some races like open season, the cops are suddenly gone. 5. Way too fast. I went 283 mph once. And that's not right. 6. Too over priced things. You get way too much money from races and cars are way too overpriced. The Aventendor's real life price is 379,000 and its 1,000,000 in the game. That's ocward. 7. Lousy cars. Add the all the Koenigseggs! Add more faster cars like the Porsche 918 spyder! What's wrong wif that? I'm not insulting you or anything but just manage to fix these, O.K? Oh, and 8 you should be able to make better tracks. Add off road driving, and dust. Still, you top Asphalt 8.


    by Felipejr123


  • Best racer!

    by Jalvarez 82

    One of the best racing games on the App Store!!! :D

  • Need more updates

    by Guadayo

    This game is awesome still is for 2014. But can you guys put in update like add new cars and online racing? Will be even more fun to play.... Thanx

  • To much rage

    by William_silvrob

    Alright game but to much rage the hod ride race is bad but good game ea

  • OK

    by Fun deserves five stars

    Great when I play it, but it stinks to always have it crashing on me every few minutes.

  • Awesome game!!!

    by Jamie (James) T.

    One of the most fun racing games I have!!!

  • Please update!!!!!!!

    by Slydogg66

    Can you please put all the dlcs from the xbox in here that would be amazing! With all those new cars and new paint jobs. Please!!!!!! Im tired of driving the same cars!

  • needs update

    by MasterGboy51

    plz this game has ben out for a wile and not updated that i no of. its good game but u need update like maybe u could add multiplayer some people would really like that like me and some new cars like some more Lamborghini's and add some classic cars

  • Game crashes on one certain race

    by Domschorn

    On the open season race on Cameron dr it crashes on the loading screen or when it starts please update

  • teqrg. 1000000000000000000000000009000000000000000000000000. Stars

    by Mark Berry


  • Really nice.

    by akafirecracker

    Amazing graphics. This game is flawless.

  • Game needs update

    by Andevo28

    The game is great, addicting, fun, and challenging, but it NEEDS an update I spent $15 on in app purchases so I have $4,000,000 in the game. It never crashed before but after I haven't been able to complete a race!!

  • Fu** you EA sports

    by Suckish long download


  • Not good

    by Chriscool12345

    It bad that it dose not work

  • Fix It Or It Stays Two Stars

    by PaganiLover

    It's a good game and all, but there's two problems that are DRIVING ME CRAZY: 1. There is an NFS Edition Car that NEVER goes for sale so I have every single car but that 2 . EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to race, the game crashes and I'm sick of it. Fix it

  • Update soon

    by Mr renzelman

    I love this game but can you please get a update soon because on some races it crashes

  • Horrible

    by Bobcjcfgfctgvfh

    Can't get the game to open

  • Great!

    by Gamechanger7721

    Love the game! But there is no ramps. Add and *****!

  • Great game

    by Bhms27

    One of the best games I've ever played, my origin ID is bhms27 add me if you want

  • Horrible

    by The_Reviewer16

    I tried downloading this game multiple times but it kept on taking about 200 mb each time and still didn't download. Very Disappointed

  • exellenent game

    by Perry_elles

    this game is a wonderfull game but i spent $24.00 on money for cars and i didnt get none of it i looked on my acoount and all the money was gone i tied it again same thin DO NOT BY MONEY !!!!

  • Waste of money

    by Mmvxx

    This pos won't even open, it crashes. I haven't played it once. Just wasted my money. This is the reason why people would rather pirate apps instead of purchasing them because it's a waste of money if the app doesn't even open!!!!


    by Bbfncnf

    5 stars for ferrari f12 berlinetta!



    I hope you could get this game because it's fun for who likes racing and more!!!!!

  • How do I play multiplier

    by @Obey_TheGifted

    You must download this. Reply to me on KIK @Obey__Isaac id appreciate it. Thanks

  • Cops

    by Pavlockk

    Game is good but cops are complete bull. Cops are over powered and annoy me soooooo much when playing. Also wish the modding options were like the way they use to be. Now, they are just obnoxious and ignorant. Mods and cops ruin my playing experience. -_-

  • Kid hacks

    by Bbarker3357575458


  • Tokyo street races

    by Mesangel122

    Please put tokyo street races so it could be cool

  • Enjoying it so far

    by Anthony4209

    -Love the graphics -love the game

  • Not worth it

    by Maxxizacc

    It is worth the $.99 but it is not worth taking up almost 2 gb unless you have a lot of memory

  • Fun but it crashes

    by Jerrygun

    It's a fun game but it crashes every time I start a race.

  • Stupid

    by Chencaihan

    Stupid game

  • Mind blowing but

    by Moves like jagr

    Get this but I'd like if you could drive cop cars?

  • I'm mad

    by Hemandra Kumar

    All it does is it takes me back to the home screen every time I do a race

  • Don't buy

    by :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    This game won't even download!!! What a waist of money!!!

  • Sadness.....

    by ('>')

    The game keeps on glitching right before I start a race it takes me to my home screen!!!!!!! Please fix! Ipad2 please fix!!!!!!! Please please PLEASE fix

  • A fricken mazing

    by Criminal shark

    Man, u want a great game that can keep u active for days this is the app for it, I wish I had it on Xbox.

  • Amazing

    by _Mikeee12345

    Game is fun, graphics are amazing, and cars are sick

  • Update please

    by jp7704

    This would be excellent if IT DIDNT CRASH EVERY 4rth race! Please fix. Running an iPad 2.

  • NFS Most Wanted

    by Guerra Lobo

    And add quick race to make our own race rules.

  • Sadness.....

    by ('>')

    The game keeps on glitching right before I start a race it takes me to my home screen!!!!!!! Please fix!

  • Multiplayer

    by Klaenimhim

    NEEDS MULTIPLAYER!!!!! Good game and graphics.

  • Perfect

    by Saeid Sadeghian

    It's absolutely the best racing game in the whole app stores!Good job EA team :-) Recommand it to every one!

  • Best racing game on the App Store

    by Oliver56429

    I love this game best racing game I've seen on the App Store :D

  • What the new update should be

    by Awesomeness2257

    There should be multiplayer in the new update and daily challenges.

  • Terrible

    by Tatorz33

    Can't even do a race or anything. It automatically crashes when I click on a race. Fix

  • Fun app

    by Sobrenome5678

    A lot of the criticism is true... No Game Center etc. But it's $1.99, and for that price it's great. Awesome graphics, easy to pick up, and can even run backwards.

  • OMG

    by Dragonslayer 1354

    I love this game graphics Awsome music great!!!!

  • Good

    by Robbiea42

    I have this game for my xbox and it got updated in 2013. So why can this app? If I would give this app 4 and a half stars if I could.

  • Good solid racing game.

    by Devanicus5

    This is game is a good time. A very diverse selection of cars(was very surprised to see a Pagani Zonda) to be bought and raced. A little sad to see you cannot make permanent upgrades to cars just upgrades per race unlike the full platform game. Yet being a tablet based game it runs smoothly and has much replay value. A small bug I seem to notice is constant crashing. Could be my wifi or my iPad but its a little disheartening to have the app crash in the middle of a race to only be taken back to the menu and loose the money you put on upgrades of race you didn't finish. Yet looking past that minor bug this app gets a very genuine 4/5. We'll done EA.

  • New Cars

    by Bumjel

    EA, Can you add in new cars like Lamborghini Veneno, Chevy Camaro 2014, and more. It'll be the best game ever update and bring in new cars

  • Crashing

    by zerocold14

    It is crashing on iOS 7 B4 racing or during race

  • LOVE this game!!

    by babs05

    Definitely a thrill! Beautiful graphics.

  • Could be great if it was stable

    by Josef Batule

    App keeps crashing randomly. Crashes in the middle of races and money spent on cars and mods is not replenished when I relaunch app. Wouldn't be a big deal if I hadn't purchased the extra $$ through the App Store. Fun game but unreliable and a waste of money

  • Come on!

    by Guy13798664

    It's a great game but it KEEPS CRASHING! Please fix it

  • What the F**K!?

    by Jsells1997

    Is it possible to give a 0 star rating!? I bought this game thinking it was gonna be cool and it has missing textures. The loading screen looks like crap because half of the decorations and stuff are gone and white. I can't even load the game anymore cuz it doesn't load past the prologue! Complete waste of 7$. Either fix it, or give me my money back. You chose...

  • Bugs and App Crashes on iPad

    by TheChuy411

    Game constantly crashes in the middle of races with multiple cars making it impossible to play, frame rate drops and lags behind on the iPad, please fix these issues

  • Crashes!!!

    by Hey uhhh NOOOOO

    It keeps crashing either in the middle of a race or in the beginning and I am starting to think it is a waste of money.

  • Keeps crashing!

    by Abcdefghi!!!$$$)))$$$

    They need to fix this! The app keeps crashing when i try to race!

  • Great game

    by Bears awesome

    I love this game, it's the only app you need for fun on your phone if you ask me. Perfect game, A+++++++

  • fix

    by Silver 217

    every time I started a race and added mods it would crash losing all my money I was going to spend $100 on this but it's crap

  • Great game, but one thing...

    by Jamie (James) T.

    The graphics are great, and there are awesome cars, but one thing...Make camera views like you did in NFS: Shift (the view where you can see inside the car)

  • Disappointed !

    by Justin000998775431168

    I want a refund !! The app was good for awhile and then now it won't let me play the game !! I pay money for a app I can't even play? Doesn't make any since

  • Actualicen la app

    by Nelson Calderón

    Por favor actualicen el juego no puedo conectarme con mi cuenta de Origin que es algo muy importante y si pueden optimizar para procesadores de 64 bits del iPhone 5s

  • Actualicen la app

    by Nelson Calderón

    Por favor actualicen el juego no puedo conectarme con mi cuenta de Origin que es algo muy importante y si pueden optimizar para procesadores de 64 bits del iPhone 5s

  • Need more updates

    by Guadayo

    I love this game. So far I've deleted real racing 3 for this game, but the controller is not as good as RR3. Need the left and right touch to control the vehicle control. Don't like the sliding the my finger left and right to move the car. Please update and as well as making it more easier at least. Thanks

  • Amazing

    by E99E

    Best racing game ea

  • Excellent game though

    by Silent_kill94

    The game has so many potential but sadly we may never see a new mode or update to it,

  • Stuck to consoles

    by !+Renee+!

    EA stick to consoles Need For Speed Rivals was like the best one yet don't give us this crap so just stick to consoles PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Needs custamizing cars

    by Seba50123@wsome

    What i mean is dat u could upgrade your car in garage plz and thank u

  • The Best in App Store

    by GogilaDito

    The best racing game in App Store for all time. Dito from Rep. Georgia


    by Hdeoekekdnfndjdkendhif

    Won't install the game, says not able to install at this time

  • Needs more

    by kasie stewart

    Great game! No bugs! Just needs more cars, online/multiplayer duels, and more missions/challenges. Put in those and i'll give you a 5

  • I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

    by tickleme

    Just got the game, can't stop playing it!!!!!!!! Lol! This is a good game!! Buy!

  • 5 star game without the crashes

    by Soxpatsceltsbs

    Loved the game, but it crashes at the beginning of nearly every level I haven't played yet. As of right now I can only play levels I've already played.

  • Controller support please!

    by Extoxic

    You have support for controllers on carp droid please add for iOS too

  • Everything I'm looking for in a racing game

    by frazzywig

    Nice graphics, audio, and gameplay is very good.

  • Worst Racing Game Available

    by Just_Arrived

    I can't believe how can people give any good review to this game. It's the worst driving experience controls of all. You can't control the cars at all. Definitely better to move to a console. Bad for EA, try other companies. The graphics are good, but how does that help if you can't use the game!


    by Keyroro

    This app is a waste of time to try and get it download!!! Halfway through it says "storage almost full" then it will say "unable to download"!! What a piece of crap! I want my money back EA!!

  • Crashes more than any app I've ever had

    by FemtiFem

    Great game when it works, which for me is not too often.

  • Great game but needs multiplayer

    by Nosquatro2526

    This is one of the best racing games I ever got on my ipad ,graphics are AMAZING , gameplay is great ! The only thing that could make this game better is adding online multiplayer .

  • I am a mom and I love it

    by andreat3009

    This game is awesome and very addictive!! Too bad it takes too much time since I can't let go. Graphics are amazing. I use the dashboard view and it does feel like the real thing...

  • Add these things!!

    by Will Goss

    Great game, the graphics are great. But make the car damage a little more realistic, a cop rear ended me, and my bumper just got dark and dirty, which is good, but add dents and gouges. Also add an interior camera or view. Definetly add more things to do visually to the car. And just one last thing, if you care to do it, not that important, make the sounds as good as the graphics. Other than that great game!

  • Bs

    by Tom6368

    I can't even open it...

  • WOW!

    by An 11 year old

    My favorite game on iOS!!!

  • Terrible!

    by X.x.c'x.

    Freezes constantly. Do not recommend.

  • Awesome

    by Dan $kY

    This is freakin awesome!!

  • come on

    by littlelego10

    i my son thoguht it would go around the whole city but it is just racing

  • Needs an update

    by Adrian Singer

    Fun for a while, but all those EA weekly cars have been bought, all that's left to do is grind to get the veyron and there's nothing else engaging to do. No decent update in ages

  • Awesome

    by Terminator4798

    Best racing game out there. Very much worth every penny. Great graphics and awesome gameplay style

  • Please hepl me

    by 75cd

    I got a pack of money but i did not get it i want rhe money or my money back how can you help me

  • Come on

    by Amodaboss

    The game is great overall. But the fact that the cops ONLY attack you is extremely frustrating. Also, this app crashes more than any other game I've ever played. So there's that too. I go to start a race, pay for mods, it crashes just as the race starts, and I lose 2-5k from mods that I spent money on.

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