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Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.

NBA JAM IS READY FOR A NEW SEASON! The NBA heats up on Christmas Day, so we’re making sure all you hoops fans can share the joy of BOOMSHAKALAKA with friends!

Update now for these new features:

• Enjoy more action on the court with iOS5 support!
• Stay connected to other ballers with Origin
• Get your game-on with Game Center

Thanks for playing NBA JAM. If you dig this version, please give us a ***** rating and we’ll keep bringing it strong – all season long!

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7423 Ratings
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12762 Ratings


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BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! Jam with a friend in Local Multiplayer and rock your iPhone or iPod touch with all the over-the-top, high-flying, 2-on-2 arcade basketball action just like you remember it – and like you’ve never seen before! Go to the hole. Go strong. Go for the monster jam. KABOOM!


“NBA JAM brings arcade hoops directly to your pocket — no quarters required.” (App Store “iPhone GAME OF THE WEEK”)

“…overwhelmingly satisfies in every way if you were ever a fan of the original NBA Jam series.” (Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade)

“4/4 MUST HAVE…a sports game that action or arcade gamers will love…” (Andrew Podolsky, Slide to Play)

“…solid controls, great graphics, and fun on-the-court action” (Tracy Erickson, PocketGamer)

“It performs flawlessly in every way.” (IntoMobile)

Jam with all 30 NBA teams and your favorite NBA stars! Unlock legends from the classic arcade era like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Dr. J, Scott Skiles, Karl Malone, Detlef Schrempf, and Danny Manning – plus some secret players you can only get on iOS. Open up outrageous cheats, too. And if you can’t wait to go big, all the unlocks are available for instant purchase and download in the JAM store!

3 modes of play let you ball the way you want:
• Play Now – Select a team and jump right into the ballgame
• Classic Campaign – Defeat all other teams to win the championship, and unlock legends, hidden players and cheats
• Local Multiplayer – Go big head 2 big head against a friend on iPhone/iPod touch or iPad via local WiFi and Bluetooth
Also select from two different control schemes (D-Pad and gesture-based) and take advantage of the outstanding versatility of your iPhone/iPod touch. Is it the shoes?

If you’re from the Old School, you’ll feel the ‘90s nostalgia while you play the hottest new arcade sports game on the App Store. Featuring the voice of Tim Kitzrow (the original NBA JAM play-by-play announcer), you’ll hear all the classic catchphrases plus a few new ones recorded just for this game. This JAM is all about “boomshakalaka”¬– and beyond!
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Customer Reviews

  • Ios7

    by ronnie walker

    Its not fitting my screen :/ and add more graphics

  • IPHONE 5

    by Johnny Mobob

    Please make this iPhone 5 compatible because it's super super laggy when it thinks it's the iPhone 4

  • LAGS!!!!!

    by Johnson Batongbakal

    The game lags a little bit but fun game

  • AWESOME!!!

    by TANK$2013

    It worth your $$$ I recommend this game

  • IPhone 5

    by Marquette23437884

    Make the screen fit on IPhone 5!!! It is annoying that it doesn't! Otherwise the game would have 5 stars!

  • Good

    by L3git moneY

    Good game but needs to update rosters

  • NBA Jam

    by Junior4614

    Make it compatibale with ipod touch 5/ iphone 5

  • Needs Update

    by Tae Jetson

    Please Update The Roster and optimize For iPhone 5!!!! Great Otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this game

    by Soosa

    I love this game, its so much fun, but i'd like EA just to make this app work fullscreen on iphone 5 and fix the little lag the game has when you play matches

  • Great game update rosters

    by ¢à$höń

    This is a really fun addicting game if you are a sports fan. Just update the rosters to the 2013 season it would be way more fun. But great game ADD MICHAEL JORDAN PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Where's the updated rosters?????!!!

    by Big Spence05

    Yooooooooo where's the updated rosters?????????????

  • Update rosters

    by Brettster7153

    Very fun app. It just needs new rosters bc theses rosters are about 2 seasons old, and I'm kinda getting mad about it

  • NBA Jam

    by Junior4614

    Its a good game but they should make an update for IOS 7

  • Please update

    by Jmbaseball

    Update for iphone 5

  • Great but

    by Baller2266

    Great but needs to update roster

  • update roster on all teams

    by BOOBOO61499

    first of this game is amazing but the teams roster isn't good Ray Allen is still playing for the celtics Chris Paul still playing for the hornets. this game needs a MAJOR UPDATE NOW?!!!!!!


    by Lil T from the pack

    HELOOOO IOS 7 is out and this game doesn't dig my screen !


    by Lil T from the pack

    HELOOOO IOS 7 is out and this game doesn't dig my screen !

  • Good game in general.

    by Epic_toto

    Before iOS 7, I loved playing this game; it was great but after the update, the app got laggy. It's hard to play it now and it's sad because it's a great game. Could it be my iPod or??

  • Great Game!

    by Macy42

    Great game but please update for iOs 7!! That would be awesome

  • iPhone 5

    by Tbon3333467789

    I don't know why the teams are so old and i don't know why there is not an update for the iPhone 5. I can barely see what's happening because the screen is supported for iPhone 4. I need an update quick or I'm deleting this game.

  • Update!!!!

    by Freshfade_Greg

    We Need A Update!!!!!!!

  • Just Do It

    by Devens Family

    Just update the rosters already

  • This is stupid

    by Zaqplmggdjtt

    What is wrong with you guys????? Are you sleeping????? It's stupid it ha been WAY TO FRIKEN LONG SINCE ITS BEEN UPDATED!!!!!! CP3 on "hornets"????? That trade happened years ago and the hornets aren't even a team anymore!!!!! Neither are the "New Jersey" nets!!!!! Jason Kidd still playing????? Metta world peace as Ron artest??? And he's still on the lakers!!!! The celtics "big three" still around????? That's just a couple problems, help us poor customers, update the rosters and teams, we'll be happy, and you'll have a 4.5 star game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry before I delete this

  • Update rosters!!!

    by couldntthinkofanickname

    The game is fun, but it was much more enjoyable 2 yrs ago when the rosters weren't completely outdated. Half the players are on the wrong teams or have retired now and we're missing all of the best newer players, like Damian Lillard. Pretty Please update the rosters and I will play again. I would even pay another $.99 to update to the teams' current lineups. I think I speak for everybody when I say we want to play as the players who are currently playing in the nba. How are Oden and Roy still playing for the blazers!?

  • Lag and need to fit iPhone5 screen

    by mouseboy2112

    Horrible!! Really fun and Was awesome when on iPod because it fit the screen and didnt lag. now that I got my iPhone it lags and don't fit the screen which now I quit playing because of these problems.

  • Boom shackalacka

    by NCMAN1103

    Won't load

  • Just another example of what ea does

    by Chrisrock176

    What was once an enjoyable game has turned into a frustrating one. When I upgraded to the iphone 5, this game was virtually unplayable. Ea has once again let down their customers by not listening to them (by not updating). The only reason I give this 2 stars is because it is one of my favorite classic games.

  • Hard to play

    by My review on game

    I'm experiencing a lot of lace from my iPhone 5 and ipad mini. I played on my dads iPhone 4S and it didn't lag at all, I think it does this because it isn't updated to ios7 or it doesn't support iPhone 5 and above

  • Update Overdue

    by K_Edquid

    First off, the game is just as fun as the consoles. The graphics are great. But honestly, we need a roster update, some players are not on their team and heck, one team has changed their name. Have you guys been living under a rock? Lastly there are a few lag issues. Fix this game.

  • Lags

    by XXTheChamp

    It's stupid everywhere I play it it lags I lost a game in classic campaign going for a last shot and it wouldn't work whoever made this game needs to go burn in hell because that is where they need to be

  • 2 Stars

    by Devman33

    This game is from 2011, and on my iPhone 5, it runs at seemingly 25 FPS. Unacceptable.

  • Terrible framerate

    by SpiderCenturion

    Game used to run great, but now it's insanely slow and unplayable. The framerate is simply awful. Don't waste your money until it's fixed.

  • Help

    by Riley q

    I love this game! But on my iphone5 the gameplay is so choppy and laggy this has to be fixxed.

  • Updated rosters is BS

    by -quiser-

    This game has not been updated SINCE 2011. 2011! Yao Ming is still playing, the Nets are still in Jersey, CP3 isn't on the Clips, Dwight Howard is STILL on the Magic. THE MAGIC. He's been on two other teams since. No Pelicans, Nate Robinson, Jrue Holiday, and many, MANY more errors. PLEASE FIX


    by Wonkadonkabonka

    This game was fun for about a week, but the really old rosters and repetitive gameplay ruin what should be an awesome game. Please add more game types/options, AND UPDATE TEAMS

  • Doesn't work

    by Whismand

    The game works and is great on my iPod but on my iPhone 4S, it glitches. The man inbounding the ball after a basket just stands there and won't throw the ball. The game itself also lags bad, it was a waste for $1

  • Almost perfect

    by What happen espn

    Needs roster update other then that it is amazing and fun go for it

  • Fix please

    by SOJBloodMonkey

    Please update rosters 4 2014 season

  • Update

    by Andrew_pearlman99

    Fun game I love it but the rosters need to be updated

  • Doesn't support iPod 5?!?!?!?

    by Noah576

    I love this game and played it all the time on my iPod 4 but I am simply not gonna play a game that isn't the full screen on my new iPod so it really needs to be updated!!!!!!!!

  • by criddy808

    Game is great, but please have the option to turn the vibration off PLEASE !

  • NBA jam

    by Bob1236::

    Update roster and new game modes


    by M0eDrAnk

    they need to upgrade this game asap! It's a lot of fun but has old rosters

  • Fun

    by Connor OBrien

    It's fun and cool and all but please update the rosters because Dwight Howard is still on the Magic in this


    by SuperNBA

    Please make this game for ipod 5 and iPhone 5 please cause I spent 99 cents for the game and I have to play on a iPhone 4 screen please update

  • Awesome cheats!

    by Vugget

    I love how you can get democrats and republicans! And mascots. if you want them you type the initials rep to republicans and dem to get democrats! To get mascots you type in mas to get mascots! Once you get that done you should see a pig a donkey and a nba symbol. Enjoy these cheats!

  • Update

    by Dylan bud

    The rosters need updated hasn't been updated since 2011

  • Bored of it but still fun

    by Asser Abas

    Needs a update!!!!! it's been the same game for like 3 years New dunks More teams and New Rosters better graphics then it will be my favorite game

  • Ea sports listin up

    by jped12

    It need new rostor also add Reggie miller new rostor

  • Fun game, need update

    by Baller4624

    iPhone 5 cannot even play, too lags throughout the whole game

  • Awsome

    by Queen perfect

    Freakin awsome game! Worth the Money!

  • Optimize

    by NeilMing

    Please I'm begging you it's ruining a great game optimize for iphone 5 make it full screen like all new games please

  • Please Update

    by Jose Rodriguez

    Pleas make the screen the size of the new iphone 5 or 5s.

  • great but

    by pnxfgsxndxfhxhcnxhfdcxdhf

    great but you should add fouls

  • F U EA!!!!!

    by pickNspadeNtow

    Do not download this game until they update it! It plays poorly on the iPhone 5 and has outdated rosters. It hasn't been updated in 2 years! How are people still giving this game 5 stars?! EA is a cancer in the gaming industry.

  • iphone 5 issues

    by Nbajamiphone5

    Extremely slow, i dont see why a galaxy s2 couldnt run nba jam smoothly and an iphone 5 cant. Doesnt fit whole screen either. Really dissappointed after i bought the app.

  • Refund please

    by Smurf's village

    The first quarter of basketball was fun. After the first quarter came to an end a window popped up that asks you to sign up for something. Problem is the window doesn't fit the screen so you can't close it and you don't know what your signing up for. Deleted the app once already and reloaded but problem persists. Too bad. Loved this game as a kid.

  • Good But...

    by KAILZZnahMEAN

    The game is great I love the achievements and how you can get legendary old school players but you guys really need to update the roster for 2014

  • Great gameplay but…

    by Pro_Kid

    Don't get me wrong. This is a good game, however, it's outdated and needs to be optimized for the iPhone 5. Do you understand how annoying it is when my fingers slip off into the black panels? If it gets update for iOS 7, I'll be satisfied.

  • Update needed

    by Dchsw

    Please update rosters!!!!!

  • Great game but....

    by Goldstyle

    ...They haven't updated the rosters in over two years.

  • Really fun

    by Hshahfeidgwohsiscwouevw

    This game is really fun and I play it all the time it just needs some different modes and more people

  • Still not optimized for iPhone 5?

    by generaldlc

    Seriously, it's been 16 months since the iPhone 5 came out, and this app is STILL not optimized? I know EA isn't really concerned with a sustained enjoyable experience, preferring to churn out new games rather than hone existing ones, but this is just plain lazy.

  • Kinda good

    by XxxjoeXxx74

    Need to update for the iPod touch 5th generation and doesn't work


    by neddy077

    Update this to fit the 5 and update the teams

  • Great Game.

    by zewski47

    NBA Jam is the game I spend the most time on now. It is so fun and addictive. A lot of people complain, but just don't know the controls and are helpless. If you do the tutorial it shows you everything you'll need to know. Great game, deserves more hype.

  • Please Update !!!!!

    by Dell239

    Update PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I need to play with James Harden and D. Howard

  • Not that great

    by Jiggedy johanson

    Severe need for update

  • Very fun

    by AustinB24

    I wish you would make an update so I would have more things to do on it (I already beat campaign) please make update very fun tho

  • Update Rosters

    by Krishy24

    Best game i have ever played and to make it even better pleaseeee update your rosters for crying out loud oh my god!!!!

  • NBA Jam

    by jules37

    NBA Jam used to be fun until I got the iPhone 5!! You guys really need to optimize for the iPhone 5! If you did I would re-download the app and play it all the time.

  • Please make this game compatible with iPhone 5 please

    by vangers

    I absolutely love this game but since I have an iPhone 5 there is so much lag!!!!!!!! Please I want to be able to play this game again

  • Please add character

    by Tjgddfvvvdwgjbh

    Great game I play it 24-7 please add boomer to the pacers and the mascots

  • Great game but

    by Me12345678901011

    Its a good game but please update the roster.

  • Needs iphone 5 support and rosterand team updated

    by THL 27

    Needs iphone 5 support and roter and team updates

  • So-So

    by (Rambo!)

    Just update the game already EA. You know that's what the people want. So give them what they want.


    by Bigcheese26(gamertag)



    by Lipe_Guarita

    Update Please!!

  • M J

    by Flap map rap snap

    I would give this game five stars if you added Michael Jordan!

  • What happened!

    by ÄÅÄ

    I loved this game on my iPod 4 but on my iPhone 5 it runs insanely slow and runs like utter crap! I can't enjoy it at all! Please fix it!!!

  • Terrible

    by <3 J-sizzle <3

    When ever I block or make a basket my iPhone vibrates and it's really annoying

  • Alright

    by Hush cardnil

    Please update the rosters! It would make it so much better if the rosters were updated to the fullest! And more achievements too!

  • Awesome

    by Kyle Cleary

    Best Game.

  • Stupid

    by Matt1234554332111


  • Needs a update for iPhone 5 and 5s

    by tAzZz14

    I played it on both iPhones and it lags so much I think it can't keep up with the new iPhones and also I played with a buddy Wifi/Bluetooth and it still lags. plz update


    by MotownHockey22

    If you guys could update to 2014 rosters this game would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT

  • So laggy

    by Buddy13537643

    So laggy its not even funny! Thts just one issue idk why its laggy if anybody knows please make another review

  • I want the update

    by Evilmonster2025

    My friend got the update u get all the current day players-teams also u get a new team that's beast (cnt play them with campaign :(


    by jayron27

    Update for ipone 5

  • I love it buuut

    by EC G1Rl

    Its greaat but you should update the teams and add more players so you can choose i mean like not 4 players of each team

  • Really good but needs update

    by Max098

    Needs roster update!!!!!!

  • Features

    by Angeldabeast97

    This can be the best sports game ever if there is an update. There should be a my player mode added where you can create a player and be drafted by a team. Substitutions would also be great and maybe a ref in the game and more players in the lineup. There should also be multiplayer for everyone and a street mode. More dunks and and additions like the disco ball and Easter Eggs. Also more moves would make this game the best ever

  • Issue

    by Millerkiller224

    It quit on me and need to make it optimized for iPhone 5 ASAP please


    by Teddy Griffin

    After purchasing this game I can say that I have no life and I don't care! I play this game all day. It's my favorite game ever. The reason why I gave it 4 stars is because it's not compatible for the iPhone 5s. But honestly everyone download this game it's only $0.99 and it's so fun to play!

  • Great! Except for 1 thing

    by !F1NN!

    Great game. Only up to iOS 5 support. I gave an iOS 7 iPhone.

  • Changes

    by 67)(;(?6&!:/:&$909)&&)

    Good game but needs to update roster there is no olidipo kawii Lenard and Dwight is on the rong team

  • Update to iPhone 5

    by alienware377

    Was my fave game 4 iPhone until I upgraded to an iPhone 5, now whenever I play my fingers always slip outside the iPhone 4 allowed area and my guy stops moving and can't block, dunk, shoot, anything because my fingers automatically go to where the buttons should be on the bigger screen instead of where they actually are. I can't believe the respected EA Sports of all ppl haven't updated their app yet. Please update to the bigger iPhone 5 screen size. I don't care if all u do is just move the buttons further out and keep the image the way it is, just at least please move the buttons.


    by Djtipp2323

    Lags a lot on my iPhone 5 please update soon thanks

  • Good game

    by Dukemen234

    Its a great game. There are a little glitches. I think you should update rosters to the 2014 rosters.

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