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"…the type of battle game Dragon Age fans have been craving to take on the road." – Inside Mobile Apps

COLLECT THE HEROES. BECOME A LEGEND! Build a party of famous warriors and epic monsters from Dragon Age lore. Battle other players in strategic, CCG-inspired 3D combat. Fight bosses on engaging quests from the award-winning, dark fantasy RPG games.

“I can already see myself getting consumed with collecting characters, managing them in my party, and leveling them up.” – Touch Arcade

"Heroes of Dragon Age hits all the right notes… impressive depths in terms of strategy, style of play, and character design make this Dragon Age tie-in a worthy addition to your games folder." – IGN Asia

**Heroes of Dragon Age is an immersive, rich game experience. Connecting to WiFi the first time you launch the game is recommended. Please be patient while it loads – we promise it's worth the wait!**

Collect hundreds of characters from across the Dragon Age universe, including rare dragons, giant golems, and other devastating creatures – each with unique abilities, stats, and factions. Consume and combine heroes – and deploy powerful runes – to increase your squad’s power.

Build the perfect squad and watch your strategy unfold on the battlefield. The more heroes you have, the more possibilities you have at your fingertips. Develop your winning formation to earn trophies and dominate the leaderboards!

Play through epic quests and boss battles as you immerse yourself in Dragon Age lore. Relive places, times, and storylines straight from the beloved franchise.

Immerse yourself in stunning graphics as you watch your heroes rock the battlefield with amazing special effects.

Are you ready to master the heroes of Dragon Age? Join us now for FREE.

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Everything in Heroes of Dragon Age is attainable for free; however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

This game is not supported on iPod touch® 4th Generation.

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Customer Reviews

  • Good game

    by Greggood1990

    Lots to do good game to play

  • Great game

    by Fiery Shorti

    This is a great game for anybody that is a fan of the Dragon Age games. Love trying to collect as many of the characters from the two game as possible.

  • Interesting game

    by Fen'Harel

    The gameplay direction is an interesting change. The story one learns along the way feels a both important and yet also slightly different, I feel like the choice factor in Dragon Age was one of its strongest points, should consider in future. Like the difficulty level, let you cruise by without considering other options. Definitely should consider playing if you enjoy the series, games like this, or both, cause aside personal preferences, not a bad game.

  • Way too hard...

    by Stephen75755

    This game is fun but it is ridiculously hard. The game is built that way to force you into spending cash to make the game easier. Other than that, this game is alright I guess.

  • T

    by tbane1

    It's fun U will enjoy

  • Great game

    by Dewk87

    Awesome Addictive

  • Good overall

    by Kyle Sasu

    Good crashes sometimes though and it's hard to get decent heroes.

  • Awesome

    by LFB_Pan

    Love this game. Spend hours playing. I know I shouldn't. Can't stop.

  • Is good:)

    by ShortP87

    I enjoy the game quite a bit.though it gets a little,routine,it's a good game for my down time:)

  • Dragon age

    by Btrain65

    Best game ever

  • fun

    by Gunfydghk

    addicting like flabby birds:)

  • Awesome game.

    by st0rmyder

    Love this. Very addictive. Still learning the mechanics. Will do a follow up review in a week after more hands on with it.

  • Dragon Age

    by BTS_ShadowKing

    Awesome this made me buy the actual video game!

  • Sweeeeet!!!!!

    by Vulcarskrith

    Great game

  • Glad to see more Dragon Age

    by The indelible hulk

    This seems to be a good game that gives you a lot without needing money. Also it doesn't take up much time per session which is good for quick school/work breaks

  • Fun timewaster

    by Bk99999

    Game is fun, but fairly mindless

  • Great

    by The drak one

    This is a great game I had so much fun playing it so it's great I love it

  • Tripplesticks

    by Tripplesticks

    Good for game withdrawals

  • Awesome

    by Ate wo

    Awesome game

  • Pay to win is not fun

    by Lucasleroy

    Love dragon age, this game gets me pumped for inquisition! Unless you are willing to fork out hundreds of dollars for a chance to win a epic or legendary, and I did say a chance. It's not a guarantee! This game get frustrating. It would be nice if you could buy all packs of cards with in game currency even if they were expensive. You only have the option for 2. I have spent over 100000 on soldier packs and the best I have gotten is a rare! If you want a real chance at epics or legendaries you have to spend at least 36$ for 10 chances and still just a chance! NO GUARANTEE! If the stamina gauge filled faster you could keep people playing the game but buy the time 18 minutes have passed I have already moved on to something else, shorten the time and you keep people engrossed and wanting to spend some money. All and all if the packs could be bought with in game money and the time for the stamina was shortened I would rate the game five stars!

  • Good game, awful pay wall.

    by P-starr

    The actual game itself, is very fun, but after you get to level 10 you're basically stuck unless you pay at least another $50. I don't mind paying for games and I already spent money on in app purchases for this game, but I'm not spending another $50+ on a little game for my phone just to keep playing it.

  • Nice graphics; not much control; prone to crashing

    by Yahoo IM user

    I love the graphics of this game. However, lack of control (I'd like to see the ability to choose your troops target and what/when to use skill) and crash prone (especially when buying new cards) really kills game play. Plus, how can a level 10 beat up on a level 30? Seems a bit unbalanced.

  • Fun for a short while.

    by HektikLyfe

    Progress is severely halted around the 5th map. You lose often unless you play only severely weaker enemies. Worst of all? The game basically plays itself. You don't select moves or power of encounters. You just click fight. At least other "spend more to progress" traps offer more freedom. It holds potential.

  • Beautiful but basic

    by Ultima Exile

    I love the game and the concept. However, it relies too much on "who has the better units". Gems are way over priced and they make it almost impossible to get them without paying real money. Takes way too much time.

  • Beaten by low levels constantly!

    by S for sad

    Low levels with 3 rare and probably with 1 epic or legendary vs my level at 29 with 4 epic and 1 legendary but my guys always attacking last. My opponent always seem do double damage more. And they are smarter too!

  • Fun, but more frustrating

    by StephenReviewsApps

    The game starts out great and is very addictive. I can see why it prompts you to review it early. I'm glad I waited though. The game really wants you to spend money on gems to buy from packs of champions, the idea being you have a chance of getting "Epic" or "Legendary" champions, which will be stronger, so you can pass quest and beat other players in PVP. Not too shortly into the game the quest become unbeatable - I mean this happens very quickly. They say you need stronger champions, to use runes, have a champion team of all one faction for a boost, and place them strategically. I spent a few dollars to get some rarer champions and also grinded for gold to buy packs in the game with coins. Pretty soon I had a full team of Epics, all the same faction (grants a bonus), strategically placed (powerful champions with low health in back, less powerful champions with more health in front), and was even using runes. And yet I am still unable to beat quest or other players. The only way to upgrade would be to go to "Legendary", which is the highest - and again, I'm not very far in the game, I shouldn't need to do that yet. Also, PVP is completely broken. You win, you get 10 trophies, you lose, they take away 30. What a slap in the face. And winning solely depends on wether the opposing player has one of the few champions which can attack your whole team AND slow them down or stun them so they're unable to do anything - leaving you to watch while your champions get picked off without being able to fight back. I have a team of Epics, same faction, using runes (supposedly the strategic thing to do) - and yet anyone with one of those champions wipes my team out with little trouble. The runes and faction bonus do little to nothing to help turn the tide of a quest or PVP battle. Conclusion: Pony up lots of cash till you get legendaries or one of the few champions which can attack/stun an entire team and you'll do well in this game - otherwise, it becomes unplayable and frustrating fast and spending a few bucks won't change anything - you have to spend a lot. I think it would actually be cheaper and less frustrating to just to buy one of the Dragon Age games and play through that.

  • Disappointing and only to make money with in app purchase

    by Axel Rogers

    Gameplay is no existent. It is just a card collector game with even a limit of 50 cards which force you to delete some of them. Game's development only direction is "how to make money out of players". I played nearly two months and spent 22$ in app purchases and I feel I wasted time and money. Very disappointing. I would expect a lot more from an EA game. For the same money or cheaper I could have bought much better games on the AppStore.

  • Great game

    by Dtwo.ds

    Really enjoy playing

  • Great Game

    by efhhvfg

    really well made

  • Terrible...

    by Ratmando78

    In game glitches cost me $90 worth of gems to be wasted...tech support zen sage couldnt of cared less... Dont waste any time on this game u will be disappointed...

  • Great game

    by Alexander Jones

    Great game

  • Pretty good game.

    by Chad02728

    Good little time waster.

  • He'll ya.....

    by ponyboyny69

    This is what I'm talking about. A game worth playing.

  • FUN!

    by Sgt Mortar

    So it's fun

  • Best game ever

    by Hero of the century

    I love it I'll play it till u die

  • I wanted to believe

    by Ba76y

    The game is entertaining.I am frustrated with two things. First the amount of money that is expected of people to become powerful enough to progress with the AI quests and the duels. Secondly myself for ( I am embarrassed to say ) shelling out 30$ at a moment of weakness to purchase crystals( the best chance to summon decent heroes is with crystals which are hard to get just grinding). I was hoping that the money wasted on the IAP would have rewarded me more but no. I now play duels and see players 11th level with full legendary squads I find that so frustrating. Perhaps I was just terribly unlucky but from what I have read in the website there is a lot of similar experiences.

  • Goodgame

    by %CHID%


  • Turn based triumph!

    by Benbocron

    A really enjoyable game! Fast energy recharge rate that makes integrating this game into your life a breeze. You don't have to spend money to win, just play the game, have fun, and let power and prestige be a goal not just a reason to play. A great game.

  • Needs some fixing

    by Emmon Tobias

    It used to be that I could actually do something with this game, but now I'm here to write this review because even though I've been running the game just fine for a while, since about a week or so ago I can't go to anything without the game crashing. PLEASE FIX THIS.

  • Heroes of DragonAge

    by Jtyme31

    Love this game

  • Great game

    by Fondals69

    Very entertaining

  • Decent

    by Ross IM

    This game is still in its early life. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. For example a friend system. The groundwork is there, the game has great potential with a responsive UI and great graphics. Looking forward to seeing the updates for this game.

  • Sweet !!

    by Isprin_me

    Love this game ...!!!

  • Woot

    by Mishakun

    Sweet game with a very awesome interface and fighting strategy !

  • Great game

    by Thestarter

    Good game.

  • Good game.

    by Tokendro

    I play allday but i wish u were more generous with the 1500 coins option in the store. Im kinda stuck.

  • Pretty good game

    by Brother_Joshua

    Wish I could interact more. Buts it's allright

  • Pay to get nothing.

    by Nigel737

    Problems: Why do I get levels when they do nothing in the game ? Drop rate for Epic and Legendary is pitiful. I combined two Rank 2 units and got a Rank 3 when combining Rank 2 and 1 get a Rank 3. They should do away with the energy bar since the battles are long enough and you HAVE to grind so much.

  • Great Game

    by SuperTwinki

    Def love the graphics, like the game style as well

  • great game but glichty

    by Papitite73

    I love the Dragon Age characters and turn based style. However game is very glichty, and very hard to level characters as combining does not transfer all experience points to new characters. Gets frustrating after that.

  • A 5-star winner!

    by Samuel Benson

    Fantastic game, though beware, it can be time-consuming and leveling up heroes can be a grind. Developers need to address balance issues w/some characters and identify more ways to acquire gems and epic/leg heroes. Overall, an excellent game w/ the expected issues associated w/ a relatively new release.

  • Love it

    by Myles D

    Love it

  • Fantastic Game with flaws

    by Xerxes1811

    In all honesty I had very low expectations when I downloaded this game. EA looking for a quick buck on the Dragon Age name I thought, boy was I wrong. This game is fantastic once you get the hang of it, it's so addicting building your squad of heroes and leveling them up. It includes a campaign with tons of maps and very accessible and friendly PVP. Don't worry, you won't get ganked by 12 year olds. The combat pretty much executes itself, so this isn't a fighting game like Infinity Blade, you pick your squad and then choose the battle, campaign or PVP, and then the computer executes the fight. It's a total blast and very addictive, especially when you pay for one of the cheapest soldiers and an Epic hero drops! Anders from DA dropped for me and he's been a beast! Highly recommend this game if you enjoy Dagon Age or more of an rpg'ish fighting game. Update- like others have said, this is a fantastic game, but you will eventually hit a wall were your only options are to grind through and level, or do the typical EA micro transactions in hopes that you will get better characters. I can say though, I have 5 epics and I only spent $12 so far, so it can be done, just need to do the mmo grind. Still really enjoy the game, but the pay wall that I hit was annoying so knocking off a few stars for that. Plus please fix the pvp trophies, the ratio to trophies gained and lost is over 3x in many fights. Meaning, I can win three or four battles, but lose nearly all of those Trophies in one loss! It's still a fun game, but it has its faults. The people who have five legendaries must have spent hundreds of dollars. I have played non stop since it was released and I haven't seen one legendary. Oh well.

  • amazing game

    by Razzz2Dope

    such a great game def need to keep updating with new stuff

  • It is ok

    by Uslayme

    The game is great except it keeps locking up, going to different places

  • Addictive

    by Digidydan


  • Losing interest

    by York2027

    I've been playing since the game came out. I've spent about $70 & been rewarded with approximately 6 epics. I've been able to find another 5 through quests. I have 0 Legendaries. I've finished the last level and am slowly starting to master all the levels. The one I'm currently stuck on is the 6th map. 7/10 of Ariathan Forest Edge is where I am. I used to live this game, but there really isn't anything left. The multiplayer against other opponents really isn't fun for me. Waiting for something new to happen...

  • My favorite game!

    by MagmaCreatureMan

    I LOVE this game it's so fun!

  • Could be better

    by Slender42

    This game started out pretty awesome. I played it all day for months since it was released. But it's gotten to a point where my guys are as strong as they can get, but it can't move forward in the missions and I just keep getting owned by everything. If there was a way to earn legendary characters without spending money I don't have, it would make me want to keep playing. But as of right now I've lost all desire to play this. I even gave this game a second chance and spent money on some characters. But just ended up getting stupid characters that kill themselves in the battle. This game is a scam by EA to get more money out of its players. Do not waste your time on it or your money in it!

  • Great game really good graphics

    by Erik Canevari

    Must be a cash spender for this game or it's pointless

  • Again, this isn't a game

    by Shagstah

    This is a card randomizer and you pay with in app purchases to get better cards to win. There is no gameplay at all. You choose your 5 characters and what runes to use and watch a simulation. Huge disappointment.

  • Gaming

    by JRLJR57

    Fun game unusual to say the least

  • Great game

    by Ryako

    Lots of fun.

  • Great concept, ok game

    by Bobbing ton

    It is fun! But after about level 15 is frustrating if you don't want to buy better cards with real money. It is very difficult to get past some of the quests and challenges or the "pvp" matches above 1000 rep without preying more money. Google time waster though, and if you don't mind grinding a bit and not getting the best possible character combos then it is a good game. Just wish it was cheaper.

  • Pay to win and crappy

    by RRBlake

    I wound up with Sten and Leliana... Great--except they're only rare? And they do less damage then nameless generic rares? Utter crap. And the model is heavily weighted toward paying to move forward in either story mode or PvP...

  • More chance at getting higher tier characters

    by Darkonyx

    Fun game. Though I wish I could get more legendary and epic heros. It wold make it more enjoyable.

  • Awesome game

    by ThisepicNoob

    My star rates saids it all

  • Great game

    by Scyliar

    Great game, love playing it. Wish epic or legendary drops would be better way too hard to get.

  • Good game

    by Killers1993

    This is a good game

  • Great game

    by Billybobbyjoehobo

    One of the best games I've played in awhile really like it

  • Excited game for fans of DA!

    by Sheiky Baby

    It's possible to get pretty far without spending real money, though it takes a lot of luck and grinding.

  • Great, But not that Great.

    by cncgeek101

    Good game. Not enough gems are rewarded through tedious grinding. Tedious grinding doesn't pay off with enough rewards. Be prepared to drop $$ on this and quickly. More gem drops and other various rewards would help a lot to improve the game.

  • Awesome game

    by Chasr87

    Really fun and addictive!!

  • game

    by Hsyshehzusn

    I love the game, I just wish the difficulty didn't go up so quickly

  • Awesome

    by Courthoused

    Good game my dad showed me I love it now

  • Dragonage

    by Solar3quinox

    This game is really awesome. Very fast graphics,battles are really quick. Good characthers and factions to choose from. Battle progression and leveling up is fairly easy. Player versus player battles are fun and challenging. I would reccommend this to any fan of Dragonage or rpgs

  • Has potential, ruined by IAP.


    Enjoyed this when I started playing it, put $50 into the game and can't pass lvl 9. This game is not worth even close to $50, and if you can't beat the game after paying that much something is broken. Stay away.

  • 5 star

    by JET891

    Great game

  • Good game

    by Lobo 77

    Good game ,easy to play.

  • Horrible Game

    by Strat008

    Unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars this game will be very frustrating. You need to be either insanely lucky or have the patience if a Vulcan. It is completely random if and when your units will attack or do anything for that matter. There is also no real interaction with the game. You place your characters and then hope they do something, but usually they just die. Not worth the time.

  • Yes

    by Ay_Gurl


  • La reseña

    by GIOLA12

    Me gusto el juego tiene buena lógica y además tiene muy buenas gráficas

  • Dragon age

    by Aa1177qq

    Like it

  • EA is EJ

    by Eddie Pate

    Electronic arts have always been famous for being greedy about money in their games. That is why they are called Electronic Jews, or EJ. The game is ok; you don't have any hands-on gameplay at all, but it's still quite entertaining.

  • Addicting

    by Bushido5o

    Although this game has some BIG flaws, it good enough to consume 3 times now so it has to be doing something right. Maybe it'll convince me to beat the 1st game.

  • Avoid EA's crappy games

    by manyamile

    Yet another crappy game from EA. Don't bother.

  • Fun...so far

    by Blackadder3

    Interesting game...good graphics...

  • Decent

    by Burtski88

    Over all it's a fun game, only real down side is the mass amount of money you'll end up spending to get the the things you'd like to get, common packs rarely give anything worth while.

  • Waste of your time and money!

    by Gear1170

    Fun for about a week. Then it becomes totally impossible. You will fruitlessly throw money at this game and still get nowhere. I will never put money in another ea game again. Basically wasted money. EA why don't you just show up at my house and rob me at gunpoint, that would be less deceptive at least. Stay far away from this money grubbing piece of garbage!

  • Costs too much to play

    by Sean Murphy

    I really like Dragon Age games. All of them. This is a fun game, but you have to be willing to spend a lot to keep going.

  • Pretty neat

    by Hellomynameisn't

    Good social game with a bit more thought than most. Entertaining for fans due to setting, low commitment.

  • Good game

    by Blaxxzet

    Could be better if coins could be used to purchase gems

  • fun....but the balance is waaay off

    by luv_my_girls

    I've spent a grand total of 20 bucks in gems,and out of that I've gotten 3 legendary characters,have also got at least 10 epic characters from the champion card packs,and have gotten 3 epics from repeating challenge quests and more rare cards from the same challenge quests then I can count. spend gems to refill your energy & grind the challenge quests, u'll get more desirable characters this way

  • Incredibly fun

    by Emix-

    It's a regular TCG but with 3D figures and that small little feature is what makes this game a lot more fun and addictive to play. It's not a game where you have to spend money every turn to have a chance to compete everyone can get the best heroes and it would all depend on luck not how much cash you have.

  • Awesome game

    by Huey Lane

    Great game, very addictive!

  • Pay to play!!!

    by Joetheboss7

    This game seems like it has potential. However, it seems like it is ruined by this pay to play mechanic. Oh yeah, since its a pay to play, it's definitely a pay to win!!

  • Heroes just stare at each other

    by Mohammad Lee

    Used to be a semi decent paywall game, but now with the update,expect you and your enemies to just compete it an endless stare off, with no hope of it ever ending, or the ability to quit. Gotta love the combination of a retarded buggy update and the idiocy of having no way to quit a battle. Classic EA

  • Addicting then stalls

    by SomeLlama

    I was expecting more control of my heroes in battle but the fully automated keeps things flowing nicely. Only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is how fast the difficulty ramps up around single player map 4 or 5. I shouldn't have to make an in-app purchase to feel like I can progress through the game successfully.

  • Heros of dragon age

    by anna boesch

    Very fun but I'd love a PC version

  • Zamboe

    by Whipitgofaster

    Fun game, build heroes and battle, craft a good team and keep a lookout for the next epic or legendary hero to add to the mix

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