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Seller: Dzianis Kandratsin

- Lots of new cool designs for your status bar added!
- Bugfix & performance improvements

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Create a new awesome look for your status bar!

Attention: for best results, follow instructions in the app carefully.

Get ready to add the finishing touch to the unique style of your device – now you can change the look of your status bar to your liking. Experiment with design of the bar area, color of the service dots and the battery icon and make your friends green with envy!

* Choose from a wide variety of status bar designs
* Change the color of service dots
* Tweak the tint of the battery icon
* Take advantage of the stunning wallpaper collection. Enjoy regular updates!
* Add a cool status bar to your favorite photo and create a truly personal wallpaper

Unleash your imagination and spice up your Home and Lock Screen with a custom status bar!

Please note: The app doesn’t change the color of status bar. It gives you the best way to customize your wallpapers with a great status bar look instead. As a result, you get a unique, bright wallpaper that makes your status bar shine!

Customer Reviews

  • Fun

    by Jswirski

    This app is fun and great!!! You can literally change everything to what YOU want it to be.

  • Amazing!!!!!!

    by Hellokitty123hsbebd

    This app is amazing! I love it

  • Good, but know why it works.

    by codematrix

    Nice little app, just know that to use it you will have to turn off parallax in reduced motion. In IOS 7.1 the wallpaper can be fixed in place without turning off everything else. $1.99, don't raise the price.

  • Very good.

    by Lexxynichole

    This app works for the iPhone 5c. You have to follow all the directions. If you do not then it will not.

  • Pretty good!

    by Loves2tap- Steph

    It works great if u follow the directions for the most part! But when you plug your phone in to charge the battery bar no longer lines up because the little lightening bult gets in the way. Other than that I like it!

  • work in progress

    by carolyne z

    I like the idea of the app but iphone needs to find a way to use images in their original sizes for wallpapers. that's why this app doesn't work. if you can't use the photos they ask you to save in the size they're supposed to be used in, what's the point of apps like this?

  • Waste of money

    by Kriskross1

    This doesn't work !!. Not on the 5s at least

  • Pretty good

    by Embobjo

    It is pretty cool, it does what it says, the only thing is when your phone is charging, the batter thing moves so it looks a little funky, other than that, it's pretty cool.


    by Love99910298

    This app does everything it claims to do! I have customized my iPhones wallpaper with no probolem!

  • Great app

    by YJewelle

    Does exactly as described. Make sure to follow the directions and it's perfect. Love having a way to customize my status bar.

  • Waste of $1.99

    by katie.squatch

    The idea is great but the app it's self is awful... Don't buy it

  • Gay

    by Big matt 59

    I wished it actually changed the real service bar and battery but it doesn't it's a terrible app

  • Doesn't Work

    by Riley Hintz

    Doesn't actually work only gives a wallpaper

  • Don't work

    by Samijolovesjared

    I spent the money to get this app and it don't work. Changed nothing. Not happy.

  • Don't work

    by Samijolovesjared

    I spent the money to get this app and it don't work. Changed nothing. Not happy.

  • Disappointing!

    by GApeachLCB

    This app doesn't do what it says, and is a complete waste of money.

  • NO

    by DanielleNicole07

    Doesn't work with your photos

  • Not worth the $$$

    by Danielle Majors

    I didn't care for this app. I wasn't impressed with the limited choices for wallpapers. Some of the battery and service dot choices did not line up correctly. This app came off cheap looking and I would not recommend.

  • Can I get my money back!?!?

    by Mandaboofacr

    Sounds like such a cool concept... When you actually download it and attempt to put it to use it's terrible! You have to reduce the motion on your phone for it to work anyway, and doing that makes your phone feel so plain... But not even that, the status bar and it's fancy little battery icon and it's service dots... Don't even line up with the actual ones on my screen!!!! I tried both wallpapers it saved to my gallery and neither of them worked. Terrible!!!! Deleting!!!! Such a waste of $1.99!!!!

  • Don't buy it

    by Rag dolls88

    I didn't like it. First you need the motion background on sucking the life from your battery. Second, when I was trying to set it up it was cool but I couldn't get it to stay. I'll keep trying but battery life is too precious to me.

  • Does not work

    by Ebrown1111

    I have the iphone 5c and it resizes photos when you try to set them as your background and therefore this app doesn't work. I wish I had known.

  • Wish I read a few more reviews

    by MaryBeth21

    This app doesn't do what it says. It's a waste of money. It doesn't actually change any thing- it puts colored icons in a wallpaper and then when you set it, your status bar has an underlay when you are looking at the wallpaper. Solid waste of money.

  • Doesn't work on iPhone 5s

    by KMBRLY

    Doesn't work on iPhone 5s. Don't waste your money if you have one.

  • LAME


    Waste of my money man!!

  • No way!

    by JordanRN373

    Such a waste of my money! Can't believe I spent 1.99 on this and it doesn't truly change it it just saves a wallpaper to make it look like it's changed. Don't buy this, waste of money.

  • Useless

    by Norma001

    Pointless App

  • Don't buy it

    by Tataiabat

    Waist of money, it's just a wallpaper.

  • Does not work!

    by Tambramarie

    Doesn't work. And can't get a refund.

  • Not for the 5C

    by Mcooper507

    The app didn't even work with my phone so don't buy it of you have the 5C

  • Dont buy!!

    by Woooorts app ever

    It's just an image. It's not what it looks like. DONT BUY!

  • Grrrr

    by Magalulu11

    Worst app ever ! Just a waste of money -_____-

  • NO.

    by taylahtaye

    this is such a waste of money. 1.99 to set a picture for your background? um, no. it doesn't even change the status bar, it's an image for your lock and home screen. this was the biggest waste of money. don't buy it. oh, and if you have a 5(C or S) any of those models, it won't work at all.

  • Colorful

    by poeticstitcher

    Very colorful but it didn't work in my iPhone 5s.....

  • Horrible!!!

    by Hmkwarren

    This is misleading and a waste of money!!! You can only take a picture of the status bar you want. It doesn't actually change it on your phone!!!

  • Horrible.

    by Victoria Gibboni

    Don't buy it. Basically a picture of what you want. Waste of money.

  • Junk

    by Gmsytgv


  • Wack

    by Elvin Segovia

    Like I said wack

  • You have to reduce motion

    by Time19

    When you turn on reduce motion air takes if all the animations just for sum ugly wallpaper/status bar .

  • Don't Bother

    by Hdhshsjaj

    Read the title.. Lol I only bought because it was an adverisement on a paid app I trust, but now you know not to buy!

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