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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: David Georgia

1,New version supports iPad.

2,You don't want to miss this version!
-- In this version, 800 new sound effects in 9 categories were added, including very popular sound effects, like:
#dead_giveaway#, #bed-intruder-song#, #achmed-dead-terorist#, #achmed-flymch# #mr-bean# and other 800 more sound effects with #real photos#.

9 new categories: Soun Effects, Animals, DJ&Remix, Funny, Human, Ringtones, Gun&Machines, Nature, SMS&Alerts.

See details below.
Sound Effects 2, including 110 new sound effects.



Sound Effects 3, including 109 new sound effects.



DJ&Remix Sound Effects, including 60 new DJ&Remix sound effects:


Funny Sound Effects, including 57 funny sound effects.


Human Sound Effects, including 134 sound effects.



Gun&Machine Sound Effects, including 64 sound effects.



Ringtones, including 65 ringtones sound effects.



Nature Sound Effects, including 47 sound effects.

SMS&Alerts., including 70 SMS&Alerts sounds


Customer Ratings

Current Version:
12 Ratings
All Versions:
744 Ratings


Notice: There are 100 more sound effects in this Pro version than in free version.
Check it carefully.
The price of 100 sound effects is usually $4.99, now
get them for ONLY 99 cents.

Best-selling app in many countries.
$3.99-->$0.99 for very limited time!
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What's new?
-- In this new version, 800 sound effects in 9 categories were added, including:

Sound Effects 2,
Sound Effects 3,
DJ&Remix Sound Effects,
Funny Sound Effects,
Human Sound Effects,
Ringtones Sound Effects,
SMS&Alerts Sound Effects,
Gun&Machines Sound Effects,
Nature Sound Effects.

I present to you this Ultimate Sound Effects App! It plays 920+ variations of sound effects with real photos, such as sounds of:

-Arrow Impact Human
-Balloon Squeak
-Bicycle Bell Ring
-Boxing Bell Ring
-Switch Gear
-Buzzer Button
-Cash Register
-Cat Meow
-Cell Ringtone
-Child Laugh
-Cow Moo
-Crash Auto
-Deep Breath
-Door Knock
-Drill Electric
-Truck Horn
-Fire Truck Siren
-Bike Horn
-Cruise Ship Horn
-Horse Neigh
-Lightning Bolt
-Merry Xmas
-Metal Detector
-Monkey Colobus
-Monster Growl
-Morse Code
-Ninja Star Throw
-Party Favor Noise
-Pc Keyboard
-Telephone Speaker
-Time Melody Clock
-Toilet Flush
-Train Whistle
-Women Scream
and many more other sounds.

Also, please give this app a nice review and we will keep on updating this app.

Additional information
- Easy to use.
- Fun to play with.
- Original and Loud sounds.
- You can listen to your favorite sounds all the time

Customer Reviews

  • Owl sound

    by Rosibuds

    Fun! Each time I play one for a friend, they want to download it! The Owl sound actually scares the crows away from our yard! Thanks for the fun.

  • Pandappleatr2001

    by MPesquera

    Ae it's okay:|

  • Cool

    by chrismac35

    It is cool but needs to be louder!

  • Works very well

    by Fangblade.

    I am amazed at how many people dont like this great app. There are so many options to use the sounds in a special order. I think that this app is AMAZING 

  • Great

    by dccruzr


  • Sweet

    by Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeęxy boy

    This app is funny they don't sound that real but thats what makes it funny but most of them sounded real.....................you should get it

  • Cool

    by Enamink

    Pretty cool

  • Divertido

    by xnurris

    Muy divertido

  • My review

    by Marines56

    Love it!!

  • It's ok

    by gterhro911

    It works, but there is multiple of the same sounds, If I were you I would just get the free version. Not exactly worth 99¢

  • YOU #

    by Speedhound

    WHY YOU ###########

  • No stars.

    by ssqweeky

    How do I get my money back.

  • Sound effects

    by H-boots

    Paid the money got nothing! Need to be locked up ripping people off

  • Unsupported & BUGGY

    by rod.musselman

    Purchasing the FULL APP only served to remove the upgrade notices. My visit to the Support website revealed ONLY marketing information in other products, but NO SUPPORT for this product. It's an unsupported SCAM, so far as I can tell. That this is my SECOND app rating, for this specific app, only reflects poorly upon this Apple Support vehicle, given the complete disappearance if my earlier rating & similar complaints.

  • Garbage

    by karate monkey


  • App no good

    by Digglar

    Doesn't even work

  • Bad deal

    by Good sounds but a rip off

    I clicked to buy the app upgrade as I all ready had the base app installed. I was charged but the upgrade was not provided. I was sold the exact same app I had. DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$$$$

  • Ringtones?

    by super shane

    But how do you put them on ur phone to actually use them as a ringtone?

  • Scary App

    by FGS1956

    Somehow it put an ad for buying more sound apps on my iPhone login screen.

  • Doesn't work

    by Precious walk

    Don't waste your time buying this app

  • Sounds effects pro

    by vmoby


  • Horrible

    by Pugsley926

    Take that dollar to upgrade it and throw it away.... That's what your getting.

  • Rating

    by Visionsofhonour

    It's ok but, when u purchase the upgrade, they give you duplicate sounds also as if your getting a great deal or something! Got to do better than throwing in some of the sounds I already had! Use some creativity, geez!! And definately louder! We want to use this app in public places and movie theaters and such!

  • Horrible

    by LouisianaLady79

    It is missing a lot of the sounds. Waste of space and money.

  • App / ringtones

    by kuhn¥

    Such a blah app! Apparently created wanted money and not a quality product. I too had problems with install, as the number (upgrade reminder) remained for weeks. I finally bought pro version, what a +\#%€. Find a new one. Betty

  • Krooks

    by tommygun82

    App doesn't work

  • Useless

    by timmie84

    Can't get it to load. Must go to website to use and it won't work. Takes your money for nothing. And I have NEVER written bad review before.

  • Not so much upgrade

    by Squat to Pee

    Mostly the same sounds from free one. New ones are repeated over again with different labels, at least 2x (few even same label and sound, but different pages) would not waste time or space paying for basically same (no owl on upgrade) as free. Wish could have $ back.

  • No

    by Sa12245

    I Dont know how to use this app no instruction very bad

  • Don't bother

    by KimEbs

    Wouldn't waste the space.

  • Doesn't work.

    by Mcbigham

    Not able to send ringtones to my iPhone as. Link in email says 403 FORBIDDEN. Code: access denied.

  • Doesn't work

    by Mlemolo

    I would like my money back it doesn't work

  • Fart!!!! Fart!!!! Fart!!!

    by No good app!!!!

    Don't buy this app!!! It doesn't work. Please give my money back!!!!!!!! Waste of time and money.

  • Horrible!!

    by Animal lover1033

    It doesn't work!! I was messing with it for hours! Don't get it!!!

  • No work

    by kako GD

    No work I want my money back

  • Doesn't work

    by Whitthepit

    Dont buy this!!!!! It doesn't work

  • Lame

    by Joe B

    Not even worth the one star. I want my money back.

  • Not working

    by Mariajon

    I want my .99 cents back.. No sounds at all... Grrr

  • How do I get the ring tones onto my phone?

    by Arink5

    I paid .99 and got nothing but an app w lame sound bites i cant set as sounds on my iphone 4? After I but i am informed There is supposed to be an email i sync to my phone through itunes to get the ring tones.. Really? How do I request that again?

  • Rip-off

    by Mayra Scott

    Not worth my .99¢ did not work :(


    by Sagior-Wilson


  • Don't get it

    by Wordlost

    I want my .99 cents back

  • Zzzzz

    by CINss65

    Not working. I want my $$$ back.

  • As the crow says, this app is Caw Caw!

    by yelnatsr

    Keeps prompting to upgrade. I finally paid the $.99 because it said that I would be able to use the sounds as ring tones. Once downloaded it says that you cannot directly add the sounds into the ring tone folder. I first has to email the file to myself. Once done the email contained a link that I thought would add the ring tones, but Oh No! Instead I was taken to a download site that offered me 1 free download of the very slow variety, or I could pay to get it done faster. I chose the slow method and after waiting the long slow period of time I was told that this would not work with Safari. Grrrrrrr I give them one star and hours and hours of their own fart sounds!

  • Ksa

    by Khalida al-otaibi

    The app not working.I want my mony back

  • Volume is way to low

    by Garykin215

    Volume is way to low

  • Meo

    by Dip top

    Bad do not work

  • Miner

    by JFBme!

    I bought the first app. Then kept sending pop up's to upgrade, so I did! Not worth the .99 cents! Now I'm getting app updates to upgrade more when there is none to begin with. It shows installed and update won't go away! Pile of %#+=!

  • Waste of time

    by #€£¥

    Do not waste your money. I still can not figure out how to use the sounds for a ring tone. This site is a rip off. SAVE YOUR MONEY

  • It now works with up grade and I was able to get the sounds to work on my iPhone

    by lae1reviewer

    The app didn't work and once I bought the upgrade the previous free version keeps asking that I buy the same upgrade I have already purchased. I agree with the last reviewer, save your $0.99.

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