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bug sound fix

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The best Vegeta soundboard available on appstore, including over 120 sounds and the best quotes like "over 9000", and many more.

get it now, for special introduction price of 0.99

Customer Reviews

  • fix it's over9000

    by Arcee3242

    fix its over 9000 to long

  • Best

    by ElectroPanic

    Best app ever. Vegeta has an answer or comeback for everything so I don't have to.

  • Clown

    by Kcrayne

    Only thing missing is Vegeta calling Goku a clown. Other wise awesome

  • Vegeta is the best i love it

    by Ssj4 goku girl 4 life

    1) is is soo fun and funny 2) vegeta is so cute 3) can you make iraditz please 4) I am a big fun of dragon ball z

  • New version

    by Ian Riddoch

    I think there should be a Gohan, Goku, Piccilo, and Goten sound tracks

  • 4 stars

    by G24567

    Needs big bang final flash and galick gun for 5 stars

  • Love it

    by Ingrid Cuevas

    I love this app if Ur a true vegeta fan GET IT!!!!!

  • Amazing Vegeta Soundboard

    by Grimmfury

    Only ONE thing was left out that keeps me from giving a 5 star. You left out his Galick Gun attack, and not just the sound of the attack, but him calling it out first, then the attack sound. Please add this.

  • I like to use it

    by thisnicknameistakenchooseagain

    every time I stress out, Vegeta helps me get better by using the words to my cousins...:3

  • Fixed

    by Biglou814

    Version 1.5 fixed bug.. Awesome app im happy again.. I can go over 9000

  • Better

    by Lakota86

    The new update is better just updated it and it opens and doesn't crash it's a lot better

  • The best of the best!

    by KitKat11051998

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD MORE. I am in love with vegeta and there's just not enough voices for me

  • Missing one

    by Sergioxx16

    You cant have vegeta whith out my favorite quote that make vegeta from the rest "ill blast you to Oblivion"

  • For vegeta fans indeed

    by Ultradex

    It's really good! It has the best vegeta quotes. Vegeta fans should totally buy it.

  • Dragon Ball Z Vegeta

    by Shadow_Elite11

    Vegeta is so cool he rocks. Inma huge fan and i watched all DB DBZ and DBGT LONG LIVE THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS( Vegeta )

  • If you're a vegeta fan it's awesome!!

    by Lex4901

    This app is awesome it's worth it,but I agreed even though it's awesome it could be better all it needs is more quotes...that's all I can think of so....BUY THE APP!!!

  • Almost

    by VegetaRage

    The over 9000 quote is too long. And it is not blended right you can hear where it loops. The other sounds are epic. 5 stars when most famous quote sounds right

  • Epic app

    by Erick 384738

    Vegeta, what's the scouter say about this app?!IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!!!!

  • Good

    by Aaron Blank

    I like it but I wish they had better quotes on it

  • GREAT!!!!

    by Aralon fan

    This is perfect it's got all the best quotes! A majin buu sound board would be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the hell?

    by Armen nikoghosyan

    The app would be perfect if I could actually hear it. It doesn't have access to my microphone the way my other soundboards do, and I can't get the app to accept access.

  • Incorrect " over 9000"

    by MikeDote

    The " over 9000" needs to be fix. It has been stretch out, making it sound not as good and more unrealistic. It should either be fixed or add sound option thats straight from the show. Then I'll give this 5-stars hands down.

  • Crash update

    by Da assassin84

    Was good until a couple days ago from the update. Just crashes as soon as u open it. Im not installing anymore updates. They just mess ur fun up. Straight up.

  • God damnit!

    by Sirmantha

    I just wasted money on this! If it doesn't even open because it has a bug and it wont even open FIX IT or take it down! I got so excited and downloaded it without reading the comments and this is what I get!

  • Fix please

    by TAnnerIIx

    Force closes as soon as I open it

  • Crash!

    by brody the man

    Every time I try to get into it, it crashes.

  • Does not open!!!!!!!!

    by Anperaill

    I just wasted my money on something that will not open at all!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

  • Awesome app 1 problem

    by CorVok

    The latest update has a bug this app will no longer load on my phone n I have the iPhone 4

  • Nice update

    by Djw9001

    Does nothing but crash now

  • best app ever

    by quiche and buddy !!!!!!

    must get if you are a true sayain

  • Awesome

    by Tsoukie

    It's so good I wish I could rate it with OVER 9000 stars

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