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Official scream soundboard, beware of imitations.

The best Scream soundboard available on appstore, over 60 sounds with the best sound quality, including the best quotes like "Do you like scary movies?", and many more
get it now, for special introduction price of 0.99

Customer Reviews

  • Ehh.

    by Cassigilvin

    Some really good sounds... but you can't really make a conversation with it... you need more simple answers like "Hello" and the voice asks "What's the name of the killer in Friday the 13th?" and then there is no reply to it! Also one of the sounds is "Freddy! Right!" but there is no question for it... so could you at least add "Hello", "No! Jason doesn't come in until the second one! It's Jason's mother!", and "Who is the killer in Nightmare on Elm Street"

  • Need some work

    by Ben123568

    1. Need to sound like ghost face a little bit more like ghost face 2. They should make it were you can call and sound like ghost face 3. They should make a page of the first scream and scream 2 and 3 and 4 4 they should have more sayings 5. Other then that a great app

  • Voice app

    by Anonymous12345432177

    I wouldn't buy unless you want the background sound in the voices. Other than that it's a good app.

  • Good

    by C-Bass122

    It's pretty good

  • Awsome

    by Blahmouth

    I love this app it's awsome

  • Love

    by 

    Love love love love

  • Great app

    by BellisBoy

    I love this app but it would be great if u added new phrases the ones now r getting old

  • Amazing

    by GhostfaceX

    It's a very great app but the new update for it exits out the app. Please fix this. I love this app.

  • Takes awhile

    by UofM11

    It takes awhile cause it just goes back to the home screen when u click on the app

  • Worth it

    by 144444444ggggdfuj

    It is better than all of the other ones so it's worth it!! ;)


    by Tori 717


  • Advice

    by Truhorrorfan

    If u really wanna make ppl happy, u should make an app that makes you sound like ghostface, u know when you talk into the iPod it comes out sounding like him so that way u can say whatever u want while prank calling ppl i would deffinetly recommend it then.

  • Very happy

    by Ficklecat

    This is the best sound board by far, the voice is clear and it has all the great quotes from more than the first movie. If your a scream fan, get this app.

  • Good

    by Horseinaround

    This is a great app and my name is sidney and this is my fav!:)) P.s u spelled sydney wrong its S.i.d.n.e.y

  • Scream soundboard

    by ooo-Turner-ccc

    finally a good scream soundboard, the greatest quotes are here now I'm ready for pranking hehehe.

  • Awesome

    by Rolph-king

    Update to more sounds please there awesome

  • Best soundboard

    by Grey Wallet

    I own the three Scream soundboards from appstore and I can tell that this one is the best so far, the most complete, the best quotes, the best audio quality and is more stable, if you are thinking on buy a Scream soundboard definitively get this one

  • Scream voice modifier

    by Milky wayy

    It stinks. There is noise in the background which ruins it.

  • Horrible

    by Tigers620

    It stops installing and never finishes

  • Awful

    by Teddy Nashed

    Serious waste of money. Didn't even work. What's the point of having this out?!

  • SCAM

    by Ruben_Rivera1

    Don't buy its a scam!!

  • Update iPhone 4s

    by ChildishCriss

    It used to work but now it doesn't open...

  • App doesn't Work

    by Stab 5

    This used to be a good app, but ever since it got updated, the app won't even open, please fix this.

  • Goes back to screen

    by DaBunkster

    Total garbage! Do not buy!! Bought for my son without reading the reviews. Every time I try it goes back to the home screen! JUNK! JUNK! JUNK!

  • Hate!!!!

    by Kasterb

    Was good until the update now just closes the app off back to home screen

  • News photographer

    by Newsman mantis

    Why is this an app???I just wasted my money on this garbage.DO NOT BUY !!!!!

  • Garbage

    by Thecalebg6005

    Awful app. Does absolutly nothing but play back Quotes from the movie. There is no voice changer. You cant even play the quotes over a phonecall... Dont understand any point in this app. Wouldnt download it if it were free...

  • Not very good..

    by iLoveMeow

    I wish it would have been free. Dosnt sound clear.

  • App horrible

    by DaByrd34

    This app Does nothing!!!! NOTHING!!! Should have used the .99 cents on some candy or something!!! Complete waste!!!!! Wish I could give a negative 5 Stars!!!!

  • Ugh

    by Dustin Anderson

    It won't play the sounds. Worst app ever. Don't waste your money on it.

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