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The first Real Tarot app
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why real?

in real tarot you really choose your cards, you can see the cards passing through the screen, is more than a simple circle interface, is a complete interactive experience.
the most complete tarot app

- 43 different spreads to choose, each spread are fully detailed and explained.

- spreads by categories:
+ General
+ Love / Relationships
+ Family / Home / Spiritual
+ Finance / Bussiness / Work / Carrer

- resumed and in-depth analisis meaning of each card, made by experts on tarot reading, detailed for upright and reversed cards.

- full 78 card index including the meaning for upright and reversed cards.

- email your spread with full details and graphics.

- Full step by step tutorial.

- intelligent record feature for your spreads.

and much more.

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Ashley6203

    Love it

  • 5stars!

    by Louisa.Abq

    This app does deserve 5 stars! Reason being I only did 4 is bc 1st-missing star is due to me not knowing how to read cards, and 2nd-missing star is bc I'm not sure which way to read the cards. It gives a couple ways of reading the card and it just confuses me. I get alot of "Reversed" cards and I do read the reversed meaning but then it gives a few others that I'm not sure if pertain to me or not.... I NEED HELP!!! :(

  • One mistake

    by adrienne_daniel

    The "in depth analysis" for the reversed "10 of swords" is unfortunately the description of the reversed "9 of swords" please correct that and I'll give you 5 stars.

  • Great App - Best Tarot Out There

    by jeffablackburn

    I have many Tarot apps, but this one is by far the best. The in-depth readings are wonderful. I don't like the slow scrolling cards, but that is minor compared to the entire app. If you only get one Tarot App, get this one.

  • Very good!

    by Astarlili

    I'm really surprised by this app. Nicely done and quite accurate! Been reading cards for decades, but every description book leaves you confused more than not. Like your clear analysis. Would appreciate one small feature add-on. To be able to "title" the reading, before and/or after the reading is generated. I would like to title with a name in some cases. Thanks! You did good!

  • Ten of swords

    by NewReader22

    Love the app very accurate thus far. But the typo on Ten of swords needs to be fixed right away. Had to Google what ten of swords means. Hope it was right!

  • by Lit.

  • Very impressed

    by Akuma (Demon)

    I find this app to me very accurate and I love how it has such detailed explanations for the cards that are chosen.

  • The BEST!!!

    by Vitaha

    I was very sceptical in the very beginning but the drawn interpretation results appeared to be very deeply interpreted and explained. Agree that it needs some improvement as some users stated above but I still gave it 5 stars for it's uniqueness and detailed complex explanation in comparison to other similat apps.

  • Exceptional...but....

    by Gldst11

    As an avid tarot reader for many years, this is by far the most thorough and accurate descriptive tarot app I've found yet! The choices and spread details exceed expectations. I do agree with another reviewer, however, that there should be the option to turn off reversed cards---I do not use these in readings either. Also, the ability to add notes/updates to saved readings would be helpful. Looking forward to these being resolved in the future update. Otherwise, this app is one of the best and I would have definitely given it a 5 star rating!

  • This app is pretty amazing!

    by Antonio Enzo

    There is something to this app!!!! Very strange!!!!!

  • Excellent app...

    by Asi Es Cierto

    I've read Tarot for 34 years and this is a very nice app. The card graphics are of the Rider-Waite deck and are very nice. The cards are explained very well. Not only is this fun, but for new and experienced readers alike, you can look at many types of spreads and add them to your repertoire. There are more spreads than you can believe and they are all nicely in categories and easy to find. You can also find any card you want fast and use this to learn. By far, this is the best Tarot program available on iTunes. There are a couple of things that would make this better. 1. Put in a setting that allows the user to turn off "reversed cards". At this point, you must use them, there is no choice. In my readings, I do not use reversed cards and is a real nuisance to not be able to turn it off. I deduct 1 star for this. 2. Let the user write the question after they save the spread. Or at least make a few notes or something. I did not deduct any stars for this. But it would be a HUGE improvement. Hopefully the developers will keep developing this program. It is absolutely worth the money now and with those two improvements it would be better still. ***Update on 30 Jan, 2012*** On top of this being a really solid program, they have great support. They contacted me within a day of sending them an email. They said that in the next release they would activate the ability to turn off reversed cards. I'm even more impressed.


    by Greek from greenbay

    I already tried to use other tarot apps to learn tarot cards readings, but cards interpretations from others apps are incomplete or confused, Real tarot Pro have the best interpretation for each card, including the resumed and in-depth analysis (this last one explore all the possibilities of the card based on the spreads), great and the best way to learn to read the tarot cards, the card index is easy to use to for moving around cards,I make 3 spreads readings on this app, and the 3 are incredibly precise, worth every cent.

  • Amazing !

    by Murray Lowrider

    Is amazing !, very accurate and complete tarot app, you must have it !

  • Typo

    by Gerinp12

    The 10 of swords meaning is the duplicate of the nine. Please fix!!

  • Great app. Except?

    by Fortyninerfansx2

    I really agree that this is a great Tarot app. However, are all these apps written in non-english speaking countries. If you can afford to write an app, is it to much to ask that you hire someone who speaks english to translate whatever your source language is. This would help me understand the card meanings so much better. Thanks for the app!

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