Sofia the First: Story Theater Entertainment App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

• Get ready to play with Sofia and her friends in a new holiday-themed Royal Theater!
• New characters, costumes, props, and backgrounds for holiday fun

Have fun creating countless Wassalia adventures with Sofia in her Royal Theater.

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• Get ready to play with Sofia and her friends in a new holiday-themed Royal Theater!
• New characters, costumes, props, and backgrounds for holiday fun

Have fun creating countless Wassalia adventures with Sofia in her Royal Theater.

Once upon a time, in Enchancia, there was an every-day girl named Sofia who became a real Princess when her mother married the King. Sofia discovered a new world full of tiaras, gowns, balls, and enchantment. Read her story and see for yourself how she discovered the real meaning of being a Princess.

After the story, it’s time to create adventures of your own in the Royal Theater—newly updated with Holiday treats! Choose from lots of Holiday-themed costumes, characters, props, backgrounds and more. Simple puppet theater tools make it easy to create an animated fairytale all your own.

Additional features:

• Choose characters, backdrops, props, and music to personalize the theater's stage
• Use the multi-touch screen to play with a friend
• Record your performance and watch it over and over again

If you are experiencing difficulties with audio, please check to see if your device is muted in the in-app settings. Don’t hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or

Customer Reviews

  • I love it!

    by ASlovesdisney

    I really love this game! There is SOOO much to do! One suggestion- I really like Mickey Mouse and his gang. Can you make one just like this but for Mickey Mouse? That would maKe me so happy!

  • cute app

    by SuperSnick3

    My daughter loves this app, she is a big fan of Sofia

  • Hard to not expect more from Disney

    by solong4now

    Coming from Disney it’t hard to not expect more but this is a very basic app as far as the story goes, the extra features and animations on each page are at a bare minimum so much so that even my 5 year old was saying “That’s it?” by the end of the story. The play stage was decent enough for my daughter but not impressive by any means. Anyone else I might have given this 4 stars but from Disney I was generous giving it 3.

  • Good start, for 5 & up recommended

    by Applemongrel

    You know you could get a lot more sales if you allowed exporting of the puppet shows! Then they could be shared and seen by other parents & their kids. I had my daughter CRACKING UP easily on mic, would have been a cute FB post.

  • My 3 year old loves it.

    by MeggyMoo33

    She always asks me if I bought this for her. She plays it all the time. It might be a little old for her but she likes it.

  • Cute!

    by Miss-Pixie

    All the new puppets are fun to play with!

  • Good!

    by Serdg1994no82

    Very colorful ! Sister like !

  • Great, but

    by Mom622911

    Great app, but Halloween update doesn't work. It has been frustrating for my daughter.

  • Works great!

    by Chicken lover 99999999

    The Halloween thing works great!

  • Sofia

    by Violetas!

    The hollowing app is not working, my grandchildren like Sofia very much, please fix the hollowing problem!!!

  • I can't here u!

    by H.A.M.S.T.E.R!

    We luv this app,my sister and I luv sofia the 1. However when we try to listen to our recordings we can't hear our them. Volume not down. Hand not over loudspeaker at all. Settings have Volume up.

  • Halloween update DOESN'T WORK!!! :(

    by FlamieFireman

    Please fix this issue... Thanks!

  • Halloween update does not work..please fix.

    by Hintonmama

    Halloween update fails to work. Granddaughter disappointed. Please fix.

  • Great app- Halloween not downloading

    by Lilbirds

    We love this app and were excited to see the Halloween update- but it doesn't work :(

  • 3 yr old Daughter loves it!!!! And so do I

    by Faith&zoey

    This app has a great animated story to read to her, but our favorite thing is the DIY puppet theatre. We spend a lot of time making little plays that can be recorded and saved to play back later. Makes for a lot of fun on a rainy day. Also we've had this app for almost 2 months and we still have fun with it, was worth every penny:)

  • Cute App

    by Tara DeLancy-Martin

    My 3.5 year old loves this app.

  • 5 and 3 year old LOVE it!

    by Mundyq

    Great game....the puppet show has provided imaginative interactive fun for me and the kids, making up plays and recording them....playing them back is so fun! Best purchase!!

  • Kimmilita

    by Sandmanokc

    This app is so cute. My kids love it! The puppet theater is so much fun. There are so many languages available on the App, but no Portuguese!! It is one of the worlds most spoken languages, plus I know they already have the show translated as it is available in Portugal. My kids are half Portuguese and I would love for them to enjoy this app in Portuguese as well as English, for that I would give the extra star.

  • I love it

    by Courtney weeks

    This game is awesome I love it so much that my friend and I just can't stand it. Love it

  • Very Educational!!!!!!

    by Clever07

    This application is kind of expensive, but is good and educational. If your child likes stories. It has the story of Sophia the princess in several languages. In addition kids can make their own story and save it and play it back as many times as they wish. They can make more that one story with different characters and scenes. My 5 year old loves this application.

  • No sound!

    by StepherPeppers

    The sound on this app does not seem to work. I deleted and re-downloaded app but issue remains. Emailed app support and hoping for a solution.

  • Halloween Pack

    by Gufgfghffghg

    I purchased the Halloween Pack and the halloween icon disappeared and there was no Halloween stuff built into the main app. Looks like other people are experiencing the same thing.

  • Bad app

    by 130again

    This app works great on my iPhone however it does not work on my iPad. My daughters favorite part of the app is recording her voice. She is unable to do this on the iPad and I have read that others have the same issue. So how about we fix it, ok?

  • The recording doesn't work

    by Elisagh

    My daughter was excited to do her own story, but she couldn't record it... What's wrong? I don't know but it was a waste of money...

  • No Halloween

    by BetaChieftain

    Update: App updated and still no Halloween. Reducing my 3 stars to 2. Nice to know that Halloween has come and gone and they couldn't even get their stuff working. Lame. Same as everyone else. Halloween isn't working. I'm still giving the app three stars because this is my first time using it and my daughter loves it. It really is a very we'll done app.

  • Lousy app!

    by Tanya McDonald

    This app is lame. I downloaded it, because it was advertised on DisneyJunior & my daughter wanted it. I'm deleting it since she doesn't show any interest in it. There's not enough too this app. Just the story to Sophia which she already knows. She has no interest in the puppet theater either. It doesn't do anything but play music.

  • Not happy

    by Rjscarson

    I installed the update but the Halloween items did not download. Please fix before Halloween!!! I have a 5-year-old that's really unhappy!

  • Halloween update doesn't work.

    by Kristie85

    My little girl loves this app but the Halloween update will not work.

  • Big Fail!!!

    by spoissant91

    Loved it until the new update. Why offer Halloween themes and have it not work?! Way to make a 3 year old cry Disney!

  • Halloween app crap

    by LindsayMercer

    I have two very upset little girls over this Halloween update. They were so excited and now very disappointed. This should be fixed immediately. One highly upset customer

  • Halloween disappointment

    by Rowmom

    We updated but can't purchase the Halloween costumes! My daughter is very disappointed! Please fix soon!

  • Halloween is not working

    by Sideswipe sue

    The Halloween costume is not working. My daughter has been asking everyday, to which I reply everyday it's not working. PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Doesn't work most days

    by lollybug

    Glitchy and Halloween pack doesn't download either.


    by AngZey78

    so disappointed Halloween app does not work!! My four year old home with a broken arm was excited to use but of course did not work!! Please fix

  • Halloween NOT working!

    by Mm girls

    I hope someone looks at these reviews before Halloween is here and gone !!! I have sent a message and heard nothing! Very disappointed in this game and product. Perhaps we should be given our money back if no one can take the time to fix this site!!

  • Halloween update FAIL

    by Melca777

    What a disappointment! We love the puppet theater and were so excited for the Halloween update. Please fix soon…BEFORE Halloween!!

  • Halloween not working!

    by bluelunis

    Why put out an update to get kids excited and does. It even work! Do you not test before it is released? Try explaining to an upset child that she can't play!!!

  • Halloween Update

    by PowderMum

    Can't get the update to work. It keeps telling me to check my network settings. I get the message on 4G & Wi-Fi ... strange. Otherwise, my girls love it!

  • Halloween Fail!

    by TariP

    It would be great if the Halloween update actually worked-preferably before Halloween.

  • No tan bueno aun

    by Techdadsv2013

    El audio es en castellano (España) y no trae la opcion del audio en español latino. No se pueden hacer compras dentro de la app.

  • Halloween update fail

    by summersweetea

    My daughter loves this app, and we've been enjoying it since we purchased it a week ago. However, no matter how many ways we try, we cannot get the Halloween updates to work. She is quite disappointed and I am frustrated. Please fix this issue promptly. Thank you.

  • Waste

    by Ricardo de Masi

    Total waste of money. One story and the puppet show is a pain to work

  • No sound

    by Liar wood

    I thought it was my iPad but since reading other reviews, what the heck, either refund us or fix it. My daughter loves Sofia but I will not buy another app if this is how problems are handled and how you release an app...worthless without the sound

  • Where is the sound?

    by Investigative

    Went to the settings to turn on the music and sound, and it is just not happening. Does not have the same effect if it is silent. Maybe post something to let people know if there is something additional that we need to do. Not cool to charge for an app that does not work.

  • Not Working

    by PC10-11

    This App has NO SOUND!

  • Sofia The First

    by Suessupersalads

    My 8 year old is a very bright girl, does well in school, but finds this Ap quite boring. Puppet theater is not easy to figure out and not very engaging. Story feature is cute, but once you've watched it, there are no other stories offered. Ap needs much more development and updating.

  • So disappointing

    by Rob Bitler

    My child LOVES Sofia The First so the commercials all over Disney Jr made it a must-buy. My child is three (ol enough to understand ads and want what they're selling) but this app was a no-go. It is too difficult for it's target age group to use on their own. The book feature is over simple and generally boring.

  • My daughter loves it!!!

    by edmilson silva

    She's only 3 y.old but got the reading and recording so quickly! It's cute to listen to her recording the story, in her own way and you can save them! Did not have any problems wit audio or anything else, works great on my iPhone 4.

  • Love it!!

    by Cc7477

    My granddaughters love this application. The story is well told. Easy to follow.

  • Sound doesn't work

    by ASCSeattle73

    One story. Sound doesn't work. Low interactivity for $3.99. This could have been cool however Disney didn't put much effort into this one... I wouldn't recommend it.

  • No sound!

    by esauce1

    My daughter loves Sofia so I didn't mind paying $3.99 for this app but I regret doing so now because we get no sound! I've tried everything and still no sound! I hope we eventually get sound so my daughter can enjoy this app!! So disappointed! :(

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