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***Soar to new heights as you unlock the new characters from Disney’s upcoming film Planes!
***Locate the Disney’s Planes logo ANYWHERE, scan it with your camera, and unlock one character per day!
***Complete your adventure album to prepare for the film’s release in theatres in 3D August 9!

Disney’s Planes is flying into theatres in 3D August 9, so over the summer, be on the lookout for Dusty, El Chupacabra, and the rest of the characters popping up around you. When you spot anything with a logo for Disney’s Planes, open up your Scan & Fly and hold it up to the logo. Every day, you’ll have one opportunity to unlock a character and complete your Adventure Album!

You’ll also get an exclusive preview of the new Digital Storybook Deluxe for Disney’s Planes!

• Image recognition that allows you to scan a Disney’s Planes logo and unlock characters!
• One character trading card can be unlocked every day for a total of 10!
• Get an exclusive preview of the Digital Storybook Deluxe for Disney’s Planes!

Customer Reviews

  • Cool game

    by Turbo 213

    It is a good game I like it it's fun

  • Awesome but buggy

    by Dad of 2yr old

    When you earn badges it says 0 on iPad so you can't open new levels. iPhone is fine. Other than that it is a great game for 5 and up. I enjoy it too! My kid flipped over it.

  • Good game :)

    by Fffhhff

    A nice game. Great for kids and shows how the movie is.

  • Amazing

    by FutureCSI

    Best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dusty

    by Knopix80123

    Great game

  • Helooooo Dusty!

    by peaceloveandringo

    Collecting all the cards is a blast. Planes Adventure Album and Storybook Deluxe are a match made in heaven. Make sure you grab both!

  • Surprise!

    by Minnie11

    I love this app! I can't wait to unlock all the cards in the special albums!

  • Planes

    by Dydykfyduf


  • Disney Planes

    by We love Planes

    We can't get the scan and play feature to work. Any suggestions?

  • Mr

    by Darren Payne

    All this game achieves is frustration for the child and a headache for the parent. It appears to be nothing more than a way for Disney to pull in more cash. Do not touch this game with a barge pole.

  • Disappointed

    by Baileycat01

    You only get like 4 pages and the rest of the book is extremely overpriced at $7. My son likes it, but then gets mad every time he hits the last page in this he has basically stopped playing with it. Would buy the whole app if it was cheaper....$7 is way too much in my opinion.

  • Not worth the time

    by PW296

    The storybook app is very cool. However, the "Scan and Fly" is sort of dumb. The idea is you're supposed to be able to scan a new plane every day. However, the app only allows you to scan once every 24 hours - meaning if you scan at 7pm on Tue, you'll get an error message if you try to scan again at 5pm on Wed. They should have gone with calendar days instead.

  • Scan?

    by LilMansMom

    Why do you need a smartphone to play this app? We do not own one so we cannot get more planes? That is ridiculous! Disney may have been trying to come up with something original with this idea but it severely limits who can purchase and use this. My kids are so sad about the scan feature that requires a phone.

  • The bad review

    by Cmbow89

    I don't like this it even says play

  • Boring $ maker

    by Mariposa Immortale

    Not a full app, has like 5 pages and then tells you to buy the rest. Not very interactive. You can collect a character card once per 24 hours... Tells you to "scan and fly" but there is no flying at all. It doesn't do anything. I thought once you collected a character you could fly him like a little game, but not so. This is basically just an advertisement to increase marketing for the movie and their book you have to buy. Frustrated my kid. Not worth the download space.

  • So-so

    by Binkser

    Only five pages of the story are available with this app. It isn't a game. You scan a Planes logo & get cards with a characters picture - one per 24 period. I took a picture of the printable logo with my phone (under the information section) and scan that.

  • Don't bother.

    by NylonKnot

    Basically you can't play this unless you have a Disney Planes logo to unlock the story/game. I'm not going out to buy something with the planes logo just so my kid can play the game. The other option is to print out a planes logo. Yes, Disney, please let me go through the hassle of stopping what I am doing, turning on the computer, finding a planes logo to print, printing it out and scanning it into the game so my kid can play. No thanks. I'd rather delete the game.

  • I hate it

    by Rearview23

    U can't fly and the next day u have to scan it again and can't find one

  • It's all a scam

    by Jake Connor

    To make you by a $.7.00 app U can't even fly the planes I love air planes but I'm not about 2 spend $ 7.00 on a app and I suggest u do the same.

  • I hate it

    by Lol is my thing

    I hate it and the title says it all its boring I thoght it would be more like the app turbo can you make a update so you can do things like that

  • This docent work

    by KJH1123

    I hate it

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