Newsies Photo Booth Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Feb, 14 2013
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Size: 26.83 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

Optimized performance and minor bug fixes.

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NEWSFLASH! Disney On Broadway is proud to bring you The Newsies Photo Booth – the official app of the Tony® Award-Winning Newsies Broadway Musical! Add Newsies to your photos and share with friends for instant joy!

* • * • * • * • * • * • * • * • * • * • *
Give your pictures a kick of moxie with The Newsies Photo Booth – proudly delivered to you by the Tony® Award-Winning Newsies The Musical.
* • * • • * • * • * • * • * • * • * • *

INSTANT PICTURE PERFECTION In a few speedy taps, you can now turn any photo into a front-page sensation with the ability to add your favorite Newsies characters.
1.) Snap or load any photo. 2.) Add your favorite Newsies in different poses. 3.) Scale, rotate and flip any pose with simple finger gestures. 4.) Quickly enhance the brightness, contrast and tint. 5.) Tap the “Done” button and Presto!

Save any creation to your library and share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

BONUS FEATURES At the touch of a button, The Newsies Photo Booth transforms into the Newsies mobile website – where you can learn more about the musical and reserve tickets online.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome but...

    by amcunningham123

    This app is really cool and fun but missing Crutchie! (Andy Richardson) Add him and this app will be perfect :)

  • Newsies photo booth app

    by Peter Pan and Wendy Darling

    I love this app. It's one of my faves, especially since the update. Because I had it on my old phone when all you had was Corey, Kara, Capathia, and a few more, and I have to admit I was disappointed because you didn't have more but then you updated it and now you have Adam Kaplan, Kara and Corey together, and etc. and I LOVE it!!!!

  • Where is cruchie?

    by LOLLY101123

    Fun app but missing our fav character, Andy Richardson as Crutchie!!! Very disappointing!!!! Please fix it Disney!

  • Great App

    by dunnyrabbit

    Works perfect! Even better if you're a Fansie!

  • Newsies

    by Newsies #1 Fansie

    I love this app!!!!!! But when are you going to add crutchie? He is one of my favorites! You also need Les!!!! Can I suggest one of Jack singing Santa Fe? Oh and you need more shots of more than one person. I would also love to add more than 3 pics! I have so many favorites!!! Anyway, this app is AWESOME! I use it all the time and can't wait for even more updates!!!!!

  • Great for Fansies :)

    by Countless Carrots

    This is a really great app- perfect for the Fansie on the go, craving to see some Newsies. A must have for all Newsies fanatics. :)


    by Dena Winchester

    There's nothing I love more than taking pics with newsies boys...but there are so few! It would be better with all the newsies boys, not just the selected few

  • AKB

    by M&M Wrapper

    WHERE IS AKB??!?!!!!!

  • Cool

    by Cookie013

    Love the app..but where's Crutchie!?!?

  • Where's crutchie!!

    by Brianna Eng

    This is awesome but it crashes the first time I open it every time (it takes two or more tries), and it always makes my pictures come out really blurred, even the newsie comes out blurry. But the thing I mind the most is that AKB Crutchie is missing :(

  • I AM A FANSIE!!!

    by Jackson320

    I love it! But where is Crutchie?! He's my favorite!

  • Hysterical :)

    by JuliaR5

    A genius app, meant for hours of entertainment and laughter. The newsies come onto your photos very clearly, and it looks surprisingly realistic. Exceeded expectations, I had a blast with it! :)


    by OliviaT.

    as quite the Newsies fan (understatement, overly obsessed), THIS APP IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! i do kind of wish there was a little AKB, Andy Richardson, Mike Faist and Jack Scott, but other than that, it is perfect.

  • sooo much fun!

    by ginnlee

    If you are a Newsies fan this app is for you! Soo much fun to add your favorite characters to your photos. You as a Newsies what could be better!

  • Newsies 4Eva!

    by Newsies98

    I love this app! It is so cool! I would only change four minor things. Have Crutchie in it!

  • Great, with one major flaw

    by wmjoh

    WHERE'S CRUTCHIE?! PS- you can include more than three of the Newsies if you save a pic with the app and then use that pic to insert more of the guys.

  • So fun!

    by Dsnymomof3boys

    This app is great fun! We are huge Newsies fans in this house from me (the mom) all the way down the line to even my 2 year old! My oldest son and I have had the best time taking pics and adding in some of our favorite Newsies! It's easy to use and the pics come out great. Only complaint is: we want Andy in the pics ;) love this app

  • by If this one's taken I quite.

    I absolutely love this app!!! Perfect for any fansie!!

  • This is everything

    by LazyAss

    Endless possibilities! ENDLESS.

  • Download it, it's fun!

    by Zoethenewsgirl

    This app is so adorable and fun. I love that you can size the characters to suit any photo and rotate them to whatever angle you need. It's very easy to use. I would like it better if you could put more than three characters at a time in a picture, but that's not a major problem.

  • Umm

    by galvestongal1194

    It's a pretty cool app, but I agree with the majority, we need some Andys!! May I suggest both Keenan-Bolger and Richardson?

  • Cute app!

    by Penipincher

    While the app works well on my iPhone 5, I am disappointed the photos of the cast are not up to date. Where is AKB? How about showing Iain Young, another great Newsie? Fun, but please update the cast photos!!

  • my fav app

    by musicman38

    it was an amazing surprise to see this app!! its fun and easy to use and has no problems with the app itself. its one of my favorite apps,i also LOVE seeing how much the cast themselves like it!

  • That's Rich!

    by aladdin's girl

    Newsies Photo Booth is a really cool app. I'm a Fansie myself, so I love "taking pictures" with the Newsies! It's free so why not get it?! Just take a picture and PRESTO ur with a newsie. :)

  • Seizetheday

    by Jessburge09

    Love this app have already made plenty of pics!!

  • Awesome!

    by HunnyBunni

    Great app, so much fun! Must have for any newsies fan.

  • Worth the download.

    by Alexa Frances

    I've been using this app nonstop for the past week or so. It's so entertaining to put the boys in random places or make it look like they're one of your friends. The pictures are very high quality and the method of placing the chracters onto your photo is so easy, even my 5 year old sister loves it! Fansies will love the app and will never get tired of it. The only slight problem is that we're lacking a huge amount of the rest of our Newsies! Where's Crutchie? Spot? Do' Boy? I need all my boys! hoping for an update with all of them. Overall, a GREAT app.

  • Fansies

    by maryrobbins185

    This app is seriously so much i love seeing where and when I can place all the newsies we know and love. Great job Disney!!! <3

  • Great for all fansies!

    by stayhappy101

    I have so much fun putting my favorite newsies in my pictures. Great app!

  • Newsies Photo Booth App

    by Fabulous110

    So fun! It feels like the Newsies are right by my side!

  • amazing

    by yochevedtemima


  • If you are a Fansie, you have to get this app!

    by Theatergurl8

    So much fun! I spent like an entire morning putting the Newsies into all of my old photos. Photos of my cats, my parents, even photos of me with the actually Newsies!! My only issueis that there is no crutchie!! He is one of my favorite characters. :) A must have!!

  • Fansie Fun!

    by JenR10

    Sending pics to our Fansie friends has been a blast and watching the cast play with the app on Twitter is hilarious. Wish they had Crutchie, Romeo and Spot in his proper costume!

  • L-O-V-E I-T

    by Heartmusic101

    I love the Newsies App it's so creative and it introduced me to so many of the characters names definately recommend downloading it!

  • The Bottom line... Super fun app!

    by Starfwd

    Perfect way to keep the magic of the Newsies with you after you see the show! Especially if you were unable to get a picture with your favorite Newsie. This app is a lot of fun for Fansies of all ages. It's easy and is a sure way to bring a smile to a fellow Fansies face when you send a picture of them with a Newsie!

  • Perfect app if your a fanzie!

    by Liz7/95

    If you love Newsies the musical then this app is a great way to have them in your life 24/7. It is so much fun, definitely recommend it for all fanzies.



    I can't stop adding the newsies cast to my old family photos THANKS FOR MAKING THIS APP

  • AKB

    by The Meezie

    This app is such fun, but where's Andrew/Crutchie?

  • Great app but missing some people

    by Jewlzy8687

    This app is amazing! I love being able to put my favorite newsies in my pictures. My only gripe is that they do not have Crutchie, Romeo, or the Delancey brothers! But a fun app!

  • Great App!

    by philScripts

    This App works very well and is a must for every Newsies fan! I hope to see updates where more characters are added to the app.

  • Newsies of New York

    by Rianna Baker

    I am the newsies number one fansie! I love this app it is so much fun and i love all the characters on the app. They need to put a crutchie and the delancey brothers!

  • Newsies

    by SarahAliza


  • So Much Fun

    by Busfulloffatchicks

    I love it so much! It's so much fun LOL

  • something to believe in

    by yasmynwhodances

    well this title is corny. but really this app is so fabulous i just can't adfsdfalkjald but they need Crutchie!

  • brooklyn's here

    by tuddycat01

    the bottom line is that this app is awesome. the world will know your love of newsies once and for all. watch what happens as you put your favorite newsies into your pictures. this app will give you something to believe in until you seize the day and see the newsies on broadway..

  • Fun but blurry

    by k77777777777777777777

    this is such a great app! However, the background picture tends to become blurry. This looks strange in comparison to the characters, because the characters aren't blurry.

  • So much fun!!

    by Newsiesfan4

    This app is amazing. I think there need to be more fun poses though. The guys that are doing something are more usable.

  • Fun!

    by Rebecca Bord

    Awesome!! NEEDS A CRUTCHIE AND ROMEO though!

  • Perfection.

    by Karah97

    This app is amazing! It's a great thing for all those Fansies out there. :) Could you add some more cast members though? They all deserve to be in it!


    by zipad3dodah

    Ah what a great idea! Loving this app way too much! It's a lot of fun placing the newsies all over my city or in funny situations & sending them over twitter to the cast!

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