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Mickey Video creates a viewing experience like never before, with a simple interface for you to access your favorite Mickey & Friends content. Find new and classic cartoons of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.

· Browse your favorite Mickey & Friends collections all in one place
· Access to all the new Mickey Mouse cartoons
· Find new cartoons and seasonal content updates
· Watch Disney classics, remixed cartoons, YouTube favorites, and more

Customer Reviews

  • My favorite short movies

    by Maylilkev

    I always had love Micky. Best short movies I have seen in a long time. Please continue to make more. ❤️

  • The New Old Mickey Cartoons

    by m gary g

    This is the way it should be! Thank you for being bold with an old school look at a modern story. Keep up the outstanding work!

  • Love it

    by Pooky_187

    I love the old school look mixed with Cartoon Network style and comedy, not as good as the classics but still funny

  • Mouse-tastic!

    by ABUHL

    Perfect app to see the new shorts and old cartoons! Wish they would pump it with more classics though..

  • Honest

    by honkeytonkjojo

    Mickey videos - the app offers what it promises. Great way to kill time and have a few laughs.

  • Pure Genius

    by Amanytx

    Great to see the ild and the new. Well balanced app that brings Classic Mickey with a Mickey Mouse for a new generation.

  • mickey mouse

    by mythicpeanut

    I live this app lets me watch mickey mouse cartoona when needed

  • Amazing!!

    by Virus downloa

    I always look forward new cartoon!!! I can see them over and over again!!!!!

  • Great collection of cartoons.

    by Jesii's Dad

    This is one my favorite apps. I downloaded it on my iPad for my 3 year old, but I probably watch it more than him. I mostly like old unedited cartoons, but new Mickey cartoons are great too. The music videos are just long enough to enjoy without getting boring.

  • Good app

    by Gavilan2784

    Great app I love the new and old cartoons. I would like to see like a status or countdown on the next new cartoon

  • Love it!

    by queenbeelissa

    My 2 year old daughter loves this!! She sits and watches so intently! And would watch for hours if I let her...

  • Great fun

    by Signal Mountain

    Small screen but big entertainment. I loved the cartoons when going to the movie theater as a kid. I still enjoy them now on my smartphone, especially since I don't see them in the theaters anymore.

  • Love it!!!!

    by Pandas:3

    Amazingly animated and I like how the older Disney character designs are added

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Dizzyreyes

    Yes!!! This what's it's about, Old Cartoons!! They try with the new ones but not the same. Old Mickey and the gang is awesome!!

  • Quick way to get in a good mood.

    by NotSmoothal

    New and classic Disney cartoons in a simple app. Well designed and simple to use. My 9yr old loves it!

  • Mickey Mouse Shorts

    by zariusdeyoung

    The New Mickey Mouse Shorts is a cross between cartoons of the 90's and childrens Mickey Mouse cartoons of today. While keeping it suitable for children and bringing back the classic cartoon feel for adults.

  • Can't stop watching

    by Nikita_2011

    Awesome interface, excellent mix of old a new cartoons, excellent video quality. My daughter and I can't stop watching the videos. Truly a Disney top quality App, congratulations.

  • Love the new videos

    by Nafischer

    What a fun app! I've shown friends some of the videos. Love the style of animation in the new shorts too. Funny stuff!

  • Best original Disney videos

    by scv80

    I love watching this app on my iPad or iPhone....they are fun, creative and beautifully done!!!

  • Love it

    by ERpilot

    Great app

  • Mickey Mouse short videos

    by Shannon1250

    So disappointed. Videos start then stop. Have deleted and reinstalled. Nothing helps

  • Great App!!!

    by jppppppppkahdhdjsjska

    Great App!!!

  • Love it!

    by kbernardi

    Love mickey old videos. Remind me of my childhood! Hope we all can keep this app for our children.

  • Disney

    by EpiklyCookie

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by JLankstonII

    Where else can you find all the old Mickey Mouse? Love it!

  • Best app ever

    by Crestt

    I love this app.

  • Love it!!!

    by Moneybags58

    Love watching Mickey for many years....

  • Wow

    by Amaliia26

    Awesome my daughter loves it

  • Best for the deadmau5 fans!!!

    by #1rockstar(andrea)

    I am soo happy that this shows the re-micks and other videos!!! My favorite video is the ghosts n' stuff Re-Micks. They play a song from my other favorite mouse. Or maybe i should say mau5.

  • Mickey old school

    by Dupontchamp

    This app is old school and my kids love it

  • Mickey cartoons!!

    by Ya_nny

    Love it!!!!!

  • Brings back memories!

    by Sara_serendipity88

    Not only does the app allow you to see the new MM cartoons, you can watch the old Silly Symphonies and more! Love it!

  • Great

    by Jacquelyn Moreno

    Wow very good

  • Awsome

    by Zombiie3_Kiill3r

    Love this app, very funny to watch :3

  • It's awesome

    by Zachy123

    This app is great! Except it needs an update to help with the videos taking so long to load.

  • It's about time... With update

    by Pepperoni only

    Finally, mickey how he should be! The new ones are terrific. He's Classic and in cartoon short-animated features where he belongs. I hope to see more of his classics added and need to know how to save cartoons to my favorites. Greatly anticipating his new cartoons. Well done, disney. Where it all started and finally continuing the tradition of MM with how he should look. I do NOT care for the re-micks or have a laughs at all. I want to see the full length old Mickey Mouse cartoons. The new cartoons are terrific still... I would like to see a schedule for when they come out on television or when they will be released for the app.

  • Love it!

    by Jessalee1027

    But does anyone know if data is used?

  • Super neato

    by skippy.man

    Love me some Disney cartoons!

  • Love it! Keep them coming!!

    by Isei

    Love being able to watch these on my phone!

  • World class shorts - twitchy interface

    by Iron norI

    The shorts on this site rival Pixar. If only the interface were more stable. What happened you guys?

  • Wonderful app!!!!

    by wolfmanjaq

    Besides the new cartoons there are plenty of classic ones to enjoy too!!!

  • Who's The Leader Of The Fun!

    by WedwayPeopleMover

    This app is a great way to get your fix for some classic and contemporary Fab 5 entertainment. Make sure you explore the app fully as there is plenty to see. One of my favorite shorts was the live-action "The Art Of Vacationing" with Goofy. Do yourself a favor and download this app. It will be great when you are in the mood for a "short" break!

  • Super App

    by Jo Who Knows

    Love the classic videos and everything!

  • At last

    by squirrelbait

    This app brings a smile to my kids' faces, as well as my own. It brings back memories for me, as it has Classic Mickey episodes as well as new ones. Kids are also in live with it because it's Mickey and the crew.

  • Fast easy app!

    by JulianneCadden

    I love old school Disney videos. This app is awesome fast and easy to used! One of best app's I have used. Zone lag time runs fast and smoothed on my iPad and iPhone 5.

  • Great

    by Tuppapii818

    It's really great

  • Still horribly buggy

    by sunflwr815

    Doesn't load... Freezes and very buggy!

  • Fun

    by LindaGD

    The best app for kids, fun and easy to use. My kids love it

  • Still buggy

    by ddddddannnnnnnn

    I have an iPhone 5s, an iPad air, and really fast internet and this app still lags like crazy. My kids aren't happy about watching 5 seconds, waiting 30 seconds, and watching another 5 seconds. @developers: you can do better.

  • I like it but

    by nyny101

    It take too long to load please fix

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