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Minor fixes.

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• Read Along and Explore the origin of IRON MAN meeting THE MANDARIN with this Interactive Marvel Storybook!
• Includes a 3D third-person-view ACTION-PACKED IRON MAN mini-game!
• Experience interactive IRON MAN Activities, Animated Artwork and Narration by STAN LEE!

The mysterious villain THE MANDARIN is stealing technology. The INVINCIBLE IRON MAN’s technology and strength are the only things that can stop THE MANDARIN, and his ten rings of power!

• 3D third-person-view Action Mini-Game: Play as IRON MAN and stop the attacks from THE MANDARIN!
• Choose between three amazing IRON MAN suits and three levels of difficulty in the mini-game!
• Find all the hidden parts of IRON MAN's armor throughout the story to create a final suit!
• Earn achievement badges by completing FUN challenges!
• Narrated by IRON MAN co-creator STAN "THE MAN" LEE!
• Paint with your finger to color IRON MAN’s suit of armor!
• Tap on the device to break IRON MAN free from THE MANDARIN’s ice blast!
• Swipe to place the IRON MAN armor on!
• Learn about exciting new and upcoming Marvel products featuring fan favorite characters THE AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN, HULK, IRON MAN and many more!

If you are experiencing any technical or AUDIO issues, please don't hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or

Customer Reviews

  • Iron Man: Armored Avenger

    by D. Hill

    This comic application represents the future of comics by proving a reading multimedia interactive experience that will help propel the idea of new forms of infotainment. From the launch of the app readers will hear the familiar and comforting voice of Mr. Stan Lee as he starts to begin narration of the story. The narration by Stan Lee is clear, easy to hear, and the words are read at a pace that is not too slow and not too fast meeting the requirements for both children and adults. The illustrations for the story pop right off the screen with bright colors, sound effects and drawings that do justice to the superheroes, villians and side characters involved. Navigation is swift when going to the next page and a skip option is provided for when you want to bypass narration or continue on from a part of the story you may have read already. The application really sets itself apart with its interactive capabilities that not only entertain but advance the story. Users can touch a piece of Iron Man's armor to complete the outfitting of his suit or you can touch a laser or repulsor power to hear a sound. The storyline is light and simple as it is your typical superhero saves the day from the villian plot but it serves more as a platform for users to see how well a comic can be implemented into a digital experience. From the looks of it Marvel Comics can be enjoyed from both your neighborhood comic store as well as your mobile device. Looking forward to the evolution of digital comic storytelling.

  • Awesome!

    by MissStormq

    My son loves this app and I do too!

  • Good!

    by MohammadNej

    Interesting game!

  • Fun Fun Fun

    by Tagnik05

    Really nice story and nice interactivity. The game is awesome and has sweeeeeet graphics

  • Very nice book!

    by iKnowButItWasFunnyHa

    A cool story and a nice game. Really great book overall! Don't understand the people that say the sound doesn't work. Try to un-mute your device maybe? :)



    It's Marvel anything they make is amazing, not just saying this cause I'm obsessed with them. But the graphics is great and having it as a comic book in a game in one , is just awesome! Love this ! my favorite superhero is Clark kent by the way !


    by IronSK

    Okay well I always read reviews before doing anything and wow 5 stars. So I got the game and it's actually a story book! Great for kids though!

  • Really fun!

    by 481516

    This app has a cool Iron Man story AND a really fun game. My kids love playing it and it's a fun game that is age appropriate for them! Definitely recommended!

  • Version 1.4 not working

    by Isedorable

    When we tried updating to the latest fix, it errors out on installing and now we can't use the app. My daughter loves it otherwise.

  • Bad update

    by Panache2

    Update lost the sound. Fix fix fix!

  • No sound

    by Cas2929

    No sound on Ipad4. Useless. Please tell me how to fix.

  • Disappointed Parent

    by Hellodudemonkey2

    I purchased this interactive comic book for my son. And I can't get a hold of anyone for support. I'm very disappointed. My son is five. I depend on the interactivity and the narrations. There is no sound for this app. No sound effects. No music. No narration by Stan Lee. If any developer reads this, please help. My son won't use this if he can't go thru it by himself. Waste of money. And I've already tried to delete and reload.

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