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A new way to discover Disney stories and apps – An official App from Disney!

A new Carnival just arrived in your city! Explore it to enjoy all the fun activities with your favorite Disney characters.
Solve the puzzles, enjoy coloring and play music with Mickey Mouse!
Enter the special section to discover all the Disney stories available for you!
Disney Carnival is a new app for kids and parents on the Disney stories and apps available. For each title there is a short description presenting the content, the story and the features and a sizzle with a preview of the app and experience. Plus a main section featuring FREE activities: puzzles with Monsters, Inc., coloring with the Disney Princesses and a real digital piano to create music with Mickey Mouse.

Direct access to Disney stories with beautiful retelling of movies and original titles interactive games such as puzzles and coloring.
A digital piano to play music.
Special videos presenting the apps.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice app

    by Arminii7

    This Disney app is great! Kids are happy I'm happy

  • Ok

    by Belen Hernandez

    It runs slow

  • Fun activities

    by Kaylamac84

    My kids love Disney so they love the activities in this game, with their favorite characters. Painting, puzzles and a crazy organ you can pound on. No pop ups. In the puzzles you can choose easy, medium or hard for different age children which is great for my 2 and 4 year old.

  • Wow

    by Hi Carla


  • The Mimi check system

    by Ronda Fisk

    I'm looking for games for my God sons. We see...

  • What I need is where I need it

    by Turk Family

    Thank you for this concept, don't need to waste time searching with key words any more.

  • Really Cute

    by peaceloveandringo

    A great way to see what awesome Disney apps are on the market. It also has some really cute games that the kids will enjoy!

  • Babyish but...

    by Corina.M.

    This really helps my little 2 year old cousin learn! Don't download it if you don't like it! Let a younger sibling try it out. This really help the little ones....

  • Buggy

    by Azlabratlee

    It's great and my two year old and my four year old both love(d) it...in the last few days it has locked up when they open on their IPads before they even do anything with it. Super disappointed as it's one of their favorites when it is working correctly.

  • I love the games!

    by Miss-Pixie

    the games are a ton of fun and I love the little lights in the carnival! While my little one loves the games and coloring, I enjoy having a listing of all the other Disney apps I know I can trust and to give her when its time to reward her for good behavior or helping out with extra chores! Everything I need all in one place! :D

  • Wow people

    by Popcorn1115

    Wow people need to calm down! I think it it very creative for Disney to create this app.

  • Disney carnival

    by Cobyyyy

    A great game for kid 's

  • Amazing art !

    by marvel2012

    This app was phenomenally entertaining! I especially enjoyed the pure amount of detail put into the art! Great app, art is amazing!

  • 5 stars

    by Mrzsaenz

    My 3 year old loves it

  • My daughter loves it!

    by Chompins

    Downloaded this for my daughter and she loves it! We love the carnival menu screen and it's nice to have a catalog of other Disney apps, too. The activities are fun, the menus and design is refreshingly playful and best of all, it's free!

  • Great graphics

    by Swine horse

    Clean, neat & sharp looking graphics. Colors pop, shading is sleek & give dimension (especially on the piano.) My 4 year old loves all of the activities & can easily navigate them himself using the icons. Great app.

  • Not what I expected

    by Tyhod7

    No Mickey at all really. All coloring pages are just the princesses. Music is just a boring little piano. Deleted it before I even showed my 2 year old son because I knew he would be quickly bored.

  • Dislike (unless you're a girl who likes to color)

    by ElizArtBeth

    It's very pink centric and all the coloring pages are princessy. The puzzles are more boy oriented but only they are ALL Monsters Inc. new one hasn't even come out yet and my 3 yr old has no experience with the original. the worst part is that a 3rd of your page is the ad for more Disney apps. I thought when I bought the full version that this part would go away. Yik! Oh...and where's Mickey?!

  • Ticket center is advertising other apps

    by CaliSPEDteacher

    If there was a way to hide the ticket center/links to purchase other apps I would rate much higher. Keep clicking and it's opening App Store to purchase other Disney apps

  • Hate It -Taylor May 6,2012

    by Utlzfuhhfhcch

    So babyish puzzles lame music making is lame and the coloring is lame

  • Make this fun

    by Mjgkhffhjgfdh

    Make this game more fun for kids like make a shirt with Mikey's shirt maker make a bow with mineys bow maker.

  • Horrible App/Not enough to do

    by scar113

    The puzzles are insultingly easy. The coloring pages ridiculously hard. Plus the game does not respond to my phone's mute function. Very annoying!

  • App?! That's comical

    by ArchMedia

    This isn't an app, it's Disneys own App Store, it's insulting, they put a few coloring pages in it, a few weak games, and a BOAT LOAD of in app purchasing to other apps of theirs... This is the EXACT reason why I hate in app purchasing, all my kid does in this is ask "can I get this, can I get that, can I get this, can I get that" I'm removing the app instead cause its a giant pain As for those saying "imaging and graphic are wonderful" think about your comment for a minute, you're talking about Disney, a company FOUNDED on animation and graphics, I would hope to god they have good images, that's is after all their whole brand!! That would be like going to the Nike store and saying "nice shoes" or Home Depot and saying "nice tools and home renovation materials!!" Again, it's insulting, and ere for being removed fit after I finish this comment...

  • Worst Disney game ever

    by 1d mania

    If I could there would be no stars for the game.It gets boring and has bugs.why it get boring is it need more colors more instruments and many more things too. =( fix and my frown will not be upside down

  • More Colors!!!

    by CrazyWikki

    Like the app but needs more colors for coloring!!....give more colors get more stars...

  • Just ok........

    by Earle11

    There are a couple fun activities for little kids; however, this apps main purpose seems to be selling other Disney products. The app does look good & works well for what it is though.

  • Disney Carnival

    by abakenhu

    Awful just a way for kids to buy more Disney apps. it's really a crass example of the exploitation of children and Parents by Disney

  • Crashes

    by Bebe216

    My daughter can't get more than 1 minute into anything without it crashing

  • Meh

    by FaceDownInCabo

    Mostly just a means to get you to purchase other Disney items

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