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***Experience the magic of Disney/Pixar’s BRAVE as an interactive storybook app!
***Read along and discover beautiful art, stunning animation, and special effects!
***Hunt for hidden arrows and take aim in a Medieval-style archery game!

The Scottish Highlands have long been a fierce, proud land filled with stories, and magic, and danger. Merida, the Princess of DunBroch, adds her tale of courage and determination to the ancient lore as she sets out to defy an age-old tradition and forge her own destiny.

• Disney/Pixar animation and tap-and-play surprises!
• Full retelling of the film with text highlighting!
• Character voices, music, and vibrant art!
• Action-packed archery game featuring scrolling animation and pop-up targets!
• Challenging scavenger hunts, dynamic puzzles, and coloring pages!
• Multiple reading modes: Follow Along, Read and Explore, and Record Your Own Voice!

If you are experiencing difficulties with audio, please check if your device is muted, and that "My Recording" is switched off. Don't hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or

Customer Reviews

  • Next generation app experience

    by Turk Family

    This is what you can expect from Disney: Beautiful story enriched by fun games, parts from the movie...

  • This app I awesome

    by SleepyMom1

    I love my app I to shoot at the targets with arrows

  • Good App

    by Baby weight

    My 4 yr old loves playing this game!

  • Great fun for Brave fans

    by regniguy

    My daughter loves the comic book, but it does seem to crash too often.

  • Awesome Book!

    by Greg T Carpenter

    I love this book. The visuals are beautiful, and the activities are fun, especially the target shooting game. The narration is really good, and its cool that there are 2 story modes. I don't think people realize this, and they are giving low reviews without exploring the app. Sound works perfectly on my iPad, and no crashing issues.

  • Good

    by Maddysmom09

    Good app overall but erasing colors in the picture mode doesn't work. Very frustrating! All the pictures are colored and we can't erase any of them.

  • Slow page turning

    by golferfiona

    I didn't have technical difficulties like other reviewers....however, I have found that in read along mode, which my 16 month old uses...the story transitions are very daughter loses interest quickly...she much prefers any of the 3 toy story books...they seem to be more active and keep her insert much better....hopefully as she gets older she will enjoy this one more.

  • The best

    by Heylove1977

    My daughter loves it very much..

  • Wonderful

    by MeruAray

    It downloaded fine, but the sound didn't work at all at first. Tried everything. iPad settings, app settings....Emailed the developer and they got back to me within 24 hours and told me to try a couple of things. It ended up being a setting in my iPad I knew nothing about!! Double click on home button, swipe to the right and make sure the mute button is not off. Other sounds maybe be working for other things, but that one right there is what brought the sound back for this particular app. So all in all, the app has BEAUTIFUL imagery and music and my kids LOVE it. Thanks for the great customer service and a great app!

  • Brave

    by Melaniexb1

    I too! Waiting for the update of minor bugs. Took a really long time, but it did finally load, thank you!

  • Brave

    by Ohio Gma2girls

    My four and two and a half year old granddaughters highly recommend this app. The story is told well and keeps their interest for the entire book. The music is not the usual annoying kind and the sound effects make the experience even better. The best part,though, is the extra puzzles, coloring pages, and games. My granddaughter loves to send the colored pictures she makes to her dad in the military. This app is well worth the price!!!!

  • Encourages young readers

    by Mommy/Mom

    My kids (7 and 3) love this app. As a parent I was very pleased when my 7 year old recorded the whole book on her own, reading all the pages out loud without any help, even trying to imitate Merida's accent. My little one loves the puzzles and animation. Great book!

  • Brave ipad app

    by Wilsonlearns

    I enjoyed the way that the story reads out loud witht he Ireland accent. WOW ! if you let it read out loud and then slide the page over for the written part is disappear then it becomes animated with motion like a movie. Cool. We love it ! another great disney app for our collection.

  • my daughter loved it !!

    by lulu'smom

    My daughter loved the story, games and everything about the app. Glad I purchased !!!

  • No Audio

    by Soniasan954

    I had an issue with the audio portion of the book, but was able to resolve it after contacting customer service. It seems that my IPad device was on mute all along. Even though I was able to listen to my music, I was unable to get sound for the book. Eric, from Disney Digital Books responded to my email with the following solution: "Double-click the Home button, which will bring up the multitasking bar. Then flick the multitasking bar from left to right until you see play, forward, and rewind icons. If the icon on the far left looks like a speaker with a line through it, that means the device is muted. Click the icon to unmute the device." Hope this helps others who have written they are having problems with the sound.

  • Great music, great visuals

    by tforme

    My kids love this. Lots of quality details. Looks great on an iPad. Has wonderful music (great uilleann pipes and whistle, played by Todd Denman).

  • Gorgeous and Fun!

    by peaceloveandringo

    I can't get enough of this app, and love sharing it with all the kiddies in my life. It keeps them entertained for hours.

  • Works slowly on iPad 1, no sound on iPad 2

    by JoeCroweRojo

    My three year old enjoys it. Three stars until the sound is fixed on the iPad2 Fun game and great narration. Clearly some bugs that need to get worked out. No sound at all on iPad 2. The transitions are painfully slow on my iPad 1.

  • Loved this App

    by Alyssa Mcgaha

    I very much love this app, I only have messed with the coloring pages and the puzzle portion with my 5 year old, and I already love this app and it is indeed worth the money. I can't wait till we get to the storybook part. Must have for every Disney, princess, brave, fanatic!

  • Good but

    by Sugardog31

    This app is good but when the page flips to the next it takes so long and they should add more things to the coloring pages but besides thoughts too things this app is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • No sound suddenly

    by Msmied

    After having played this a few times my daughter ran up and said the sound wasn't working. I double checked all the settings were set correctly and restarted the app, still no sound. I also downloaded another Disney app that had no sound right from the get go. If the app says its compatible with ios5 and up, it should be working just as it would with iOS6. Very disappointing.

  • No sound

    by Fiftykcid

    This app and the frozen app have no sound. I will not purchase another disney app and do not recommend anyone else buy one.

  • Where's the sound?

    by Jstaber

    Graphics, as usual with Disney, are great, but no sound at all. I checked all the settings and it still doesn't work. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Should have believed reviews

    by Sissy mitchell

    Loading is DEFINITELY a problem!

  • Won't load (waiting)

    by cheryl63401

    Tried to report to the developer and got an e-mail stating I need to contact ITunes. No help from the developer at all. Purchased this and it won't open on the iPad just showing waiting. I just wasted 2.99!

  • Brave

    by Jay Chriss

    Wouldn't load

  • Won't load

    by DykotasMimi

    I got one of the new iPads. The app worked on the iPad 2 but won't load on the new one. My little one is disappointed.

  • won't load

    by Lemondrop875

    It has been frozen ever since I tried to update it. My grand daughter is very disappointed it has been at least a month.

  • Sound doesmt work.

    by Tmd5e

    When I spend 7 dollars, expect this to work. Sounds doesn't much for quality.

  • Can't load

    by Venilynn

    My grand daughter loves this game. Have not been able to upload the update since it came out. Very disappointing.

  • Iona J Mangold

    by KelSavBla3

    Downloaded ok but when I went to update it will not. I paid $6.99 for this app so my granddaughter could play it. So much for that! Money does not grow on trees where I live. Please get this fixed or remove the app!!

  • Not for a 4 year old.

    by onesaint88

    As fantastic as this book is, it scared the Dickens out of my 4 year old. Well developed, but not for kids?

  • It won't install

    by Ivo2005

    Stays waiting forever

  • Too long and sluggish

    by Tonyhell666

    I think it takes about 25 minutes to make it through this and that's way too long and tedious for bed time. After a couple of watches, I deleted it.

  • Waiting

    by B-licious

    I wish I could say anything about this app...but it refuses to load.

  • Please bring back page turns.

    by Mc4550

    This new style of showing a "book page" on half the screen and part of a drawing on the other half makes reading the story incredibly slow. You end up looking at a lot of white space on the text page and a third of a drawing. When the audio finishes you spend 10 seconds FINALLY getting to see the entire drawing... with no sound. Just put the text on a full page drawing like your older books and let us get on with the story. Please!


    by FLBOFLBO 100

    Hey guys , don't buy this application , because is a fool story that last 5 minutes ... In certain way is a robbery !!! I feel bad !!!

  • No audio

    by cymbolic

    Audio does not work on iPad 2

  • Would be great with sound

    by thebaldbarber

    Yes. I checked the settings like it says. Works fine on my iPhone, but the iPad version has nothing! I wish I had gone a little further down the reviews before I spent $6.99 on this. Oh well. That won't happen again!

  • Feature request

    by jaltcerna

    I love this storybook app. It's near perfect. I love the mix of visuals, narration and activities. Please add a menu option to delete all personal recordings, not just merely to turn them off. Thanks!

  • No sound!!!!?

    by **mom-of-six*

    This is not the first app from Disney to not have sound, but it's the only one that hasn't had it from the beginning. My daughter is so disappointed.

  • Kinks

    by edgeley_girl

    The book is good as others have commented. The book has a couple of bugs in it. Sometimes it quits reading and gets stuck on a page. There is no way to fix it that I know of. You just exit the application and restart the book.

  • No sound & freezes up

    by Bravefan01

    This would have been a good app, but there is no sound on iPad and it freezes up. I have tried all of the suggestions, but it still doesn't work. My kids were so disappointed!

  • Great App!

    by kelkate

    I downloaded this yesterday and my 4-year-old didn't put it down for hours! She loved "reading" the story of Merida (she thought she was seeing the movie) and doing the puzzles. This is a beautiful app as well...the colors are so vibrant.

  • No Sound - Fixed

    by HappyDisneyCustomer

    I too had the same problem with no sound except for a small blip when I hit the home button. I emailed Disney Support and fixed the problem with their help: "There are two areas on your iPad where your device may be muted. Please check the following to ensure that your iPad is not muted. Please note that some apps will have sound regardless of whether your iPad is muted or not. The second area listed is usually the culprit as it's fairly hidden. 1. Check that your device's "Mute" toggle is off. The toggle is located on the right side of the iPad just above the volume rocker. If you see the color orange, that means it's muted. 2. Double-click the Home button, which will bring up the multitasking bar. Then flick the multitasking bar from left to right until you see play, forward, and rewind icons. If the icon on the far left looks like a speaker with a line through it, that means the device is muted. Click the icon to unmute the device." Good Luck

  • No sound on the iPad

    by jimdude41

    What a disappointment. I guess I'll have to call support in the morning since the solution seems to be some sort of secret. Hint to Disney: Read these reviews and include the solution above.

  • So far. The best of storybook.

    by Morgan008

    The best.

  • Unhappy

    by defyit

    No sound no fun. This cost too much for what you get. I want a refund.

  • This book/game is so cool! I'm 37 and I love it!

    by HazelSharon

    I love the archery games in it. The story is beautiful too. Love it , love it, love it. My 3 and 6 year olds love it too.

  • Wonderful Storybook on iPad 2 - for Children and Adults!

    by Judy45432

    I am an adult writing this review. Awesome is an appropriate word to describe Brave Storybook. The graphics and animation are brilliant. One can either read the stories themselves or follow along as it is read. There are coloring pages and puzzles, magical arrows that you can find, triples that pop up from behind their father's robe, and so much more. If I had any disappointment, it was that the book wasn't longer. Now I would like to see the movie.

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