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-Fixed the Guide not populating when scrolling
-Fixed performance issues with app startup and the guide
-Fixed playlist delete (tap and hold a poster to delete)
-Additional bug fixes

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The DIRECTV App for iPad takes your mobile entertainment experience to a whole new level. You can stream Live TV and On Demand content anywhere. Customers with GenieGO can even watch their DVR shows anywhere right from the app. A brand new feature called DIRECTV CoPilot™ lets you engage with your favorite shows and sports like never before. Plus browse the guide, get sports scores, control your TV and set your DVR from anywhere. All this and more from a single app.

Available for residential and commercial customers in the USA only, functionality varies by account type.

GenieGO device (sold separately)

- Watch thousands of your favorite movies and shows On Demand at home or on the go with HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Comedy Central and more from anywhere.
- Watch top TV channels live in any room of your home and more than 30 TV channels outside your home.
- Download your recorded shows from your HD DVR with GenieGO and take them with you wherever you go or stream them instantly inside and outside your home.*

- Personalize your DIRECTV experience by customizing your home screen, add, remove and reorder as many modules as you like.
- Tap to tune to any show on your TV.
- Use the built-in remote to really control your TV experience from your iPad.
- View & delete playlist recordings and tap to play them on TV.
- Set your DVR to record your favorite shows from anywhere.

New! DIRECTV CoPilotTM lets you engage with your favorite shows and sports as you’re watching on your TV!
- Follow tweets, add comments, and participate in trivia and polls with other fans while watching popular television shows and sporting events.
- Get up-to-the-minute stats and scores for your favorite sports teams.
- Learn more about the actors, get the latest news, and much more.

- Browse and discover shows, movies and sports. Plus get program descriptions, cast & crew info, and parental ratings – without interrupting what you are watching on TV.
- Browse the Guide up to 14 days in advance, view only your favorite channels or filter by channels you can watch on your iPad.
- Track your favorite teams, view current sports matchups and scores by league, with the option to watch or record.

- View and control multiple receivers from the home screen.
- Easily manage your receiver names directly in the app.
- View all on-going and upcoming sports games in one convenient location.

- DIRECTV customers must have a Residential Home account or Commercial account registered on DIRECTV’s website.
- Watching On Demand or select Live TV Streaming channels outside the home requires an active Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. Content based on current programming packages, not all content is available at this time.
- *Stream recordings from your HD DVR outside your home, requires an active Wi-Fi Internet connection and limited to one device at a time. Programming must be recorded or recording onto DIRECTV HD DVR to be streamed.
- Live TV Streaming in-home-only channels, GenieGO, CoPilot and remote control requires a Wi-Fi connection to your home network and a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR (models R22, Genie and HR20 or higher) connected to the same network. Remote control is also available with HD receivers (models C31, H21 and higher). All functions and programming are subject to change at any time. Blackout rules and other conditions apply to sports programming.
- Scheduling a recording requires a Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection and a DIRECTV Plus® DVR or HD DVR. Phone line or Internet connection not required for the DVR or HD DVR
- Tips, Tricks & Customer Support are available on the DIRECTV website.

Use of the DIRECTV iPad Application by DIRECTV customers is subject to DIRECTV's Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy (available on the DIRECTV website).

Customer Reviews

  • A solid app that is a must get

    by sancarlosjeff

    Extremely useful, handy and they keep making it even better. If you have a device and have DirecTV, get this app.

  • Sweet

    by Sweet/):$73

    Not sure what's up with the bad reviews. The app is sweet!!!

  • Frustrating!

    by Lindsey Ds mom

    Search, really bad. Using MLB or baseball or team name, couldn't find series playoff. We resorted to calling direct! Rarely loads currently watching. Remote is great Why can't we watch on demand while on the road, you have our account number... You could do better for all we pay

  • Missing one thing!

    by Brew daddy

    A must have for DTV customers! However they need to add the ability to edit the series manager and see the To do list for upcoming recordings! The App should be able to take you into all areas of the main receiver!

  • Needs 30 sec skip

    by Beaver Guy

    That's what is lacking when viewing recordings. The scrub bar is usable but not as convenient. Also, the app seems to hang a lot on my ipad3. Overall, I like the improvements though.

  • This app rocks

    by moberfeld

    DirecTV hit it out of the park with this app. Well done. I use this primarily to watch an additional screen for news or sports. They recently added a ton of channels, too. Come a long way in just 6 months.

  • Mediocre App

    by khmilder

    Frustrating that the remote disappears for no reason. Also closes for no reason.

  • Nice app

    by 好冬冬

    Better than what Dish offers.

  • I'd give up my home phone before my DirecTv

    by PAHPAW

    This app works great for me. Long time DirecTv customer. Maybe 3 heavy snow related outages on the home setup. Soooooo, just fire up the IPAD and whalha! Thank you DirecTv. Keep the updates coming. We love ALL the updates and changes!

  • No bad...remove wifi requirement for genie go!

    by Tgalla010

    Overall, I do not think the app is terrible. Yes there are a few features that are not as easy to use as they could be. When you combine rich content with ease of use it doesn't always go the way you want. When I choose sports content for example, should get the events playing today on the first screen. Instead you have to scroll to get NCAAFB when its bowl season. On thing that needs to change, don't force me to use a wifi connection watch genie go content. Its my decision to run over on data, not anyone else's. I support a system setting to allow or prevent. If you want, add it to the parental controls. Either way, it should be my call.

  • Broken yet again

    by Herdalum

    Directv must be using the same website geniuses as Obamacare. Frustrating. Mine was actually working fairly well until they "fixed" it. Now it's worthless. Note to self : always check reviews BEFORE updating! Update: if you have a genie, reboot it if the app can't find your receivers. Mine now works.

  • Great app

    by Grand waggy

    Fantastic app. Streams great to my ipad and I like having the option to watch or record right out of the guide. No idea why people are having problems. I have the Genie setup with an Hr 34 receiver so maybe that's it?

  • Need to have video quality settings

    by TannerJM01

    Need to have video quality settings

  • Manage Recordings

    by Kupaki

    Works great. It would be nice to be able to manage recordings.

  • Yes, It's working now!

    by Chris2topher

    Finally Directv updated something and the app is now steaming all available channels. I would give the app 5 stars but as punishment to directv for lack of communication I'm only giving 4 stars plus I'm not sure it's going to work tomorrow. I have lost my assurance that directv is on top of this issue.

  • IPad App

    by Longtimeuser&

    Video streaming unavailable more often than not

  • Ruined

    by J.W.Booth

    Was great for watching or even just checking the guide. Update killed it...can't check channel listings anymore either. Great job, dopes.

  • I guess

    by I can't get charter

    What's the point? Most of the shows you can't watch. If the DISH app works better I'll switch at home too.

  • Garbage

    by NickA.Th

    Latest update is garbage for all the reasons mentioned by others. Wish I could give 0 stars.

  • Price increase

    by Cooler and coolest

    Just got a notification for a price increase. Maybe they can use this increase to pay someone to develop a good app. Also when you update please remember some of us still have ios older then 6.0 and can not upgrade based on hardware. Why pay the increas if I cannot use all the this app!!!

  • No more iOS 5 support stinks

    by darin29

    Went to fire this up on my 1st gen iPad only to find that DirecTV no longer allows this. tells me to upgrade to iOS 6 or higher which Apple doesn’t support on 1st gen iPad. Thats not very customer centric DirecTV… you can do better.

  • Doesn't work since recent update

    by latt64

    Guide does not load after scrolling. Won't find receiver anymore. Worked perfect until the most recent update.

  • Don't Waste Your Time

    by Not a Chump

    Over the past month after replacing my iPad 1 with an iPad Air (iOS 7), the Direct TV app endlessly searches for my receiver. Despite having a properly set up wifi installation that works for my first iPad and iPhone, the latest version of Direct TV's app simply does not work on the iPad Air. E-mails and numerous calls to tectonic support have simply disappeared a few hours into a black hole of courteously delivered confusion from DTV's tech support. The latest version of this app on iOS 7 doesn't deserve even the one star I was obliged to give here.

  • Can't use original iPad

    by phil-54321

    App says I need to update it to use it, but the new version requires iOS 6, which my iPad does not support. So, now I can't use it.

  • Keeps Getting Worse

    by Mike in Gearhart

    This app was doing great for me until the last two updates. It still works but the interface layout has become cluttered, slow, and sometimes just freezes. I used to enjoy having my morning coffee while setting up some programs to record for the day. Now it has been reduced to an annoying chore. Tried it again this morning hoping that perhaps it just needed to load show info. ABSOLUTELY USELESS NOW! Following the advice of another reviewer I checked out the TV Guide app. It does funtion very well. I now use it to see what is on then go to the on screen Directv guide to set up my recordings. Cumbersome but it works. All these negative reviews should prompt Directv to fix this app.

  • Ugly

    by 10none30all

    The update ruined this app.

  • Not happy with update

    by Paulzy73

    Fix it so you can watch shows on ipad when you are connected to your home wi fi. I can not watch shows anymore that I was able to watch before updates. Fix it please

  • Hard to use when is always crashes

    by dsport03

    With each version this app gets worse in terms of stability. I spend more time watching it crash than using it. When it does turn on it has several flaws on the guide section and picks up you receiver when it feels like it.

  • Used to work...

    by Brautigan25

    ...and now it seems to have a serious refresh/lag issue. This app was one of the great things about DIRECTV, and my primary mode of channel surfing. No longer. A great convenience is now a great annoyance. Bad update. Still an okay way to watch limited content on your iDevice, though the volume of available content won't wow you.

  • Does not do what it leads you to believe

    by JohnnyGP8

    Called DirecTV and it ONLY streams a few obscure channels. No popular channels including local. Their Genie to go for $100 is the only way to stream.

  • Time to switch services

    by Dgl33

    I can no longer use the old app because it's not up to date and cannot use the new one because my iPad is not new enough.

  • Complete disaster!

    by Jimmy Saw Blades

    New update does not allow Streaming video - doesn't recognize that any receivers are connected. DO NOT DOWNLOAD until the fix has been done.

  • Terrible update

    by Bdhudgin

    I was excited to find out I could watch my Genie Go shows with this new update, until I tried using it. It is extremely slow, hangs up on loading half the time and makes every other app on my ipad slow to a crawl. This app is really one of the worst I have ever used.

  • Worthless

    by Timberscotch

    Guide does not load. Complete waste of time

  • Very disappointed

    by Viffer80002

    I really like the new crash after 20 minutes feature!

  • Worse not better

    by No more usatoday

    This latest version is worse than it was before, and really unusable now. When I try to open the guide, it fills in about a third of the channels then stops. Now matter how long I wait, the rest of the guide does not appear. I don't understand why directv needs to send through a new version, what seems like every couple of weeks. In my opinion, each version is less and less useful.

  • Used to work.......

    by mveaglesnest40

    Can't schedule a recording when away from home anymore? Genie connected to router. What more could you ask for? App now worthless when traveling now!

  • Useless now

    by meredithwilke

    This app won't load and the Guide on your website doesn't load either. Thanks for wrecking a great app.

  • Poor

    by A s nut

    Highly inconsistent in functioning. Customer satisfaction obviously not a concern.

  • Garbage

    by Thuglife632

    It used to work great,now it doesn't work at all. Fix this please

  • App

    by Mayo12327

    This app not connecting

  • Llivestreaming stopped working

    by Hmwmnm

    I used this app daily to watch Directv when I was in a room without a TV. This feature stopped working with a recent update, saying that I was no longer on the same network as my directv receiver. This is not true and I see that other people are having the same problem. Yet directv won't fix the issue! Then they have the nerve to send out an email saying the price is going up. Service down, cost up? I'm switching next month unless something improves drastically.

  • No longer supports original iPad!!!!!

    by Dontbother62627849

    DirecTV now requires you to update this application to continue using. However, doesn't allow you to update to older iPad one!!!! I gave my original iPad to my kids who use the directv app for there shows. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE for not continuing to support the older device and versions!!!!!

  • WAS a well used APP - now unusable

    by gutchgal

    Used it ALL the time. Had to do hard reset to iPad because of safari bug after ios7 update, now it can NOT see receiver. Apparently I'm not alone and the only fix according to forums & DTV is upgrading equipment. ??? Maybe it's not my reinstall, rather their plan for the APP failing- but I do NOT need to upgrade- their prices are already going up

  • Really amateur app

    by orygun john

    Looks like it was designed and programmed by by an amateur. The user interface is awful. It takes two clicks to even see the name of a show, and even then you might miss part of it. The favorites list is in the order you added the channels, and you really can't rearrange them. There's 2or 3 ways of doing the same thing, which is confusing. And they update the thing frequently so it doesn't work how it did last week, and probably has new bugs. I think it's easier to use the remote.

  • Geniego Extortion And Other Gripes

    by Yellomattercustard

    A while back DirectTv's CEO appeared on "Under Cover Boss" apparently to get a better understanding of customer experience dealing with DirectTv techs out in the field. That stunt was supposed to make us customers feel valued and looked after. NOT! I pay $16,000+ annually for DTv service. Now they want me to pay another $99 for the privilege of watching my recorded programs on my IPad at home and all the while not even giving me access to all my channels or to an App that works. Some genius in DirectTv management came up with the gag of fleecing its customers on the basis that if customers are stupid enough to pay such amounts for services they deserve to be treated with contempt! I hope someone in DirectTv management is listening: go back to your original concept: (a) customer access to their channels, (b) customer access to their recorded programs at no additional charge, (c) no additional charge to customer to watch TV shows and movies that are not pay per view, and (d) customer expectation of the highest quality functioning App.

  • Need to fix!

    by FwangDango

    Like others have said, this app used to be awesome. Since the last update, it no longer finds my receivers on my network. Please fix this so I can change this back to 5 stars!!

  • Can't watch movies

    by Msrenaissance1

    Every single paid movie channel will not allow us to watch any movie. The tv shows all work on hbo, max, and show time but the movies are all unavailable. It used to work but now it needs to be fixed.

  • Worst update ever

    by Loki922

    This update makes the app nearly useless. It takes the forever to load the guide and many times the remote features don't work. Without Genie, those are only two functions and neither works.

  • What happened?

    by StateYourName

    Guide no longer populates when I scroll on ipad 3, ios7. I loved this app. PLEASE FIX!!!

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