Duplicity - Double ACAAN Entertainment App Review (iOS, $18.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Dino Lupo

- ACAAN improvements;

- added 3 amazing bonus effects (read instructions):

1. Duplicity Nuke

2. Duplicty Nuke Long Distance (works via webcam too)

3. Duplicity Nuke Long Distance Impromptu



Duplicity - Double ACAAN by Tommaso Guglielmi - is an amazing card trick, you can perform it to anyone without any skill and with any deck of cards.

The effect is a double hands off ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number): the performer hands a deck of cards to the spectator.
Two cards and Two numbers are named. The spectator counts at the two named numbers and the two named cards will be there!
Duplicity includes the explanation and draw pad application to support your performance.

Note: after the installation you will find on the Springboard (Home Screen) "duplicity" app, open it and, in order to learn the secret of Duplicity, read the instructions section.

- It works 100% of the time
- Very easy to perform
- It works with any regular deck
- You can perform it any time
- No skill is required

Customer Reviews

  • Duplicity

    by Lunatik4444

    Great effect that has been made super easy with a well disguised app! Kudos to Tommy!!!


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