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Probably the most beautifully designed, most realistic and most impressive fake Geiger-Counter-Meter.

This would even fool a nuke physics scientist.

Actually the click sounds are so realistic, because they are from a real Geiger-Counter

But it obviously does not measure radioactivity.

ATTENTION: This app needs at least iOS 4.3

!radioactive means "not radioactive"

It measures magnetic fields in µT (microtesla),

So it is a Tesla-Meter, but a cool one

So if you approach any source of magnetic field,
magnets, or iron, or maybe an MRI,
it will behave as if you measured increased radioactivity
and eventually giving a red-alert warning.

It's really fun to explore magnetic fields around you

Plus it measures the attitude of your iPhone for roll and pitch,
in degrees.

and it is a compass, showing true geographic north,
as long as the magnetic field is below 100µT

It even works while the iPhone is switched off,
sounds are still on.

Also check out the simulation-mode, it's cool.

There ist even a mode where it activates the iPhones' L.E.D flashlight.
This is very impressive when in a dark location, like a stroboscope


This app has been developed long before the disaster in Japan.
It was intended as a harmless prank, a joke,

not to scare people.
Therefore it is not available in Japan.

So ...

have fun and please stay responsible.

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Customer Reviews

  • Magnet detecter

    by DC Freak123

    If you put it near a magnet or radio speaker it will go all the way up

  • It works!

    by Wolfy212

    My chemical box is more radioactive then any thing else!

  • Great App!

    by Terminator500

    Great App but... does it really work?

  • Cool

    by DoinkMetal

    It's pretty cool except that it might glitch every once in a while. Overall, it's awesome.

  • Fun!

    by Lombax989

    This is a very fun app. Especially with my friends and I, who are all huge Fallout fans. Attempting to convince them my iPad was dangerously irradiated was entertaining.

  • Glitch

    by Waybr

    This app really is great, but it keeps saying "Can't find north" Please help!

  • Good fake for fun

    by J Storm

    But for a real one download. radioactivitycounter app

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