50,000+ Mob Skins for Minecraft Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: David Kang

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50,000+ Mob Skins for Minecraft

The definitive collection of mob skins for Minecraft!

From pigs to creepers, from squid to zombies, you will find them here.

Browse through tens of thousands of mobs skins for Minecraft, and apply them to your Minecraft character in game with touch of a button. This is by far the largest collection of mob skins you will find anywhere.


• Over 50,000 of mobs skins
• View skins in 3D
• Change your Minecraft skin directly from the app
• Bookmark feature to organize your favorites

Includes skins in following categories:

• Chicken
• Cow
• Mooshroom
• Ocelot
• Pig
• Sheep
• Squid
• Villager
• Enderman
• Wolf
• Blaze
• Creeper
• Ghast
• Magma Cube
• Silverfish
• Skeleton
• Slime
• Spider
• Witch
• Zombie and more!

Minecraft is registered trademark of Notch Development AB. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Notch Development AB.

Customer Reviews

  • It's cool I've seen it on a friends

    by Rrifdihfgjhh

    It's a good app but its not downloading for me.....

  • Skins

    by :DatFish

    This is a GREAT app but it needs a save to library button so you can use other apps to make it your own thanks!

  • AWESOME!!!

    by Lgndeathadder

    It is so awesome! You should try it! It sends the skin to the computer version.

  • Cool

    by Catie75252

    I'm serious it's pretty cool and all but it takes FOREVER to load! But I like the skins!

  • Blows chunks

    by Madmaxminecraft

    Wasted $$$$. Said I need to buy Minecraft. Already own it.

  • Money waster!!

    by Dom-Craft

    Don't waste your money on this! It won't even finish downloading! I am so mad!

  • Cannot create, can only select

    by Yeti kid

    You cannot create your own skin, you have to select stupid skins for your mobs

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