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This app is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Do you look younger for your age? Now it's time to prove it !
Age Scanner can guess the age of anyone, based on their facial biometric features.
We use the general structure of a face to determine age. As humans, our features are either heighten or soften depending on the age. Kids have round, soft faces and as we age, we have elongated faces.
The algorithms also take wrinkles, facial smoothness, and other telling age signs into account to place each scanned face into a general age group. The accuracy, is determined by how old a person looks, not necessarily how old they actually are.
Great way to break the ice at a party and wow your friends.
Try it Now !!!

Customer Reviews

  • Rip off

    by San1111345

    Doesn't work don't waste your money!

  • I knew it

    by Kanaya Maryam, Sylph of Space

    I am ** years-old and it said I was 17, older than my body is, but spot on when it comes to my mind, soul, speech, and facial structure. I love this app and recommend it to those who want to know how old they look, or (just for fun) that AND compare it to specific qualities such as personality, mind, and just your face. Over all, this app is fun and think is perfect for anything!

  • Mal moe1234

    by Mallyoyo

    It's okay not always the right age

  • Horrible

    by It's a total waste of money

    It doesn't show my age! Don't get it, it's a waste of money

  • Deleted immediately.

    by Christopher R.

    Doesn't even work. Don't waste your time on this garbage that belongs in the dumpster.

  • Worse app ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Bzjc

    This app is the worse app it dose not even show you your age DO NOT GET IT.

  • Worst POS evar!!!!!!

    by Jon Gos


  • I want a refund!

    by CashRipOff

    This doesn't work!!! Pic shows up; but no age!

  • Don't buy

    by White + epic

    It doesn't show the numbers on iPods.

  • Don't buy it

    by Oobeegaygay

    It shows the pic but then no age do not buy it

  • I was impressed...until it quit working...

    by cody6382

    I've only had the chance to test this app on my own photos and it has done well so far. I look forward to seeing how it does with others! UPDATE 3/13 This app hangs when trying to "analyze" pics. Yet another non functioning app on an apple device!

  • A piece of junk!

    by Phebegg

    Nothing shows up! Waste your money!!!

  • I Hate you psychos

    by BBall911

    What the heck is wrong with you? Waste of money

  • Age Scanner


    Oh my gosh this is such a rip off it does not work on iPad 2 And I paid $0.99 for this lol so deleting this

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