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The ultimate guide to women, now available on the go!

As a guy, you understand computers, math, sports, video games, explosions, and foods with excessive amounts of bacon. But do you understand women?

Ask a Girl: The Ultimate Date Guide is the quick and easy way to learn more about women and what makes them tick. We've taken the questions we've always wanted to know, like why women don't like playing video games on dates, and then asked these questions to our team of expert females.

Have a question you'd like to see answered? Use the app to submit your question and we'll try to include it in one of our frequent updates!

Also included in the app is our "Date Success Checklist" which helps guide you to success on your next date. It's an extremely easy way to make sure that you've covered all your bases and that you'll be able to impress the next time you hit the town out on a date.

All the women advice you'll ever need, now available at an extremely low price! Buy today and learn more about women than you ever knew before.

Customer Reviews

  • quick response

    by VUgrad10

    I picked up this app last night and sent in a question. I got an email back this morning telling me my question would be answered in the next update of the full version so I went over and picked it up no complaints..... also as a surprise it had a dating checklist not included in this free version

  • Pretty cool, just picked up the full version.

    by N64BOY39

    Neat idea. I sent in a question and then went to buy the full version, because I wanna see how the girls answer it. I've had a bunch of bad luck with girls and this seems like a cool way to learn a bit more about getting a girlfriend. I honestly didn't know most of the stuff here, so it really helps, especially when its free.


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