ComicBooth 6 - ASCII Art Camera Entertainment App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: CobbySoft Media Inc.

Upgraded resolution.

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"Innovation is what drive the app store forward. Gone are the days where you have to load a photo and wait for the app to apply the effect. With ComicBooth 6 - ASCII Art Camera, you literally point and shoot ASCII Photo as easy as pressing a button. The effect is jaw-dropping to say the least. A really cool way to surprise friends by sharing through facebook, email..."

We are excited to launch our new ComicBooth 6 - ASCII Art Camera! We worked very hard on it and hope you enjoy the Text Portrait effect as much as we did. We have limited marketing budget to compete with the big boys and really think that the best marketing is by word of mouth. If you like ComicBooth 6 - ASCII Art Camera, spread the words, it will help us tremendously to continue to bring crazy and awesome ideas to life!!!


★ Awesome ASCII Art effects.
★ Take snaps in portrait or landscape.
★ Instant playback of last photo taken.
★ Comic flip transition playback.
★ Torch mode on/off support for iPhone 4.
★ Share your comic photos with your friends with email, twitter, facebook.
★ Switch between the front and back facing camera
on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4.
★ Realistic comic frame.
★ Font size adjustment.
★ Brightness adjustment.
★ Saturation adjustment.

★ Visit us at
★ Follow up on twitter

Customer Reviews

  • Annoying Ads

    by Mark The Bible Scholar

    This has the potential of being a great app but the continual ads are very annoying!

  • Matrix effects

    by SaberKhan

    Its good but they need to custom filters so user can make numbers transparent or dark by their choice rather then fix creteris .Addition of little bit extra filters for pic will be great .i Think next update can achieve much more.

  • App is terrible... Not true ASCII .. It's like they superimposed letters over a picture

    by sea ef

    App is terrible... Not true ASCII .. It's like they superimposed letters over a picture

  • Full screen ads annoying

    by TiboriusMax

    If you like your fun block constantly by FULLSCREEN ads then this is for you! UPDATE- just got crappier! Was bad before, but now it's perfect trash; hey devs, great work on producing junk.

  • ComicBooth 6 Ascii Art

    by CJEDG

    This app is crippled with ads, if an when it responds it may crash and restart. This isn't worth the price asked-free so thats pretty stinkin bad, my advice is don't clog the internet with downloading this hog!

  • AdBooth!!

    by RedScoot42

    Way way too many ads, and layers of ads. One of the fastest deleted apps I've ever encountered...loaded it up to try, encountered literally 8 ads and deleted this ap!!

  • Why can't we give ZERO Stars???

    by WmH2

    Feb 21, 2012... This app is so heavy with Ads that it locked up on my iPhone 4S. If you aren't fighting to get rid of full screen ads or ads that are in filmstrip and scroll down the screen like you are viewing a web page... you are seeing ads as banners on every screen. This app has so many ads I don't know how got past Apple's testing?

  • Deleted

    by dpFlair

    Didn't work. Super annoying ads.

  • yikes

    by Jtdoehaiywgasiwhrhfurjehjw

    great idea too many ads cant use

  • This Stinks

    by golfman2k3

    Just ADs on top ADs. Back to the drawing board boys and girls!

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