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Seller: CobbySoft Media Inc.

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Ranked 12 in UK Paid Entertainment, Top 10 in 5 countries, Top 100 in 45 countries!

Get hours of fun with kids, family and friends with ComicBooth. ComicBooth let you turn everything from you iPhone camera into comic photo without complicated and expensive software. Our highly trained coding monkeys make the image processing in real time! It means more time for fun, no more waiting around for the photo to process!!!

ComicBooth vol.1 is the first of the ComicBooth series by CobbySoft Media Inc. Take Comic Book Picture Instantly with ComicBooth.

★ Elegant Interfaces
★ Real time awesome comic book effects through the camera.
★ Load from album.
★ Saturated Color steps, grainy sketch lines.
★ Take snaps in portrait or landscape.
★ Instant playback of last photo taken.
★ Comic flip transition playback.
★ Torch mode on/off support for iPhone 4.
★ Share your comic photos with your friends with email, twitter, facebook.
★ Switch between the front and back facing camera on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4.
★ Realistic comic frame.
★ Line width control.
★ Brightness control.
★ Saturation control.

★ Visit us at
★ Follow up on twitter

Customer Reviews

  • Worth the money, however

    by lasthousetodate

    I would to see the same technology for the iPhone 4 and 4 S' new video capability. That way you could shoot whole videos in rotoscope fashion without having to spend hours drawing each frame.

  • It's ok but why does it have ads?!

    by propagandy

    I can't see why I paid for an app and am bombarded with ads when I use it?

  • Cool App But...

    by Lazy Brewer

    ...whats with all the advertising of the author's other apps and the advertising at the bottom of the screen? The app is indeed very cool, but having to wade through ads every time I open the app - especially one I paid for - is just not acceptable. Ads aside, the cartoon effect is really nice.

  • Fun & Simple

    by Mojomel

    I've had a blast using this. It's a no brainer! The only prob I've ever had was when I clicked on the app button on my homescreen it took me the app store & the pic appearred as if I just bought/installed it. That's only been 2x though. Anyone have suggestions on how to be able to get past that point?

  • LOVE

    by Clem in tine


  • Excellent app

    by Riffbyriff

    Best comic camera app loox great just like comic book

  • Super Fun & Something New~ 5 Stars

    by Funmamas

    I think this is a great app. I take pictures all of the time with my iPhone 4 and this adds some new fun! My kids love it too! I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I have had no problems with it. 5 Stars!!!

  • Awesome!!

    by JB666

    I love this app!!! I just wish it could modify pics already in your album.

  • Totally awesome!!!

    by wendygi

    This app is awesome. I can't help snapping photo for everything!!! somebody stop me XD XD XD

  • Thanks for making me pay for all the ads...

    by WokaWokaWoka

    Paid App ($2) + iAd Banners (Not shown in the screenshots) + A Fullscreen Ad on Launch = FAIL

  • Ads?!?

    by Love Fling

    I expected that if I paid for an app I wouldn't have to deal with annoying ads popping up constantly. Apparently, that's not the case, because I can't even take a picture without dealing with 2 or 3 ads first. If this could be corrected, I'd give the app 5 stars.

  • Terrible

    by appwatching

    ... and with a lot of ads

  • Not worth the cost yet

    by Bubbagumps comments

    The app needs the functionality of being able to pull up a photo from your camera role and then adding the comic effect to the photo as well as what it currently does. There are better apps out there that do a heck of a lot more. I feel cheated for 1.99. Dont expect much. Perhaps if the developer does an update i will change me review.

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