Comic Action Camera - Halftone Entertainment App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: CobbySoft Media Inc.


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★★★★★ 5 Stars - Top 10 in 7 countries ★★★★★
★★★★★ 5 Stars - Top 100 in 45 countries ★★★★★
★★★★★ Ranked 11 in Entertainment and 52 Overall in France ★★★★★

* Most other apps require that you take a picture, than apply effects to it. This app actually allows you to see how your photo will look live, before actually snaping the picture. That in itself is pretty impressive.

* The most amazing Comic Effect camera on iTunes! *

* What Comic Action Camera does, it does astonishingly well. *

Comic Action Camera - Halftone creates the classic comic halftone effect along with vibrant colors and ink sketch lines.

★ Awesome classic comic book halftone effects.
★ Saturated Color steps, grainy sketch lines.
★ Take snaps in portrait or landscape.
★ Instant playback of last photo taken.
★ Comic flip transition playback.
★ Torch mode on/off support for iPhone 4.
★ Share your comic photos with your friends with email, twitter, facebook.
★ Switch between the front and back facing camera
on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4.
★ Realistic comic frame.
★ Tap on the screen to adjust line width.

★ Visit us at
★ Follow up on twitter

Customer Reviews

  • Quick! Easy! Fun!

    by Geneva S

    Open this app and it turns on your camera, and you will see whatever it's pointing at as a comic pic. Click, and it's in your Camera Roll. Simple. No frills, no adjustments, no options. The must have changed it since those people complained about price and ads. Mine has no ads, and it must have cost $.99 or less, cuz I'm a cheapskate.

  • Interesting!

    by DanaDody

    I belive this app is intersting.It is not fantastic but it is cool ,could be better.

  • I love it.......So far

    by aliga1987

    Plz add more features.

  • Fantastic

    by suzy.sweetie*

    It is just that fantastic.

  • Comicbooth

    by Birdman9098

    At first I thought that this app was going to be for older kids but I got it and learned this is good for all ages. I do not want to ruin the real surprise so all I can say is this is a great app.

  • Good app

    by Benjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Trying it seems good app but would rather pay 99 cents for it

  • Cool App

    by BatmanJDM

    It's a pretty cool app. I would rather pay 99 cents for it.

  • It's nice

    by ScottKD

    Hi, pretty cool app. I'm in agreement with the other post, needs more. Zoom at least. If there is a zoom and someone replies... Thanks. Oh yeah, video recording mode too.

  • Really Bad

    by Polaca456

    Don't waste your money... Pictures don't look like the one's that they show! Super bad!! I wan't my money back!

  • No bueno

    by Fan1001!

    Save your money

  • Where do the images disappear to??


    I am using iphone. 5. I take a photo and then it turns black ?? What is going on ??

  • Waste of money

    by Elizabeth RUBY

    Don't bother

  • $1.99 plus ads?

    by Kenhess

    If I pay $1.99 for an app. I don't want to see ads all the time. Bad. Bad.

  • Ads?!?!

    by LPWolfe

    Are you serious I pay for an app that does one thing ok and there are ads?!?

  • Stop this Ad nonsense

    by Nothappyatall72


  • Pure ads

    by Artmack1000

    If I buy software I don't want ads. All this gives is bloody ads. Also it's impossible to get it to do anything. What a bloody scam. These guys should be fired or grilled or boiled in oil

  • Ads, ads, ads!

    by RemyinWC

    You start the app and the splash screen consists of ads for other products by these guys. Then the interface constantly shows ads at the bottom to distract you. (along with the apple iAd logo as well). I would expect this from a 'lite' version but not this overpriced version. One star because if the ads are paying then why should I?

  • Overpriced for NO Control

    by @tort

    First off...the results are pleasing so will start off on a nice note, but as a photographer I want to have at least some level of control with the outcome of the filter being applied. You need to offer some throttle adjustments in the future updates allowing this...especially when not free and not 99 cents! Room for improvement for sure and feel like I got taken to be honest.

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