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Bracket Creator is the perfect companion for any tournament. No matter the sports: from basketball, softball to wrestling and everything in between - this bracket app is the easiest and fastest way for you to keep your tournament under control. Get ready for the action with these great features!

► Easy to use, easy to manage. Easily the best sports bracket creator around!
► Create, save, load and copy as many brackets as you want.
► Stay on track with tournaments of up to 16 teams!
► Choose between Single Elimination and Double Elimination rounds.
► What you see is what you get! Options are unlimited, all included in the bracket app's price. No in-app purchases, no nonsense!
► Great design with easy navigation within the bracket maker app.
► Save your own tournaments! You don't have to spend time going through the motions every time you play - just save your tournament and load it up later.
► Share your bracket via email!
► Awesome support! Just email us and we will get back with an answer as soon as possible!

► Take control of your brackets!
With Bracket Creator you are the creator of your own tourney. Making a sports tournament has never been more fun, and having instant access to it has never been easier! You can save and store your favorite tourneys - whether they're basketball, softball or wrestling - or create your very own matches! You come up with the sport and a match or two and we'll do the rest.

► Save and share!
More often than not you're not making these brackets for yourself. That's why you can save and share all your tournaments, making it really easy to be on the same page with all your friends. That playoff has never been more interesting! You can even compete with your friends and see who the best bracket creator is.

► No nonsense!
Bracket Creator doesn't have any hidden fees or money grabs. What you see is what you get, and you get an unlimited of brackets and tourneys. With this bracket maker you’ll get no headache, so you can enjoy the playoff.

► Easy to use!
We understand that you will mostly use this app on the go, so we have made it extremely intuitive and easy to get used to. It only takes a minute and your tournament is ready to go!


This app is brought to your by CS Sports, A Division of CobbySoft Media Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • usefull app to get sports information

    by hetianteng

    it's a good app and the icon is very beautiful

  • One of the best

    by Squeaker.TA

    Pretty useful to keep track of tournaments.

  • Good

    by vrishphade

    Really nice app. Very well designed app. Easy and fun to use.

  • good

    by jackytw

    Very useful software

  • Its worth itt

    by Johnnyjackie

    Try it out folks

  • Nice app.

    by Eve X.

    Beautiful UI,seems useful,but not for me.

  • Very nice

    by Pace282

    Simple, easy to use app. Super good for a sports/pe teacher

  • it is really great

    by NOEMI2011

    it is really great

  • Qaz

    by lukepolo

    Nifty way of making and managing brackets. Worth it.

  • i love this

    by SkinBots

    easily makes brackets with ease

  • Amazing

    by prcbeast

    WOW, this app is really helpful when me and my friends play bascketball together.

  • Great

    by metenfans

    It works very well like it said, worth to own it.

  • Great Sports App

    by HK597

    Does what it says and rather well. A good app if you need to organise a tournament

  • Good

    by Scott.1983

    If you like sport brackets this app is for you

  • Great app

    by graciejs

    Great app.

  • Ok

    by Ian Krest

    Works ok if you want this only on your phone. No NHL?

  • its actually useful

    by Rafaelhere

    it works fine and its really good, enjoy!!

  • Interesting app

    by The Phoenix of might

    This is a cool app and has a lot of potential

  • Cool

    by Dannyz1000

    Good app check it out

  • A really good app

    by Awsm08

    We allways play xbox in our house with my cousins every weekend, this will saves our records.

  • Pretty good to use

    by Rock7788

    The app is interesting and user friendly.

  • Bracket Creator

    by syntheticvoid

    Perfect app to snag right now as college basketball is getting underway... also great that the last half of the NFL season is also here... If you're into following sports teams through playoffs and end of season games... gambling... or anything else that you could use a bracket for, this app is perfect.

  • OK

    by SCZ77

    A simple bracket creator for sports fans, easy to use.

  • Useful

    by Sylar3232

    a very useful app with simple UI

  • Great

    by oregonhero

    The best bracket creator app in App Store, worth to buy it.

  • Useful app!

    by imbadrow

    Very useful but not for everyone. Only limited to those who organize tournaments frequently.

  • Excellent app that is useful for any tournament

    by vincentm11

    Excellent app that is useful for any tournament

  • So so

    by chatzy1234

    This app is okay, can be so useful for coach or reporter job :)

  • Great

    by marrysept

    It is easy to use and very useful, do not miss it.

  • Nice

    by kelvinawesome

    Nice app.

  • Very useful

    by Eco838

    A very useful app for games and toirnament. I used it last time a played bowling with friends and they were very impress with the app.

  • Good

    by Jackierocks123

    It's very entertaining.

  • Tournament organizer's app.

    by pau0551

    It's very convenient for league or tournament facilitators. Quite easy to use and well made..

  • pretty good

    by Teddy.c

    Love it so much, pretty interesting game and cute cute design.

  • Great for coaches

    by Snake Player23

    Coaches and tournament directors will love this app. The best thing about it, in my humble opinion, is it's amazing flexibility. It can be used for baseball, just as well as it can be for an indoor sport like chess. Brilliant!

  • Great

    by Artemka

    Amazing application, very smooth interface. Thanks to developers!

  • Cool

    by Slaaade

    A great bracket app for sports enthusiasts.

  • Good

    by Funkyzor

    The app is worth it. I like the interface. You should try it!

  • Nice app

    by DanniPdoot

    Very useful. Good job devs!

  • Good

    by MelkorMorgothBauglir

    Good app for sport lovers.

  • Well

    by iManson94

    Nice and usefull app. It worths.

  • Meh.

    by Black Waltz No. 4

    Great for sports fans, but not me.

  • Useful

    by betkingbet

    It is easy to use and very useful, worth to own it.

  • Great

    by freshmilktea

    I did not know I needed this great app, it works very well.

  • Great

    by Sukhisandhu

    Great app for sportperson

  • .

    by Dragosh87

    I don't like this app, is not good for me.

  • Bracket Creator By CS SPORTS

    by LewinSArbajeJ

    An excellent app, worth five stars. Youll be delighted juat by using it for a couple minutes.

  • Useful

    by willing lee

    A good app to keep track of matches

  • Great!

    by vedb0x

    Very useful.

  • nice

    by Allleexxu


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