Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Cisco
  • Updated: Sep, 29 2009
  • Version: 7.1.5
  • Size: 3.58 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Cisco

• UI improvements and enhanced compatibility with iOS 4.3.
• Important stability and performance improvements.

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IMPORTANT: This application works in conjunction with a Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage (TM) server and will not work without it. If you are unsure if your company provides access to this service, please contact your IT Department. You will not be able to use this application without an account with this service.

For more information about Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage, please visit By using this application you agree with the terms of the accompanying end user license agreement (EULA).

Cisco Mobile complements your iPhone by providing mobile access to your office phone system. No matter where you are, you can use Cisco Mobile to join meetings, answer business calls, and listen to your work voice messages.

- Be alerted to new voice messages and missed calls to your Cisco Unified IP Phone
- View and listen to your office voice messages
- Access the list of recent calls from your office phone
- Enable Mobile Connect, which rings your iPhone when people call your office phone
- Use Dial via Office to place business calls using your office phone system
- Access your business associates in your corporate directory
- View and easily join Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meetings without having to enter meeting details

Cisco, Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage and Cisco Mobile are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and certain other countries. Copyright © 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Customer Reviews

  • Slick UI

    by mkumaro

    I've found the app very useful, especially the voicemail feature. UI is comparable to the best apps on the store. Looking forward to updates that enable making calls directly from the app.

  • Great productivity tool

    by Migs2010

    Love the visual VM and push alerts for missed calls and messages!

  • Excellent productivity enhancer...

    by JawJacker

    Fantastic app for seeing when I have voicemail in my office. Since I'm always on the go this helps me get messages that I would otherwise miss or not see until days end.

  • Great implementation!

    by 56ovalbug

    Dial Via Office is fantastic. It just needs softphone (voip over WiFi) added next release!

  • Cisco has it right

    by ncs15

    Anything and everything Cisco makes works well and helps our company. This app is no exception. Great for when I'm away from my desk or traveling. Thank you Cisco!

  • Updates

    by ip5_KB

    Needs to be updates regularly. iPad? Fix icon for iPhone 4 please. Multitasking please... Pretty please.

  • Needs SIP Video Integration

    by Gashette

    Since you bought Tandberg it would be easy to use their VCS SIP/ 323 interworking platform to enable video on the soon to be released WiFi version!! It would be the only app out there with the capability!! Get busy!!!

  • Love this app, 1st pager

    by Phil Calzadilla

    I love calling from my office but being on my cell. The voicemail feature is incredible as well. Way to go Cisco... Now if we could just do video!

  • iPod Touch Please!

    by NO_IPHONE

    Please enable support for the iPod Touch using a microphone.

  • Best app ever

    by phelps family

    If you have a Cisco Call Manager this is a fantastic app. You have your desk phone with you everywhere.

  • Best enterprise communication app ever.

    by Cuptertino321

    Good Cisco.

  • Great app!

    by kfugere

    I love Cisco mobile. It is great to see an app that works well with my current Cisco call system and I LOVE the interface. Great job Cisco; I expectto see things only improve from here!

  • Excellent

    by Hsay dasarp

    This is the most useful app I've ever used. Always wanted to be able to use my corp phone on the go. Sweet!!

  • What's the port number

    by Sunilgs89

    I got a CUPC cisco unified personal communicator account created today and got the server address. I want to use my account on this cisco mobile iphone application. But to my dismay no Cisco support person is able to provide the port for cup-rtp-101. Please help. I tried some ports but I am getting a timeout error can anyone guide me.

  • Intuitive App

    by applejackman

    Great app, intuitive UI. Nice to see a high-caliber business app making it to the iPhone.

  • Valuable app

    by Cookingboy

    The best business app i've seen on the app store, after setting up the account everything is nice and runs smoothly, haven't found anything I don't like yet. can't believe this is a free app.

  • Polished and useful

    by TartutusPrime

    A very nice and practical app. The interface is extremely pragmatic and has a nice native apple feel to it. Single number reach and dial via office are highly useful. Great concept and even better execution! We need more high quality business apps like this on the app store.

  • Good app

    by Lalilulelo123

    Can't believe I haven't seen any marketing/ads for this super useful app yet, if not for the recommendation of a friend I would have missed this awesome app. Way to go cisco!

  • Ultra useful

    by MadCustomerJohn

    I am a field sales guy, so this app is extremely useful for me. I think I use this app more than the standard phone app now. The only complaint i have is that they didn't publish this app sooner!

  • Neat app

    by KurosakiIchigoKun123

    Considering how useful this app is, they could have charged up to 10 bucks for it and I'd still have gladly paid for it. Kudos to whoever made this!

  • Broken! iOS 7!

    by SPiDeRTaKeR23

    Buttons broken and login screen broken. App is unusable in iOS 7. Also still not iPhone 5 compatible.

  • No support for iPod Touch

    by The Gatman

    App cannot be used on iPod Touch. Why is that? I would like to travel using a MiFi and use a WiFi connected Touch to stay close to the office. What technically is the difference between using 3G and WiFi for this app. If you are in a location that has a better WiFi signal, are iPhone users still required to use the 3G network to get connectivity?

  • Nice app!

    by Taboolover

    Extremely useful app, nice and clean UI, and so far it has been bug free. This app made some of my collegues who don't have an iPhone very jealous

  • Cannot use due to cisco restriction for some departments

    by TanMalHot

    Cannot use due to cisco restriction for some departments

  • Great App!

    by Homeless Joe

    Love it!

  • Great Experience!!

    by camkamran

    Love it !!

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