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Languages: English

Seller: Chet Kennedy

In celebration of over 25,000 downloads I have given Ask Me Anything for Teens a complete Makeover.

I have redesigned the look and feel of the app, as well I have added another 50 questions and 25 more pieces of advice. Which puts the app at over 650 questions and over 200 pieces of advice.

Look for the Red Dot... It's your gateway to bonus content.

I hope you continue to enjoy the app, show it to your friends, more downloads means more content.


Restoring the lost art of conversation... one app at a time.

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over 650 questions and growing...

Congratulations! You have found the best conversation starter app for Teens in the app store.

Ask Me Anything For Teens version 1.4 includes over 650 questions designed specifically for teenagers. There are fun conversation starters, some great get to know you questions, and a few that could make things somewhat awkward...

It was created to help teenagers communicate with each other and the other people in their lives.

"In a world where conversation is becoming a lost art, ask me anything for Teens is a great tool to help young people break the ice and start relationships. It's full of fun questions that can lead off in any direction and after all is said and done, isn't that what great conversation is all about?"
- Andy Harrington,
Executive Director of Greater Vancouver YFC/Youth Unlimited

I have also included over 200 pieces of advice that will randomly show up amidst the questions. Some of the advice is meant to be funny and some of it could change your life. If the advice applies to you... use it. If not tell it to someone else.

Simply open the app, click through to a question you want to ask and throw it into your conversation. It’s that simple.

My hope is that when you use this app your existing friendships will be strengthened and you will find some new friends.

I designed the app to be used by teenagers but it can also be useful for anyone who works with teens. School counsellors, youth leaders, scout leaders. If there is a teen in your life you need this app.

Parents and youth workers: This is also a great app for you to use if you would like to get to know your teenager better or possibly to start a conversation in the carpool on your way home from soccer practice. I hope it helps you to get to know your teen better. One thing is for sure, the app is really easy to use.

Restoring the lost art of conversation... one app at a time.

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Customer Reviews

  • by AwesomeRD

    No more awkward moments

  • luv it :)

    by Alley_Pooh

    whenever im hanging with my friends we use this app its awesome and asks odd questions

  • Boring

    by lolGirlForever

    This is boring

  • Friggin Awesome

    by Jayabirda

    I lobe this app my boyfriend and me always have problems on what to talk about and this app really helped. I love it

  • Ok

    by Lauren D

    The topics are really random :D

  • Superb App!!!

    by Tallbeauty78

    I bought this before going on vacation with my nieces, ages 9-15. They loved it! I learned so much about them individually, it was AWESOME!!! Download this app, you will not be disappointed. It also is a good conversation starter for a huge group of teens. It encourages group discussions as well. 

  • Interesting app..... but fun!

    by Karate penguin!

    Pretty funny convos started with this thing..... Bahahaha.....

  • AWESOME :)

    by Armandhammer27

    I love this app!! Sometimes when your talking to someone you don't know what to ask or say and this has great ideas and questions to keep the conversation going

  • Crashes

    by Thisisthecookiemonster

    Immediately crashes on startup. Idk what's wrong. As soon as you open the app it immediately crashes. Pls fix it's currently worthless

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