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◉ FREE! Start destroying people in CHESS today!

Find out what a 2500+ rated chess grandmaster would do in ANY game situation. There is NO WAY any of your friends can beat the moves recommended by #1 Cheat!

#1 Cheat is completely automatic -- built-in OCR lets you import your Chess With Friends or Friendle game with one touch!

#1 Cheat is the perfect companion for chess hobbyists and players of all levels to enjoy. Recreate any conceivable board, tap "Solve" and watch in amazement as #1 Cheat processes your board like magic!

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Customer Reviews


    by ThatWhiteKidddd

    This is one the best apps I've used so far. Defiantly recommend it. Please update it so it'd be optimized for the iphone 5s

  • Good learning tool

    by Bobby5491

    Have seen some terrible recommended moves and lost because of them. But over all a good learning tool. One person I have been playing against consistently wins, LaurieBarlow. Very good player. One can learn a lot from this player.

  • Cheats

    by Julie080329

    Works only if you place all pieces as they are suppose to be. Scan doesn't work for chess with friends or friendle.

  • It works dandy

    by Maple Falls

    The app totally works fine for me :) Some of the moves I don't trust though (or thought of better ones myself..) but it has also provided clever moves I did not see...pretty nifty.

  • Great! Don't understand the bad reviews

    by Proby 1

    This works perfectly for me. I've been using it as a learning tool and it is really great.

  • Awesome

    by Csoyirake

    Works great if you manually move your pieces as opposed to uploading photos. I haven't lost a game yet using it. If its crashing on you, try moving a piece and it will work.

  • Cool

    by Hjdghgf

    Best chess cheat app yet

  • Junk

    by Hodlm

    Junk, for iPhone 4. Never work.

  • Horrible waste of time

    by Super-ice

    Makes incorrect suggestions and does not scan boards. Worthless!

  • Awful A.I.

    by danny oq

    Awful A.I. that only thinks defensively. Basically only good for postponing an inevitable defeat. Def won't be buying the paid version.

  • Worst app ever, more like a handicap

    by Missbanana23

    Only if you have never played chess and you are playing against someone who has never played chess would this app be helpful. It. Will. Make. You. Lose. I used it twice against someone I thought was using it. It put ME in checkmate, both times! WTH?!

  • by Dalebo46

  • Crap

    by Matthew Lavigne

    First person I played beat this app. Either my friend is a chess god or this app is crap.

  • Dumb

    by Ginger Pizza Man

    First game I played with this app = loss!!

  • Hahaha

    by Zack$$$

    I put it in a situation where the solution was to sacrifice the queen so the king would be trapped in the corner and then check mate with knight. Instead it traded the queen and knight for two pawns and turned a mate in two into a lose. It is happy to take pieces off whenever possible elo rating is lower than 100. LOL this is a joke

  • Don't download

    by Bug report!!!!

    Horrible app. Does not work. Needs major updates. Too many ridiculous adds interrupt usage and shut down app. The creators should remove it and change their occupation.

  • Stay Away

    by geminate

    Scanner doesnt work and move suggestions are horrible.

  • WTH

    by Hardhitter86

    Junk. Doesn't work at all. Don't waste you memory or time.

  • Terrible

    by Zoolander smoked me

    This thing has an ELO of a squirrel.

  • Doesn't work on iphone5

    by Kill me already

    Closed and reloaded several times, with no success. It now only imports an "illegal board" with 5 kings and pawns. Glitchy!! Worked on ios5, but not on ios6

  • Reads pic wrong

    by Aubie1988

    Only recognizes pawns

  • Garbage

    by Masterc3501

    Only recognizes pawns when scanning board. Complete crap app. Don't waste your time.

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