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Seller: Charles Jamerlan

- Long awaited update - now with over 10,000 facts! Browse through this beautiful catalog of facts with a swipe of a finger!

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We will continue to add the best and most interesting facts, but NEVER raise the price!

MAJOR UPDATE! We now have over 10,000 facts, making Crazy Facts the largest database of crazy, fun, interesting, and just plain weird facts on the app store!

Stay tuned for another large update of facts, as well as major interface updates!

There are quite a few facts apps in the store...so why choose 10,000+ Crazy Facts? Here is why:

- 10,000+ facts! Need we say more?

- Clean and attractive interface! Many of the other fact apps have plain and standard interfaces. 10,000+ Crazy Facts is bright and colorful, with big text!

- Navigating through facts couldn't more pretty - when sliding through, each fact is presented with a smooth and attractive animation! Many other fact apps don't do that...the iPhone/iPod is a thing of beauty...let's use what it can do :)

- Sequential ordering - other apps display facts randomly, increasing the chance of repeating facts. 10,000+ Crazy Facts allows you to scroll forward or back 10,000+ unique facts!

- Save your favorites! Mark those favorite facts with a quick button tap and bring them up later for easy viewing!

Did you know that:

- Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue more than any other color.

- To produce a dozen eggs a hen has to eat about four pounds of feed.

- There is zero gravity at the center of the earth

- Kangaroos can't jump unless their tail is on the ground

We have more than 10,000+ of those facts, ranging from science to people, from weather to the human body, from animals to just weird tidbits.

There are literally hundreds of random, fun, and bizarre facts packed into this application! Since there is no need for an internet connection, you will always have these facts at the your disposal. Share them with your friends and families.


- iPhone/iPod touch capabilities - navigate through the facts with ease! Simply touch and slide the "pins" on on the board to view these facts!

- Clean and attractive interface! Enjoy a bright and colorful user interface to view all these crazy facts! Navigating to a new fact is as easy as anything on the iPhone/iPod - just swipe left or right or click on the buttons!

- Save favorites - you can save and mark a fact as a favorite and load them up easily for quick viewing!

- Random fact - clicking on this will load up one purely random fact from our huge database!

- All updates are FREE! We continually add new facts every week...stay tuned for another LARGE update of facts, which is free to all customers! We are committed in making 6001 Crazy Facts the definitive fact app on the store!


- send to a friend
- typo fixes
- most importantly, MORE FACTS!

"You can use it in a party or a chalet where everyone is bored to liven up the atmosphere." - http://iphonetech78.wordpress.com/

We do indeed have 6,001 facts available for your reading pleasure in our app. We submit frequent updates to Apple, as our app is one of the original fact apps, and have built a large database over time. That is why our app is the only fact app to have a fact counter so you can exactly see how many facts there are. The next update, which has already been submitted to Apple, has fixed numerous typographical errors, the app title, removed repetitive facts, and most importantly, more facts.

If you like our apps, please take the time leave a short review. This will help us in providing more quality apps and updates in the future.

Help us make this the definitive collection of random and fun facts. Send your fun fact to apps@charlesjamerlan.com. We'll try to verify the fact and if so, we'll add it in the next update.

Customer Reviews

  • Hmmm... Ooooooh! Aahhh! Cool facts.

    by imkatman

    I like it! Cool facts! And with the new update the swipe motion is fixed and functional. Yeah... I think you should get it. It does stay interesting for a long time with over 1001 facts... I think it's 1201 right now! Update: omgsh! 6001 facts now!! This may take a while... Lol good work.

  • Check some of the facts

    by Angelic-Symphony

    One to check is the blue lobsters, it's actally 1 in every 1 million.

  • Cool

    by E awsome rating

    Take out all the repeat facts.

  • good.

    by scarlet paige.

    it's a good app but the favorites function does not work. when I press my favorites button, it just goes through every fact. other than that, it's awesome and has some good facts. :)

  • Nice start, but...

    by egadgetboy

    ...but the swiping motion to change facts is a bit difficult and dysfunctional. Nice start, hope the interface is fixed soon.

  • Kind of lame

    by travisseale.com

    Too many repeat facts. A shitload of typos. Some facts aren't even factual.

  • What the hell?

    by DrAgOnGiRl13

    I bought the app but it never downloaded to my phone. What is going on? Can I get a refund? Like seriously I'm really confused. I can't even press the install button any more

  • We are being lied to

    by iiiuuhhhh

    Thats the same app as 2000+ facts app, only with a changed name. It even says so in the app itself. The facts are even less then 2000 and repeat a lot. The developer shouldn't be allowed to lie to his customers like that. Apple?

  • Check your facts!

    by cacotigon

    A duck's quack doesn't echo? I knew that one was B.S. before I even bothered to look it up on snopes.com, which confirms its falsity. It feels like the developers merely copy/pasted a huge list of facts off a random webpage without bothering to confirm their authenticity. Somewhat disappointed.

  • Check your "facts"

    by Bigg B

    Some of the "facts" that are in your app are complete BS. I have only went through a very small amount of them and was bummed at all the mis-info. How the f$@k do u know all labradors dream of bananas?

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