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Ask a Question, shake and the future telling magical crystal ball will give you the answer. This is a fun application and does not really predict the future.

Customer Reviews


    by Toothless:)

    It is ALWAYS right. The reason it doesn't give some people the right answer is 'cause they don't ask right and they don't BELIEVE it will tell them the answer.(crystal balls do have feelings and do not answer right if you asked rude) I just love it!


    by Jommmafe

    Amazing Its SCARY how right it is

  • FortuneBALL!!

    by Bounce all around the world2

    It is freaky how well it knows. What's scary is that 95% of the time....it's RIGHT omg I wonder if like there's a person watching me or something....

  • Y'all can chill

    by Taylor0223

    All these bad comments about how it doesn't work...of course it won't work it's just for entertainment but there is always that slight chance it could be right

  • Maybe

    by Techguystl

    I bought this saying it was cool but I'm rethinking that.

  • Amazing

    by Sniff!

    I asked if I would pass a test and it said yes. The day after I passed a test!!!

  • Crystal Ball

    by Elena6

    This game is soooo awesome! Everyone should get it. I'm surprised that some of things I ask the crystal ball gets the answer right! One time I asked it "Am I silly?" and the crystal ball got it right! I am silly and the ball said "Yes."

  • Love it

    by Makayla. Carvalho

    Like it daaaa


    by Pardys Ahmadi

    I asked it 10 questions they were right this app is AMAZING it tell the truth all the time

  • Wow

    by KatyKatt

    I used this app and it is so creepy I asked it 20 questions and 18 of them were right.......SO CREEPY!!!!!!!! I love this app!!!!!!

  • Ball of wisdom

    by Wis ball


  • Hi

    by Seal team 7

    It's fun but I asked like an I happy and I said no but I was its fun but it dosent tell the truth it's just an app

  • BEST APP EVER!!!!!!

    by Aperrellimom

    It is the best It knows,all the answers don't listen to bad comments get the BEST APP EVER!!!!!!it really is the best app ever!!!!!if u want good app it's this now get it!!!!!!!!

  • Why I bought it!

    by Gxvgdfvghcvdghfc

    Some days I need encouragement, this app told me the things and the things that weren't good but true, so I recommend this app for YO

  • Awsome

    by biddylisa

    lots of fun and right on the money

  • Crystal Ball

    by KaitlynKari7

    I love it

  • crystal ball

    by Jamers77

    its pretty good it sometimes works

  • Okay

    by Doritos girl

    I kinda like it

  • So funny

    by ENMcheergirl

    €^%#}{|,?|~>^%*£¥+=1?(70@:5 luv it so much fun predicts the truth like all the time.

  • Awesome

    by 4starrelation109

    I asked if I would find true love and it said yes so try it now

  • Stinks more than ever do not get!!!:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    by Ninja girl 2000

    Stinks not real I asked if I can fly and it said "yes":(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • this is not even close to being awsome

    by Shadowking914

    Me:is this app stupid? Ball:as I see it yes

  • Hi

    by TCxoxo

    Not cool,it says the same things over & it's not right

  • Magic ball

    by Faithy 1233

    It's okay

  • Stupid

    by ~800()

    Soo bad I hate it

  • Does not work

    by Gonzo on the run

    It does not work sometimes

  • Stupid

    by Poopsie M

    It is so stupid. Just buy a magic eight ball. It will give you the same answers.

  • Not really

    by Briabomb

    If you shake it without asking a question it gives you a answer.So it's pretty lame and stupid

  • Waste of my time

    by -GeneralS-

    This ball keeps on saying no no no to me

  • ???????

    by Avatarwaterbender

    I don't know what to think about this app almost non of it is true but a lot of it is right if you can give me a full out explanation on why I should keep it I will personally meet you in person and give you $40

  • Issue

    by Lyoto machida12358005

    It's so bad all it says is similar things to yes

  • Meh

    by KentonD#1fan

    It says no more than yes..... I dont like it

  • Ball

    by Bubbles bad

    Not working at all

  • Wow

    by Girl ashley

    I asked if this app was stupid and it said most likely hahahahahaha

  • hmmm...

    by EmilyMaslow

    it doesnt make sense to count on an app to tell you your future..nonw of this sh*t is going to be true..so dont waste your time downloading it..its gonna turn out to be 5 minutes of your life you'll never get back -.-t

  • Dumby

    by JeSsIcA3827

    U know telling ppl that it really does not read ur future is dumb even if it did not I would say it did dumby btw I hate the app

  • Omg

    by I love Josh Hucherson

    Boring it doesn't work get a life and don't get this game I hate it!!!!!!

  • Fortune ball

    by Ice cube122245778

    It's ok

  • Not so good.....

    by M&M Pope

    I don't think this product is that good! I defiantly would not purchase the upgraded one.

  • good

    by Cheese go

    this is a cute game, but is a scam good 4 little kids

  • Stupid


    It will give a result to anything so it's stupid sorry but it's true

  • Terrible

    by Kick your mom

    U don't have to ask the qustion just shake it

  • Horrible!!

    by Candykate7

    For me, it always says ask again later!

  • always right!

    by SophieZ123

    it is always right! just get it,there is no need to debate! but one time my sister asked it if she was pretty and it said no! so it basically said she was ugly!

  • Idiotic

    by Ingermaaike

    Idiotic application. I hate shaking.

  • Of course!!

    by ponyuni

    I know this app does not provide accurate fortunes, but please but more advanced ones on!! Not ones like, "ask again later" or "my reply is....." We crave good ones like, " your future shows somebody bring cut from a friendship" or something! I swear, of I knew that this app would be 4-, I would have never downloaded it!!

  • It's ok

    by Soccer Rocks!!

    This crystal ball Is not always acurate! Please update and let it read mind! I think it deserves a C-!!!!!! Fix it! ..... Now!?!

  • Omgggggggg

    by fbazzani

    My daughter used it and said it's really good so I'm guessing it is.."............. Get it it predicts well!! My daughter asked if she will meet a celebrity and it said yes and he will call her if she gives him her phone number dollop now she's really excited and can't wait till the day she meets Justin Bieber.... So yeah get it if you want your dreams to come true works on a lot of stuff

  • DUMB!!!

    by Ctre2

    This has SO MANY PROBLEMS!!!!

  • ;)

    by Ruffy2122

    Its fantastic it always gets the right answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is always right.

    by :( no checkers for me


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