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Seller: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

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What time is it? TIME TO ROCK! Help Finn and Jake rescue Marceline’s stolen fans in Rock Bandits! Available for iPhone 4, 4s, and 5; iPad; iPad mini; and iPod touch 4 and 5.

The Ice King and his band couldn’t get any fans of their own, so they kidnapped Marceline’s audience instead. Follow their tour across the Land of Ooo. Battle your way through the Dark Forest, Lumpy Space, Bad Lands, and the Ice Kingdom.

Use Finn’s sword and Jake’s stretchy powers to slash, smash, and bash the bad guys in this action-packed side-scrolling platformer. Punch some respect into Ice King and his band of evil. Battle Tree Witch’s nasty nose, beat up Ash and his monster amp, and put the squeeze on the Lemongrabs!

One man’s junk is another man’s broadsword! Collect random junk for the Blind Blacksmith and he’ll forge it into new blades and hilts.

Rock Bandits includes an original comic by Adventure Time comic series writer Ryan North and artist Shelli Paroline!

Crank the adventure up to 11 with ROCK BANDITS!

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!

    by deanrc

    Basically everything I wanted in an Adventure Time game for the iPhone.

  • Good game

    by Dashplayer16

    The game is really good but the controls lack sensitivity.

  • Make a game call card wars

    by Big fixes and need update!

    Make card wars please!!!

  • Ok

    by Pokadot 725

    The game itself is fun, but it won't even open anymore it's just a black screen

  • Great, but I want more!!

    by xrobotlovex

    I actually like the controls because I was a master at Rayman Jungle Run. I love the graphics and the game itself, and I'm pleased that there are twenty levels. There could definitely be more though, more of everything. More swords, more comics, more diversity/varying actions in the levels for the amount you pay for the game. For example, in Rayman, there are four different action moves that are focused on, and each one has a set of levels. So instead of just kind of doing the same actions over and over in every level, you would focus on one throughout a group of levels while still being able to use some of the others when needed. This would end the flying confusion and frustration. Finn constantly flys away and it's difficult to stop him, causing accidental deaths. I love the game and would LOVE if the developers continued working on it! Keep adding more!!!

  • Adventure time

    by Ultrajbat

    Good but make Finn in bones into a app

  • Awesome

    by Jeovanni the awsomnes ya

    This game is awesome but you should make a card wars game like the episode of adventure time card wars

  • Please Update

    by LizMonroe

    I Have Completed Every Level and Made Every Sword..I'm Looking Forward To The Update..A Fun challenging Game By Adventure Time! Whoa Wouldn't Love It.

  • Love It!

    by DuplantisJ

    I love the game itself, but, even an Adventure Time FREAK like me, has to admit the controls are pretty whacked up. The sword maker makes up for it, but he drove me CRAZY when he wouldn't give me the sword I wanted. I absolutely love this game, and my only suggestion is to maybe add a Fionna and Cake mode?.....

  • Super Awesome game

    by Underdogggfgjiyfhutfbhtf

    I love this game it's so much fun but the controls are hard and it does take up a lot of space but I hope they make a second one with easier controls and more levels and swords and less space

  • Awesome game

    by Piekenobi

    I love this game. It's so cool. The only problem is that this game takes up 441 mb. Please update this app to take up less space

  • Fun to play, but....

    by simplyreira

    The game itself is fun and entertaining to play, but the controls just make me not want to continue playing sometimes... They're pretty frustrating when you're trying to make Finn stop at specific spot but it ends up making up him hover or slice something instead.

  • I luv it

    by Unicorn xD

    I hope they make a update

  • Please update

    by Bokoco

    I love the game but I there is not enough levels and swords please make another one or update this game.


    by Lamby2007

    SO FUN :)

  • Cool,but

    by Amedrahar

    Cool game but volume doesn't work

  • I'm be a nerd

    by Mr coo

    I'm the biggest adventure time fan without it life would be grey and flat so put an adventure time game in front of me and I'll love it

  • Adventure band

    by Jessica Lopez

    Well it is pretty cool and a lot a level and cool swords but is a little to hard and no fair you can't be Jake

  • Ok I guess,

    by Lennon27

    Ok, the sensitivity is so terrible I almost through my iPad out the window. Other than that it's ok. I mean, sure there is a very little amount of swords,0 sensitivity ,to many eye ball characters,and to many bomb men.I have some faith in this game.and if you like it you like it, and if you don't you don't ;) from McCartney911

  • Wont work

    by Add me pretty please

    It was good in till it stopped letting me play please fix

  • It's ok

    by Cool blocky guy

    I mean your so slow in moving and those blade just want me yo rip my phone in half oh and also ice king that says you can't defeat me child makes me want to throw my phone out the window

  • Ok...

    by Coonu101

    The game is alright, I just don't like the controllers and I want my money back.....

  • Worst controls I've ever seen

    by Vash815

    What else is there to say. Could be a fun game, but the control scheme is terrible. Unfortunate...

  • Freaking controls

    by Wowthissuckshardcore

    Basically the controls will make you hate Finn and jake ... Expect to commit suicide multiple times cause it's hard to control him and he will go the wrong way/jump off a cliff/ hover endlessly into death. I bordered on throwing my phone out a window in frustration. Sad thing is its actually a good game aside from that one huge issue.

  • OMG!!!

    by iPhone1,279,001

    Dude! Slamacow! This game is flippin' awesome! Five stars says this game is sole fly!


    by Bobbytonyxz

    I loved this game and I beat it the first day I bought it! I would make it 5 Stars but it was to easy and it was really short! PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS!

  • Love it

    by silan_san

    It's fun to go around Ooo, saving and finding the hidden fans while also customizing your sword too. Plus the comic inside the game is great too.

  • OH GLOB! LIKE THE BEST GAME EVER!! But hard controls

    by Adventure Timeofobia Dude

    I LOVE the game!!!! But even though I beat ALL the bosses and found ALL the fans (including the secret ones) I'm missing different parts of the comic!! I have part 1,2,7,and 8!! HELP ME PLZ

  • Good Game with issues

    by Evilkingstan

    This is a great game, besides the fact that it crashes constantly.

  • This Game Bunks!

    by SoundDragon

    I'll give the story 4 stars as a basic AT episode. But the game was unnatural to play. Touch screen commands was an annoyance to handle and sword swipes were tedious (makes Fruit Ninja better). And app crashes after finishing a stage. And what's with the missing story pages. All I got was Pt. 1, 2 & 7. Not worth the little money I spent.

  • Awesome!

    by Phrumzilla

    Great game, but wish every sword gave off a unique boost.

  • Please read!

    by Gamerguy902

    Why are so many people hating this? This is one of the best games I've ever played on my touch!!! I know that some people think that the controls are hard to use, my friends think that too. But all in all, this is an AMAZING game, and who cares if the controls are a little difficult? What's a good game without a challenge? Game on, Gamerguy902

  • Adventure time

    by _Yas

    This game is so fun an awesome I hope the get mor levels

  • UGH!!

    by Jblack294

    My son and I luv, play, and buy just about everything Adv Time, but we got this game a few hours ago and the controls are so whack that we cant stand to play it any longer. I wont delete it but will wait till controls are fixed. Whatever the update was supposed to fix, didnt because swiping or circle button r still buggy. Plz fix soon. Thx.

  • This game doesn't work on my iPod

    by Cindy.rico

    Ive been trying to play this game for months now it does not work I pay for so I think you need to fix it I'm very unhappy with this if not I need my money back !!!

  • Adventure time rulessssss!!!!!!!!!

    by Super duper uper

    This is a awesome game but can you make more people to save and new swords and bosses.

  • Awesome

    by LCL15

    Very addictive, and fun.

  • Meh

    by Hotcouple

    Its sad, this game has potential, but they threw that down the toilet. The gameplay is clunky and the controls are stiff and unnatural, and it lags quite a bit, ruining everything. You can tell there was some effort here, but you wont notice that after realizing how horid the gameplay is. Do not buy for sure

  • :(

    by XxanimaljamxX

    I USED to love this game until the circle control it's so much harder now Cartoon Network plz read this and let us have no circle control again PLZ

  • The best CN game ever!

    by Icycrysis

    This game is far by the best game I've ever played. I beat it in 2 days, but I had a lot of fun! (Still trying to get all the secret fans and sword customizations, though)

  • Shauna is a belieber

    by Bieberbunny

    I wish that I could put no stars,but I could only put one anyways this game is like soooooo 20,000,000,000 decades ago

  • Cool but it doesn't work

    by Sqorpion

    The controls feel forced and floaty, not my type if side scroller.

  • Controls much better

    by Andrew Nieves

    The game is fine now, haven't encountered any bugs


    by Buttttttthead

    This game is so awesome!!!! Please make new swords.


    by Elijah Sherratt

    Since the circle control update, the game has become so much cooler. THANK YOU CARTOON NETWORK!

  • Amazing!

    by Adventure time :->

    Oh my glob! This is a fabulous game!

  • Awesome

    by VietXLD

    Coollest game ever!!!!

  • Too little is bad.

    by Kid ranger

    Yeah I love this game but the prob is... The sword selection is only a few. So pls make new cooler swords and hilts.

  • Funny game, terrible controls.

    by Superhero94

    This game has the charm of Adventure Time but the worst controls I have used in a while for a video game. If they got patched to be more accurate (or a new control scheme) I would rate this game higher. Some other minor complaints is how slow Finn moves and the fact that you have to wait for the blacksmith to make new weapons (can't think of a reason why they thought this would be a fun idea). Other than that this game is pretty fun and the story is in the same style as the AT comics.

  • Horrible controls!!!

    by Yoga gi

    I love adventure time but the game was hard to play with the swiping. Finn is hard to control. The levels were fun but what killed was the controls. Maybe Finn should be controlled manually.

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