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Seller: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Bust up as many bad guys as humanly possible!

Call in Lady Rainicorn or Lord Monochromicorn for an invincible attack!

Big up yourself with a giant, monster-smashing bod!

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IT'S FIONNA TIME! Battle a never-ending swarm of enemies in Fionna Fights!

- Bust up as many bad guys as humanly possible in FINN mode!
- Call in LADY RAINICORN or LORD MONOCHROMICORN for an invincible attack!
- Big up yourself with a giant, monster-smashing bod with the new GROWTH POTION!

Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee were on their way to Lumpy Space Prince’s party when they got jumped by a pack of evil monsters! Looks like it’s time to bust them up! Leap from enemy to enemy as you cut their army down to size!

Stay sharp with four different swords! Finn’s golden sword offers a powerful dash attack, the root sword packs an explosive punch, Fionna’s crystal sword fills the sky with crystal shards, and the demon sword destroys everything in its path!

Summon a knife storm, send in NEPTR’s missile-blasting battle suit, or unleash the fury of the vampire king himself, Marshall Lee!

Launch into battle with FIONNA FIGHTS!

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Available for iPhone 4, 4s, and 5; iPad 2, 3, and 4; iPad mini; and iPod touch 4 and 5.

Customer Reviews

  • Mathematical!

    by Wertyboy2

    Love it but should lower the price on Finn's play

  • More things to buy!

    by Micah.G

    Nice love it. But add at least 10 more things. Like a speed potion

  • I love it but only one thing..

    by Elaine Kincaid.

    Could you please put in an update that allows you to turn some special attacks off and on once you buy the whole thing. Thanks.

  • Great

    by Turbellope

    I like how you can use the vampires as weapons as both of them do a ton of damage. But... Finn is not riding marceline... He's riding Marshall. What's up with that? And also it says " unleash the wrath of the vampire queen" yet it's not even marceline who attacks! Marcie's monster form don't even have wings! Lol!!!!!! Plus the one thing I love is the title screen music! I recognize it as the good little girl song

  • Wow xD

    by TakeAWildGuess

    Only in adventure time would i be battling violent burgers and butterflies with guns xD i lumping love this game!! Just wish finn's stuff wasnt double the price...

  • It's ADVENTURE TIME !!!!!!!

    by Macm77880

    Fionna fights rocks but I might just like Finn fights a bit better

  • Marshal lee and Fiona <3

    by Htsdfdbnh

    Best game ever love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Worth It

    by Arob29x

    This is a great, addicting game. I only ask for more upgrades! Additional swords, potions, etc.

  • So much fun!

    by DarkWolfRising

    The adventure time apps are all my favorites!

  • Cool

    by Super walking Lego

    Coool but very dificulte

  • Lots of Fun!

    by Rainue

    And totally adorable~ <3

  • Nice but...

    by Bdl2001

    Awesome game but I wish you could make the prices and have the purchases from Fionna move over with you when you switch to Finn.

  • Cute+pie

    by Hgr23

    This is the best game ever⭐⭐⭐

  • I love it

    by Cxvslycooper

    Fins voice is fake but I love the gameplay

  • Awesome!!!

    by Caelan H.

    It needs more swords! Can't wait for update: )

  • adventure time

    by Winterfox19

    it's everything you could ask for in a game!

  • Love it

    by Nice game u got dere

    Thanks for the Finn fights too :D

  • Awesome

    by @ghostwriterJr

    Great game and love the opening/menu music! Who produced the opening music? Must find out!

  • Love It!!

    by Adven7ure 7ime

    Just got the game and love it! just wish Finn's things weren't as expensive.

  • HOW DO I USE FINN!!!!'

    by NRG Cole ZX

    I cant find out how to use finn i think i tried everything, do i have to unlock him or something PLEASE HELP!!

  • Terrible

    by olympian2000maxspiderman

    This game is very bad. Not worth the money. Don't get it!!!!

  • What the heck am I doing

    by Digaytan

    Visually a very attractive game but I can't figure out how to play this game properly. I tap the bad guys but Fionna moves so fast I can't see what's going on and my emery level runs down after only five seconds maybe less.

  • Its alright

    by MaltWarrior

    Its fun for the first few minutes, after you figure out what the heck to do. But after that it just seems boring and pointless. Good game for passing time in the office but not much else.

  • Great for any adventure time fan!

    by Frosttbyte

    Great gameplay and replayablility, but feels like not much is put into this game. Some suggestions:Add different background and music options. In the end, great game.

  • Prices

    by SBatten21

    Lower the prices on finn fights

  • Great update!

    by David Flatt

    Finn's stuff is pricey-er, but i love everything else! Except the sound stopped working halfway through my game.

  • Finn Fights is here, but I'm not so thrilled anymore

    by FinnHero

    I'm glad we finally Finn Fights, but it doesn't quite feel the same, Finn's voice sounds different? did you even use Jeremy Shada to voice Finn here, also the upgrades are doubled for Finn, that doesn't seem fair

  • Fun!

    by Supernaut4

    Like the game, but haven't figured out how to play as Finn

  • >:/

    by Cloud 64

    Paid the .99 cents and It messed up all my other apps I can't hear a thing.. And the volume works fine on anything else except my games..

  • Awesome

    by Awesomepearson741

    It's the best game I ever played.Especially with different modes like finn fights and fionna fights.

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!! :D

    by Uni714

    Thanks for the Finn Fights, but could you PLEASE make the upgrades, swords & potions in Finn Fights the same price as the ones in Fionna Fights? I mean, the ones in Finn Fights are DOUBLE the price. Just make the stuff like the same, ok?


    by 14ninjapanda14

    I love this game! I just wish they would put out more swords ! The update did put up some new things but I want more ! Lol Also , love that we can play Finn now. ! Ahhhh .!!

  • I love it

    by Harry potter, da man

    Really awesome. I hope you keep making good updates and adding stuff! Keep up the good work! ;)

  • Y u keep me waiting?!?!?!

    by DedCittyKat

    When r u guys gonna put out the one version with Finn and jake in it, I've been waiting for sooooo long!!! Please do it soon :D

  • Mathematical

    by Irwin Finkle

    This app is really fun. You'll spend hours trying to get further, level up and unlock new equipment. This game is toatally math.


    by Kauzbots

    So fun and awesome you'll love it!!! If you don't know if you should get it, just get it anyway its the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

  • FINN

    by Andrew Novak

    Please have an update for Finn.

  • Great game dude!! C;

    by Evelyn1201

    <3333 love it its really fun when u understand it though, worth the 99 cents BUY IT DOE ;DD awesome no problem here>.< ;) well yeah no problem ;}}}

  • Yea fionna and marshall lee

    by silan_san

    Fighting the monsters, giant hamburgers and butterflies with laser is so fun. Plus getting the swords, potions and secret attacks are worth the game.

  • Love it

    by Jakkuharuden

    Great game! Is Finn Fights ever coming?

  • What time is it?

    by GameJudger5000

    Adventure time is awesome, I live this app but seriously release Finn fights I already beat Fionna fights! Or at least update it and add more please

  • Terrible

    by Swag chick 28

    So boring you have to earn a lot of coins for 1 sward


    by Pinman gaming

    In my last review I said it was bad but then When I started playing it it got fun.I WANT FINN FIGHTS

  • Fiona & Cake

    by It's mathematical

    It's tops bluebee!

  • Epic

    by Naive Kitty girl

    I just love this game. I play it every day and this game is so addictive. It was worth every penny. GO FIONNA!

  • Totally Math!

    by Horcicon

    This game is awesome, more than five stars and it was really fun maxing out on all the swords, potions, and specials!

  • Waste of money

    by Triggerman8912

    Please give me my money back

  • Finn Fights!!!

    by Adventure_Time_Fan23

    I really want to know when Finn fights is coming out I love this game, since February I got this game and Finn Fights hasn't come out yet, I want it!!!!

  • What about finn fights

    by Average guy345

    Where's finn fights

  • So awesome!

    by Marshal lee of awesomeness

    This game is so awesome! SO AWESOME!!!!!!

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