AntiSquad Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Bulkypix
  • Updated: Dec, 12 2013
  • Version: 1.01
  • Size: 168 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish


1. The threat of enemies for the 3rd El Rombo contract mission have been reduced ('Normal' Difficulty).
2. The probability of Rubies in Army Boxes and Secured Containers are now doubled.
3. Fixed contents found in all containers.
4. Reduced the cost of opening an Armored Container.
5. Added more rubies as an award for flawlessly completing challenges (All Difficulties).
6. Increased growth of rubies for completing challenges .
7. Reduced the cost of removing limitations for leveling characteristics and abilities of characters.
8. The number of in-app purchases in the game has been reduced. Now only rubies are available for purchase. If needed, these may then be converted into coins at a favorable rate.
9. Added a leaderboard in the Game Center.
10. Fixed several bugs dealing with synchronizing saves with the iCloud.

In addition, we offer a gift of two rubies to all the players.
Have fun!

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What happens every time you find yourself facing criminality, outlaws and troublemakers?
Shout? Run? Weep? Call the police maybe?
No! You keep a low profile hoping to stay invisible to the threat.

/ ! \ IMPORTANT NOTE / ! \
Compatible with iPad 2 and up, iPhone 4 and up and iPod touch 5th generation – WILL NOT RUN ON EARLIER DEVICES.

However it's not how we do it. We loathe the scum that think they can do whatever they want and thrive to cleanse their existence.

We are straight-out fearless daredevils with profound strategic and team working mind.

Together we are the SQUAD!

‘AntiSquad’ is a spectacular action game with a rich tactical palette and a substantial arsenal of gaming opportunities.

The game takes place nowadays, in locations where an ordinary person is unlikely to have a desire to go ... but precisely where any self-respected player would like to be!

The action of the first two campaigns will unfold in the Wild West prairies of the 21st century, where drug cartels call the shots, and in East Asia secret underground bunkers, carefully hiding from the outside world execution of the villains' evil plans...


• Turn-based tactics... The game is yours to command
• Stunning visuals... It pleases the eyes
• Fascinating story... To tell before bedtime
• Memorable characters... It's hard to pass by without noticing them
• Character specialization... Choose your path
• A wide variety of gears and weapons... For each taste and colour
• Challenges and Achievements... Making it hard for you
• Atmospheric soundtrack... Hear the sound of awesomeness?

Customer Reviews

  • Strategy and Visuals better than most other Apps

    by Hiitechpower

    Gameplay is solid, and the game progresses at a nice and easy pace. The challenge can ramp up quickly, so there's plenty of customization to cater your team to each encounter. Get rid of your IAP's if you will charge $2.99 though. The mobile market works best with one or two micro transactions per customer, try and not push the status quo there. I do like the game though, the development team has made other similarly wonderful titles. Please keep them coming, this is a great game.

  • Good fun, lacks multiplayer, too much IAP

    by Tjentom

    Fun turn based game, good mechanics. Level up is all based on spending cash to increase stats or gems(bought with IAP) to buy guns. What leaves a bad taste is that stats get capped quickly and can only be unlocked with gems. It's a little too much, especially for a paid game. Another problem is lack of multiplayer.

  • Engaging

    by Nikoill

    Unique, captivating, aesthetically pleasing and lots of fun. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

  • Freemium CRASH

    by Ravencroft82

    I WAS enjoying this game....up until I realized that you can't just make a "minor" purchase and keep playing. If you ever want to get anywhere in this game, you HAVE to keep buying more coins and rubies. On top of that, the game freezes at the start of every turn, often causing your chosen character to waste valuable AP when the game unfreezes and he/she decides to go running around in a circle....or straight into the enemies' range. Then, if you're REALLY "lucky", your game will start crashing at a certain mission, forever halting your mission progress entirely. For me, it was the 2nd mission on Morning Star, the 2nd contract you get. I actually liked the game enough to sink almost $30 into the game before I realized how horribly greedy the devs actually are and how bad the crashes become. My advice? Skip it. Save your money.

  • Not worth the money

    by Havaren

    Limits what you can do without IAP. Not worth the money at all.

  • Garbage

    by PapaJupe13

    Next time you wonder why a game like XCOM costs so much, buy this pile of garbage and the answer will be clear. Besides the greedy hammering to buy more IAPs, the game itself is no fun, unoriginal, and just plain bad.

  • Don't work

    by Punisher6789

    It don't work on my iPod touch

  • Horrible, greedy IAP !!!DO NOT BUY!!!

    by ToxicCheese

    The game is awesome but the IAP is horrid. No upgrades or ability to equip items without buying 'rubies'. I already paid for the game and now they want more money? At least give the gamer a decent chance at upgrading. Why would I grind for rubies?

  • Thought this was Premium? Not a freemium disguised as a premium....

    by NoWhereAtAll

    Decent enough game but there is no way to avoid getting hit for those that attack close range. And while I love a challenge the learning curve is really bad. The difficulty ramps up pretty fast as well. Then there is the IAP..... The crystals come wayyyyy to slow from the challenges and you can't upgrade past a certain points without them. So yeah... It's screaming freemium to me... Love the graphics and all but the nessesary IAP is killing it.

  • Incredibly greedy

    by Koryuoh

    An excessive amount of in-app purchases here kills what would otherwise a fun and great looking game. It is one thing to offer selling in-game currency, it is entirely another to block everyone who does not purchase it from being able to upgrade their units. Inexcusable.

  • Don't pay for a money sucking freemium

    by Quantum Shaman

    Would have been good if it was not a Huge money sucking freemium game just to get anywhere. And I had to pay money for it I have been duped, Greed killed this game, not bugs

  • Greedy, glitchy & not good.

    by Detroitalan01

    Anti-Squad by new dev. Inspire Games, although distributed by Bulkypix, isn't that good. It has technical glitches. On a small map, these don't pop up too much. On the larger maps, the game freezes for seconds at a time and won't let you input commands. This has a tendency to draw out the length of each battle, which quickly becomes tedious. The larger problem is the IAP. Anti-Squad is a $3 game. Yet it employs the aggressive IAP strategies seen in freemium ware. You can only power up a character so far using the gold awarded through standard gameplay. To upgrade weaponry, open secured chests, unlock extra characters or disable the limit caps put on your characters, you have to use rubies. Unlike gold, the only feasible way to gather rubies is to go out of pocket. By the fifth stage, it becomes apparent this title was not designed to be played for the agreed upon price of $3. On the plus side, the graphics, sound design and character designs are high quality (given the platform and genre). However, seeing as how Anti-Squad is a full price title, the "push" by Inspire Games to go out for IAP's is beyond cynical. It's thievery. Plain and simple. Until this matter is hopefully resolved in a future update, serious and casual gamers would do well to stay away. You've been warned.

  • Crashes

    by Bst31940

    Crashes on original ipad before you ever get to gameplay. That's been my experience.

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