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Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese

Seller: BrosSoft

application changed for use iPhone5 and iPad

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You can find your favorite hair style at 30 seconds!?
This is an application that you can simulate new hair style easily.
Let's try new hair style for your own or friends photos!!
Both photos of Camera and Photo Album is OK.
All 36 hair style is included.
You can change your image in this application!!

Customer Reviews

  • Hairstyle

    by HaHaHollyHacker


  • great

    by My fella

    this app is great but it's hard to use

  • Awesome!

    by 1D...Directioner<3

    Many options and easy 2 use!

  • Nice

    by green213

    It's not so bad. It's pretty good compared to other apps.

  • Simple App!

    by Geagle!\

    I've downloaded this Apps and seems to like it. It is easy to execute and what more can one expect when it is free! Who knows before long, future updates may have more hairstyles added! Dont be put off by negative comments. Work on the comments cause without it there wont be room for improvements! Thank you. Greatful

  • Okay

    by Gabriela1995

    It ain't all that bad :)

  • Ummm ok

    by Lexianne77

    It's fine I guesd

  • Horrible

    by Annoyed and frustrated

    First of all no ones head is shaped that way and it would not let me retake a picture. 1 star for good hair styles

  • Terrible

    by FlyinBryin

    Very few styles and colors. Picture has to be the perfect size to fit the hair.

  • Horrible app. 1 star is a generous rating.

    by Klscha

    Deleting it as soon as I finish this rating. There are 2 or 3 hairstyles. No instructions.

  • Terrible


  • by Holly:))

    all i got to say is…

  • Useless

    by Poputt

    Hard to use and not many styles, not helpfull at ALL, dont waste your time!

  • Don't bother

    by BrailleChick

    Waste of time.

  • O__o

    by Hott Hott Hott

    If I could rate this thing as 0 I definitely would. This app has okay styles but it's really hard to get your picture to fit into the hair style, and you cant use the camera that takes a picture of yourself. Ive learned to read the reviews before I get an app, free or not. Hopefully you are reading this before you buy it( sorry if you already did). L8r peeps

  • Horrible

    by SaDi;)

    If I could give a zero I would

  • Terrible

    by Alexis12365

    This is a horrible app

  • Why?

    by Xoxox8691

    Why was this even made?

  • Bad

    by Hairliker

    It was not good at all but, if u want a limited choose and a bad picture, have fun!! It was free so, I did it anyways!

  • Delete a list of purchases

    by 비달개사순

    Delete a list of purchases

  • No use

    by Sarahs rock the world

    I deleted this the day I got this.

  • 

    by Cute&Girlie;)

    Terrible app. Dosent work right, and its impossible to fit the hairstyles to your face.


    by Appfire

    I do not like it at all!!! It was Really bad!!!! It is really really really really boring too!

  • this sucked

    by CarlosMarungo

    okay I just got this and when I picked a picture it just filled up the whole screen and the hair is really small! Im gonna delete it...WORST APP EVA!

  • Terrible

    by nickname submitted here

    This app is terrible. When you try to select the photo, it makes it impossible to format. Your face takes up the entire screen, and the hairstyles themselves are the size of a thumb. I spent half an hour playing around with this thing, and never once was able to make a style fit. Don't waste your time with this app.

  • Stupid

    by I love hbr

    This app is so dumb. Don't waste your time. I love hair styling and I know this app stinks. I work at a salon and it's just a waste of time!

  • Peice of CRAP

    by Mad about this

    Only give u 9 styles To choose from!!!! Grrrrr

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