Black Ops Ultimate Utility™ Pro (for Call of Duty) Reference App Review (iOS, $3.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Brass Monkeigh Apps LLC


- Improved Create-A-Class
-- Now you can only create weapon & attachment combinations found in the game
-- Added page numbers to create-a-class sub pages


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*********** WARNING *************
|- This app is not for noobs! -|

Black Ops Ultimate Utility Pro is the single best iPhone app for CoD players looking to improve their scores.

What's better about UU Pro compared to the original Black Ops Ultimate Utility?

- Improved weapon stats and charts!
- Improved K/D Calculator!
- TONS of expert multiplayer strategies!
- Tips for the fastest way to unlock Pro perks!
- Tips for maximizing your kills with each killstreak!
- Zombie Strategy Guide!
- Emblem Tutorial Videos!
- Friends List supports texting & e-mailing invites to your friends!

Those are just the improvements! How about the rest of the great features?


Get the most in depth information available about the weapons, perks, attachments, killstreaks, maps, and more!

Use one of over a dozen expert sample classes, or create your own!

Keep track of everything you have unlocked - including guns, perks, killstreaks, and achievements!

PWN BOX (with Friends List):
Live chat with other gamers! No registration or sign up - just enter a user name and ask your question! There are always people online to talk to!

Quickly and easily send out invites via e-mail or text message to all your friends in order to organize a team to play online!

Always know all of the map layouts, including spawn points, flag locations and bomb spots. This app includes ALL maps and map packs.

This ain't no simple dividing calculator. Always know your K/D and wins ratio, plus how many more kills/wins you need to improve your ratio! This app also logs past entries and shows you if you are improving or not!

Over 100 helpful HD videos are already uploaded, with more added each week!

Got a great gameplay that you want to share with the world? Upload it to the app to generate more subscribers for your YouTube channel!

Send e-mails to your friends with your K/D ratio or the number of achievements/trophies that you have unlocked!

Keep up to date with the latest news from the community managers fourzerotwo and JD_2020. There is also news from Brass Monkeigh (this app's developer) so you can always know when updates are coming.

See what other players think about topics such as what is the best Assault Rifle or most useful first perk. Polls are updated every week!

You just won't find this level of detail and quality in any other Black Ops app!

Want to try before you buy? Just search the app store for "Brass Monkeigh" to find the lite version of Black Ops UU.

Black Ops Ultimate Utility™ Pro is an unofficial guide designed for use with Call of Duty. Call of Duty is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. Brass Monkeigh Apps, LLC and Eric Fox are not affiliated with Activision Publishing, Inc.

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Customer Reviews

  • Crash

    by jayh10

    It crashes a lot but overall great app

  • Great

    by :(37(3

    My gaming skills have improved

  • A lot of information

    by Hoffde1

    This is a great app,a little expensive, but totally worth it, I wish it had more info on the zombie mode, but overall it gives great information, zombie, and multiplayer.

  • Great App

    by dustin ramer

    Great app

  • Great

    by Daniel Soto


  • Amazing

    by A hurt guy

    A must buy for the average black ops player!

  • Great!

    by Minty_Fresh_

    I'm a better player now! Bit too expensive, only really worth $2-3

  • Great

    by TheLegoUniverseWhite

    I am definitely a better player now. Thanx

  • Black ops

    by FaZe Gamer

    Great app help my game play with their tips and advice. ;)

  • Very helpful

    by Iceman044

    Love the app and all the associated game apps.

  • Useful

    by Phantasmzombie

    I refer to it often

  • Love it

    by Billabong923


  • Awesome

    by Dominic Ibe

    Awesome app very informative on black ops (: love all the features (:

  • 3.5 stars

    by Brian1030

    Needs more content not just info the game already provides. It has some, but needs more for this price. For instance, comparison between tactical grenades? Better maps with all game types. Good spots on maps, etc.

  • Good

    by (\ (\ (^.^),(,,)(,,)


  • Bo uu pro

    by Wes191

    Needs moe but good

  • For cod players!

    by Grant_9597

    Great app for true gamers!

  • Rev

    by HUUUUUG

    Good app I guess

  • Cod

    by SHmith19

    Very good app:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GREAT app!

    by Jsosbriwnbsja

    Great app!

  • Great app

    by The_Drury_Inn

    Super helpful

  • .

    by Island Girl

    It helped a lot

  • Yo

    by Shuzaan

    Good stuff

  • Bo uu

    by Lancer30006789599

    Good but more zombie maps

  • Great

    by bxm4

    Great app for COD players

  • Great app

    by Das Monkey

    This is definitely a great app for those of you who have played cod,To be with you I think the whole cod series is awesome great job keep the cod games and apps coming (for xbox 360 please)

  • Good

    by Basa52

    Its good

  • Amazing

    by Pwninator9001

    Definitely helped a lot. Now I'm getting my highest killstreak at least twice every match and my k/d is usually 2.0 or above. Thanks for the awesome tips, classes, and info.


    by T-Rexmanboy

    It really did help, i luv creating classes on the go

  • Awesome

    by BDogMc

    This helped alot

  • Nice App

    by Acklesabsab

    This app is almost perfect. You should change some of the classes though because i put them into genie and some were bad.

  • Cool

    by RadicalAce


  • Good app

    by 34redsox

    I recommend this app highly it's easy to use and has useful information you can tell they have spent a lot of time and thought into it.

  • I like this

    by KDman100-0

    Awesome APP

  • Classes

    by Joe meyer

    One of the best black ops apps but change some of the classes

  • CoD

    by Mikey E.

    Great app, lots of support, and overall usefull(4 stars for high price)

  • Ok app

    by Cjtcjt80

    It's a decent app . But my stats are so high it thinks I boost): but I just use it for my KD to see when it's going to go up ad why not. But not cool of accusing me of boosting...

  • Perfect

    by Roosterpfunk69

    This ap is everything one would want from a gameing ap.

  • Black ops

    by Funny manb

    I love this app I use it for everything

  • Excellent

    by Frost sun

    Really great app this has helped me alot thanks for great app

  • Good App but...

    by SentinelRez

    Its a good app, although i think its a bit pricey. i don't know if I am doing something wrong or its the app but how do you save the classes, i have pro and its tell me to save or to take pic of it which i cannot either because i need pro, which i already have. what can i do?

  • Hi

    by Ro810

    It's awesome

  • Great

    by OrderlyBubble6


  • What should i get?

    by A awesome perosn

    What's better black ops vc pro or this app. It is okay not really what I was looking for but overall pretty good.

  • No Complaints!

    by DocRadley

    Like this app! No complaints...

  • Nicaman28

    by Nicaman28

    Awesome app best ever

  • Best app ever!

    by Darkmann71

    This app has so much to explore and learn! And I LOVE chatting with other people on the PWN Box.

  • Zombie inaccuracies

    by The_Sonambulist

    Well the guns it's says not to pack a punch you should, for example the galil, sure it may not get a magazine increase but it gets a lot more ammo, also I wouldn't get why the world it tell you to pak a punch the hs-10 and not an assault rifle even the raider(pap stakeout) is a better choice.

  • Best app for cod black ops.

    by PhantomProX

    Cod BO:UU pro is the best app I have seen for black ops I give thanks to the creater of this wonderful app.

  • Love it

    by its fun yay

    Love it

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