Black Ops Ultimate Utility™ (COD Elite guide for Call Of Duty) Reference App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Brass Monkeigh Apps LLC


- Improved Create-A-Class
-- Now you can only create weapon & attachment combinations found in the game
-- Added page numbers to create-a-class sub pages


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Now With First Strike, Escalation and Annihilation Maps!

Are you tired of all the poor quality $.99 game guides that leave you regretting your purchase later? Me too! That's why I started the
Ultimate Utility™ brand over a year ago!
So if you are looking for the best app for Black Ops, it's time to trade up from your current game guide to the Ultimate Utility™ brand of apps!

Keep in mind there are three levels of UU:
- Ultimate Utility™ lite/free
- Ultimate Utility™ (this app)
- Ultimate Utility™ Pro
You can find the one that best suits your needs by searching the app store for Brass Monkeigh Apps.


Get the most in depth information available about the weapons, perks, attachments, killstreaks, maps, and more!

Use one of over a dozen expert sample classes, or create your own!

Keep track of everything you have unlocked - including guns, perks, killstreaks, and achievements!

PWN BOX (with Friends List):
Live chat with other gamers! No registration or sign up - just enter a user name and ask your question! There are always people online to talk to!

Quickly and easily send out invites to all your friends in order to organize a team to play online!

Always know all of the map layouts, including spawn points, flag locations and bomb spots. This app includes ALL maps and map packs.

This ain't no simple dividing calculator. Always know your K/D and wins ratio, plus how many more kills/wins you need to improve your ratio!

Over 100 helpful HD videos are already uploaded, with more added each week!

Got a great gameplay that you want to share with the world? Upload it to the app to generate more subscribers for your YouTube channel!

Send e-mails to your friends with your K/D ratio or the number of achievements/trophies that you have unlocked!

Keep up to date with the latest news from the community managers fourzerotwo and JD_2020. There is also news from Brass Monkeigh (this app's developer) so you can always know when updates are coming.

See what other players think about topics such as what is the best Assault Rifle or most useful first perk. Polls are updated every week!

You just won't find this level of detail and quality in any other Black Ops app!

Black Ops Ultimate Utility™ is an unofficial guide designed for use with Call of Duty. Call of Duty is a registered trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. Brass Monkeigh Apps, LLC and Eric Fox are not affiliated with Activision Publishing, Inc.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!

    by Madulade

    One of the best apps!!!!

  • How

    by What........

    How do you PLAY?

  • Awesome

    by Pat pat j

    Great app can't be better

  • Giggity27/29

    by cotcodee

    This app is awesome :-)

  • None

    by Ghehshdhhdhhdhdhhfhdhsjfhhhll

    It's an awesome app in all but it would be better if it was a game you actually got to play it and do the levels.

  • Great

    by tony 3 5

    It has good and accurate information. Please update the app so it fits in full screen on the iPhone 5.

  • yep

    by Coffeewheelr

  • Cool

    by lisa reinstine

    I'm am the best at cod now thanks

  • Sept 14/12 9:00am

    by GhostSniper17

    Best app I've ever used

  • I love this app

    by Spidey 48

    It's the best

  • Cooooooolll

    by Boobie milk


  • Awesome

    by NeonLlamaMan

    All it needs is the rest I the zombie maps

  • black ops uu

    by Wes191

    I think it's good and convenient to have a uu for black ops but I think they should include more(especially create a class).

  • Awesome

    by Schneider_

    Really good

  • Gggg

    by Mastermined234


  • helpful, but not complete enough

    by PC Gamer God

    love the app, but reviews and tips for ALL the guns would be nice (right now only primaries have descriptions)

  • Great app

    by Ima Wetawd

    Everything you could need in a black ops app.

  • Good

    by Virginiadoc79


  • I <3 this app!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Insane Zombie

    This app is the best cod black ops app!!!! It helps me very much.

  • Good

    by Adriss88

    Has what it says

  • Stupid

    by Dungel 12

    You can't even do anything you just read about the weapons

  • Can't play

    by Dkjedmondson

    You can't even play this app it's just for keeping scores and showing maps and guns.

  • Waiste

    by Merfecker

    Very little info

  • Awsœmę

    by A Rabbid Squirrel

    Most rabbid squirrels like pincones

  • worth the money

    by My Epic Moustache101

    get it

  • Owe some app

    by Random kid aka me

    Great in game info -keep with the great app making- =]

  • Uu

    by Codovergod


  • :-) good

    by Colin Ciervo


  • Black Ops Ultimate Utility

    by TGIFridays guy


  • Juggali2343

    by Juggalo2343

    It is awesome

  • Eh makin it free would be awesome publicity. However it's very awesome ATM definitely worth to buys

    by Jacksonpm23


  • Awesome app

    by Weatherman 31

    This app had everything you need to bring up your game, totally worth it!

  • The desicion

    by Nerfmaster45

    It is great but you should make it look like the mw3 vault and call it the black ops vault and make it have better graphics

  • It's awesome!

    by Bombfreak

    Nothin much to say about it but it's really great!

  • Sweeeeetttttt!!!!!!!!!

    by Grenade 2 u

    Great app

  • Great game

    by Wagz1776

    Black Ops = awesome

  • Awsam

    by Claudia McCrea

    It fun playing multiplayer combat training and zombies!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty awsome

    by Cobrastrikes10

    It's awsome except hackers but I love it

  • Pretty good

    by OrderlyBubble6

    Needs work but i like it

  • Black ops uu

    by Jbgred4red1

    I thought it was a really easy a simple to use app one little problem it was really difficult to save a custom made class but it was probably pretty easy just me being stupid

  • Good for beginners and a great source for tips and tricks

    by Dex1919

    I showed many people this app and I saw them become a better gamer

  • Nice

    by sharpie21_78

    Easy to use n has all u need

  • Unclear

    by Cal1980abc

    It's unclear what is actually being purchased here.

  • Sweeeet what's mine say?...Duuude!

    by CJ327

    This app is sweeet!...everything is basically on point...the only thing i would say that needs attention is the achievements page a few of them are not exact but you get the idea...other than thats thanks for your guide especially cause its free!

  • great

    by king Yuri

    i really enjoy this app

  • Good CoD BO App

    by Jedidavie

    This app is very useful. In fact, the statistics taught me some good perks and weapons that I thought were bad at first. The app stands up to its name and is very useful.

  • Stupid

    by Wipsterq

    ?what is this crap

  • Wow.

    by xXNoHoPzXx


  • Black ops still alive.

    by Gunlover22

    I still play black ops a lot and I extremely like to customize classes so I remember the set up at home.

  • Review

    by Brycerogers28

    This is sooo awesome I love the dragonov to spray!!

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