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*iPhone 5 compatibility

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Out of gas, need a restroom, or maybe just a break from the road? There's just one problem, you don't know where the next rest stop may be. Try this addition to the Find Me suite of applications and get maps and directions to rest stops, refueling stations and weigh stations in a few simple touches.

*More than 3000 locations available (USA & Canada)
*Button takes you directly to Apple maps with directions to location
*Five nearest locations displayed at startup
*List all locations sorted by distance or alphabetically
*Rest stop specifics (allows pets, has restrooms, abbreviations below)

RR-Rest Rooms & Payphone
PT-Picnic Tables
VM-Vending Machines
Pets-Pet Walking Area
HF-Handicapped Facilities
MM-Mile Marker
NT-No Trucks

There must be an internet connection to view maps and directions. If your iOS device does not have GPS, turn off the "Track Location" switch button and touch "Set Location Manually." Then enter your zip code.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent!


    Works perfectly- was able to foresee the 5 nearest rest stops; just perfectly.

  • very nice app

    by Niceguy2002

    I think the issues others have are due to lack of turning on their GPS for this app, but it works great because you can set a zip and generate a map. Then you can travel without needing wifi or a signal. Awesome!

  • Phew

    by Krash2002

    .works great!

  • Worked for me

    by Jess Poggi

    Worked great just used the app

  • Very handy

    by Zoemax1

    Worked very well for me.

  • Works for me

    by glimp4

    I was just on I70, found the stop 10 miles ahead of me. Thanks for heads up.

  • Need an abbreviation page!

    by Gpd9712

    Not sure what most of the abbreviations mean. Would be helpful to include a page that explains them all. What's: HF and PT mean? It is very nice to know where they are. Would be helpful to be able to sort based on direction. All in all I'm pleased with the purchase.

  • Do not buy this app!!!

    by Gen72

    If you just want to find a place to use the bathroom, then it's the app for you. If you are looking for fuel: Pilot, Flying J, Love's, then keep looking because you won't find it with this app.

  • Don't bother

    by Aandani

    Totally waste of money and I found a perfect app for free

  • Worthless

    by spec24

    Don't bother. You can find rest stops using your map app. This thing first bother to take account for the direction you're going. Without that feature it is just worthless. Not worth the code it's written with.

  • Not worth the money (even if it were free)

    by Bryan Cooper Owens

    Not good. It lists the same rest stops no matter where I am, I don' think that it works very well with GPS. It doesn't seem to ever know where I am.

  • Not to good

    by Debra Freiler

    Rest stop a few miles ahead of us. This app said 43 miles. Waste of money.

  • Which Way??

    by hflax1

    App does a fair job of finding and listing rest stop locations. But, what it doesn't do is tell you or list by direction. Pretty useless to tell me a rest stop is 2 miles ahead when it's on the wrong side of a limited access highway. If you'd like to know where rest stops are this app is okay. If you need to find a rest stop there are better apps available. Save your money. I wish I had.

  • A rip-off

    by pfleitz

    I just downloaded the app, in the hopes to find a rest stop. I'm on I-95 north of Jacksonville. According to this piece of garbage, the nearest rest stop is 1000 miles away, in New York. Doesn't do me any good, now does it?

  • Don't buy!!

    by MegSch

    Not accurate at all :(

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