Satellite Augmented Reality Utilities App Review (iOS, $7.99)


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Seller: Blue Orange Apps Limited

- Satellite database is shown in a list. Satellites which are viewable can be selected/unselected.

- User lat/lon can be input in augmented reality mode. This allows users to simulate what the view of the sky is anywhere in the world. Just tap on the yellow text at the bottom of the screen in AR mode.

- Legend is superimposed in augmented reality mode, showing current elevation/azimuth angle, user latitude/longitude, and the current geosynchronous longitude on which the user is centered.

- When satellite is out of view according to the lat/lon an N/A appear for elevation and azimuth angles.

- Minor UI changes

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iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Only!

Have you ever wanted to look up into the southern sky and see the satellites that orbit over us every day? Now you can.

Satellite Augmented Reality has a database of over 360 geosynchronous satellites.

Whichever set of satellites are visible from your current location are displayed over your iPhone camera real-time picture. This way, you are able to identify which satellites are visible in the sky and if the lines of sight are covered by objects such as trees/buildings.

A bubble representing each satellite is displayed containing the name of the satellite.

In addition to the augmented reality functionality, Satellite Augmented Reality serves as an elevation/azimuth angle calculator to any of these satellites (by tapping on the bubble) or any potential satellite location (by moving the slider representing the subsatellite longitude). Double tapping on the map prompts calculation of these angles based on the user's current location or any location he/she wishes to input.

Never look into the sky again wondering where all the satellites are. Now you can see for yourself exactly where they are! Never wonder if the satellite path is being obstructed by a tree or building, find out for yourself!

Customer Reviews

  • This is great

    by Qwerty ;)

    I work for a satellite co. And this is a good way to literally view all sats in the sky. In future updates would like to see maybe virtual lines indicating inclination and able to pick specific birds by name (like a list to see multiple "specific" birds to choose from) and able to save favorites to view later). Good job on this App! I'm back to add to this review after update, I have to say thanks guys for adding those extra features, it makes it alot easier for me to quickly point out specific birds and reference elevation. and azimuth. I'm already bragging about this app to my Sat buddies at work!! Thanks again


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