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Halloween is just around the corner. Have no idea what you're dressing up as? Feel uninspired? You're not alone. If you're one of the thousands of costume procrastinators this Halloween, don't stress--100+ Halloween Costumes is here to help!

Just shake for a costume. There are over 100 fantastic options for both men and women--some spooky, others silly. You'll be hard-pressed not to find something to wear trick-or-treating or to your next costume party. It's that easy. And it's perfect for costume ideas for masquerade balls and other theme parties!

So don't make some lame excuse about why you didn't dress up this year. Be the star of the Halloween party. Impress your friends and have that sexy girl/guy swooning over the stud in the costume.

Download 100+ Halloween Costumes today!

Customer Reviews

  • Hannah_877

    by I

    it's ok... I thought they would show costumes but they do have good ideas because they can give u ideas about ur costumes

  • Alright

    by CarebearXC

    It ha great ideas, but pictures or link to website where you could get the costume would be great too. And really guys? If someone else has already said it's stupid, don't bother rating it. How would you feel if you made an app and someone said that about it?

  • Sucked

    by Mr ben10

    Worst app ever

  • BAD

    by Rafapower33

    This app has very detailed instructions. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • 0 stars. I only put one star so I could rate.

    by Carott71112

    I thought that this app was going to show you DIY's for costumes. Or at least pictures, but there was neither. Terrible. Don't waste your time.

  • Crap!!

    by JaneTheKiller

    This app is bull

  • Not a good app

    by Heidi Deflippo

    It is dumb because they are costumes that everyone would think of

  • Stupid

    by Goku61910

    The app was dumm becuase how do you chosse your costom.

  • Horrible!

    by ErinDaAwzome

    No pics, no descriptions, just words like gladiator or red riding hood. Complete waste of time. 

  • Crap

    by Sweets3001

    This app is really crappy! Yea it has 100+ costume ideas, but no pics! It will just come up with a random costume word like Little red ridding hood. DO NOT GET!

  • No Stars if I could

    by Carrot Girl

    Hate it

  • What it is?

    by JaniJani20

    Where are the costumes? Is this a joke? Only names of costumes? REALLY??!!!

  • Awful

    by Lemonademouthebri-brigymnast

    This app is ! I hate it bc I have much better ideas than this old crap! I'm being a dice with an Afro and a tie! They can't think of anything creative!

  • A hot mess!!!

    by Odavis31

    They need to pay ME for taking the time to download this crap.

  • Hate it

    by Doggie doo doo

    Doesnt even load

  • Loading is horrible

    by Oh_Shnap

    It takes forever to load and it keeps freezing and messing up.

  • Hate it!!! 

    by Animals rock200

    I could not even see what the clothes actualy look like!! And it is so stupid that you have to SHAKE the I phone to get a new idea! Plus there is no witch idea!!! I give it ! It's !

  • This is the worst app created!!!!

    by pigsgetfed

    When you get the app all you do is shake it and costume names pop up. There are only like 30 different ideas, and most of them are like cave or Disney characters. It is the worst app ever!!!! Do not get it!!!!!

  • by Fish player

    This app has surely gone down the .

  • Honestly, the worst app ever!

    by Bzzzness

    Wow, not at all helpful! one idea at a time?! And you have to shake to get the next one?! I was in disbelief that some designer thought his would be a good idea!

  • Ugh

    by KickerC

    You would do better on random wiki sites.

  • 100+costumes

    by ammyamiry

    waste of my time

  • this is stupid

    by dummchuck

    and I just wasted another 5 seconds of my life for this dummaaasss app

  • Worst app ever!!!!!!!

    by billybob91

    Do not get it. itssoooooo stupid it don't even have great ideas this is how bad it stinks  i would sooo give this a 0 star If I could grrrrrrr


    by Darkness aboveme

    Don't waste your time!!! The stupidist retardedest game in history! If I could give it a negative one quillion I WOULD!!!


    by Jessipa2

    all i have to say is........ UGH

  • Terrible

    by Tophbailey

    I gave it one star because you have to rate it to write a review. Awful app.

  • What. The. $#!+!!!

    by Pangolin333

    Worst app ever

  • DO NOT GET IT!!!!!

    by 1477

    All it does is lists one thing and then you have to shake it... My Point: Awfull DO NOT buy!  Its poop.

  • Crap!!

    by bluebird8919

    Dont waste your time!! Ths is bull!!!!!!

  • No stars

    by SexyLexy06

    Weak. Lame.

  • Ewww

    by Divergal

    Don't get even thought it's freeeeeeawful I would give it 0 stars if I could

  • Ugh!

    by GeorgePS

    This is terrible! It doesn't show pics, the ideas aren't good! There aren't many ideas either. And why do u have 2 shake it!!!!!!

  • What

    by Coconut m&m

    I don't like how you have to shake it every time

  • Horrible

    by OloLy

    Worst app everrrrrrr ! T G it was free !! Waste of time though

  • Not even worth FREE

    by dlcasanova1

    It's an opportunity loss and it's not even worth the the time to download it!

  • terrible

    by lgarrido20

    the worst one in app store... apple must delete this kind of apps ... really bad... the person wbo did this must be someone without a brain....

  • LAME!!

    by ""nickname""

    0 stars if it would allow... don't waste your time...

  • What the hell?

    by Kt~Bug

    Bad. I thought it would show costumes. And the ideas aren't that great either.

  • This stinks.

    by Lydia&Amelia:)

    I thought it would actuly show costumes. Don't waste your time on it. This is stupid.

  • Don't bother

    by Ajkmom23


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