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  • Updated: Oct, 31 2009
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aE 3D Camera allows you to take true 3D images directly from your iPhone!

"...I was blown away!"

aE 3D Camera enables users to capture 3D image frames from the devices camera, then build them into a viewable 3D Image. After a 3D Image has been created the 3D Images can be viewed on the local device or emailed to family, friends, and colleagues to view. The aE 3D Camera also comes with samples to view and edit to get you started on your 3D journey as soon as the application is installed.

-3D Image Frames can be captured directly by the application
-3D Images are made up of Frames. aE 3D Camera supports from 2-10 Frames.
-Capture Resolutions supported include 480, 640, 768, 800, 1024, 1280, 1440, 1600, and 2048 (Maximum resolution is limited by your device)

View 3D Images:
-You can view 3D Images captured on your device
-You can view 3D Images sent to you from other users
-View Resolutions supported include 480, 640. Your device's native resolution limits the on-screen resolution, thus more view resolution will only be noticeable while zooming. i.e. If you own an iPhone 3G the screen resolution is 320x480, thus resolution over 480 will result in a crisper image when after you pinch-zoom. Without zooming, this setting has no affect on the viewing image.

Edit 3D Images:
-3D Images can be edited in the following ways:
*Frames can be added from the camera (if your device has a camera)
*Frames can be added from the Photo Library
*Frames can be deleted from the 3D Image

Share 3D Images:
-3D Images can be emailed directly from the aE 3D Camera application

Quick Instructions: < How to View a 3D Image >
1. From the Main view select [View]
2. From the Select view select the 3D Image to be Viewed. There are many sample 3D Images included
3. After the Image is loaded, you can view it in 3D by leaning the device from side-to-side or by swiping the bottom of the screen from left-to-right.

Quick Instructions: < How to Create a 3D Image - Using the Camera >
1. From the Main view select [Create 3D Image]
2. From the Create 3D Image view select [Capture]
3. Take an image of a subject from angle 0 Degrees
4. Select [Use] - The image will be added as a Frame in the 3D image
5. Take an image of a subject from angle +5 Degrees
6. Select [Use] - The image will be added as a Frame in the 3D image
7. Repeat Steps (5 and 6), changing the angle slightly each time.
8. You can capture from 2-10 Frames per 3D Image.
9. Now select [View] from the bottom menu to view the 3D Image.

*First generation iPod Touch devices will need to plug in headphones to hear audio.
**Devices will need a camera to capture 3D images. Devices without a camera can view 3D Images only.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Tom7072

    This is a nice application to play with, and a lot of fun. Love it. Give more frames would be nice. Keep up the good work.

  • this is really like 3D

    by Kerstinkerosin

    I like the connection between leaning the phone and seeing a different perspective from like 100 different angles. Taking 3D images with the camera took a few trys, but works as well. I will try some still life tomorrow and report back.

  • Not 3D

    by Avery85

    It is an ok app for what it does, but it is in no way 3D at all. All this app does is let you string a series of photos you take into a playlist of shots you can play by tilting your iPod or swiping your finger on the screen. It would sort of simulate 3D if you took multiple shots all the way around something then played it. The developer should better explain what this app actually does and take the 3D out of the description.

  • There's nothing 3D about it!

    by VisionGuy

    All this app does is to riffle through a stack of images as you tilt your phone. The basic concepts of 3D viewing are all missing! You should have full freedom to move around the scene (pan, rotate, move in/out) like you had a virtual camera. Of course that requires a 3D model of the scene, which this app clearly doesn't do. Given the name "3D camera" I was expecting an app that used structure-from-motion or some such technique to produce a 3D model. Instead, this app attempts to give the illusion of 3D by rapidly riffling through images that were taken as you move the phone. The proper way to do that is called image-based rendering, but this app doesn't do that, in fact it doesn't even provide smooth transitions between images!

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